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Will Fennell - Part One

David Radulovich was traveling down to Florida to coach until the holidays and Will Fennell asked him to stop by for a few days to see him and his facility. After arriving, the weather changed and had David iced in for a few days and this series of podcasts was created. Throughout this series, you will get into the mind of Will Fennel, how he sees the sport, how he shoots the sport and how he coaches the sport. The stories told in the series are some that not a lot of people have heard and...


Episode #28 - Brett Moyes (NSCA Director)

Brett Moyes is the NSCA Director and is charge of anything to do with registered targets in the US. He also heads up the Team USA sporting clays team. Justin and Brett have a conversation on how the NSCA started, where it's at and where it going. A lot of questions asked by a lot of people are answered in this episode.


Live Episode: David Radulovich and Tom Seay

David Radulovich and Tom Seay talk a little about everything in sporting clays. Stocks, stance, setup, ammunition, guns and a lot more is discussed in this episode.


Episode #27 - National Champions

Zach Kienbaum and Desirae Edmunds both won the 2018 NSCA National Championship. This is Zach's first National Championship won in over 20 years of trying and this is Desirae's second title in the lady's division. We had them stop by on their way from Savannah Georgia back home to Houston Texas. Zach and Desi discuss their wins at the nationals as well as a lot of coaching tips and how they go about the teaching process.


Episode #26 - Will Fennell

Will was raised in a hunting/shooting family. He had a rifle or shotgun in his hands as a constant companion starting at age 5. His father joked that it cost him more dollars in ammunition to get Will to college, than it cost to send him away for 4 years of school. But it was at Wofford College that he started his competitive shooting career on the school’s rifle team. Smallbore rifle introduced Will to the mental discipline that it takes to compete in the shooting world. After college, he...


Episode #25 - Bill McGuire

Bill was born in Richmond, Indiana to a working-class family; his father worked in the Easton Gear Factory and was a church minister. His mother worked at the Richmond Baking Company and raised Bill, his three sisters and brother. At age 8, Bill started hunting and trapping with his father, where he developed his love for shooting and the outdoors. In fact, he still has the first .410 Western Field Side by Side that his father gave him. In 1989 Bill started a masonry company and worked as a...


Episode #24 - Rick Hemingway

Rick Hemingway is a brand name to “Sporting Clays” on the East Coast. Rick has been the owner and operator of Back Woods Quail Club since 1990 and also owns and runs The Meadows National Gun Club in Forsyth Georgia. Rick became a NSCA member and competitor in 1992, and has averaged at least 2,000 registered targets per year every year since. Rick has owned and operated day-to-day operations for more than 20+ years, throwing over 1.1 million targets per year.


Episode #23 - Radulovich / Husthwaite Live

Justin Barker, David Radulovich and Ben Husthwaite talk live about sporting clays, techniques, coaching and the National Championship in Texas. YouTube Video: Click Here Facebook Live Video: Click Here


Episode #22 - Kevin DeMichiel

I grew up in Macon, Georgia where hunting and fishing has always been a way of life. I was introduced to shooting sports by my father at a very young age. He taught me about ethics and gun safety as we chased quail and dove in South Georgia. My love for the outdoors grew as I learned to enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer. My father inspired me to love everything about outdoor sports – the sport itself, the challenge it involved, and the fellowship with fellow hunters. After losing...


Episode #21 - Clint Hinton

I was born and raised in Dacula, Georgia, where I currently live. I attended Bethel University in McKenzie, TN on a shooting scholarship. I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hunting; most especially bird hunting. My father and uncles were a huge influence in my hunting and geared me into the clay shooting world. I started shooting sporting clays in 2007, but didn't compete in a tournament until 2008. I was immediately hooked and all I wanted to do was shoot. We joined a gun club where I...


Episode #20 - Wendell Cherry

Wendell was a professional musician from the time of his high school graduation until April 29, 2002, playing in such notable venues as the Grand Ole Opry and the famous Ryman Auditorium. He started shooting sporting clays in 1995 and has been shooting professionally since 2002. Wendell tries to balance his shooting schedule with a very busy teaching schedule.


Episode #19 - Zachary Kienbaum

Zach started shooting sporting clays competitively in California with his Dad in 1990. He was a registered USSCA shooter before its demise and NSCA's emergence as the only game in town. He grew up shooting at his local club, River Road Sporting Clays, which was owned by Bruce Barsotti. “River Road in the decade of the 90's was truly one of the elite sporting clubs in the country hosting countless State and Zone tournaments along with very early American FITASC competitions such as the Pan...


Episode #18 - Diane Sorantino

Diane has been the Chief of Police of Cape May City, NJ for the last 12 years with her retirement as of January 1, 2014. This is on top of 26 years of total service as a police officer. Diane has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and also is a Graduate of FBI National Academy – Session #226 and a Graduate of West Point Command and Leadership. She is a life member of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA Local #59) along with membership in...


Episode #17 - Brad Kidd Jr

Brad grew up in Washington, NC. He was 9 years old when his father took him and his younger brother to Hunters Pointe to shoot their first round of sporting clays. That is where they met Scott Downs, an All-American and former Junior National Sporting Clays champion. Scott quickly recognized that young Brad was a natural shotgunner and took him under his wing. They started to travel to shoots together and Scott took Brad to his first National Championship in 1992 where Scott would capture...


Episode #16 - Andy Duffy 2

Andy Duffy part 2 covers more on the mental game, eye dominance, what your equipment does for you and a lot more. Listen to one of the best mental coaches in the game and the correct way to run a shotgun.


Episode #15 - Joseph Fanizzi

Joseph Fanizzi started shooting at the age of 8 years old. He is now 15 years old, in the 10th grade and ranked among some of the best shooters in the US. Joseph is a very well spoken, well mannered young man and we were glad for him to be on the podcast with us.


Episode #14 - Derrick Mein

Derrick Mein grew up on a small farm in southeast Kansas and developed a love of the outdoors at an early age tagging along with dad while quail and deer hunting. He got his start in sporting clays at age 8 joining his dad in a small league at a local club. With the help of his dad he began to develop his skills as a competitive shooter. Derrick has since been competing in the NSCA for 20 plus years accumulating more the 55,000 targets, winning 10 state championships, and named to 8...


Episode #13 - Andy Duffy

Andy is originally from New York, but in 2003 realized his lifelong dream when he moved to Polson, Montana. In addition to shooting competitively and giving shooting lessons he enjoys fly-fishing, traditional archery, hunting, knife making, and horse and dog training. Andy began shooting sporting clays in 1983, like many other avid shotgun shooters, as a way to improve his wing shooting. Since that time he has been on the NSCA All-American Team 17 times, Team USA 20 times and has over...


Episode #12 - Tom Seay

My father held a deep passion for any activity that a gun was involved. Naturally, from a very young age I shared these very same interests and began shooting along-side my father whenever we had free time on the farm. My father realized that I held some natural talent in the clay shooting sports and began to look for a way to further my shooting. He contacted Wendell Cherry to inquire about shooting lessons for myself. I began taking lessons from Wendell when I was 8 years old and molded a...


Bonus Episode - Q&A with David Radulovich

This is the audio from the live Facebook interview with David Radulovich. Very interesting topics were covered in this lengthy conversation. Watch the Facebook Live interview here: Topics Covered: We had a lot of great questions from our Facebook followers. We answered most of them, but we could not get to all of them. Stay tuned to a future episode.