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Clay Target Podcast with Host Justin Barker. We interview some of the best shotgun shooters, instructors and coaches in the world, review products and talk about past and upcoming events.

Clay Target Podcast with Host Justin Barker. We interview some of the best shotgun shooters, instructors and coaches in the world, review products and talk about past and upcoming events.


Macon, GA


Clay Target Podcast with Host Justin Barker. We interview some of the best shotgun shooters, instructors and coaches in the world, review products and talk about past and upcoming events.






Dawn Grant - Mental Training and Hypnosis

As a Mental Trainer & Hypnotherapist, Dawn has found great avenues to reach out & assist others in experiencing greater health & wellness, peak performance, inner peace, tremendous joy & ultimately unlimited love. After earning a Bachelors in Psychology from Westfield State College Dawn's journey led her to Amelia Island, Florida. In the first few years of her profession, She recognized a strong desire to help people make more profound changes. So, in 2001, Dawn acquired professional...


Episode #1 - The Road to Master Class Series

In this episode we discuss how to get started into clay target shooting. What you need as far as equipment and guns, what to expect when you go to a gun club for your first time, how to find a coach and what to expect, basic practice and so much more. This is the first time we have all been together to record an episode in the same room in a while, so be prepared for a fair amount of jokes. We also introduce our new "assistant".


Derrick Mein - 2020 Olympian

We talked to Derrick to find out what it took for him to make the 2020 Olympic team, the training involved, the sacrifices and the reward. We talked about his outlook on the current sporting season, how he thinks it will affect the sport and what to expect once it starts back up. Derrick also goes into detail about what bunker trap is and how to shoot it. We would like to thank Derrick for taking out valuable time to speak with us and we all wish him the best in the upcoming season and the...


Before the Coronavirus Pandemic

We recorded this episode right before Coronavirus hit the entire world. We discussed past tournaments and shoots that were upcoming along with Alex's super sporting win and Kevin's FITASC win at the Seminole Cup. We had no idea that the sporting clay world would be turned on its head with the spread of the virus, so here is what it was like not knowing that would happen and the conversation about upcoming events. We touched on the sub-gauge rule, master class and and Kevin gives his opinion...


Time off with Zach Kienbaum and Desi Edmunds

Kevin and Alex talked to Zach and Desi about what they have been doing in their off time during the quarantine now that they live in Savannah Georgia. Zach is thinking of building golf carts and Desi is building furniture along with some fishing and shooting in between. I think everyone agrees that we are all ready to start shooting again.


The Meadows Gun Club

Kevin and Alex sat down with the new owner of thew Meadows Gun Club in Forsyth Georgia, Dominic Bethel. Dominic discusses all of the new ideas he has and what he is implementing at the club. One of Georgia's premier clubs is going to get even better with another course, a covered pavilion, new trap and skeet fields and so much more. We are glad to be associated with the Meadows and we are really excited to see what is coming up in the future.


Philip Pilla - Pilla Performance Eyewear

Find out how Pilla Performance Eyewear started, how it has evolved and how it is now the leading eyewear in shooting sports. We also discuss other sports and professional fields that Pilla eyewear is used.


Tom Seay / Wendell Cherry

Tom Seay, one of Wendell's students, sits down and asks questions only he knows how to ask to be able to get a little further into the methods that one of the greats teach. Learn even more about the thought process that goes into simply shooting a clay target.......or is it that simple?


Jim Eyster - Heritage Gunsmiths

We get into the conversation about porting and how to overall make your gun shoot smoother and more consistent. We also discussed the spreader shell and find out just how they work.......or do they really work? Heritage Gunsmiths, Inc. was established over 50 years ago by Ken Eyster. Dedicated to serving discriminating shooters and sportsman, Heritage Gunsmiths, Inc. provides custom gunsmithing to insure the performance optimization of existing quality shotgun barrels, stock work, and...


Wendell Cherry - 2/2

Continuing on from the first episode, we find out about the post-shot routine and continue to listen to how and why Wendell does certain things at tournaments and during practice. We also discuss a question that Anthony Matarese Jr. sent in about aging and eyesight.


Wendell Cherry - 1/2

We were able to sit down with one of the sport's greatest shooters and coaches and get some very valuable information on what it takes to be a great shooter and what it takes to be a great coach. Find out what the "grid system" is and how to use it. Listen to how Wendell learned to shoot clays and how he teaches his students. Find out what a true practice session is and so much more in the first episode of the Wendell Cherry Series.


Beretta Champions Series #3

This is the final episode of the Beretta Champions Series from Shot Show 2020 in Las Vegas. We really appreciate the time that everyone put into this and Beretta USA for arranging everyone in attendance. Visit Beretta USA for unbelievable products and to learn more about their competition shotguns.


Taxi Cab Confessions with Anthony and Diane the squirrel hunter

This is a Behind The Break Comedy moment. This is not a clay target based episode at all, but it will amaze you at the people in this world, what they do for a job and just what they know. Just a little fun with this short bonus episode. Anthony and Diane had a conversation with a cab driver leaving the Shot Show in Las Vegas and come to find out, he knew a lot more about guns than Anthony expected! Featuring: Diane the squirrel hunter


Beretta Champions Series #2

In this episode, we continue talking with some of the best in the world. We discuss how big of a part the mental game plays at a high level, how to set obtainable goals, discipline, dedication and a lot more. Visit Beretta USA for more information on some of the best products in the world!


Beretta Champions Series #1

Beretta invited Justin to the SHOT show in Las Vegas to interview 6 of the best shooters in the entire world. If you want to know how Kim Rhode, Vincent Hancock, Zach Kienbaum, Desirae Edmunds, Diane Sorantino and Anthony Matarese Jr have all been successful in shooting, this is the series for you. In this episode, the Beretta Champions introduce themselves and we get into how dedicated you have to be to obtain your shooting goals. Welcome to the "Road to Victory". Click here to check out...


Winchester - AA Diamond Grade

We were at Shot Show 2020 and caught up with the Winchester Product Manager, Ben Frank. Ben is very knowledgeable about ammunition as well as the parts and pieces that go into making one of the most legendary shotgun shells in the world, The AA. We also had Winchester team members Zach Kienbaum, Desirae Edmunds and Anthony Matarese Jr sitting in on this episode with us. Zach and Desi had a lot of input on the development of this very nice looking, awesome performing and very premium shell...


Tom Seay

In this episode, Tom discusses how he has prepared for the upcoming 2020 season, what he has changed in his routine that has made him shoot better. We also cover what it takes to become one of the best Sub Junior / Junior shooters in the very competitive concurrent along with explaining what it takes to gain sponsorships from major companies in the sport as a young shooter.


Brad Kidd Jr. #2

In this episode, Brad talks about how to prepare for the upcoming season, how to become a pro shooter, how to practice when you do not have a gun club nearby and his top 10 "Hot Shots" for the 2020 shooting season. Get great advice from one of the best in the game today.


Cherokee Rose

The all-new Cherokee Rose Shooting Resort was purchased in 2019 by Dave (DD) Dalton and Jean Bostick. The revival of this old gun club that sits off minutes of I-75 in Griffin Ga has been a process that all shooters will be amazed at once you visit. Nestled in the woods on just over 120 acres is 2 full sporting clay courses that cater to all skill levels. One course (blue) is an easier course while the other course (red) has championship-level targets all set by Chuck Frasier. Cherokee Rose...


Haylyn Hanks

Haylyn Hanks, 16 years old, is definitely one of the best junior shooters in the country. She has won several shoots from huge regionals to the silver medal in 2019 at the World FITASC Lady's division. Haylyn is a very dedicated and determined shooter and we look for big moves for this young lady in the future. In this episode she discusses her shooting goals, her new coaching career and what she wants to do once she graduates college.