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Sports, news, views, interviews, opinions and more... there’s something here for EVERYONE! Share the BMP Podcast Network and help us spread the BMP word! There’s a lot more to come...

Sports, news, views, interviews, opinions and more... there’s something here for EVERYONE! Share the BMP Podcast Network and help us spread the BMP word! There’s a lot more to come...


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Sports, news, views, interviews, opinions and more... there’s something here for EVERYONE! Share the BMP Podcast Network and help us spread the BMP word! There’s a lot more to come...








DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! Season 2 Ep. 1 #bestworstshowever

Back at it again... during an uncertain time the #bestworstshowever decided to come out of retirement and make sure that we spread laughter, good information and above all else enjoy the DRIVE TIME family and the dysfunction that comes with it! Thanks for listening and leave us a 5 star review if you like what you hear and ifnot then tell us how we can improve the listening experience for you.


WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE! Ep. 8 Special Guest Coach Tommy Tuberville

There are really no words that come to mind except one when you look up and realize that a true legend is in Studio B and that is WOW! In Studio B live and in person for episode 8 is none other than Coach Tommy Tuberville! Coach Tuberville was gracious enough to drop by and talk about everything from Auburn Football to his current run for U.S. Senate and EVERYTHING in between! Needless to say DJ thoroughly enjoyed his time with Coach Tuberville and Tbone... well he was just Tbone. If you...


WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE! Ep. 6 Special Guest Former Auburn Tiger Lee Marke Sellers

First we want to thank you all for hanging in here with us as we get this podcast going and just know we’ve got big things coming! On episode 6 of W.E.R.T we have a very special guest with former Auburn Tiger Football standout Lee Marke Sellers. Lee Marke as we know him fills us in on just how the game has changed and how some things haven’t changed. Recruiting was a hot topic during the show and Lee Marke talks about his recruitment as well as his kids that have and are currently going...


WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE! Ep. 4 with former Crimson Tide football player Trent Davidson

When we say we have a BIG guest in Studio B we mean we have a BIG ONE! In Studio B for this episode is former T.R. Miller Tiger and former University of Alabama football player Trent Davidson. Trent is a long time friend of all of us here at BMP and what a pleasure it was to have Trent in studio giving his analysis on things as they happen and things to come! As usual the debate was hot and so was Tbone’s hair errrr shag carpet on top of his head. DJ got things kicked off with Trent as it...



On this week’s episode we start out with a moment of silence for the Tuscaloosa, Alabama police officer that lost his life in the line of duty. Then on to what can be best described as “Bama Privilege” and the pros and cons of this “privilege”. Next up was Andrea from Verbena on the phone for the first time. The phone lines were burning up on this week’s show with Ron from Pace, Fl, Jeff from Birmingham and Chip from Wetumpka. Great show of phone calls and a great giveaway announced at the...


WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE Ep. 3 Special Guest Jeff Allen Director of Sports Medicine University of Alabama

Well well well... week 1 in the books and talk about story book endings for the Auburn Tigers! DJ discusses Victory Tour 2019 and the LONG trip to Jerry’s World in Dallas, Texas. Tbone gives his thoughts on the Crimson Tide and are they the number 2 team in the nation? No doubt the best part of the show was Special Guest Jeff Allen, Director of Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Alabama. Jeff definitely delivered as he gave us a “behind the scenes” look...


WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE! Ep. 2 Special Guests Josh Snead & Robert Clay of SEC Shorts

The guys from SEC Shorts Josh Snead and Robert Clay called in this week and what a story they told! These guys are hilarious! The time and effort that they put in to each SEC Short is evident by the quality of the product that they put out. DJ & Tbone talk about last week’s show and the upcoming games for Labor Day weekend. Did DJ or Tbone get it right? The only way to know is listen to the 2nd episode of WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE!


WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE! Ep 1 Special Guest Harvey Updyke

What a way to kick off War Eagle... Roll Tide! Kicking off the show is our hosts David (DJ) Jennings and Tony (Tbone) Burnham. While DJ is the Barner (Auburn fanatic) and Tbone is the Bammer (Alabama fanatic) they get things going pretty quick. Taking jabs is the name of the game on War Eagle... Roll Tide (WERT) it’s always all in fun and as you’ll see with our special guest even Harvey Updyke gets a laugh or ten! Speaking of Harvey Updyke... when he came on he had the floor and let’s just...


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! Episode 252

Well...first off its been WAYYYYY too long since we posted up any of the podcasts here. We've been busy with a lot of different things but mainly some new ideas about future podcast's on the BMP Podcast Network. We have a lot in store for the future so thanks for all your support and understanding. We will only be posting a new episode of DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ once a week from this point forward. We have some great new podcasts coming in the next few weeks that you are really going to like...


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #102 Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Episode 102 On the show today...DJ talks about his fondness of all things edible, Chef Adam stops by with some of his culinary creations, Chevyanne stops by and talks about the text feud that she and DJ had going on and alot more news and views from the DIRTY30! Thanks for listening!


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #101 Monday, July 23, 2018

Episode 101 DJ goes to Destin for the weekend, KJ talks Ramen Noodles, sunscreen doesn't work and much more on this episode! Thanks for listening!


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #100 w/Special Guest UGA Coach Scott Fountain

Episode 100 Happy Fri-Yay! Welcome to the 100th episode of DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! It’s hard to believe that we made through 100 plus shows! We couldn’t have done this without the DIRTY THIRTY Family and all your support! We look forward to the next 100 shows! Taking time out of his busy schedule is Brewton native and WSN Blue Eagle UGA Special Teams Coordinator Coach Scott Fountain. Scott gives us the rundown on what it’s like coaching in the college ranks and the sacrifices that you make...


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #99

Episode 99 Happy Friday Eve! Today on DT we had a couple of the cast members from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang stop by and give us the rundown on what’s going on with the play that the Brewton Town & Gown Players are performing starting tonight and will run through Sunday, July 22, 2018. These shows are great for the whole family and we can’t wait to see this one. Moving on we get one of the OG’s on the phone Jeremy Lull (J Lul) and DJ gets J Lul to elaborate on his “entrepreneurial” spirit back...


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #98

Episode 98 Happy Tuesday! Getting back in the swing of things is hard after being gone for over a week. However we all knew it wouldn’t take long before DJ & KJ finally lost it and just couldn’t hold it in anymore. While DJ sits on one side of Woodfin Patterson Auditorium enjoying the Brewton Town & Gown Players performance of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” we learn that if you see him walking down the hill to Arby’s afterwards...LEAVE HIM ALONE! Check out the rest of the craziness! Thanks for...


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #97

Episode 97 We ARE BACK! After a great vacation and 4th of July week we are back in the saddle and DRIVE TIME is ready to hit it Live from the DIRTY THIRTY! On today’s show we talk about the things we did and didn’t do over our vacation time and we start talking about the next things coming up for BMP and the DRIVE TIME Family. Thanks for listening and remember to leave us a 5 star review is you like what you hear!


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #83

Episode 83 What can you say except WE APOLOGOZE from the opening of this show as it starts out a trainwreck and ends up a bigger trainwreck! All I will say is tune in and find out the what’s and the why’s! Thanks for listening!


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #82

Episode 82 Well the show started out recapping the interview from the yesterday with Alabama Department of Transportation Spokesman Tony Norris. Many questions were answered about the Riverview Bridge and Tony was gracious enough to agree to come back when he had more information and fill us in on what’s happening next. THEN Chevyanne stopped by Studio C and well as always things took a turn...Grease once again was the word and all of a sudden this episode became the great “Hand Jive”...


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #81

Episode 81 Finally the show with some answers to the questions about the Riverview Bridge! Chevyanne drops by to fill us in on the state of the bridge and gives the report on the porta potty’s and according to her they were clean and filled with the necessities to build a bridge among other things. We want to thank Tony Norris, Public Affairs Director for the Alabama Department of Transportation, for a very informative telephone interview as he cleared up many questions that we had about the...


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #80

Episode 80 Just another Manic Monday! Topics of the day range from Big Kahuna’s in Destin, Florida to more BIG KENNY stories. Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear give us a 5 star rating if not let us know what we can do better.


DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #79

Episode 79 Allstar baseball and softball on tap for the weekend. Today we take some time to actually call the ALDOT on the phone live in the air and try and find out some answers to the Riverview Bridge. We have to say that the people that we spoke with were very helpful and certainly did their jobs well. We were very impressed by the effort given to help us find out some answers to the question...what happened and what is the solution? Thanks for listening and give us a 5 star rating if you...