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Bleav in the 76ers with Eytan Shander and Darryl Reynolds

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You want the Sixers from a player and coaches perspective? Listen in as former 76ers player and Nova star Darryl "D.Rey" Reynolds takes you onto the court with co-host Eytan Shander.

You want the Sixers from a player and coaches perspective? Listen in as former 76ers player and Nova star Darryl "D.Rey" Reynolds takes you onto the court with co-host Eytan Shander.


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You want the Sixers from a player and coaches perspective? Listen in as former 76ers player and Nova star Darryl "D.Rey" Reynolds takes you onto the court with co-host Eytan Shander.





Tune in as we go Live from Brick and Brew Gastropub to talk with an anonymous fan to talk about why the Sixers are in turnover slump, brawls across the NBA and how the East matches up with the West!



Tune for the first LIVE show of Bleav In The 76ers! Join D.Rey and Avery Marz LIVE from Brick and Brew gastropub as they hold down the fort while Eytan’s away to talk about this season’s goals, the biggest threat in the East and Ben Simmon’s injury


Off-Season “In-Season” Predictions

DRey & Eytan try to make the most of the off-season slowing down, with some predictions for the upcoming season. We look at some teams who missed the playoffs last year, that have a shot at being IN this season. Some other factors like the Warriors taking a step back, and the East being a … Continued


The Offseason Continues

DRey & Eytan continue to make sense of the NBA Offseason… Chris Paul and Russ Westbrook are the latest in this madness. Take a listen as we unpack the latest moves and predict the future of Paul.


Butler, Harris, & Al – The Offseason

DRey & Eytan look at one of the biggest off-seasons in Sixers history! The Jimmy Butler trade to Miami, how Butler left, and if in fact he really wanted to be here… The Harris max deal, what statement is made about how the Sixers view Harris, and if in fact he will take the last … Continued


Drafting and The Off Season

DRey & Eytan ask what if the Sixers only get Jimmy Butler back, and how the Lakers trade for AD impacts what Butler will do. There’s a draft coming up, but is there really as much hype this year? We end looking at the difference in the approach to this year’s draft vs. year’s past … Continued


Kawhi, Kyle, & The End of a Dynasty?

The fellas are back recapping the NBA Finals! Wow. From the incredible story of Kawhi Leonard to an equally compelling one in Kyle Lowry, Darryl Reynolds & Eytan Shander dive deep into what made Toronto a champ. Plus, from Klay to Kevin Durant, how the bodies and $$$ impacted Golden State.


Getting to Golden State’s Level

DRey & Eytan return for another edition of Uncontested, as they look at the NBA Finals from a Sixers slant. There’s more talk about how to approach the offseason, and looking at the draft strategy as well. It all comes back to Toronto vs. Golden State, and what a Warriors victory would look like across … Continued


Finals Mode & Jimmy Butler

DRey & Eytan bring you their NBA Finals predictions, already one is shot down… Also, looking at the Sixers offseason with one name in mind, what to do with Jimmy Butler? Why would Jimmy want to play for another team outside of Philadelphia? We answer those questions and more on another edition of Uncontested!


A Year in Review

DRey & Eytan break down the entire Sixers season, from early expectations to how the roster was changed over three times. Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, & the remaining core from last year all make the cut. We explore just how successful a season is that ends in the same place as last year, but understand … Continued


Back Up North

Ahead of Game 7 between the Sixers and Raptors, D-Rey & Eytan break down what it took to get here. Joel Embiid’s health, to Ben Simmons aggression, to the statement made by Jimmy Butler. We hit on why the Raptors have made the Sixers struggle as well. Lot of content!


Between BK and Toronto

Darryl Reynolds & Eytan Shander bring you a post-Nets edition of Uncontested. We look at the positives that came from the Sixers dominating the Nets in the first round, still concerned about Joel Embiid, and what the team was able to prove so far this year. But as we know, this ain’t over. We examine … Continued


Solving the Brooklyn Nets

D. Rey & Eytan are back as the Sixers went from a scare against the Nets, to cruising in the fast lane. How much can they rely on Joel Embiid if he’s hurt and out of shape? Why can’t Ben Simmons be aggressive all the time? Has Bret Brown finally run out of rope? We … Continued


Concerns with the Sixers, Magic, & Wade

D. Rey & Eytan are back with another edition of Uncontested! We look at some concerns we have with the 76ers before the tip off against the Nets. We also touch on Dwayne Wade’s career & his final game against the Sixers. Magic Johnson walked away, rather abruptly, and we touched on that as well.


Here They Come

Uncontested with D. Rey & Eytan launches with the two examining the current state of the Philadelphia 76ers, addressing some criticisms of both Joel Embiid & Ben Simmons, a couple of great stories from Darryl as well. We are just getting started, stay tuned next week as we take a deeper look at the Sixers … Continued