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Week 2 - The Cult Of FitzMagic

After what could only be described as a mental weekend of NFL, the guys meet up to discuss Josh Gordon leaving the Browns to join New England Patriots, the total collapse of kicking this weekend, and is Antonio Brown on the move? All this, plus a rundown of all the games from Week 2, as Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs continue their impressive starts, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants are among the teams having a less than impressive start....


Week 1 - Myles Garrett's Massive Sack

Week 1 of the NFL is now in the books, and what a weekend it was, despite starting with a drab affair in Philadelphia. The guys talk all the latest news and all the weekends talking points. On Sunday, Ryan Fitzpatrick started the season with a career game, Alvin Kamara is still brilliant, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs looks a lot of fun, and when can a draw feel like a loss. On Monday night, Khalil Mack makes an instant impact for Chiacgo, Los Angeles make a solid start, whilst...


Jeremy Kerley's Doping Ghost

The season starts this upcoming Thursday so the guys meet up at Casa Inches to discuss whether the Raiders really needed to trade Khalil Mack, and what will happen to Le'Veon Bell and do we expect him to be back before the weekend. The guys discuss notable cuts as the squads drop down to 53 members, whilst there still remain some ropey QBs throughout the league, with the Bills starting Peterman. As well as this, Johnny, 4th & Inches and Griff start their prediction league, and make some bold...


AFC Preview

This week is a longer episode, as the guys discuss who we expect to do well, and who we expect are in for a hard season in the AFC. Are the Patriots on the way down, is it this year for the Steelers, can Mahomes take the Chiefs to the Playoffs, can the Browns win a game, and what to make of the Bills, Dolphins, Bengals, Texans and every one else. As well as this, the team run through the latest news, and G-Lo looks as the rookies who you should be targeting for your upcoming Fantasy drafts.


NFC Preview 2018

With the 2018 NFL season approaching quickly, the team look at who in the NFC is due to improve, who is looking to build on a strong previous season, and who we expect to struggle. Will the Eagles be able to retain the Superbowl, how impressive are the Vikings looking, will the Giants come back from their horrid 3-13 record in 2017 with Saquon, can Jimmy G build on an impressive end of the season in San Francisco, what can anyone make of the Seahawks summer business, and comments on everyone...


Pre-Pre Season

With Pre-Season about to kick off, the boys are back for a new season, returning to the doghouse to discuss all the recent events including the Hall of Fame, notable transactions and trades, free agents who still could be signed and potential cuts. As well as this, the resident "Fantasy Genius" starts giving his tips for those of you who are starting to look at your NFL Fantasy Drafts.


Twilight Endzone

Very much in off season, the guys return as the teams are at their OTAs. Marshall has signed for the Seahawks, Hunter Henry is injured so who should the Chargers replace him with. All the latest news from around the NFL. We start off with the awful news regarding Dwight Clark. As if worried that we wouldn't have enough to talk, Donald Trump univited the Philadelphia Eagles, and sparked a row about politics in the sport. We finish with Jonny Thrash giving the guys a chance to consign...


With The First Pick..

The guys go through the first round of the draft, and the headlines of the rest of the draft to determine who had a successful few days, who has reached, and who has got some potential steals from the three days in Dallas.


The BBW Mock Draft

The guys from BBW become GMs for the night, and try to organise their own first round of the draft, so who will trade up or down, which player will go Number 1, and who will throw a curveball or two.


Off Season Episode 2

It's our second episode of the Off Season, so we talk trades, free agency, the draft and then move on to Draft busts, Khalil Mack, Andrew Luck and what is happening at the Seahawks. Follow the podcast on twitter @BelichicksWorld and on Facebook at as well as our website at


4 Men And A Brady

It's the off season so the guys are talking Free Agency, the combine and looking forward to what might happen in the draft. What's going to happen to Kirk Cousins, are the Browns finally making good decisions, is Sherman going to the 49ers a good signing, and who is going to pick AJ McCarron and much more,


Superbowl Aftermath

What else are we to at 3.45am, but talk to Patriots fan Griff about his immediate reaction to the Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Superbowl against New England Patriots. It's short, and an immediate sysnopsis of our thoughts on what was a superb game, which was as great in it's attacking play, as it was totally lacking in defense. We'll be back on Tuesday evening with a more in depth look once we've had a chance to think about what just happened.


Superbowl Half Time

Join us in avoiding Justin Timberlake butcher Prince by talking about the most entertaining first half of Superbowl football in our memory. Foles can catch, Brady can't, Cooks is out and so far defence seems like an afterthought, but it's only a ten point lead for the Eagles against the Patriots. Can the Patriots regroup and sort it they usually do?


SuperBowl Pre-Show

We said we'd do it, so we recorded a short Superbowl tailgate epsiode. A pre-show Podcast live from the Doghouse, with the largest crowd of people we've ever recorded in front of. The guys, plus a few extra voices, pick who they think will win, the MVP and what they are looking forward to this year. Will Brady get another ring, will the Eagles defence make their mark, will they actually do their horrible Prince hologram idea at half time.


Superbowl Preview

Only 3 in the DogHouse this week, but G-Lo, Griff and Johnny Thrash discuss how the Eagles and the Patriots can win the big game on Sunday. Brady or Foles, can the replacement come in and take the title away from the GOAT. All the usual analysis and news, and even with 4th & Inches away, he still manages to get in some Cleveland Frowns.


Championship Round Up

We now know who is going to be in Superbowl LII, and after a tight game New England Patriots overcome the Jacksonville Jaguars, whilst in a not-so close game, the Philadelphia Eagles thrash the Minnesota Vikings. Are referees too lenient on the Patriots? What does this mean for Bortles? Have people been too hasty in writing off the Eagles? Who is the QB for Minnesota next season? All these questions, plus the usual analysis, opinion, Cleveland Frowns, as well as the best joke we're ever...


Divisional Weekend Review

The Divisional games are now in the record books, and the guys discuss what happened as they whittle down 8 teams down to a final 4. The Patriots easily overcome the Titans, who "part ways" with the Head Coach, whilst the Steelers and Jaguars have an epic contest which raises questions about the futures of a few in Pittsburgh. In the NFC the Falcons struggle against the Eagles, and the Vikings have a last play walk off victory over the New Orleans Saints. The guys also discuss the most...


Wildcard Weekend Review

The Wildcard Weekend is now in the books, and started with Kansas City blowing an 18 point lead, with Mariota finding a decent Titans receiver...himself. The Falcons look to be hitting form at just the right time, the Saints are similar, whilst the Jaguars beat the Bills in a game few people will remember with much fondness. The usual mix of analysis, predictions, and even some apologies from Griff on behalf of the Jets and Blake Bortles.


Week 17 Review

With the regular season now in the book, the guys in the DogHouse discuss the final week of regular season. Heartache for the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens who miss out, and elation for Buffalo Bills as they make the Playoffs for the first time since 1999. Who has been fired, what next for some of the team, and who has kept their jobs, and whilst recording Carson Palmer announces his retirement. All this plus the usual nonsense and 4th & Inches Cleveland Frowns, which this week...


Week 16 Review

This week the guys try something different and condense it all down to one episode, featuring the Playoffs and implications for the post-season. What will happen to the Jaguars, who would want to play the Panthers, when was the last time none of the Cowboys, 49ers, Giants, Redskins or Packers didn't make the Playoffs? As well as this, did Todd Gurley win your Fantasy Football League for you, what's up with Dak Prescott, and has Case Keenum been snubbed for the Pro-Bowl? All this plus the...