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The BikeFit Podcast demystifies and demyths the bike fitting world. We interview professional fitters, athletes, coaches, manufacturers, and researchers about a multitude of topics in bike fitting.

The BikeFit Podcast demystifies and demyths the bike fitting world. We interview professional fitters, athletes, coaches, manufacturers, and researchers about a multitude of topics in bike fitting.


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The BikeFit Podcast demystifies and demyths the bike fitting world. We interview professional fitters, athletes, coaches, manufacturers, and researchers about a multitude of topics in bike fitting.








Ep. 12: The Evolution of Bike Fitting with Ben Serotta

This week the BikeFit Pod presents the first segment of a 2-part conversation with legendary frame builder Ben Serotta. He willingly devoted hours to our interview and went beyond my list of quirky questions. Although we certainly discuss frame geometry and design, Ben is also one of the early godfathers of bike fitting with the invention of the Serotta Size Cycle in the mid-80s and in the early 90s, the formalization of one of the first bike fitting schools, the Serotta International...


Ep. 11: Fitting Aerodynamics with John Cobb

On the pod this week, I interview John Cobb. He is a pioneer & innovator in the bike industry since 1972 and is considered part of a handful of legendary figures that helped shape the bike industry. He is often referred to as “Mr. Wind tunnel” and has been a proven pioneer in the area of cycling aerodynamics to help position riders better in order to gain speed and comfort. He’s designed or been involved with the design for virtually every part of the modern bicycle. His stories are almost...


Ep. 10 Size Cycle or Fit Bike with Chris Balser

Chris Balser, otherwise known as the bicycle fit guru, joined the podcast this week to discuss the ongoing debate on how to define the dynamic units pictured in most fitting images found on the web, social media or in shops around the world. Chris is clearly a specialist on this because he already composed an article on his blog a few years ago titled, "Fit Bike? or Size Cycle?" He conducted trials testing the fits between a fit bike and a trainer and measured client outcomes. Through this...


Ep. 9 Does Crank Length Matter with Dr. Jim Martin

Renowned cycling researcher Dr. Jim Martin from the University of Utah joins the podcast this week to discuss the implications of crank length on cycling. Dr. Martin's research on crank length was originally motivated by examining kid's standard crank length and attempting to find the optimal solution. Although his research on this topic was published in 2001, many people have strong feelings about specific crank lengths and how it affects cycling. Dr. Martin provides a colorful and detailed...


Ep. 8 The Independent Bike Fitter with Sean Madsen

In Ep. 8 I spoke with Sean Madsen who is the owner of the Denver Fit Loft in Denver Colorado. After running the Specialized BG Fit program for 5 years and fitting some of the greatest cyclists in the world (Peter Sagan, Vincenzo Nibali, and Tom Boonen), Sean decided to embark upon his own project to provide custom bike fitting for Denver area cyclists. After 5 years of running the BG Fit program, he noticed that on average only 10% of the thousands of people he trained implemented fit...


Ep. 7 The Crossroads of Coaching and Fitting with Hunter Allen

In Ep.7 I interviewed legendary coach, CEO of Peaks Coaching Group, co-founder of Training Peaks software, co-founder of WKO software, co-author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter and co-author of Cutting Edge Cycling, Hunter Allen. Yes, this is still the BikeFit Podcast so why did I interview a coach? As a matter of fact, Hunter strikes a chord with many bike fitters and cyclists who recognize the crossover between the two practices. For any cyclist to reach their goals, a proper and...


Ep. 6 What is Bike Fitting? Live from the Philly Bike Expo with Happy Freedman

In Ep. 6, I was invited by renowned bike fitter Happy Freedman from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City to join a talk with a group of fitters from around the country where he attempted to answer the question, “What is bike fitting?” In our conversation, some of the visiting fitters from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Tennessee, Kansas get the opportunity to share their thoughts and ask Happy questions about fit. He describes the current state of bike fitting, where he...


Ep. 5 The Foot is a Microcosm with G8 Performance CEO, David Lee

In Ep. 5, I speak with CEO and founder of G8 Performance, David Lee. He is a consummate foot specialist who's been running an orthotic insole company for 7 years. He focuses on on the foot as a microcosm of its own rather than the belief that the "foot is just a lever." We discuss the dangers of current footwear, how they significantly impact and injure the feet and the imperative need to promote movement and blood flow within the foot during any type of athletic activity. Learn More:...


Ep. 4 Watch and Listen: The Tools of Bike Fitting with Jerry Gerlich

In Episode 4, I spoke with professional fitter and elite trainer, Jerry Gerlich. When we connected for our pre-meeting, I sincerely wanted to describe Jerry as the "MacGyver" of bike fitting with his cavalcade of intricate and sometimes odd tools and his solution-focused philosophy that endeavors for answers in non-traditional formats, but as we traversed his bike fitting journey, two main topics arose: watch and listen. The pod will describe it, but Jerry went from investing in the leading...


Ep. 3 Paul's Corner: Saddle Selection, Saddle Height and Bike Fitting

Part 3 and the final part of our series on saddle height in bike fitting continues with an interview with the founder of BikeFit, Paul Swift. We refer to these regular episodes as "Paul's Corner" where he not only weighs in on our previous podcast topics but expounds upon what he perceives in the world of cycling and specifically with bike fitting. Today's riveting topics cover the following: The range of saddle height and the variables that affect it. Challenges to setting up proper saddle...


Ep. 2: The Science of Saddle Height with Dr. Rodrigo Bini

In Episode 2, Damon interviews Dr. Rodrigo Bini of Latrobe University in Australia. He is one of the leading researchers in bike fitting in the world and also is one of the editors and authors of "Biomechanics in Cycling." Dr. Bini discusses his research on saddle height and how much it actually needs to be changed to impact oxygen uptake or force output. He delves into the research on static vs. dynamic fitting adjustments and also explains fitting technology and its use in the world of...


Ep. 1 Establishing Saddle Height with Tom Wiseman

Saddle height is an often debated topic in cycling and there are multiple methods used to establish it. Due to the massive amount of information about saddle height, this is our first of 3 episodes delving into this ubiquitous topic. Professional bike fitter and BikeFit Pro Tom Wiseman of Cycling Solutions joins us for a candid conversation on how, after over 1250 bike fits completed, he establishes saddle height, the definition of pelvic stability, the importance of fit in the process, and...