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Alex Avila! Are You Kidding Me!

I think it is about time to say goodbye to Alex Avila! Also, we give a little tribute to the Capitals for their first Stanley Cup. I am pretty upset about the recent Coyote trade, but In honor of Fathers Day, I give you a good old fashion Dad joke. We answer listener emails, and make sure to send me your questions at or on Twitter with the handle JimmyBones@BonesonSports! See you in the Crypt! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Check Out Girl In The Valley

Listen to Patricia Callahan as she deals with the ups and downs of dating in Silicon Valley. She is funny, heartfelt, and most of all REAL! Listen to her on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play. Everywhere you get your podcasts soon! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Age of Radio Announcement!

Hello Radio Heads, JV Tribe, and other Tribes. I want to thank everyone for your continued support for Age of Radio and JV Impacts. We are in the process of converting our hosting platform to the Panoply Megaphone Platform. This is going to be a game changer for us. However; during the process, you may experience some loss of episodes on your favorite show feed or double episodes posting to the feed. Have no fear! Visit Age of Radio Facebook feed and you can see all the shows there. If you...


Is It Time To Worry About The DIamondbacks?

Welcome to the Crypt! Golden Knights lead the Capitals 1-0 in this years Stanley Cup...But this is the Valley of the Sun. Let's talk some Diamondbacks. WTF! 28 W, 27L just over 500! We can't be here going into June. What do I recommend? Well join me in the Crypt! Make sure to check out Open Song: Chief State Crooked Pictures! Closing Song: Chief State Spine!


Farewell Diamondbacks!

The Diamondbacks win a lawsuit to move! Where will they go, and where should they go? Don't worry, they are staying in Arizona. Washington leads the Lighting 2 - 3. That's a little unexpected. Knights and Jets tied 1-1. What do I thinks going to happen? I'll tell you in the Crypt! See you inside!


Marhands A Licking But They Keep On Ticking!

Marchand! Stop Licking People! It's Gross! Hey Boners and Bonettes Jimmy Bones is back! NHL is under way, and if you didn't know, there is still Hockey in Arizona. The Tucson Roadrunners are headed to Texas looking to continue there post season success! We also talk a little AJ Pollack, and I give you a little Jimmy rant on Cardinals draft pick Josh Rosen's. See you in the Crypt!


Your Houston Coyotes! What?

Will next year be the last year for the Arizona Coyotes? What happened between the St Louis Cardinals and the Diamondbacks? Is this the best start in Diamondback history! Find out on this weeks episode of Bones on Sports! See You In The Crypt!


Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

It’s Baseball time! Diamondbacks are three games in, so let’s talk some baseball. Patrick Corbin started, Zach Greinke is on third, and Tomas is now in the minors! Do we think the Diamondbacks take the NL West, well there’s 162 games, but ole Jimmy Bones is thinking with his heart not his head. Who knows if they will win! WE ARE THREE GAMES IN! We can talk about it though! Check me out on twitter@BonesOnSports! Check out, make sure you grab a PBR, and meet me in the Crypt!


OOOHHH The Madness! The March Madness!

If you're like me, than your bracket is busted! What a weekend for college basketball! I was in Vegas for my yearly March Madness trip! I saw it all unfold on the big screen! Don't worry, even though my bracket is busted, I am going to give you my Final Four predictions. Also, we will talk some Hockey, and some Diamondback Spring training! Grab a PBR and I'll see you in the Crypt!


Antti Raanta Leads The Coyotes To Victory?

Episode 5: Sit and Relax with me and my co-host, PBR. We are going to talk about Antti Raanta and how numbers don't lie. Are the Coyotes winning because of Antti Raanta? This episode's "Controversial Take of the Week" is all about Jocelyne Larocque removing her silver medal after Olympic hockey loss! Don't forget to follow me on twitter@bonesonsports, and make sure to occasionally check in at We are working on the site and getting a Bones on Sports site. Grab a PBR and see...


New Age of Radio Podcast Alert! Learning to Curse!

Age of Radio New Podcast Alert! Learning To Curse with Adam and Chuck has joined The Syndicate. It is everything you never knew you loved about podcasts. Adam and Chuck discuss the paranormal, aliens, conspiracies, religion, the occult, and the list can go on forever. So, Welcome to the Classroom Mother ****ers. Must be 18 or over to listen. Parental Advisory Really Explicit Content. Enjoy!


Jimmy Bones Interviews Steve Wilks!

Hey Everyone! Join me as I interview the Arizona Cardinal's Head Coach. It's not real at all, but one day we will have him in the Crypt! I talk about the Winter Olympics, the Arizona Coyotes, and make sure you stay tuned for this week's Controversial Take of the Week! Grab A PBR and we will see you in the Crypt!


Nick Foles' Last Laugh

Look's like Nick Foles has the last laugh. Eagles takedown the Pats 41 to 33. The Super Bowl delivered this year. I am going to spend a moment on the big game, then we're talking Baseball Hall of Fame. Our controversial take of the week is "Does Curt Schilling belong in the Hall Of Fame!" I'm going to let you know what I think! I also dive into the Tucson Roadrunners. See you in the Crypt!


So...Patriots and Eagles.

What a weekend! I didn't think Foles had it in him. Looks like it's him and Brady. Of course we're going to talk some NFL. We will touch a little bit on the fact that the Diamondbacks haven't done anything during the offseason. Make sure to stay tuned for our controversial take of the week. See you in the Crypt!


Did You See That Play!

Did you see Marcus Mariota! That was definitely the play of the podcast! We don't have a name for our play of the podcast yet. Send me your ideas to or shoot me a tweet @bonesonsports! We also catch up on some NHL, and we talk about why you should always have your assistant keep your girlfriend and wife separate! See you in the Crypt!


PreSeason Ep. 1: Can Arizona Keep The Coyotes!

From the Crypt In Phoenix it's Jimmy CC Bones. What's the extra c stand for...extra Cool! It's almost game time. Our podcast launches on January 8th 2018. Make sure you subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Let's talk what's wrong with the Coyotes, and what will it take to keep them in Arizona. The Vikings at 11 and 3! And is Shohei Otani worth the hype! See you in the Crypt!


Goodbye Bruce Arians!

Hey Everyone! It's Jimmy CC Bones here. The extra C stands for extra Cold! Is Dylan Stome a bust, and can we use him for trade bait! I don't know let's talk about it. Also, it's time to say Goodbye to Bruce Arians! Come and join me in the Crypt!


Coming January 8th, 2018

Hello Everyone! This is Jimmy SS Bones where the extra S stands for Extra Sports! I will be coming to you every Monday to talk about sports. I will be talking about Hockey, Football, Baseball, and whatever else I think you should know about sports. Make sure to listen wherever you get your podcasts!