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Week 3 - Baker In Jimmy Out

Week 3 is done and the whole gang are back to discuss everything that went down in Week 3, as well as the news, as it looks like the Steelers are trying to trade Bell, and the controversial roughing the passer rules. The week though, started with Baker Mayfield leading Cleveland Browns to a win, and ended with FitzMagic being a more Fitzgerald than so far this season. In between Brees and Ryan lead their teams to an overtime shootout, whilst 49ers will be missing Jimmy G for the rest of...


Week 2 - The Cult Of FitzMagic

After what could only be described as a mental weekend of NFL, the guys meet up to discuss Josh Gordon leaving the Browns to join New England Patriots, the total collapse of kicking this weekend, and is Antonio Brown on the move? All this, plus a rundown of all the games from Week 2, as Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs continue their impressive starts, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants are among the teams having a less than impressive start....


Week 1 - Myles Garrett's Massive Sack

Week 1 of the NFL is now in the books, and what a weekend it was, despite starting with a drab affair in Philadelphia. The guys talk all the latest news and all the weekends talking points. On Sunday, Ryan Fitzpatrick started the season with a career game, Alvin Kamara is still brilliant, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs looks a lot of fun, and when can a draw feel like a loss. On Monday night, Khalil Mack makes an instant impact for Chiacgo, Los Angeles make a solid start,...


Week 1 Review

The first weekend of the regular season is pretty much in the books, and Johnny, Griff, G-Lo and 4th and Inches Farrow are discussing what has gone down so far. From the Chiefs supreme showing on Thursday through Dalton's woes, the highs of Fournette, to a disappointing showing from the Steelers, and everything else in between. Also taking in Zeke, David Johnson, as well as #poogate and anything else that happens to come up.


NFC West Rundown

Last but not least in our pre-season conference rundowns, it's NFC West. What can San Francisco expect in this transitional year, can Seattle reignite the Legion of Boom, can the Rams hope for more from Goff this year, and can the Cardinals make the playoffs again. Jonny and Griff take you through the division, just in time for the start of the season.


NFC South Rundown

We're getting there...only a couple to go now. NFC South this time, and can the Falcons avoid the Superbowl curse, and have a better season than the Panthers managed, can the Panthers become good again, and what of Tampa Bay and New Orleans. Will their new offensive options help them get to the playoffs this year. Griff and Jonny go into the details


NFC North Rundown

Another guest to the podcast, this time Duncan joins the team to discuss the NFC North, and in particular, his beloved Green Bay Packers. Is Aaron Rogers the besy QB in the league, is the Packers defence going to be any better this year, will Dom Capers still be in a job at the end of the season...all these questions and more are asked. And Duncan should know, he's American!


NFC East Rundown

Just Griff and Jonny today as they discuss the NFC East, and whether this might be the year for the Giants, and what Zeke's suspensions means for the Cowboys amongst other things


AFC South Rundown

Today we have Gary join Griff and Johnny to discuss the AFC South, as well as skip ahead a bit as Gary discusses how he feels San Francisco 49ers did in the off season.


AFC West Rundown

Today we discuss AFC West with Raiders fan Steve, and get his own paricular insight into how he thinks Oakland will do, the return of Beast Mode and his own man-crush on Amari Cooper.


AFC North Rundown

AFC North, and can the John and Griff discuss whether Cleveland Browns can improve, is this the end for Big Ben, whilst what is going to happen with Baltimore, and is this year looking shaky for Cincinatti? All that, and the usual Fantasy Football recommendations and whatever else comes across their minds of the review


AFC East Rundown

In this latest episode, John & Griff discuss what to expect from AFC East this year. Will New England make it back to back wins, or will New York Jets even win a game this season? Not only that, they discuss Fantasy Football prospects from the team, as well as John's love for Irn Bru


#1 - Intro to Bill Belichicks World

John and Griff from Bill Belichicks World, say hello and start you on the journey as two blokes from Bedford take you through the 2017 NFL season. From everything pre-season to Fantasy Football, whilst this week we also take in You've Been Framed and why you should choose who you go on Fun House with carefully. This is This is going to be more Leisue Centre than Sports Centre, but we'd love to have you along for the ride on all things American Football.