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Your favorite NBA podcast in an Indian accent with your hosts Ashwin and Vineet discussing the past week in the world's greatest sports league.

Your favorite NBA podcast in an Indian accent with your hosts Ashwin and Vineet discussing the past week in the world's greatest sports league.
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Your favorite NBA podcast in an Indian accent with your hosts Ashwin and Vineet discussing the past week in the world's greatest sports league.




Of Kokum, Klaw, and Knives

In this episode of the highly underrated #BallisBaePodcast, we are joined by Nikhila Makker who regales us with nomenclature stories, defends Draymond so well it hurts, and plays a fun game with us. We also talk about the conference finals, Magic's crazy ESPN Interview, and obviously make some bold predictions. Catch us on all your favorite playlist apps, and follow us on twitter and IG @BallisBaePod


Ball is Bae - S2E21 - Of Toronto, Train, and Thor

In this episode of the often scrutinized #BallisBae podcast, we are joined by Hoopistani as we point our steely eyes at the conference finals and check out how the finalists made it there. We preview the freight train Bucks vs Raptors of Toronto, and on the other side, the shooting prowess of Splash Brothers vs. Diet Splash. We'd be remiss if we didn't express condolences to our local MVP Nikola Jokic aka Fat Thor, while we diss the Rockets whor refuse to take off even in clear snakeless...


Ball is Bae - S2E20 - Of Coach, Change, and Connaughton

In this episode of the hugely titilated #BallisBae podcast, we are joined by Shaun Jayachandran of the Crossover Academy as we delve into what the Conf. Semi-finalists of the #NBAPlayoffs have to do to win. We talk about Shaun's work in using basketball as a vehicle of benefitting Indian society from the ground up, and discuss why he's put money on a certain Buck from Boston. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @BallisBaePod and tweet to your main hosts @Njan_Ashwin and @VineetDevaiah.


Of Tartar, Transference, and Talent

In this episode of the often improvised #BallisBae podcast, we are joined by a special guest as we discuss first round playoff results, exalt the legend of Dame, and wonder about which coach lifts his team more. Join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Ball is Bae: You best not miss. Tweet to us @ballisbaepod hosts: @Njan_Ashwin and @VineetDevaiah


Of Luke, Legacy, and Lethargic

In this episode of the often fact checked #BallisBae Podcast, we dissect Luke Walton credentials loosely, set the stage for Russ' legacy, and check the only thing stopping the warriors from a three-peat barring the 'I' word. We also update our playoff predictions and hate a little on a certain Cousin. Catch us on all your podcast listening spaces inlcuding Youtube, Spotify, Google podcasts, and all others. Write to us on Twitter and Instagram at @BallisBaePod along with @Njan_Ashwin and...


Of Bones, Brooms, and Baskets

In this episode of the often catalogued #BallisBae podcast, we take a look at some of the playoff series in store for us. We're back after what feels like a lot, and it shows. Join your hosts @njan_Ashwin and @VineetDevaiah and use the hashtag #Ballisbaepodcast to chat with us.


Ball is Bae: S1E1: The Pilot

The title is pretty self explanatory


Ball is Bae: S2E1 - Of Twos, Moves, and Preds

In this season opener episode of the Ball is Bae, Vineet and Ashwin discuss the trade moves of the NBA, our predictions of which teams will do well this season, and which ones won't. Join the conversation, be the conversation.


Ball is Bae - S2E15 - Of Dreads, Decisions, and Dons

In this episode of the often collaborated #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we have our first fan guest in the studio as we discuss Tim Duncan's dreads, make sense of what will be a summer of multiple destination decisions, and stumble upon why BKN cannot land Free Agents cos of certain Don influences, no Draper. Check us out on all the channels you listen to your podcast at while we're still not famous. Tweet or slide into our DMs @BallisBaePod. You can follow your hosts at Njan_Ashwin (TW)...


Ball is Bae - S2E14 - Of MJ, Mormons, and Main Sidekick

In this episode of the often fiddled with #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we congratulate Lebron on passing MJ in the all time leading scorers, we discuss the happenings in Russ meets UTA fan part 3, and we debate GOAT 6th man credentials across the board. Check us out on Spotify, Youtube, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else @ballisbaepod. You can follow your hosts at Njan_Ashwin (TW) assm.ettan(IG) | @VineetDevaiah (TW) @Vinaiah (IG)


Ball is Bae - S2E13 - Of Pacers, Pragmatics, and Powerless

In this episode of the often slept on #BallisBae NBA Podcast, we discuss the top 15 players in the NBA at the 75% mark of the NBA regular season, we discuss the recently tanking LeBron and the Lakers, how the Pacers are pacing along, and why can't James Harden be stopped. Check us out on Spotify, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram by searching for Ball is Bae NBA podcast, and tweet to your hosts at @njan_Ashwin and @VineetDevaiah. See you soon.


Ball is Bae - S2E12 - Of Boston, Bustle, and Basics

In this episode of the often ruminated #BallisBae NBA podcast, we look back at our look inside the All Star weekend, we discuss the Celtics' quandary, the Lakers' chances, and wonder if the NBA needs a shakeup in terms of talent. We also think about what would we do if we were a 17 year old phenom. Check us out on Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. You can always tweet to your hosts at @njan_Ashwin and @VineetDevaiah. Catch us soon.


Ball is Bae: All Star Episode

In this episode of the #BallisBae NBA Podcast, Vineet talks to special guests Rannvijay and Bhuvan Bam at the NBA All Star weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rannvijay has once transported 45 pairs of sneakers from a weekend, while BB ki Vines was overcome with emotion seeing Jamie Foxx. Such is the power of the NBA. Check out this nice interview and know why Top down marketing is just as important as a Bottoms up approach.


Ball is Bae - S2E11 - Of Charlotte, Campaign, and Champagne

In this episode of the often thought of #BallisBae podcast, we drop a surprise bomb to our viewers, we discuss the events at Bangalore 2019, and finish the three week extravaganza that was the NBA 2019 trade deadline. We wish Mr Bill Russell a very happy birthday and invite questions for our first trip to the NBA All Star weekend. You can send us the questions at our Youtube channel, or write to us on Twitter or Instagram @BallisBaePod. Follow me and him @njan_Ashwin and @VineetDevaiah


Ball is Bae - S2E9 - Of Pels, Places, and People

In this episode of the often paused #BallisBae Podcast, we discuss the Woj bomb i.e. Anthony Davis' trade request, the options for Lakers, and a special interview with THE RASHARD LEWIS. If you miss this episode, this episode will not miss you back. We getting fancy now. Follow us on Twitter @BallisBaePod, on Instagram @nba_BallisBae and Facebook at whatever. Your hosts are on twitter @Njan_Ashwin and @VineetDevaiah


Ball is Bae - S2E8 - Of Thibbs, Trades, and Turnts

In this episode of the often rescheduled #BallisBae Podcast, we discuss the firing of T'wolves coach Thibbs, we meander on to Brandon Ingram's Trade potential, with a slight turn to OKC's tough schedule ahead, ending with an uncomfortable Harden for James' Turntness. We continue to plead for All star starter Jokic, and tease upon future collaborations yet again. Don't miss this episode, catch it on twitter @ballisbaePod Insta @NBA_ballisBae and Facebook by asking your cool uncles. Tweet to...


Ball is Bae - S2E7 - Of Stars, Segues, and Simmons

In this episode of the often delayed #BallisBae NBA podcast, stay clear of some old year ending venom as we exchange our all-star selections prior to the All-Star game in Feb, put Anthony Davis on the hot seat, and question Ben Simmons' refusal to jump and shoot. We also tease about certain collaborations, and scream joyously at the news of the pre-season game in India.


Ball is Bae: S2E6: Of Fifteen, Fultz, and Friends

In this episode of the often listened #BallisBae NBA podcast, check out our opinion on who the current Top 15 players in the league are, and why we have decided that Lebron isn't on it anymore. We ignore legacies and previous awesomeness for this list, and so it will be great to see how y'all react to it. We also ask existential questions about past trades and possible busts, and if tanking for the Duke boys is a wise way to look at the future. Tweet to us @BallisBaePod @Njan_Ashwin and...


Of forthcoming, fortitude, and four

An earnest podcast from NBA fans in India, literally nothing more, maybe something less.