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31 - That Time I Went Full Enduro

Gloria Liu writes in the article titled That Time I Went Full Enduro “It was a fabulous lifestyle. I got over feeling guilty about spending a whole day taking lifts or banging up some steep road to get to the downhills faster. Enduro was mountain biking’s five-pound bag of red Swedish Fish; there were none of the boring flavors, only the best one. Finally, I could eschew all that character-building stuff and maximize the fun.”


30 - The Places I Pee

Today’s guests, joining me from St. George, Utah, are Chris Haag and Sophie George. They will be riding their bikes from Alaska to Argentina, a distance of 20,000 miles; it will take them 2 years to complete. You can learn more about their adventure and keep tabs on their progress by visiting and there will be a link to this page on the web site.


29 - Oliver Andersen

There is a saying that sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Translation: In this crazy world, where we spin around the cities and communities where we live at brake neck speeds, we forget to stop and look around and take into account what we take advantage of. So what better way to do this than on a bike. Today’s guest, joining us from, Denmark, is Oliver Andersen – the Urban Bicycle Explorer. His goal is to inspire people all around the globe to bike and use it as a tool...


28 - Martin Eberlen

When most people think of a multi-day bike tour they might consider doing it in places like the Napa Valley, Croatia or maybe even The French Alps. But not today’s guest. Martin Eberlen decided to ride 1,600 miles from the City of Stanley, North Dakota where the Dakota Access Pipeline begins through to its end in Patoka, Illinois. This controversial pipeline transports 470,000 barrels of crude oil a day across four states. The end result of his ride is a book called Our Land and...


27 - Tiffany Cromwell

The Diva from Down Under is how Rapha describes today’s guest. Tiffany Cromwell is one of the World’s most accomplished female road riders having lived her stellar career racing in some of the most illustrious events on pro cycling’s calendar. Currently racing for Team Canyon-SRAM she calls Adelaide Australia her home, but spends a lot of her time racing and training on the roads of Europe. In the off season, Tiffany likes to relax with running marathons, mountain bike racing, boxercise...


26 - Zwift

There is a place where you can ride your bike that’s a cross between the French Alps and Hawaii. It rarely rains. It never really gets dark. It is never cold. It is never windy. There are no cars. You can always find friends from all over the world to ride with, or you can choose to ride by yourself. There are butterflies and Sloths and Mountain Goats and 1,000 foot waterfalls and you can ride through a volcano. Sound too good to be true, or maybe that I’ve been imbibing in too much of...


25 - Leadville 100

An interview with the founders of the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race and the Leadville Race Series, Ken Chlouber and Merilee Maupin


Seamus Mullen

This episode is coming to you from Brooklyn and my guest is Seamus Mullen, an award winning New York Chef, author, a leading authority on health and wellness, and a cyclist. Seamus trained in Spain and, as they say, one thing led to another and he now operates two Spanish influenced restaurants, Tertulia (English translation – Social gathering) and a Tapas Bar called El Colmado (English translation – The Grocery Store). He is the author of Hero Food and Real Food Heals – But there’s a...


23 - People For Bikes

For those of us who like to ride bikes, whether that be for commuting to work, riding with the kids to the park, trying to get King (or Queen) of the Mountain on that 7% bastard of a hill, or riding some sweet single track, People For Bikes have your backs. Visiting their web site – – will show you that 1.2 million people have registered with them. This podcast talks to those people who are not the shaved leg, Lycra clad, 1% uber athletes, and that is precisely who...


22 -Bidit Roy

Be On this podcast The Bikes And Podcast's first international episode featuring an interview with Bidit Roy, Indian documentary film maker. I was introduced to Bidit by Ayleen Crotty of the Filmed by Bike Festival and subject of Episode 11. I talk with Bidit about his love of making documentaries, how they connect him to people who have a story to tell and his latest film. There are links to The Bicycle Maker, which was featured in the Filmed by Bike Festival, On The Church Trail and...


21 - First Descents

I ride bikes, I hike and I fish, to name a few of my favourite outdoor pursuits. The common denominator is that all of these take place in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. The great outdoors represents a prescription, a healing place, both mentally and physically, providing me with the ability to escape from the stress and concerns of modern life, such is the power of adventure. But, what if what ails you was orders of magnitude greater than a bad day at the office, nose to tail...


20 - Guerrilla Gravity Bikes

This episode comes to you from the Denver Headquarters of Guerrilla Gravity. Manufacturers of Badass Mountain Bikes. Made for going fast. That’s Guerrilla as in Che Guevara and not Gorilla as in King Kong. As I am a fan of a) Mountain Bikes and B) going fast I am looking forward to talking to the team about their brand, their story and what makes their awesome bikes, so awesome (y). Guerrilla Gravity bike frames are designed and built in house in Denver Colorado, no too far from Mile...


19 - The Rwandan Cycling Team

It’s 1994 and Rwanda, a land locked country on the Eastern side of Africa, just on the Equator, was in the midst of one of the worst genocides in history. In 100 days more than 1 million Tutsis were slaughtered, representing about 70% of their population. At that time a bicycle = life. If you had a bicycle you might escape the slaughter. If you had a bicycle you could try to make your way to safety, too afraid to look back at the staggering and stomach churning displays of man’s...


18 - The Check In Foundation

In the space of 12 months I have known three people commit suicide. All 3 of them were men. In my interactions with them, I never would have guessed there was anything wrong, and news of their suicide came as a complete shock. In conversations with the people they left behind though, it is clear that theirs was a thin veneer and they knew there were signs of inner turmoil; signs that only a loved one might have noticed such as severe moodiness, disinterest with things they loved to do and...


17 - Commuting

In a first, I’m pleased to say that I’m interviewing a member of that most select, elite and smart group of people, a listener of the Bikes And…Podcast. A listener who reached out to me with an idea for a story. Honestly, when I started this podcast back on 2016, this is exactly the sort of person I wanted to talk to. It’s been super talking to people who have events to promote, or beers to drink, but for the most part I have reached out to them to invite them onto the show. So, to have...


16 - The Colorado Classic

Editorial Note: In this podcast it is inadvertently mentioned that the race that precedes the Colorado Classic is the Tour of California, it should be the Tour of Utah. 7 years ago, I stood on the steps of Colorado’s Capital Building, along with 4,000 other cycling enthusiasts, to witness the birth of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Quite possibly the longest and hardest to pronounce name in sporting event history, this marked the return of professional cycling to Colorado since the heady...


15 - Making The Best of It

In June 2007, Jamie Osborne was doing the one thing that listeners to this podcast love to do. Riding a bike. Nothing more, nothing less. He was on a lunch ride with colleagues, the same as he had countless times before. Things were getting a little competitive, the lead group’s pace increasing to 25 miles per hour. Jamie, ever so slightly the competitive and self driven type, found himself off this pace and dug deep within himself to catch up. Next came the unimaginable. His bike’s frame...


14 - Trail Heroes

On April 20th, I was on the 303 Trail Monitor Facebook page and saw that someone called James Kovaly had posted some pictures of a sign he had placed on one of the crown jewels of the trail system known as “Buffalo Creek” and this generated a storm of controversy. The sign, sitting off to the side of what looks to be a 3 out of 5 switchback reads “Don’t Skid” “Skidding destroys the trail”. This was like red rag to a bull for many of the red blooded 303 Trail members who wrote comments...


13 - Recumbent Bikes

Back on February the 4th I was riding my road bike on a favourite loop near my house. I was about to hit a Strava segment named “Short Grind’ , given that it’s on a little kicker of a hill, when about 400 yards ahead of me I see something in the bike lane, that I can’t quite make out. As I get closer I pick out a small flag waving like the lure of angler fish. Closer still and I make out the unmistakable image of someone riding a recumbent bike. I pull alongside and attempt to have a...


12 - Trail Conflict

Editorial Note: In this podcast Andrew described the attack taking place on the north facing side of North Table Mesa. It was actually the south facing side. Last week end, news began to spread, here along Denver’s Front-Range biking community about a mountain biker who had been assaulted on a popular bike trail near Golden, the North Table Mountain Trail. Most of us who live here realise that if you add the amazing access we all have to incredible trail systems to Denver’s growing...