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Sting's 1996

On this week's episode of 83 Weeks, Eric and Conrad go over the whole of Sting's 1996 in WCW. Teaming with Lex Luger, working with The Road Warriors, Booker T, Lord Steven Regal and more! Also, the arrival of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, and all about the beginnings of Sting's "Crow" character plus much much more! Want FRONT ROW seats to ALL IN? Pre-Order Starrcast on FITE for your chance to win the tickets, round trip airfare to Chicago, three nights in a hotel suite, Platinum Bracelets...


The Last WCW Monday Nitro

Until this watch-a-long with Conrad, Eric Bischoff had never watched the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Join Conrad and Eric to go through this huge night in wrestling history, including talk about the sale to WWE, Scott Steiner, Booker T, Sting, Ric Flair, Brad Siegel, and so much more! Want FRONT ROW seats to ALL IN? Pre-Order Starrcast on FITE for your chance to win the tickets, round trip airfare to Chicago, three nights in a hotel suite, Platinum Bracelets to Starrcast, and...


Randy Savage's 1995

OHHHHHH YEAAAAAAH! Eric believes Hogan and Savage were almost interchageable as THE top star in the business. So it's no wonder he wanted the "Macho Man" in WCW. Find out when he was "sold" on Savage once he was in power, who introduced the two, the details of how his deal was put together, where Slim Jim fit in, what concerns existed based on the Hogan-Savage relationship, why he was debuted the way he was, comparing the Hogan debut to his, how he got along with Sting, why he worked the...


Monday Nitro from 8-9-99

Eric and Conrad believe this could be their best episode yet! There is so much to cover from Rap is Crap, Master P, a KISS wrestler, the boys abusing the injury clauses in their contracts, Nash losing some confidence as booker, and of course Hulk Hogan breaking out the red and yellow for the first time in years! This is the "State of WCW" from the Summer of 1999--just about a month before Eric was sent home! Don't miss it! Support us on Patreon for even more content from Eric & Conrad...


Monday Nitro from 7-29-96

Hulk Hogan is officially a bad guy and WCW is now in the driver's seats for Monday night ratings. The angle they did on this show created real life chaos and was masterfully done. Of course Hog Wild was the next PPV but they were really building towards Clash of the Champions with Hogan vs. Flair and what many believed to be Horsemen vs. nWo at War Games in September. This week Eric explains the difficulties of shooting outdoors, why it was done here at Disney, what restrictions they had...


Hog Wild 1996

A motorcycle rally in tiny town in South Dakota with no building and oh yeah you can’t sell tickets—perfect spot for a PPV, right? Eric Bischoff thought so, but why? Head the story of how Hog Wild came to be and what the “end game” for the show really was for Turner. Get “into the weeds” about the business side of WCW in a way that’s never been discussed before! Plus the guys tackle the “rumor and innuendo” about the Harlem Heat at this event, why the name was changed, who was supposed to...


Bash At The Beach 1994

Bash at the Beach 1994 has the dream match everyone wanted for ten years and the result of it finally happening surpassed all expectations! Join Eric and Conrad as they discuss why WCW debuted Hogan with a ticker tape parade, what was more important to Hogan than money, why Flair-Hogan was always the plan, why Ted was involved, how all of the celebrities came about, and what single piece of marketing Eric thought paid off huge! Don’t miss Bash at the Beach 1994! Support us on Patreon for...


Brian Pillman

What REALLY happened with "I Respect You Bookerman," Pillman showing up in ECW, and the release that Eric Bischoff gave Brian Pillman? Find out as we share Eric's side of the story in great detail for the very first time! Try for FREE, just pay $5 shipping when you use promo code: 83 Weeks Subscribe to our YouTube: Join Eric LIVE on Twitch at Vote for what to hear next on Twitter: @83weeks Buy a shirt and get a call from...


Great American Bash 1998

Eric wasted no time getting fired up at Conrad and the yelling was early and often in this one. Eventually the guys get around to discussing Dennis Rodman coming into WCW, Eric changing the schedule around for the boys, the end of the Orlando syndicated tapings, first day ticket sales for the Georgia Dome Nitro, the Jerry Sags lawsuit, the drug testing policy in more detail, what match Eric thinks you could put up against any Monday Night War era match, the silliness of Juventud's video on...


Clash Of Champions 23

Bill Watts is out and Eric Bischoff is in. Clash 23 was one of the first major shows on Eric's watch so Conrad grills him about the state of the company. How did Eric apply for the job? What did it pay? Who did he interview with? What did he want to change? What could he change? Why was Jim Ross out? How was his stunt with the radio station and exodus to the WWF handled? The guys also discuss Tully Blanchard not coming in, Paul Roma becoming a Horsemen, Shane Douglas leaving, Vader being...


Dusty Rhodes

From the first time he saw Dusty Rhodes on TV for the AWA through the entire WCW fun, Eric Bischoff breaks down his relationship with the American Dream. Conrad takes Eric through a timeline of their time together in WCW from when Eric was hired until WCW went out of business in 2001. Along the way they discuss Vince McMahon, Jim Herd, Ole Anderson, Bill Watts, and even Vince Russo. Eric discusses what a great family man Dusty was to what a creative genius he was as well. The guys also...


Chris Jericho in WCW

Eric Bischoff breaks down when, where, and how he met Jericho and brought him into WCW. Conrad takes him to task for the negotiation process that Jericho detailed in his book, the debut that Terry Taylor buried, the baby face kiss of death in August 96, a crazy tidbit about Jericho's contract and who missed it, what title Jericho despised, Jericho considering a jump well before his contract was up, what changed for Jericho creatively, who was responsible for the heel turn, the incredible...


The DX Invasion & Challenging Vince

On April 13, 1998, the WWF finally broke the WCW Monday Nitro win-streak of 83 Weeks. WCW bounced back the next week but the following week was perhaps the most memorable moment in the Monday Night War - the "DX Invasion" of Nitro at the Norfolk Scope. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson discuss the events leading up to that night, what most have forgotten about Nitro that night, the silly detail everyone likes to embellish, and how everyone remembers the events of that day. Kevin Nash,...


Bash At The Beach 2000

After Bischoff was sent home, the Turner brass turned to Vince Russo to take the reigns of WCW. By the time Bischoff returns the power dynamic in Turner had shifted yet again. What were the terms of Bischoff returning? What was his day-to-day role within the company? How did Russo react to Bischoff being back? It became a tangled mess with a television company losing money on a wrestling product they very likely didn't understand in the first place. The guy who turned a profit for WCW for...


Bret Hart in WCW

Did any one wrestler benefit more from the Monday Night Wars than Bret Hart? Meltzer wrote that Bret was at the center of a bidding war unlike anything in the history of pro-wrestling in 1996. This week Eric and Conrad cover the conversations with Bret about coming to WCW in 1996, the actual negotiating process in 1997 just before the "Montreal Screwjob" and the events that led to his debut in December 1997. Eric explains why Bret didn't have a match at Starrcade, why Bret started with...


The infamous "Finger Poke of Doom"

Hulk Hogan has said the "Finger Poke of Doom" was the "beginning of the end of WCW," and no one really disagreed with him... or did they? Find out what Eric Bischoff thinks of this angle with the benefit of nearly 20 years hindsight. We address the rumor that Goldberg shot down the first idea for his angle with Liz and how Eric thinks Goldberg and Liz did in their acting roles that night. Plus Conrad presses Eric to defend the silliness of a "Hogan running for President" angle, clarification...


Creating the nWo

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and the "third man" set the wrestling world in fire in 1996. It wasn't just fans who were interested either. Vince McMahon and the WWF took Turner, WCW, and Bischoff to court over the angle demanding the profits from the shows and that they stop the angle. For the first time int his much detail, Eric Bischoff explains how the Scott Hall and Kevin Nash deals came together, including the actual financials of those deals. You'll also learn when the concept was first...


Ep 63: Wyatt's Sister Abigail Tease, WWE's Interest In UFC Fighters, Shane McMahon's Failed Pot Deal; A Look At The 9/29/17 WCW Monday Nitro

On this week's Bischoff on Wrestling Eric and Nick start off by discussing a few pro wrestling news stories. Including: - The possibility that Bray Wyatt could play Sister Abigail - Shayna Baszler signing with WWE - The potential for a lot more UFC fighters to transition to WWE - Shane McMahon's failed legal cannabis investment - Lance Russell's passing "This Week In Bischoff History" features Eric taking a look back at the September 29, 1997 edition of WCW Monday Nitro. Nick wraps up the...


Ep 62: Goldberg's WCW Debut, Bullet Club's 'Invasion', Enzo As Cruiserweight Champion, Mahal Controversy, More

On this week's Bischoff on Wrestling Eric and Nick start off by discussing a few pro wrestling news stories. Including: - John Cena's dramatic exit at WWE No Mercy - Vince McMahon's rumored plans for Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar - Bullet Club's invasion of RAW - Enzo as the Cruiserweight Champion - FloSlam's lawsuit against WWN Live - Gabe Sapolsky's leaked e-mail - Jinder Mahal's controversial impression of Shinsuke Nakamura - The possibility of a UFC vs WWE Four Horsewomen match - WWE's...


Ep 60: Eric's 1999 WCW Firing, Cena Calls Out Reigns' Drug Test Failure, GFW Creative & Financial Turmoil, AJ Styles Appears At Indie Show, More

On this week's Bischoff on Wrestling Eric and Nick start off by discussing some of the past week's top pro wrestling news stories. Including: - John Cena calling out Roman Reigns' previous WWE Wellness Policy violation - Jeff Jarrett being released as the Chief Creative Officer of GFW - Reports that GFW is "hemorrhaging funds" and looking to sell the company - GFW's new creative team - Alberto el Patron returning to GFW for Bound For Glory - GFW VP of Production Kevin Sullivan's tweets...