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Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!

Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!


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Listen in as Last Chance U star Coach Jason Brown brings you the best guests, Slapdicks, and insight into football and life!




Why Is It...

Why Is It... ok for some but not for all? Why Is It... ok for the PGA tour players to beef but NFL players can't talk shit? Why Is It... ok for Ben Simmons to not show for work but still want paid? Why Is It... ok for cancel culture to endorse soft kids who want to transfer schools, not once, not twice, but even three times? Why Is It Ok... to be a slapdick! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


Deranged Heroes

Deranged Heroes are who we look up to now days! It's unbelievable that we don't do more research as in to who these people truly are! ESPN, CNN, FOX, all have puppets in the show that push the narratives of the good, bad, and indifferent! I discuss that plus my NFL QB injury takes plus NFL grades along with Targeting and this new Taunting rule bullshit! Plus s much more! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at...


Excuses For Excuses

Excuses for Excuses is the name of this raw & real episode of the SlapDick Podcast. I discuss how we make excuses for our excuses which is truly crippling our culture, and country! I think we are divided between the soft enabled generation and the hard & rough generations. We need to figure out a common ground and fix this before it becomes un fixable! I discuss everything from USC football to Urban Meyer saying No way! I also discuss my Likes & Dislikes of the day, plus equal pay for men &...


Do The Same & Stay The Same

Do the same shit and expect the same results! I discuss everything from this past college and NFL weekend along with everything Brittany Spears Dad, to our dress attire as a generation creating soft culture. USC Clay Helton Fired on his day off, and my Likes & Dislikes See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


Accomplishments Vs. Wealth

Accomplishments vs. Wealth - Does your accomplishments outweigh your wealth or the other way around? I discuss everything from the college football weekend to my former players balling out! I discuss ESPN's horrible 1st Take production, and LSU losing not only on the field but in the marketing game as well to UCLA! How Dan Orlovsky thinks Clemson's Offense is a joke and how I think he is a slapdick! I discuss Naomi Osaka and her dramatic speech, plus why generations have changed and...


Wolves wear Sheep's clothing!

Wolves wear Sheep's clothing! I talk all things real, join me as I talk how Stephen A did Max Kellerman wrong and how the Lakers have assembled a wheel chair league squad. I talk all things college football last night and this weekend, along with some picks! I also discuss targeting calls and Cam Newton being left out of the best 32 QB discussion. I also discuss how every league besides the SEC is watered down and how transfer portal has made them equals! See Privacy Policy at...


Defending Ignorance!

Defending Ignorance is the world we now live in! We continue to create soft people, allowing disrespect and blatant disregard for authority figures in America. I dive deep into the Trent Dilfer debacle, along with Cam Newton being cut, and this fake high school Bishop Sycamore who fenagled its way on ESPN, and discuss ESPN's blindfolded display of who they are hiring and who they display on TV! Plus Kanye West, my food chain disappointments of the year, along with JUJU Smith performing the...


Get Out of your Feelings!

Sha'Carri Richardson throwing shade at Allyson Felix after her 9th place Finish! I discuss how we need to get out of our feelings and accept criticism and understand Correction is not criticism! I discuss JR Smith and how what he is doing in school is the greatest feat since Muhammad Ali boycotting the draft! I also s discuss the NFL QB talk and all the named starters and who I think will be a bust or not! How the Padres are the Padres and how California will always bleed Dodger Blue! Plus...


Out Of Bounds

Out Of Bounds- I discuss how people create fake accounts in your name, and how celebrities' and athletes now find it ok to bash their current or prior coach or bosses without any remorse. It's out of bounds and out of pocket where I come from! I discuss Ryan Clark ESPN & his defense of Sha'Carri Richardson and KD & Draymond's interview along with much more! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


Write your final chapter!

Write your final chapter! Will you regret your final chapter in your book of life? Don't! Write it yourself! Write it your way! Tune in as I discuss regrets, looking back, and how to always push forward and keep your eye on the prize! I also discuss the Pandemic and how to control the controllable! I also discuss Draymond Green & KD's interview & how Stephen A Smith fucked Max Kellerman! Don't miss this one! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at...


Haters Hate Hustlers

Haters hate hustlers, especially hustlers who help folks and do right by everyone they come in contact with! I dive deep into my haters and haters in general as to why they have no other thought process in life rather than hate on people who are helping others and doing right! Assumptions and accusations from one party and not the other is a critical flaw in today's society! I also discuss a job opportunity, my Whiskey brand attack, along with the NFL rookie QB play this past weekend! See...


What We Have Created!

What have we created? A monster is what! We either coach it or allow it, and we have enabled this instant gratifying culture for over 20 years and now we are reaping from the results! I discuss everything from soft culture kids, to the Hall Of Fame speeches, and inductees, to The Dodgers pitcher facing allegations to Stephen A picking Lamar Jackson as MVP to ESPN anchors picking the Chargers to upend the Chiefs! Plus the Gold Medal Olympic games and Kendrick Perkins beef with Draymond Green....


A Different World!

We live in a Different World, and it begins with enabling parents, teachers, coaches, and media members spreading soft ideologies and lies! Parents won't discipline children, coaches allow it instead of coach it, and the media only shares lies and propaganda! Tune in to this one, as I discuss Simone Biles being back on her solo tip, and how Kendrick Perkins tells Ben Simmons to man up, and stop being mentally weak, but Simone Biles can now all a sudden perform again and he has no issues huh?...


Hustle Meets the Muscle

Hustle Meets Muscle - The hustle meets the muscle as OU & Texas accept bids to the SEC, they hustled, but now will meet the Muscle! Russell Westbrook takes his hustle to LA to join the Lakers, but who will be the Muscle in LA? Also, discuss the Sherzer trade to the Dodgers, and my slapdick of the week choice and discussion! Don't miss it! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


Excuses are like Assholes...

Excuses are like Assholes... Everybody has one! Listen to me go in on Simone Biles with an open minded take, also address her haters and the followers that she has created by quitting at the Olympics! Listen to my take on the NFL and the Vaccine and American has gone soft, Michelle Obama thinks Winning the Silver Medal is great! WTF? Don't miss this one! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


Going Around In Circles

We are just going around in Circles with each other and as a Country. We continue to do the same shit and expect different results.. Tune in as I discuss all things REAL! The Olympic Hoops team, to Jalen Rose & Kendrick Perkins, to CP3, Texas & Oklahoma leaving, the NCAA NIL debacle and my Vegas trip with the Big3 Hoops league and Ice Cube! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


Lack Of Respect

The blatant lack of respect in the country is mind blowing! Tune in as I discuss how relationships are at an all time low, more divorce, more domestic violence, less respect, less interest in each other, more interest in smart phones and video games! Don't miss this one... I discuss Booker being the next Kobe, along with why Middleton gets no love, along with so much more! Aaron Rogers, and the top 10 QB list re-visited! Don't miss it! See Privacy Policy at and...


Manufactured Analysis

Manufactured Analysis is a real thing... quit falling for the tricks people! Listen up as I discuss everything from Rachel Nichols and Marie Taylor to the ESPN top 10 QB list, along with real life talk Mental Health, instant gratification pussies and the NCAA likeness being the biggest mistake in the past 100 years! Plus more fallout from KU Football and Les Miles... Don't miss this action packed episode! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at...


For Some, but, Not For All

For some, but not for all! Hear me out as I discuss how some folks can do what they like, even after arrests, convictions, and allegations, but some cannot! Why is this? Privilege's? or coincidence? I dive deep into Ryan Leaf, Sha'Carri Richardson, plus how spanking children has become damn near a crime, and why society has suffered in its absence! Plus much more! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


A World full of Lollipops

A world full of lollipops one must stay sucka free! Beverly pushing CP3, CP3 a sucka himself, along with all the other soft sucka shit that is going on.. plus Kawaii in the press box and not on the court with his team. I dive deep into the world of Lollipops! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at