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First in the world podcast on bike trials! (audio only feed)

First in the world podcast on bike trials! (audio only feed)
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First in the world podcast on bike trials! (audio only feed)




Section 4 from Chengdu 2018 20 inch | BTTV 4

One of the hardest sections from this year competition. Typical jump section on concrete obstacles with one high and controversial jump. Bike Trial TV is available on Youtube Bike Trial TV is also available as both audio and video podcasts in iTunes and other podcast catchers: iTunes audio only iTunes video You can find us here: Karol: Facebook Instagram Youtube Fred: Instagram Player:


A rising star from Slovakia – say hi to Samuel Hlavatý | BTTV 3

The desire to be the best can reach the sky when you are young and full of energy every single day. But this state of mind can easily get you overtrained and interrupt your progress, without you even realizing. Training is a process you need to trust and follow, so you can slowly but constantly keep raising the bar beyond the neverending horizon of improvement. Samuel took 5th place at World Championships as the youngest in Elite category. What's next? Some stuff you can learn watching...


How does it feel to be a World Champion? We are asking Thomas Pechhacker | BTTV 2

There is always a lot of ways to improve, most of them are very hard to find just by yourself. You need to trust someone, trust the process. This year, (and as you are about to learn - not only this year) Thomas Pechhacker and Karol Serwin did a great job based on true friendship and strong will to be the best. In this episode, we are giving you an in-depth look into the long process of becoming a World Champion in the beautiful sport of bike trials. Bike Trial TV is available on Youtube...


Mistrzostwa Świata w Chengdu 2018 20 cali cz. 1 | BTTV 1

Zapraszamy na pierwszy odcinek nowego, pierwszego na świecie podkastu o trialu rowerowym! Jako, że niedawno odbyły się Mistrzostwa Świata 2018 w Chinach w Chengdu, to dziś analizujemy przejazdy wszystkich zawodników przez 3 pierwsze sekcje finału kategorii 20 cali. Karol dostarcza relacji "z pierwszej ręki", okiem zawodnika a Fred dodaje komentarze z punktu widzenia początkującego adepta trialu. A dla przypomnienia, tegorocznymi finalistami byli: Thomas Pechhacker (Austria) Dominik Oswald...