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This will be a recurring podcast with new interviews added each week.

This will be a recurring podcast with new interviews added each week.
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This will be a recurring podcast with new interviews added each week.






Edmonds, Ankiel, Wainwright and Walker--Few of my Favorites telling Fun Stories

Brad Straubinger interviews with Jim Edmonds, Rick Ankiel, Adam Wainwright and Larry Walker. These are portions of earlier interviews that I find very interesting, as they all look back at their time as Cardinals. Edmonds talks about building his relationship with TLR, great catches in Cincy, and just where do all those damn gold gloves live. Larry Walked talks about the shock of being traded in mid August, and how he wanted to play longer with the Birds on the Bat. Rick Ankiel recalls his...


Buck, Costas, Amsinger and Caray: Best of the Broadcasters

Brad Straubinger interviews with Joe Buck, Bib Costas, Greg Amsinger and Chip Caray. This is the first in a series of compilation interview podcasts where I will take out some of my favorite conversations from the longer form interviews and put them here in a best of, so to speak. Here, Joe Buck talks about the non stop hate he gets from twitter and managing that while trying to win over some fans as well. Bob Costas tells me that it is very difficult to give commentaries on the NFL while...


Author Jeff Pearlman talks '86 Mets, Barry Bonds, '90s Cowboys, Trump and the USFL

Brad Straubinger interview with author and long time sportswriter Jeff Pearlman. Pearlman has been a writer in the national scene for the last 4 decades, famously writing for SI and getting John Rocker to open up about his "wacky" views of New Yorkers. Along the way he has penned 8 books, the latest being "Football for a Buck" detailing the rise and fall of the USFL, which President Trump had a lot of influence during the fall of that league. It is fascinating that in the mid 80's, there was...


Last Days of Letterman-A chronicle of David Letterman's last 6 weeks of the Late Show

Brad Straubinger interview with Author Scott Ryan, who penned the book, "The Last Days of Letterman". I have always been a fan of Letterman, more from the late 80's/early 90's shows. It seemed the last few years of the show became formulaic, but after announcing his retirement, Dave seemed rejuvenated. In the book, and here on the podcast, I speak with the author about the last 6 weeks of shows, Dave got his fastball back, with all of the entertainment world wanting to be part of the send...


Gary Bennett talks Bryce, steroids, 2006 World Series post parties and more

Brad Straubinger interview with former Cardinal catcher Gary Bennett. We do some hot stove talking, then look back at his career, notably him being on the Mitchell Report, his brawl with Albert, his relationship with Rolen, where he went after winning the World Series in 2006, and so much more. The podcast is back, and renamed! All the details are in here, ya gotta listen


PD Columnist Ben Hochman talks Cardinals book, Cardinals 2018 struggles and state of STL Sports

Brad Straubinger interview with Post Dispatch columnist, who wrote a book called "The Big 50", with 50 great stories about Cardinal moments and players. I was intrigued when I heard Ben talk about finding the "anyone want a sodie, and free straw" vendor, the Vince Coleman drunk interview in 1987, and other odd moments that we both grew up on. We talk about some of those memories, we talk about the problems with the 2018 team, and his thought that Matheny is on the hot seat, and then we talk...


80's Cardinal P Dave Lapoint tells Whitey, Andujar, Deion, Rickey and hilarious other stories

Brad Straubinger interview with funny man former pitcher Dave Lapoint. The lefty who played for a a number of teams, including the '82 Cardinals, tells stories from his days playing in the 80's, Among the stories are great ones about Whitey Herzog, Andujar, Hendrick, Lonnie Smith, Bob Forsch, Keith Hernandez and more. And then we talk about his other stops with one of the funniest stories I have ever heard about his career, about the one time he had an "accident" right before he was to take...


Will Leitch talks Deadspins rise & the negative spin, Cardinal fans best fans in baseball tiresome?

Brad Straubinger interview with Will Leitch. We talk about the days at deadspin, and if the negativity was a bit much after he left. Are Cardinals fans a bit too into themselves as "Best Fans in Baseball"? Is baseball in a bad spot right now with the style of play we see? We delve into some general Cardinals talk as we argue about Matt Carpenter, and agree on Mathen-aging...and what is next for the always ahead of the curve voice of a generation.


Woody Williams talks 2004, TLR, DK, Esteban Yan

Brad Straubinger interview with Woody Williams. We chronologically go season through season with Woody as a Cardinal, from the 2001 trade to the end of the 2004 season. We get some great Tony LaRussa stories, the day DK died and that 2002 run to the pennant, the religion of Cardinal baseball and so much more.


Jim Florentine talks Stern, Eminem, Trump, Baseball & Beyond

Brad Straubinger interview with comedian Jim Florentine. The voice of Special Ed from Crankyankers runs through his career, talking about the start of the Comedy Central show that helped him raise to fame, hanging out on the Howard Stern show, dating Robin Quivers and his Metal show on VH1. Mostly though, we basically have a conversation throughout about today's media issues and comedy not being funny anymore, and then we wrap it up with random sports conversation about baseball in 2018, and...


Stuttering John blasts Howard Stern, talks behind the scenes of the show!

Brad Straubinger interview with former Howard Stern show funny guy, Stuttering John. Stuttering John was one of the main cogs during the glory days of my favorite show as a teen--twentysometing-- ok into my 30's too. Here, he holds no punches against his former boss, who made his life miserable evidently. Obviously on the air, that was apparent, but John tells more throughout. He promotes his comedy gig, talks about his upcoming book, and his time as announcer and comedy writer with Jay Leno.


Bob Tewksbury tells Pedro Guerrero, Joe Torre stories & mental science to baseball

Brad Straubinger interview with Bob Tewksbury. Tewksie was a Cardinal from 1989 to 1994, and played with many characters along the way. We talk about those characters, including a fun story about Pedro Guerrero. We talk about his incredible 1992 season where he walked 20 in over 230 innings pitched--not accomplished since or before in a long time. And we talk about his book, 90% Mental. Bob has been a mental skills coach for many years with the Red Sox and now the Giants. A new role in...


Kevin Farley tells Chris Farley stories

Kevin Farley, younger brother of Chris Farley, talks about the legacy of his brother, the Matt Foley sketch, the great Bob Odenkirk, and working up a career in standup comedy.


Jake Westbrook tells Carp stories, midge attacks, Cardinals 2011 championship run

Brad Straubinger interview with Jake Westbrook. The former Cardinal and Indian talks about being part of the trade for Corey Kluber, the 2011 September run, being the winning pitcher of "Game 6", the day Berkman arrived and changed the clubhouse culture, retiring young, midges attacking Joba Chamberlain in 2007, Tommy John surgery from start to finish and so much more.


Jason Isringhausen tells Steve Kline stories, being booed, Pujols friendship, Cards HOF'r?

Brad Straubinger interview with former Cardinals, A's and Mets great Jason Isringhausen. Izzy covers a wide variety of topics including his desire to be in the Cardinals HOF, crazy Steve Kline stories, the hurt of being booed in his own hometown, making millions and millions of dollars, the incredible pain he suffered during 2006, his crazy comeback in 2011, getting to know Albert Pujols as they reunited in Anaheim, Generation K days, and so much more.


Greg Amsinger from MLB Network talks Cardinals, players who don't like him, Inside the Network

Brad Straubinger interview with Greg Amsinger. We cover a wide range of topics during this chat. Early on, we talk about his rise to the network level very early on his career, telling off his bosses, doing shows his own way and more. We then move on to what are the Cardinals thinking this offseason, and what their outlook is for 2018. We then talk about some of the great stories his analysts have told him, like Pedro Martinez, Al Leiter and others. And we end with "Do players contact him or...


Cardinals Hot Stove talk w/ former Cardinal Gary Bennett

Brad Straubinger interview with former Cardinal catcher Gary Bennett. We talk about the Cardinals missing out on Stanton, who should be next on their wish list, baseball's changing culture, Tony LaRussa stories, what a leader means to a team, the Yips, and much more!


Blues enforcer Reed Low talks Probert & Domi fights, Danton's arrest, great teams and more!

Brad Straubinger interview with Reed Low. The former Blues tough guy tackles all subjects here, as we talk about some of his toughest fights, including tussles with legends Bob Probert, who said "Next time out I am going to kill you", Tie Domi, Darren McCarty and other grapplers. We relive his incredible streak of fights per game to start a career, and Joel Quenneville with a funny story about that. We talk about the decreasing role of the enforcer, the sad statistics of concussions for...


Original MTV VJ Alan Hunter talks early days of MTV, 1984, Live Aid and more

Brad Straubinger interview with one of the five original MTV VJ's, Alan Hunter. We talk about the early days of MTV, how MTV shaped the Top 40 and all music was welcome by 1983 and 1984 being a landmark year with Van Halen, Michael Jackson, Prince, Twisted Sister, Human League and many more were topping the charts. We talk about classic interview with Led Zeppelin and Rowdy Roddy Piper. And the craziness that was Live Aid.


Brother Love-80's WWF Bad Guy, aka Bruce Prichard, tells all! Flair, Hogan, Savage, Andre, McMahons

Brad Straubinger interview, talking with the man who was known as Brother Love in the WWF in the late 80's, We look back at his character, but Bruce, the man playing the red faced interviewer, was also one of Vince McMahon's right hand men from 1988-to-2008. He was part of the creative writing team, the tv production team, he's seen it all! He was there for Hulk v Macho Man, and describes why it was one of the great feuds of all time. We hear about Andre the Giant and his drinking habits. We...