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Hosts Ben Stevens and Michael Snow break down their Big Ten picks.

Hosts Ben Stevens and Michael Snow break down their Big Ten picks.


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Hosts Ben Stevens and Michael Snow break down their Big Ten picks.




Big Ten Football on Thanksgiving Weekend

First and foremost, we hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving, spending time with family and enjoying some great food! But now that that's over, it's time for Big Ten football! Six games over the course of two days, including some heated rivalries on the slate. Ben and Michael give you their best bets and picks for the Big Ten weekend.


BIG (We Mean BIIIIG) Big Ten Weekend

This weekend of Big Ten football might very well be the most impactful of the entire year. And yes, it's already happening in week five and yes, it involves two teams you might not expect: Indiana and Northwestern. The Hoosiers and the Wildcats are in battles for the top spot in each division, as Indiana takes on Ohio State in a game that virtually decides the Big Ten East, and Northwestern hosts Wisconsin in a matchup with the Big Ten West at stake. Wow, did you get goosebumps yet?! Cause...


Almost Halfway Home: Big Ten Weekend No. 4

After this weekend's action, we will have made it to the midway point of the Big Ten football season. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, because this weekend's slate has some hugely impactful games for the rest of the Big Ten year. We give you our picks, previews, and predictions for all six games this weekend. Could Indiana take first place alone in the Big Ten East? Can Northwestern do the same in the West? Most importantly, could Rutgers win its second game of the Big Ten season...


Picks, Predictions for Big Ten Week 3

Six great matchups on Saturday for Big Ten weekend number three. A top 25 tilt between Michigan and Indiana, four winless teams hope to get their first W of the season, and Rutgers plays in primetime! Ben and Michael preview the entire weekend slate and give you their Best Bets and expert insight for all six games on Saturday.


Big Ten Week 2 PREVIEW

Week two will tell us who is for real and who is not. And we have six great Big Ten matchups to let us know exactly that. And yes, we say six because of course, the Wisconsin-Nebraska game was cancelled, so we share some thoughts on that whole situation as well. But more importantly, we give you our picks, predictions, and best bets for this upcoming weekend.


Big Ten Opening Weekend

It is here. We have arrived. Big Ten football is back into our lives tonight. It has been nearly a year since we last watched a Big Ten football game on our television sets, but that all changes in just a few hours with Wisconsin and Illinois kicking off the 2020 Big Ten season. Michael and Ben get you set for all the action this weekend, previewing the entire seven-game slate. The guys' best bets for the weekend, and the biggest matchups across the entire conference. This is going to be a...


The Big Ten is BACK (And So Are We)

Start spreading the news, because we are back to our roots, our home, and our heart: the Big Ten Conference. Big Ten football is one week away from getting underway, so Michael and Ben get you set with a deep dive around the conference, looking at each team's over/under win total for the 2020 season. Get to know the schedules, the names, and the games that could decide this year's Big Ten champion.


Betting NFL For One More Week

We're sorry we keep changing this up on you, but with the Big Ten football season right around the corner, this will be the final week we talk NFL spreads and lines for the weekend slate. We go back to our home next week, getting you set for the Big Ten season. However, that being said, we end our time in the NFL with a BANG. Picks, previews, and in-depth discussions about weekend number five of the NFL season, all that and more in this episode.


JBoy Joins the Show and Gives You WINNERS!!

Bleav Podcast Network unite! JBoy of the JBoy Show joins our podcast to preview the FULL weekend 4 slate for the NFL season. Our best bets, most intriguing matchups, underdogs who could make a splash, all of it as we get you ready for a fun Sunday of NFL football.


Dave Mason's NFL Picks (He's Smart!)

This week, we bring on a man much smarter than us to help us pick the NFL games for the third weekend of the season.'s Dave Mason joins the show to give his best bets for the Sunday slate, where the sharp money is going this weekend, and some upsets to look out for as well. Get set for the NFL weekend and win some money!



But until we get to opening weekend on October 24th, we'll still make NFL picks for the time being. But Ben and Michael react to the monumental, historic news that the Big Ten has reversed course and will play football this fall, starting next month. And also a full weekend preview of the second Sunday of NFL action. The research department has reported that Ben started the year a perfect 5-0 last week, can he keep the momentum rolling???


The NFL Season is HERE!!

Week one of the NFL season is underway. As you guys already know, the Chiefs started their Super Bowl defense with a win in a great game against the Texans on opening night, covering both the spread and hitting the over. Now, Ben and Michael dish out their picks for the full NFL weekend slate on Sunday and Monday night. Best Bets are back, Michael making picks just because of Nebraska are back, Ben most likely losing his Best Bet is back. All of it, including football, is back!


We're an NFL Betting Show Now

So as we all know by now, the Big Ten will not be playing football this fall (99% positive as of this writing). So Michael and Ben want to get back to what they love, which is talking football and sports gambling. And damnit, that's what they will do! Accordingly so, the former Bleav in Big Ten Bets is now Bleav in NFL Bets. The guys look at some future odds for the 2020 NFL season and get you excited for the NFL to start in less than a week now!!


It's Done...The Big Ten That Is

Well, what can we say? Our worst fears have come true. The Big Ten has officially postponed its fall sports season, meaning there will be no football this fall, and let's be honest, probably no football this spring either. The overall sense is sadness, anger, desperation, etc. And sometimes those feelings get expressed in rants, as they do in this episode.


We Actually Talk About the Big Ten and Gambling!

Would you look at that? The Big Ten released its conference-only schedule on Wednesday morning, so Ben and Michael actually get to talk about the conference they love, and throw a gambling spin on it all! The guys go through the Big Ten East division and set over/under win totals for each school's new schedule. A word of advice: take the UNDER on Rutgers.


Is College Football Actually Going to Happen?

More and more leagues among the Power 5 conferences are starting to release details on their football schedules for the 2020 season and it almost seems, this may actually happen?? Ben and Michael discuss the latest updates across the country, including the Big Ten. Also, don't miss their Best Bets for the weekend in MLB and the NBA because sports are back baby (at least for now)!!


Big Ten and Baseball

Michael Snow is back and so too is Major League Baseball. No real news about the Big Ten to discuss, so Ben and Michael give you some MLB best bets for the opening weekend of action and the return of America's pastime. And the guys do compare some of the MLB teams to Big Ten programs, so there's that!


Guess Who's Back? Max Bloch Returns

#GetBlochOnThePod makes his triumphant return to the show, as self-proclaimed degenerate gambler Max Bloch takes us through what he's been betting on this world with less sports. And no joke, the guy knows what he's talking about. From English Premier League soccer to KBO baseball, Bloch has adapted with the times and is still raking in the wins.


Big Ten Bombshell

This was almost an instant reaction podcast from Ben and Michael, as they quickly recorded after the Big Ten's HUGE announcement that IF fall sports are played in 2020, it will be in a conference-only schedule. Is this a good sign? Probably not. Is this the first domino to fall? Most likely.


The Total Realignment of College Football

If college football is played in 2020, there is no doubt it will look unlike any other season we have seen before. But Sports Illustrated's Pat Forde took it one step further. He totally reimagined the landscape of college football conferences just for 2020, so we talked about the Big Ten teams in this alternate college football universe. Let's allow our minds to wander and think of what could be for the most unprecedented season of college football we are sure ever to see.