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Brendan Kurie talks Boston Celtics basketball from the New-Bedford Standard Times Newspaper

Brendan Kurie talks Boston Celtics basketball from the New-Bedford Standard Times Newspaper


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Brendan Kurie talks Boston Celtics basketball from the New-Bedford Standard Times Newspaper




Banner 18: Previewing the 2019-20 season with Nick Friar

WEEI's Nick Friar stops by to talk about Jaylen Brown's extension and the Celtics' outlook heading into the 2019-20 season. How will the center rotation fill out? Can Jayson Tatum fulfill his promise? How many wins will the Celtics finish with? Those questions and more answered in this week's edition of Banner 18.


Banner 18: Three things we're watching for early on

Due to a technical glitch, this podcast was recorded early in the preseason but never posted. Most of what Brendan Kurie and guest Sam Schilling talked about is still relevant in the early part of the regular season, so listen to the three things they are each keying in on as they watch the C's.


Banner 18: Recapping free agency and Kyrie vs. Kemba

It gets a little fiery on this week's episode of Banner 18 as Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling debate whether the Celtics are better or worse than they were a year ago. Plus, ranking the new-look Eastern Conference and breaking down Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis signings.


Banner 18: AD trade fallout for Celtics and 2019 draft preview

Anthony Davis is headed to the Lakers and Kyrie Irving seems bound for Brooklyn, so what does this mean for the Celtics moving forward? And who will they take with their three first-round picks in the 2019 NBA Draft? Brendan Kurie, Sam Schilling and Nick Friar discuss.


Banner 18: Debriefing the 2018-19 season

What went wrong? How much blame does Kyrie Irving get? Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown? What should the Celtics do in the offseason? Brendan Kurie and Nick Friar answer all these questions and more in this episode of Banner 18.


Banner 18: Sweeping the Pacers and the challenge of the Bucks

Breaking down the Celtics' surprising four-game sweep of Indiana and looking ahead at the challenges of a second-round showdown with the Milwaukee Bucks. Will we see more Ojeleye? Will Baynes start? Who guards Giannis? Who will win between Toronto and Philly? Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling discuss it all and make their predictions.


Banner 18: Celtics vs. Pacers first round preview

Will the Pacers' size give the Celtics trouble? How much impact will Marcus Smart's injury have? How far can this Boston team advance? Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling break down the C's first-round matchup and make predictions for all eight series across the NBA.


Banner 18: The state of the Celtics with 10 games to go

With Boston locked into the No. 4 or No. 5 seed in the Eastern Conference, Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling discuss the importance of home-court advantage vs. getting healthy for a first round matchup against Indiana.


Banner 18: Are the Celtics falling apart?

In the midst of a four-game losing streak, Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling discuss whether the 2018-19 season is salvageable for the Celtics, and how they can turn things around down the stretch. Plus, do you re-sign Kyrie Irving this offseason?


Banner 18: How trade deadline moves affect the Celtics

The Celtics stood pat while the 76ers, Raptors and Bucks all made moves to improve their rosters at the trade deadline. What does that mean for the Celtics and who should they add in the buyout market to fill their open roster spot?


Banner 18: What does Anthony Davis' trade request mean for the Celtics?

Boston can't trade for Anthony Davis until the summer, so what does it mean that he asked for a trade out of New Orleans in January? Should the Celtics give up Jayson Tatum to get him? What other deals might work under the salary cap?


Banner 18: A game of how worried are you?

On a scale of 1-10, Brendan Kurie and USA Today CelticsWire's Nick Friar discuss their level of concern when it comes to the team's offense, defense, coaching, leadership and depth. They break down how worried they are about facing each of the other top teams in the East, break down the impact of Victor Oladipo's injury and Brendan floats a trade he'd like to see the Celtics make.


Banner 18: Can Kyrie just shut up? Plus All-Star picks

Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling discuss Kyrie's series of bizarre press conferences and sort out the All-Star picture in the latest edition of the Banner 18 podcast.


Banner 18: What could the trade market bring for the Celtics?

What would Terry Rozier fetch in a trade? Should the Celtics include Marcus Morris or Jaylen Brown? What type of player do they need? Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling ask and answer these questions and more.


Banner 18: Analyzing the Celtics at the one-third mark

With the Celtics riding a six-game win streak at the one-third mark of the season, Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling break down what they like and don't like out of the gang in green so far.


Previewing the 2018-19 season and predicting the 16 playoff teams

Brendan Kurie is joined by Sam Schilling and Ryan Rodrigues as they talk about all the questions surrounding the Boston Celtics as they get set to open the season, plus they debate which 16 teams will be in the playoffs come April.


Banner 18: Preseason reaction and Eastern Conference Over/Unders

Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling break down the first three preseason games for Boston and pick over/unders for all the Eastern Conference teams in the first episode of the 2018-19 season.


Banner 18: Marcus Smart re-signs, Isaiah Thomas to Denver, Kawhi to Toronto

Was Marcus Smart worth $52 million over four years? Should the Celtics have tried harder to sign Isaiah Thomas to come off the bench? Is Toronto now the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling discuss this and more.


Banner 18: Reviewing Summer League and more offseason news

Is Summer League worth watching? Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling debate the virtues of watching the games in Las Vegas, then dive into how the offseason affected the Eastern Conference and which teams improved the most.


Banner 18: LeBron to LA opens up things up for the Celtics

With LeBron James joining the Lakers, is the East up for the Celtics to take? Who will they sign with the mid-level exception? Where will Kawhi land? Brendan Kurie and Sam Schilling discuss various offseason topics before Summer League starts.