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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.

Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.
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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.




Best Of Week 67 - Tweet Stealing, Baseball Brawls and Rough N Rowdy

Sometimes you have a good tweet and no one sees it. But sometimes people like Viceroy Manager Tyler O'Day steal that good tweet, prop it up as their own, and go viral. On Monday the BSR crew admonish Tyler for his criminal behavior, but luckily for him, the people he stole the tweet from graciously accepted his apology. The Yankees and Red Sox got into a benches clearing brawl, so that means the rivalry is BACK. Friday was Rough N Rowdy fight night, so we previewed Thrill Ride's bout against...


Best of Week 66 - Live From San Antonio, Tommy Smokes Stays Hot & The Masters

On the day of the Final Four, the Pardon My Take guys and Dave broadcast live from a broom closet in San Antonio with everyone's best pal Chaps. Tommy Smokes stays hot and keeps bringing Dave winners. He even pulls out a Red Sox win on the air. Friday is a big day as the Masters consumes the office. Riggs lets Troll Cat get the best of him. Erika calls in to dunk on Univision after they stabbed in her the back. All this and more on Barstool Radio


Best of Week 65 - The Rise of Tommy Smokes, The Pornament, and Opening Day

After going on a red-hot gambling streak, Dave realizes that he has no choice but to make Tommy Smokes move into his apartment. The only problem is that nobody paid Dave's electric bill so he has no power. Mr. Portnoy and Dave's brother-in-law Mark call in to tell us why they aren't surprised by that. YP and Kmarko created the porn bracket to end all porn brackets and our old friend Asa Akira joins the roundtable discussion. Opening Day is finally here and Kevin knows the Mets will break his...


Best of Week 64 -The Different Types Of Fingering ft. The Workaholics

After a thrilling weekend of college basketball, Hank Clem and Zah are headed to Vegas, but Hank might be in the doghouse because it will take place during his one-year anniversary with Ria. KFC and Feits chat with Adam, Blake, and Ders from the show Workaholics about comedy, porn and sending nudes to the wrong person. Dave mushed Facebook and Liz has a genius idea to start a Netflix pup-up shop. Kayce has a guy that keeps texting her despite her being very not interested, so we do a...


Best Of Week 63 - March Madness

It's the most wonderful time of the year. To go along with the NCAA Tournament, Tiger Woods is making golf great again. The Foreplay boys dropped by to tell everyone that Tiger is BACK. The band members of Pup Punk might be teaming up with Good Charlotte for Warped Tour. Loud Sean's one-year drinking suspension is over so he might be heading to Vegas. The crew finishes out the week with the birth of a star, Tommy Smokes. He and Dave do tantalizing play-by-play of the highs and lows of...


Best Of Week 62 - Audioblogs, Bar Rescues, and Cubicle Chronicles featuring Jon Taffer

With Dave doing big brain things out in LA, the rest of Barstool's talent was showcased this week on Barstool Radio. Uncle Chaps was in town and when he wasn't getting roasted for taking a bad picture he was reading audioblogs and holding hands, banging coconuts and his mother in-laws diarrhea. Kevin opens the floor to any and all of the cube monkeys out there to tell us about their war stories from the cube. Jon Taffer stops by to give Dave some advice on how to run his company, and makes...


Best of Week 61 - Manifestos, Mitzvahs and MMA ft. Brendan Schaub

After a great weekend in Boca Del Vista, the cousins tell us all about how awesome their trip was. After Dave disapproves of Justin Thomas shenanigans on the golf course, he writes a manifesto on how to fix golf. Liz proves again how naive she is about customers wanting to bang her, after she tells a story about waiting on Tiger Woods. Glory Days is back and we recap one of the most 'Barstool' Barstool videos of all time in the Burger Taste Test. Friend of the show Brendan Schaub joins the...


Best Of Week 60 - You're Fired

Things just keep coming up Smitty. Not only did he beat $20 Chef in Rough N Rowdy, but he also got Michael Rapaport fired into Bolivian. The crew spends the week stuffing Rapaport into bodybag after bodybag after bodybag. While keeping one eye on Rapaport, Dave had the other eye on Rone and his voodoo magic. Mr. Portnoy invited the Cousins down for a family retreat and everyone but Dave had FOMO as we watched the rag-tag crew land and get acclimated to Del Boca Vista. We debut a new...


Best Of Week 59 - Rough N Rowdy 2 Fight Week

The Rough N Rowdy tension was so contagious in Barstool HQ this week that even non-Barstool employees were looking to fight somebody. While Smitty fought the likes of Dave Portnoy, $20 Chef and Fuckstick McHerpesface, Paige Spiranac battled Britt McHenry over the phone about Paige's SI swimsuit appearance. SI swimsuit model Camille Kostek joined the show as well and she got into it with Dave about the irony of wearing clothes with your name on it. Legendary blogger 'Large' from Take A...


Best Of Week 58 - Dickgate

After achieving an all-time high when the Eagles won the Super Bowl, Smitty spent the entire week at an all-time low because of #Dickgate. Smitty and Pres butted heads about filming Smitty in the shower, and it got to the point that even Deadspin wrote an article about it. Through of all this, Dave was impressed with the author of the article, Laura Wagner, and courted her over the air. Guest appearances include Mr. Portnoy talking about Mike & The MurrDog, Rico Bosco remembering Whitney...


Best Of Week 57 - Live From Cowboy Jack's in Minneapolis

Who needs Radio Row? Broadcasting live from Cowboys Jack's in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, Barstool Radio put asses in the seats all week. We went to war with Bleacher Report, defending Tom Brady's kids, and battled Philly trash. Best of all, the show was jam-packed with awesome guests like Team Portnoy members Greg Olsen and Kyle Rudolph, WEEI host Kirk Minihane, NFL news-breaker/famous UFC trainer Jay Glazer, former San Diego Chargers QB Ryan Leaf, Patriots WR Julian Edelman, and the...


Best Of Week 56 - A Line Drawn In The Sand

The Eagles won the NFC Championship game sending all the Eagles fans in the office into chaos. Smitty, Rone, Fran and Lightswitch Lou all tried their best not to let Dave get in their head, and drew a literal line in the sand against him. Mike and the MurrDog featuring Cousin Riggs the host debuted to a smashing success, so Mr. Portnoy used his leverage to negotiate a unique pay structure with Dave, while also battling an array of technical difficulties throughout the week. Uncle Chaps...


Best Of Week 55 - We're On To Power 85

With Rush 93 in the rear view mirror, we make our much anticipated debut on Power 85. Liz Gonzales is introduced as the third member of Barstool Radio, and Mr. Portnoy and Cousin Murray get their show Mike & The Murrdog officially green lit. After shooting his shot on Twitter, Zah is close to banging porn star Victoria June. We talk to NFLers T.J. Ward about being Patriots fans' most hated player, and new Barstool Breakfast host Willie Colon about Jets WR Robby Anderson. After getting...


Happy Hour 1/16/18 - The Michael Portnoy Show Featuring Cousin Murray

After much anticipation, we have Mr. Michael Portnoy Esq. and Cousin Murray on the line at the same time. While Mr. Portnoy dislikes the idea that this call was an "audition," their undeniable chemistry is put on display in front of the Barstool audience. Mr. Portnoy calls back after he hears Dave tell the Saturn story again.


Best Of Week 54 - Judgment Day

On Barstool Radio's last full week on Rush 93, we start off on a sad note. Kevin addresses the Barstool audience after getting caught cheating on his wife over the weekend. Nate battles with Dave over a blog about Johnny Manziel, and refuses to make content with Smitty for Rough N Rowdy. Blackjack Fletcher joins us in studio to discuss his developing rivalry with Rico Bosco. Mr. Portnoy is still trying to convince Dave to give him and Cousin Murray a SIRIUS Show, and we discover Grant the...


Happy Hour 1/12/18 - Grant The Trucker

After making his debut yesterday, Grant the Trucker makes a triumphant return. He made his own Twitter just to follow the show so we encourage the audience to follow him. We take calls about delivery drivers and Frankie gets roasted when he won't make a Call Of The Day noise without Dave on the show.


Happy Hour 1/11/18 - The Death Of Rico Bosco

Blackjack Fletcher has been picking winner after winner after winner. We bring him in studio to discuss how his gambling prowess has created a rivalry with Rico Bosco. Rico calls in, but is clearly affected by the news that broke about Kevin over the weekend. The fire Rico calls with clearly isn't there, which makes it clear that Blackjack has taken the throne of Barstool gambling shark away from him.


Happy Hour 1/10/18 - Nate Just Wants To Blog

Nate and Dave go at each other after Nate takes several shots at Dave in his latest blog trashing Johnny Football. This leads to Dave questioning whether or not Nate is a company man, specifically because he wouldn't do video content where he is Smitty's trainer for his upcoming Rough N Rowdy fight. Smitty comes in to yell at Nate for not wanting to do what he perceives is best for the company.


Happy Hour 1/9/18 - InFocus With Michael Portnoy Esq. Featuring Cousin Murray

Dave was a guest on Tucker's Carlson show on Friday so we call up Mr. Portnoy to hear what he thought about Dave going on FOX News. Mr. Portnoy thought Dave did pretty well aside from the shape his hair was in. A stoolie made what looked like a video intro for Mr. Portnoy's not-yet confirmed SIRIUS show, and it duped Mr. Portnoy into thinking his show had been greenlit. Mr. Portnoy wants to do an interview-style show because he can be better than Larry King, especially with the help of his...


Best Of 2018 Week 1 - A Show Of Ice And Fire

After a long holiday break, the first week of Barstool Radio got off to the hottest, yet coldest start you've ever seen. The show broadcasted from the frigid Barstool Radio studios that were so cold a space heater couldn't even warm them up before blowing out all the technology in the control room. Despite the room being so cold all week, Dave was able to bring the heat on Fran for taking an extended vacation, the boondoggle boys for boondoggling again, Office Manager Brett just because,...


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