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Your source for everything X-Wing. Each month we discuss what's new in the X-Wing meta, popular lists, strategies, upcoming events, news and rumors, and anything else X-Wing related.

Your source for everything X-Wing. Each month we discuss what's new in the X-Wing meta, popular lists, strategies, upcoming events, news and rumors, and anything else X-Wing related.
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Your source for everything X-Wing. Each month we discuss what's new in the X-Wing meta, popular lists, strategies, upcoming events, news and rumors, and anything else X-Wing related.




Episode 10: Mid-February Meta Discussion!

Welcome Back to Dials! Don’t worry, we will TALK about the Naboo starfighters… but first, we look at some tournaments since the Phoenix System Open and attempt to draw some conclusions from those results! Asa and Tyson square off in a List Head-to-Head! On this Episode of Back to Dials: Tyson makes some BOLD claims![...]


Episode 9: A good point(s change)!

There’s a lot of stuff to talk about, so let’s cut right to the chase. From beginning to end, this episode is about the points changes! If you would like to be featured in our “What I’m Flying” interstitial segments, send a short clip of yourself answering the following questions to What is your name?[...]


Episode 8: MAWMF!

Well folks, the new year is fully upon us now, and our New Years’ Resolution to provide the best X-Wing content possible is in full swing! Join us this episode as we strain ourselves laughing over Tyson’s Very Good Name and go over some of the most exciting upgrades for the Separatist Alliance, coming soon to[...]


Episode 7: General Grievous Bogarts the Funyuns

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Back To Dials X-Wing Podcast! Now that all of us are back in the same state, our podcast can resume. And boy, is there a lot to talk about! On this Episode of Back to Dials: Tyson learns a new phrase Adam invents a new X-Wing format Asa adds[...]


Episode 6: Post Previews!

Hey there y’all, it’s been a helluva two weeks – thank you for sticking with us through the health problems, the tournaments and everything in between! We are back and we are talking about all the previews that we have missed! On this Episode of Back to Dials: Tyson speculates and is afflicted with Podcasters[...]


Episode 5: (Mynock) Open Season!

Whew, what a week! And yes, we know, there’s Clone Wars stuff out in the wild right now but we recorded before the announcement, okay? FFG just hates us :'( In the meantime, enjoy our discussion of the Mynock Open, a new and exciting List Head to Head, and our meta takeaways! On this Episode[...]


Episode 3: Yes Spoilers!

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Season 3, Episode 2: "Homing In and List Head-to-Head!"

Welcome back to dials! “What’s good now?” You might ask. “What are some sleeper hits of Second Edition?” You might also ask. Well, fear not, because the “Worst Podcast with the Best Segment” is here to tackle those questions and more! See the lists and vote for a (Y-Wing heavy) Head to Head here! On[...]


Season 3, Episode 1: The (Podcasting) Empire Sparks Back!

Yeah, there’s too much going on in the title there. That’s on me. but TYSON IS BACK and we are moving on to an all new season of Back to Dials! He joins us for good this time, and we are kicking off with a primer on what’s new about X-Wing Second Edition! On this[...]


Episode 43: Targeting Priority

There’s a whole ton of ships lined up against you, but which one do you shoot? Find out today as Jon Conley comes back in our Pilot’s Conversion Kit to teach us all how to properly select your targets to bring you to victory! On this episode of Back to Dials: Adam is very good[...]


Episode 42: Walker Classic 2018 and List Head-to-Head!

Welcome to Back to Dials… after dark! If the Mynocks can do it, so can we! Coming to you literally after dark and under the stars to tell you of the Walker Classic 2018! Join us after the break for some List Head-to-Head! Vote for your chosen list for List Head to Head here! Timestamps: [...]


Episode 41: Second Edition, First Impressions Panel

Since we are ravenous, impatient nerds we have gotten our grubby hands on Second Edition somewhat early! As such, we are joined by a panel of locals who have also started 2e to talk about our first impressions, and comment on Organized Play, Balance and rules in the new game of X-Wing! Thank you to[...]


Episode 40: GenCon Recap with Top 8 Duhtch Cuthbert!

Duhtch joins us to talk about 2nd Edition Quick Builds, and his stellar top 8 finish at GenCon!


Episode 39: Get your Rules on with Samwise Shepic!

Once again, we find ourselves releasing on Sunday, because on Saturday we were, you know… playing X-Wing! Join us and special guest Samwise Shepic for our discussion of the recently posted Second Edition Rules Reference Guide, and I promise, minimal rants about the Mining Guild TIE. On this episode of Back to Dials: Get your rules on[...]


Episode 38: Stay On Topic....

Okay, okay, I’ll just put this out there: For the real X-Wing content, start at 34:00! Nothing about this episode is orthodox, but that can be a good thing. Throwing shade, talking with hosts of other podcasts, making deals with the Devil himself… and of course X-Wing! This episode has it all! On this Episode[...]


Episode 37: Store Champs Part 1 and the TIE Reaper!

Oops, my bad, I’ve been too busy playing in Store Championships to release our episode about them! So enjoy a belated look at the Colorado Store Championship season, and our discussion on the weirdest X-Wing ship to date: the TIE Reaper! On this episode of Back to Dials: Your first introduction to Crack Dealers Asa[...]


Episode 36: 5 X-WINGS!

Saw’s Renegades breathes life back into the X-Wing, and so we take the time to discuss these changes! On This Episode of Back to Dials: U-Wing Universe Adam’s Musical Mistake Which 5X list is best? Is it… none of them? Contact the podcast at Send lists to Join the facebook group at[...]


Episode 35: Why are You Bad at X-Wing? Round Table Discussion!

10,000 hours. That’s what it takes to be perfect at anything, and as we work toward inevitably reaching that 10k goal, let’s self-reflect and make ourselves and each other better at X-Wing in preparation for Store Championships! On this episode of Back to Dials: Heartfelt, genuine conversation about why Asa and Adam suck at X-Wing[...]


Episode 34: Learn to Fly Medium Bases!

Strap in ladies and boys, this is a real smart-person episode, so listen to do dummies try to explain it! On this episode of Back to Dials: “Ooooh,” “Oh man,” “That’s how it works, wow!” uttered several hundred times. Our minds cooked medium-rare by all the smart stuff we try to look at Maybe, just[...]


Episode 33: Sparks of Rebellion

That’s right folks, Tyson returns! Coming back to X-Wing and Back to Back to Dials, we are excited to welcome back the man who started it all to podcast stardom! Tyson takes us through the Rebel Conversion Kit for Second Edition and boy… it’s filled with exciting things! On this episode of Back to Dials: [...]