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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.

Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.
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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.




Best Of Week 83 - High Traffic Area

Rough N Rowdy set record PPV numbers but the weekend didn't exactly go smoothly. Dave gets upset with Carrabis for his promotion efforts. Youngstown Bob and OMB answer for the mural shenanigans. Devlin got the Twitch account suspended. The one thing that did go well was that Gay Pat won his fight. Mr Portnoy doesn't know what a ninja is, Tommy does magic, and much more


Best Of Week 82 - Dave Returns From Nantucket

Dave has finally made it back from Nantucket, ending his vacation early, looking like snack. A golden brown cookie, to be exact. He address the things that made him go 'hmm' on his vacation, like Ibiza Kayce, Dana B's ex girlfriend's brother, and OMB booking 7am flights. Tex quit and is trying to bring the company down with him, so Dave yells at Smitty because he is part of Tex's core reasoning for leaving the company. It was a wild week for Dave to return.


Best Of Week 81 - It's The Big Show

Smitty finally won Fortnite after almost 100 tries (allegedly). The LCB guys made a movie bracket for the classic summer blockbusters. Dave calls in from Nantucket to put Gizmodo in a bodybag, and promote one of the big RNR fights. Gay Pat gives an update on his fight as well. A woman get her ass beat by a woman who looks like The Big Show. Would you fish your phone out of a port-a-potty? Teanna Trump and Brittany Renner set the internet on fire. All this and more on Barstool Radio.


Best Of Week 80 - Live From The All-Star Game in D.C. featuring Robert Flores

Apparently the only city more disgusting than NYC is Washington D.C. The Barstool Radio Crew survived the wettest heatwave anyone has ever seen and did two shows from The Bullpen. Feitelberg moderates as Jared and Frankie tell their stories from a night out with the Red Sox. The craziest stoolie of all-time makes the show very uncomfortable. Robert Flores joins the show to talk shop about the All-Star game and introduce some new ideas for next year. Jared saved Frankie's life. Tommy is...


Best Of Week 79 - Pup Punk Rawx

It was Pup Punk week and the excitement was palpable around the office. Large stopped by to host and told us some Wall Street hazing stories. Chaps apologizes to Liz for ruining the bathroom right before she went in. Liz murdered a guy because he said he didn't like dogs. Francis joins the show to recap the concert from the night before. All this and more on Barstool Radio.


Best of 2018 So Far

We're halfway through 2018 and there have been a ton of memorable moments. We launched an entire SIRIUS XM station. Mr Portnoy had hilarious technological trouble. We fired that fuck. We experienced March Madness. Dave went out and proved he could win the US Open. Nate got pied in the face. Terry Collins gave us 'Ass in the Jackpot.' All this and more top highlights from the first half of 2018.


Best Of Week 78 - Aging In Barstool Years

In the week before July 4th, fireworks flew on Barstool Radio. When Ria posted a picture of her sister's engagement, the discussion immediately turned to whether Hank's ass was in the jackpot. In reference to Hank, Ria, and their relationship, Dave spoke to how working at Barstool speeds up the aging process. Ria and Hank didn't appreciate how he phrased what he said and things heated up quick in the radio room. Throw in the fact that Dave was still reeling after taking an L from Liz and...


Best Of Week 77 - The Cousins Come To New York & Tommy's Basketball Imagination

The Barstool offices have always attracted unique brains, and that was on display in week 77. Tyler O'Day and Wayne Jetski released new music. The Cousins came to NY to do a full day of content at HQ. Large joined the show for a day to talk about the weirdest parts of the World cup, hip-hop, and his cameo in Rudy. Tommy Smokes gives us another glimpse into his weird brain when he tells us about playing basketball in his front yard with imaginary storylines, and his detailed recordkeeping of...


Best Of Week 76 - Live From The U.S. Open

Your ass is in the jackpot now. A clip of Terry Collins having a meltdown in an ump's face goes viral, and gives the hottest catchphrase of 2018. Kirk Minihane joins the show to air out some dirty WEEI laundry. Reags gets his mud gills. Thursday and Friday is live from the site of the US Open, where defending champion Dave Portnoy and crew talk about how the big name players aren't playing as well as Dave did. Amateurs Matt Parziale and Will Grimmer join the show after their Thursday &...


Best Of Week 75 - Rumor Has It

Someone leaked a rumor that the Patriots are trading Gronk, but luckily that turned out not to be true. However, it did turn out that friend of the program Julian Edelman is getting suspended. Large makes his first Barstool Radio appearance since being full-time and gives Dave some financial advice. Dave re-hashes his beef with Chris Webby and Sammy Adams calls in to tell his side of the story. Basic betches, games of 21 and more on Barstool Radio.


Best Of Week 74 - Spelling Is The Lowest Form Of Human Intelligence

LeBron killed the Celtics, and would have killed Dave if he wasn't a stronger man. Most people would turn to dust if LeBron screamed in their face on the wood. It was a big week for rap beefs, which we know a little about. Drake and Pusha T are going head to head so we break down who said what and who is winning, all while re-hashing our own rap beefs with TIKO TEXAS. Rico Bosco finally nails his apology and he is offically #back. Laura Wagner went on a podcast to complain about us, so we do...


Best Of Week 73 - Unlimited Mulligans & Piegate

After saying that he could win the US Open with unlimited mulligans, Dave went out and did it. Pres and Riggs played Shinnecock and Dave proved himself right shooting a -4. It ended up being one of his biggest victories. PFT calls in from Grit Week after Deadspin doxed him. Nate got pied in the face a couple months ago, but hid it from the office. The video surfaced after Nate got slapped while celebrating a Game 7 win, and we go on a warpath to find out who the perp is. Dave calls in a...


Best Of Week 72 - Live From Hurricane's Featuring Camille Kostek & Brian Scalabrine

With the Celtics dominating the Cavs, Barstool Radio broadcasted live from Hurricane's in Boston. Dave, Kayce, Jared and Coley broke down the Eastern Conference Finals and more with Camille Kostek and Brian Scalabrine. Back at HQ Riggs joins KFC to talk about gambling on the weather, and Mr. Portnoy chimes in because his pal Cousin Riggs is on another show thats not Mike and the Murrdog. Ryan Whitney got chirped by the Golden Knights because he's a muppet, so we get him to call in from the...


Best of Week 71 - Confetti Is For Losers Featuring Jeremy Roenick

The Celtics took care of the 76ers, but you wouldn't be able to tell that from inside the 76ers arena. Dave makes fun of the all the Philly scumbags for celebrating prematurely, especially Louis. Louis also reveals that he hasn't been placing Smitty's bets and keeping the money for himself. Katie Nolan makes the news because of her $1M paycheck, which makes Pres worth $100M. Laura Wagner somehow has a paycheck at all after taking yet another shot at Univison. NHL legend Jeremy Roenick drops...


Best Of Week 70 - Summits, Scumbags & Smitty's Shoulder

The Boston/Philly rivalry develops a new layer with the Celtics and 76ers facing off in the NBA playoffs. That means it's Dave versus the Philly scumbags once again. They aren't the only scumbags however, as the show debates whether or not Capitals' Tom Wilson is one himself, after a cheap shot to a Penguins' player's head. We sent Gaz out to the Facebook Summit, and he predictably posted all the interesting stuff to his personal social media. Pup Punk finally puts an end to the office...


Best of Week 69 - House Parties, Radio Wars, and Pucks On Net

Monday starts off with some housecleaning, or rather YP's lack thereof. He had an overnight rager at HQ and didn't clean up after himself, which made Erika and Dave pretty mad. Kevin is pumped up that Mike Francesa is coming back. The Bruins had a big Game 7 that Dave almost didn't make because of travel issues, but luckily he did because his post-game coverage was "Borat-Level" according to Rear Admiral. The Most Interesting Man In The World stops by to share some wisdom and nice tequila....


Best Of Week 68 - KFC Vs. @PitchingNinja, Mr. Portnoy's Makeup and 420 Special

The show opens up with a recap of Rough N Rowdy 3. Thrill Ride lost a tough battle, but at least everyone but Brett had a great time in Charlotte. Kevin made baseball Twitter hardos so mad by dancing on @PitchingNinja's grave that they wrote articles about it and brought his family into their Twitter beef. Mr. Portnoy claimed he wore makeup on MMDFCRTH, so he calls in to clarify because he was obviously misconstrued. Dave takes some monster hits of weed, and we tune into Smitty's Twitch...


Best Of Week 67 - Tweet Stealing, Baseball Brawls and Rough N Rowdy

Sometimes you have a good tweet and no one sees it. But sometimes people like Viceroy Manager Tyler O'Day steal that good tweet, prop it up as their own, and go viral. On Monday the BSR crew admonish Tyler for his criminal behavior, but luckily for him, the people he stole the tweet from graciously accepted his apology. The Yankees and Red Sox got into a benches clearing brawl, so that means the rivalry is BACK. Friday was Rough N Rowdy fight night, so we previewed Thrill Ride's bout against...


Best of Week 66 - Live From San Antonio, Tommy Smokes Stays Hot & The Masters

On the day of the Final Four, the Pardon My Take guys and Dave broadcast live from a broom closet in San Antonio with everyone's best pal Chaps. Tommy Smokes stays hot and keeps bringing Dave winners. He even pulls out a Red Sox win on the air. Friday is a big day as the Masters consumes the office. Riggs lets Troll Cat get the best of him. Erika calls in to dunk on Univision after they stabbed in her the back. All this and more on Barstool Radio


Best of Week 65 - The Rise of Tommy Smokes, The Pornament, and Opening Day

After going on a red-hot gambling streak, Dave realizes that he has no choice but to make Tommy Smokes move into his apartment. The only problem is that nobody paid Dave's electric bill so he has no power. Mr. Portnoy and Dave's brother-in-law Mark call in to tell us why they aren't surprised by that. YP and Kmarko created the porn bracket to end all porn brackets and our old friend Asa Akira joins the roundtable discussion. Opening Day is finally here and Kevin knows the Mets will break his...