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Fly fishing is such an amazing sport and has become such a huge part of my life. My guests and I talk about tactics and techniques, the fly fishing community as a whole, and the life lessons we have learned from being out on the water.

Fly fishing is such an amazing sport and has become such a huge part of my life. My guests and I talk about tactics and techniques, the fly fishing community as a whole, and the life lessons we have learned from being out on the water.


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Fly fishing is such an amazing sport and has become such a huge part of my life. My guests and I talk about tactics and techniques, the fly fishing community as a whole, and the life lessons we have learned from being out on the water.




Fly Fishing Tips: Building Confidence in New Things | Trout Magic | Book Club 16

I think building confidence while fly fishing can be tricky, whether it be trying new flies, new techniques, or even new spots. I think the important thing is to remember what you already know and then build from there. Buy our MERCH! https://tyler-olrogg.myshopify.com/ Trout Magic...


His purpose is GREATER than the PAIN! When You Are About to Give UP | God Sees You Where You Are

This message came to me this morning on the treadmill. A story of this past summer (summer 2020), when someone called me a mess. And I realize their judgement in that moment doesn't define who I am. They didn't see what I had been through to get to that point, the hurt I have felt. But God's promise and purpose is so much great than that pain.


My BEST FISHING SPOT I Give It Away!! | Trout Magic | Book Club 14

In this I give away coordinates to an excellent fishing spot 33.076391, 104.369524 if you are in that area. Plus we talk about the art of deception that many of fishermen have master over the years and how it isn't super likely that the spot I gave you is legit....haha Trout Magic...


WHITEFISH (Love You Like Make-a-Wish) | Trout Fishing Rap

Whitefish often get a bad rap. So here is a good rap about these awesome fish! Album in the making!


2020 Year of The Lord's FAVOR | Getting Back on My Feet

2020 was a rough year, in fact so rough that it almost killed me. However, the things I went through in 2020 while still sometimes difficult to sallow, have brought me so much closer to the Lord. I share my brief story and thoughts as I went from being on the verge of suicide to walking into 2020 stronger than I have ever been.


Fly Fishing Banter | Trout Magic | Book Club 13

What is fishing without banter? Shouting at your buddies and telling them how much better you are than them is all a part of fun. I share some of my favorite memories when it comes to this subject. Purchase Trout Magic https://www.amazon.com/Trout-Magic-Robert-Traver/dp/0671661949/ref=asc_df_0671661949/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312151423430&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6764981353351060594&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9021322&hvtargid=pla-569411864288&psc=1


Jig Hooks versus Standard Nymph Hooks for Swinging Flies | Fly Fishing for Trout

Jig Hooks or Standard Hooks Which are better? I did a little experiment comparing the two when it comes to swinging nymphs. The results are actually quite substantial, but I will let you decide for yourself.


Trout Fishing Pocketwater | Tactical Fly Fishing | Book Club 08

Pocket water is often the most overlooked water types by most anglers, however fish do tend to hold in this water and they are fairly easy to fool too. This can be an excellent way to get away from the crowds and enjoy some peace and good fishing...if you know how to approach it of course! That's what I talk about in this installment of the Book Club! Hyalite Creek Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQlKiCe3OLE


Trout Fishing: Reading Water | Tactical Fly Fishing | Book Club 007

Where are the trout? That's a great question! Book Club 7 is all about how to read water and find fish. With just a couple tips you can improve your water reading ability and put more fish in the net.


Getting Through the LOWS with Christ | Jeremiah 23-33 | Mentored in Faith

Life is full of ups and downs and the bible makes this incredibly clear to us. However, the lows make the highs sweeter and the journey more fulfilling. God is with us always and that's something to be so grateful for.


Do NOT ENVY the Wicked; BE YOU | Jeremiah 10-23 | Mentored in Faith 001

It can be so easy to be envious of those who do wicked deeds because often they look so successful! However, we don't always know what they are going through and God will deal with the wicked and punish or act to turn them back to him. God has a plan for us all sometimes the droughts are a crucial part of it!


Euro Nymphing Tips | Book Club 06 | Tactical Fly Fishing

In this book club we chat euro nymphing tips. This is not a how to euro nymphing talk, but tips for people who already have some background in euro nymphing. If you would like to hear a how to talk please comment and let me know!


Euro Nymphing vs. Indicator Nymphing | Book Club 005

Now this is a debate that can get heated sometimes! Though I do think there is a time and a place for both fly fishing methods, if you want to be successful trout fishing. In this book club I break down the pros and the cons of each method and when I prefer to use each.


Fly Fishing Rods, Reels, Lines, and More! | Book Club 004

Fly fishing gear is not a one size fits all approach, so you have to figure out what works for you based on goals, budget, and stuff like that. However, I do think it helps to understand what other people fish with and why, which is why in this book club I break down the gear I use and why. More specifically I talk about the rod, reel, and line combos I use for euro nymphing, indicator nymphing, and dry fly fishing.


Do You LOVE GOD? | Bible Study 001: Romans 8:12-39

Do you love God? God loves you, but do you love God? We are so quick to change for other people, but why are we so slow to change for God? Romans 8 is my go to chapter for when I am down and need encouragement. Here is what I got from it on my last time reading through it.


Fly Fishing Rigging: Fly Spacing, Dry/Dropper Leader | Book Club #03 | Tactical Fly Fishing

Book Club 3 is all about rigging. Different leader setups ups and the pros and cons of both, as well as fly spacing for nymphing rigs. Also, featuring leaders for indicator nymphing, dry/dropper fishing, and dry fly fishing.


When You Struggle LISTEN TO THIS | Motivational Speech

We all struggle, its just a fact. It's important to remember that struggle is not a step back nor is it something to be ashamed of. It's a part of the process.


Fish Density and Hatch Activity Trout Fly Fishing Adjustments | Book Club #02 | Tactical Fly Fishing

In the second book club we talk about adjusting your fly fishing approach to fish density, fish species, and hatch activity. There are a lot of little details in the second half of Chapter One in Tactical Fly Fishing that can have a major impact on your success on the water.


You Have to Struggle to Grow | 1 Peter 5:10 Devotional | Bible Study

You can't have growth with out the struggle. When you feel down and out, while chasing your dreams remember this. You will get through it and you will learn from it.


Spey Fishing 101 | Reel Life Podcast 001: Adam Slavinsk

Want to have a fish hit so hard it rips your rod right out of your hand? Then spey fishing is your game. On this first episode of the Reel Life Podcast, I chat with my friend Adam Slavinski about spey fishing for steelhead and inland trout. We cover everything from beginner casts, equipment, and practical ways to cover water. Hope you all get some value out of this and enjoy!