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The premier Penn State football podcast, presented by Black Shoe Diaries.

The premier Penn State football podcast, presented by Black Shoe Diaries.
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The premier Penn State football podcast, presented by Black Shoe Diaries.








Episode 28: EMERGENCY POD - Tommy Stevens Is Transferring

Welp, it looks like it's officially Sean Clifford time. Tommy Stevens entered the transfer portal, and it looks like his days at Penn State are over. Alex and Patrick take a look at what that means, why Stevens left, and what's next. We also give a New York Yankees update and listen to Wolf of Wall Street, just for fun.


Episode 27: Blue-White Game Recap

Patrick and Alex are back to recap to the Blue-White game, discussing Sean Clifford's impressive outing, Noah Cain's breakout-ish performance, the depth at defensive tackle, and the overall improved speed on the defensive side of the ball. They then spend the latter half of the podcast power ranking "Unofficial Penn State Traditions That Are Pretty Much Official Penn State Traditions." Trust me, it's pretty interesting.


Episode 26: Questions or Answers?

Alex and Patrick are back to preview Penn State position-by-position as the Nittany Lions begin spring practice. They also power rank the best (non-Penn State) traditions in college athletics, and have the yearly mid-March discussion about Pat Chambers' job.


Episode 25: Offseason Catchup

The BSBP is back! Patrick is joined by BSD editor Clay Sauertieg for a catchup of the offseason -- from the coaching changes, to the transfers, to the recruiting class, and to even a little bit of wrestling talk.


Episode 24: Chris Berman Tribute, Maryland Recap (That Was Fun) and Clay Helton Keeps His Job

We're back! Penn State absolutely demolished Maryland, and Pat and ARob are pretty excited about it. The gang also does its own version of Chris Berman's Fastest Three Minutes for the Big Ten recap, ARob gives credit to Ricky Rahne, and Pat doesn't cry when talking about Trace's last game (which ARob thought would for sure be a thing that happened.)


Episode 23: More James Franklin-USC Talk & Previewing Maryland

It's the final (regular) season game of the season! Alex and Patrick discuss all things Maryland, but before that, they tackle more of the USC-Franklin speculation.


Episode 22: Rutgers Recap, USC, BSBP's New Mascot, and the Quickest Big Ten Recap Ever

Well, Penn State played Rutgers. It was ugly. ARob and Pat talk about the game, and take a big-picture look at the struggles the team has had through 11 games. We also address the rumors of James Franklin heading to USC, and calm ourselves down about that. Unfortunately, our audio got completely ruined for the Big Ten recap, so ARob re-recorded early Monday morning and gave the quickest one in the history of the pod. Enjoy!


Episode 21: Penn State vs Rutgers Preview

Patrick and Alex get you ready for Rutgers, and they are both hopeful that the Scarlet Knights don't score any touchdowns for the fourth year in a row.


Episode 20: Wisconsin Recap, Tennessee Beat New England, and Jimmy Butler is a Sixer

We're back for episode 20 of the Black Shoes, Basic Podcast. ARob and Pat talk about Penn State's 22-10 win against Wisconsin on Saturday and break down what happened. The defense played lights out after the first drive, and the offense got the job done. But, most importantly, the Tennessee Titans destroyed the New England Patriots which made ARob really happy, and the Sixers traded for Jimmy Butler, which made Pat really happy. It's a good day for the BSBP!


Episode 19: Wisconsin Preview, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Pat Rescinds His Promise

On this episode, the gang previews Penn State's game against Wisconsin. They also get into some pop culture talk (Pat hasn't seen a movie in theaters since 2015???!), update everyone on the Playoff rankings that were coming out as they recorded but you've already seen (spoiler alert, Penn State is No. 20) and rant about Trace McSorely.


Episode 18: Michigan Recap (Welp, That Sucked), Ricky Rahne Debate, and The Defense Played Well

Soooo, Penn State got pretty much destroyed against Michigan. We try to find the bright spots, talk about the quarterback juggling and Ricky Rahne's performance so far, and a quick Big Ten recap. Sorry for the delay in getting this podcast up, it's all Patrick's fault and definitely not ARob's and his computer's. Don't even think about blaming ARob, just save time and blame Patrick.


Episode 17: Michigan Preview, Mountain Dew and KFC, and Pat's Going to Cut Off His Pinky Finger

ARob is back from his fall-wedding break (don't have a fall wedding) and he and Patrick discuss the upcoming Michigan game this weekend. We also have the best 30-Second Freakout yet, Rob Bolden Trivia, a discussion about DJ Durkin and the Big Ten preview for the week, and ARob tells a story about KFC.


Episode 16: Iowa Recap, Mo Bamba, & Preparing For Insufferable Pat's Return

With some help from Sheck Wes, Penn State and James Franklin exercised some demons on Saturday, beating a ranked team and holding onto a late fourth quarter lead in the process. Patrick is joined by his former college roommate, Jack Lawn, to talk about the action, and what it could mean for the Nittany Lions heading into the Michigan game this weekend.


Episode 15: Iowa Hawkeyes Preview

Alex and Patrick are back again, this time, to preview Penn State's matchup with Iowa this weekend. Spoiler: one of them picked against the Nittany Lions, and his name rhymes with Malex Pobinson.


Episode 14: Indiana Recap, Four Minute Offenses, and LOL Ohio State

So, Penn State won the least-inspiring game of all time. We talk about onside kicks, Penn State's struggles in four-minute situations, the fact that we're sick of talking about the same dumb mistakes over and over, and how the next three-game slate is much more daunting than we originally thought. We also laugh at Ohio State getting absolutely wrecked in West Lafayette (it's because Purdue wore their all-black uniforms) and pay a compliment to Rutgers for the first time in our lives.


Episode 13: Michigan State Recap, Indiana Preview, Joey Fatone, & #HaveFun

We had some scheduling conflicts (Patrick's fault) so we combined the Michigan State recap and the Indiana preview all into one podcast. We also had our best Rapid Reactions yet, the debut of a brand-new segment that you're going to love, and the fastest/most accurate Big Ten week 8 preview you'll ever hear. Just remember, at least we aren't Rutgers.


Episode 12: Michigan State Preview, Bill Connelly Interview, and the Yankees are Trash

After a long bye week, Alex and Patrick are back with the best BSBP yet. We preview the Michigan State game, and talk about the Yankees losing live on air. Then, we have SB Nation's Bill Connelly on to talk about Penn State vs. Michigan State, the rest of the season, and "great vs. elite." Finally, we wrap it up with our Big Ten picks, which Alex obviously went undefeated in and Patrick got completely incorrect. PAPN:...


Episode 11: Ohio State Recap

Welp. Another year and another double-digit fourth quarter lead squandered by the Nittany Lions as they fell to Ohio State 27-26. Patrick and Alex recap the game, discuss where Penn State goes from here, and talk about James Franklin's passionate press conference.


Episode 10: Ohio State Preview, Patrick is a Plague, and Our Earliest Penn State Memories

In today's episode, we break down Penn State's big matchup with #4 Ohio State on Saturday. We also go through the Big Ten slate, talk about our earliest Penn State memories, and remind everyone to wear white (we don't know if you've heard this yet, but it's a White Out this weekend.)


Episode 9: Illinois Recap & College GameDay Is Coming To Happy Valley

Alex and Patrick recap Penn State's surprisingly not that satisfying 63-24 victory over Illinois. Plus, they take a look ahead to next week as ESPN College GameDay announced they will be back in Happy Valley for the showdown with the Buckeyes.