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Exploring the "why" & "how" behind the bicycles, components, gear & tech we ride everyday.

Exploring the "why" & "how" behind the bicycles, components, gear & tech we ride everyday.
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Exploring the "why" & "how" behind the bicycles, components, gear & tech we ride everyday.








013 - Pivot's Chris Cocalis goes off about mountain bike design

Pivot founder Chris Cocalis has some strong opinions about mountain bike design, and it shows through in the tight tolerances and high precision construction of his bikes. But how and why does he love pressfit bottom brackets so much when they're the bane of many riders' existences? Why does he thing we should be riding smaller frames? It's all here in this very entertaining episode, recorded from the launch of a new XC bike. For the full post, and to see the new bike, stay tuned to...


012 - The super-mega Sea Otter 2019 tech recap!

In this episode, Zach, Greg and Tyler gather round the campfire and discuss the coolest new tech, gear, products and more from this year's Sea Otter Classic. Gravel was the big trend, but as we found out, it's a category that's growing, evolving, and (dare we say) segmenting! There was plenty more, from new cockpit trends, #Vanlife growth, more wheel options for every rider, and so much more! If you've missed anything from our leading Sea Otter coverage, this tech roundup will get you up to...


011 - Ibis tells MTB history like you've never heard!

Ever wonder how some of the biggest brands got to where they are? Or where wide carbon rims came from? Wider tires? Full suspension carbon mountain bikes? In this interview, we sat down with Ibis co-founders Scot Nicol and Hans Heim and just let the tape run. This is without a doubt one of the most interesting interviews you'll ever hear, touching on everything from how Ibis Cycles got started to how so many of the things we ride today from so many brands all came to be. And most of it's...


010 - How Jerome Clementz helped test Zipp 3ZERO MOTO wheels

In this episode, Tyler sits down with multi-time EWS world champion Jerome Clementzto discuss how he and other top pro riders were instrumental in testing and designing the new Zipp 3ZERO MOTO mountain bike wheels. We dive deep, and Jerome doesn't miss a beat explaining the entire testing process, what worked and what didn't, and how the entire test program works to ensure Zipp ended up with a wheel that would withstand a season of World Cup level racing, but still be comfortable and...


009 - Carl Strong explains gravel bike geometry

Legendary frame builder Carl Strong says there is no such thing as a gravel bike. Or, rather, any bike can be a gravel bike. It all starts with tire selection. From there he explains how the rest of the bike's geometry falls into place and what you need to consider when choosing the right drop bar bike for your riding style. Whether it's road, all-road, gravel, or touring, Carl explains what the geometry numbers mean and how they affect a bike's handling. Hit like, hit subscribe, and hit...


008 - Ted King shows his sweet, sweet gravel roots

In this episode, we talk with Ted and Laura King about their new gravel race, Rooted Vermont. Coming up later this year and already more than half sold out after opening registration on April 1, they talk about what's special about riding in Vermont. And maple syrup. They love their maple syrup. So we talk about that. A lot. And we talk about what all the pros do when they retire if they're not putting on their own event. Apparently European pros tend to have a very different career track...


007 - Paul Component celebrates 30 years!

Paul Price celebrates 30 years of running Paul Component Engineering with new green anodized parts, but they won't last. So, why? And what parts have been his biggest successes? His biggest flops? What's coming down the pipeline from them? Why isn't there an "S" on the end of "Component"? We ask all that and more in this interview with Paul while at NAHBS 2019. Also, we're running a little, listen throughout to see how you can win a sweet prize! Hit like, hit subscribe, and...


006 - DH pro Adam Brayton goes mental

Once you've been at the top of your game, it's a hard thing to reconcile with yourself when things start to slide. What do you do when you can't seem to get back on top? How do you deal with others beating you at your own game? That's the topic of conversation with Adam Brayton, a pro downhill racer who's had some very impressive World Cup finishes. But the last couple years have been tough, so we talk about how he deals with that mentally and emotionally. And how he's prepared himself to...


005 - Mavic trolls our comments

Everyone loves the Bikerumor comments, but what if they could be better? What if they could better unite riders everywhere with the people behind the brands? Well, they could. They can! And in this episode, we talk with Chad Moore of Mavic's global marketing team about how they handle comments on their posts, why they respond (and why they might choose not to), and what we can all do to encourage more brands to join the conversation. So, hit like, hit subscribe, and hit play. Then just get...


004 - Specialized's Mike Sinyard tries to cure our ADHD

Kids these days. They're all over the place, but they're always on their phones. Or struggling to keep up in our factory farm classrooms whose tighter and tighter budgets continually restrict exercise, recess and other outdoor, active opportunities that would keep their brains fresh. Enter Specialized, where founder Mike Sinyard is building his legacy with the Specialized Foundation and its efforts to introduce mountain bike programs to schools to get kids right again. Or, at least, clear...


003 - Polartec says you have poop in your jersey

Why does your fresh, clean jersey stink the second you put it on? Is there any way to ever get rid of that "permafunk"? Is there any way to prevent it? To find out, we spoke with Polartec CEO Gary Smith to see what we can do about it, why it happens, and if there's any hope short of just burning it. He shares with us some the yarn and material technology that keeps the funk from forming in the first place, plus other fun stuff about technical garments that you may not have known. Like why...


002 - Don't give Wolf Tooth any ideas

Think you have a great idea for a new bike component? Want to share it with a brand and hope they make it? Or, better yet, partner with them and share the glory? And maybe the reward? Wolf Tooth Components would like you to slow your roll. And please don't just send them your idea. In this episode, we talk with WTC co-owner Brendan Moore about how they come up with ideas, how they deal with customer ideas and submissions, and how you can go about sending them (or any other brand) your idea...


001 - Bikerumor Podcast: Let's Ride!

Ever wonder how people come up with the ideas for the things we ride? Why bikes and components are the way they are? What goes on inside the heads of the engineers, designers, marketers and owners of the cycling companies? So did we, so we started interviewing them. On the Bikerumor Podcast, we'll share these stories, interviews, and our own thoughts on the state of the industry. All hosted by the lovable duo of founder Tyler Benedict and Revolution Cycles NC owner Watts...