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(8/17/18) – We Hate Kevin The Umpire, Voicemail Segment

Brews On The Balcony 8/17/18 - Slow Pitch Softball – Nick is the Greg Holland of his slowpitch team… Nick’s team sucks and are one strike away from getting thrown out of the league… We all hate Kevin the umpire… Kevin is such an umpire name it’s unreal… Podcast Marketing Idea of the Week (10:10) - Guy paints our logo on his chest and streaks at a big event… If he gets arrested, we just say it was a crazed fan… we can’t control our fans… Voicemails (16:16) – Stanley Cup and Mitchell from...


(8/15/18) - PGA Championship, Random Left Turn Into Food Talk, Back to PGA Talk

PGA Championship Talk (0:00) – Amazing weekend all around at Bellerive… Quick Left Turn Into Food Talk (4:15) – Nick is a Biscuits and Gravy Snob… Nick doesn’t understand #NoFreeAds… Favorite Meal of the Day… Nick creates a new saying… Playing some drops… Orange slices on top of pizza?... Back to PGA Champ Talk (16:50) – Coolest things we saw during the weekend… T.J. participated in a Let’s Go Tiger chant on 12. Tiger smiled ear to ear… Posting up on one hole all day was the right move…...


(8/10/18) – PGA Championship Talk, Fortnite Dead By End of the Year?

PGA Championship Talk (0:00)- St. Louis crowds are showing up… The positive coverage and comments about St. Louis from the PGA is AMAZING for the city… St. Louis has been shit on after the Rams left, good to see positive comments about this city being a “good sports town” again… Picks on who could win (Recorded on Wednesday)… Announcing our New NFL Show (14:43) – Will be airing every Wednesday during the football season on the podcast stream… We will bring picks, fantasy pickups, and tons...


(8/8/18) - Quick Girls, Girls, Girls Segment

Brews On The Balcony 8/8/18 - Laura returns the show to discuss all kinds of topics… Side note: We need a third mic… Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod


(8/6/18) - High School Pranks

Brews On The Balcony 8/6/18 – INTRO – Nick’s weekend in Chicago… Happy belated birthday to Laura… A REALLY DUMB ARGUMENT (6:38) – Are fish considered wet when they live underwater? Or are they not considered wet until they leave the water and touch the air? BEST AND WORST REALITY SHOWS (12:33) – 90 Day Fiance… MTV’s best/worst shows - Parental Control, NEXT, etc… BEST HIGH SCHOOL PRANKS (17:54) – T.J. and Nick’s senior pranks… Senior Scrabble Day… Thanks to for the intro...


(8/3/18) - T.J.'s Vegas Trip, The Stresses of Wedding Planning

Brews On The Balcony 8/3/18 - T.J. Talks Vegas Trip (0:00) – Didn’t come home a winner unfortunately… The ups and downs of a four day trip to Vegas… T.J. and his group wore custom t-shirts on the bachelor party, is that supposed to be just a girl thing?... T.J. is all for the t-shirts, Nick is questioning it… It’s Wedding Season, Nick (12:27) – It’s wedding season… Laura’s obsession with the font on the wedding invitations… Nick will sabotage the wedding cake if we don’t pick buttercream...


(7/30/18) - T.J. is ready for football season, Heisman Watch 2k18

T.J. is ready for football season as the guys debate who has the best chance of winning the Heisman and who are some guys to watch this coming year in college football and the NFL. Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod Thanks to for the intro music


(7/27/18) - What is the best movie of all time?

Nick and T.J. debate what is the best movie of all-time, the best and worst of movie sequels, and who are the top five favorite actors and actresses. Check out our new website: Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod


(7/25/18) - BONUS - Do you believe in double dipping food?

Easily the MOST ridiculous conversation on the show so far… In what situations is double dipping food allowed, if ever… If it’s family or friends, it’s different than double dipping with a shared community dish with strangers… It depends on where you are and what the situation is… Are you a germophobe if you never use a dip/condiment where a double dip has taken place?... Check out our new website: Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod


(7/23/18) - Dramatic Readings: Angry Cardinal Fan Tweets

Brews On The Balcony 7/23/18 - Intro – Hey, Nick is back from his vacation… T.J. is headed to Vegas on Thursday… Fortnite Just Keeps On Growing (5:15) – New maps and a new golf cart, which drifts like Mario Kart vehicles… Some people are making a TON of money playing Fortnite, I mean millions... We have AUDIO of a guy (StoneMountain64) playing Fortnite and acting like he’s a commanding officer… Wanna game with us? Follow us on Twitch – Dramatic Readings...


(7/20/18) GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS: Answering Listener Questions

Brews On The Balcony 7/20/18 - In this episode… Laura and Kendall answer listener questions, while T.J. chimes in with his thoughts on the topics… (2:40) Can girls go out shopping and leave without buying one single thing?... TJ: Shopping is easy. You get in, then you get the hell out… Laura has an angry voice… (12:07) – The most unattractive thing a guy can do… (13:37) – Laura says T.J. isn’t helping with wedding planning, T.J. says bulls***… Laura is freaking out about font on wedding...


(7/18/18) - We Have Found The Worst Show On T.V.

Today’s Bonus Pod… Laura and Kendall join T.J. in studio. We have officially found the worst show in television history. It’s so bad that you can’t look away…. If you thought the Bachelor/Bachelorette was crazy? Just wait… There is a mystery man/woman behind a wall that wants to propose to one of the contestants before the show is over… There are two contestants that you can tell right away will be in the finals and OF COURSE they make it to the final two… The woman on the show starts...


(7/13/18) – Nick’s Stories From Vegas, Friday Flicks (Ant-Man 2)

Brews On The Balcony 7/13/18 - NICK WITH STORIES FROM VEGAS (1:08) - Trip Rundown… Nick saw a bunch of NBA stars at the Summer League games... Best part of the trip: Playing at the same blackjack table as MARSHAWN LYNCH… Beast Mode was betting the minimum????... FRIDAY FLICKS (19:54) - This Week: Ant Man 2… Recap, Fun Facts, Review/Score… Marvel bringing in comedic actors (Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd) to bring in non-super hero movie fans?… People mad at spoilers for movies that were made...


(7/11/18) - BONUS - Quick Girls, Girls, Girls Segment (Movies on First Date, Can Ex's Be Friends?)

On today's bonus pod... T.J. is joined by Laura and Kendall to discuss why taking a girl to the movies on a first date is an idiot move... PLUS, can ex's ever be friends? HELL NO. Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod


(7/9/18) – Special Edition of Girls, Girls, Girls; Think Quick Everybody

Brews On The Balcony 7/9/18 - Special edition of the show today… Laura and Kendall co-host with T.J. in an extended edition of Girls, Girls, Girls… PLUS everybody has to Think Quick! GIRLS, GIRLS GIRLS - Can guys and girls be JUST friends?... Buying people drinks at the bar... THINK QUICK EVERYBODY (25:25) – Kendall: U.S. States, Laura: U.S. Presidents, T.J.: NFL teams… Thanks to for the intro music! Twitter: @BalconyBrewsPod


(7/6/18) – Nick is Headed to Vegas, Would You Rathers, Voicemails

Brews On The Balcony 7/6/18 NICK IS HEADED TO VEGAS FOR THE FIRST TIME (4:08) – Are you a next level degenerate if you bet on NBA Summer League?... Waiting to see how many hooker flyers Nick gets on the strip and the best name he sees… T.J. gives Nick advice on how to survive in Vegas… The key is to gamble or act like your gambling so you get free drinks… How to tip the waitresses that come by… T.J. thinks gambling in the airport is for suckers… 4 hours of sleep per night is enough in...


(7/4/18) - Could Harry Potter Be Considered a Super Hero?

In today's bonus pod... We discuss what makes a super hero a super hero... PLUS T.J. brings the hot take of the day, saying Harry Potter could be considered a super hero... Your thoughts are always welcome! Call into our voicemail inbox (314-877-8597) or get in touch on social media (@BalconyBrewsPod)


(7/2/18) - Top Topics (Lebron to LA, Sandler Photo Bomb)/ Girls, Girls, Girls

Brews On The Balcony 7/2/18 - TOP TOPICS (5:40) – LeBron goes to the Lakers (5 yrs/$154 million deal is reported)… Adam Sandler photo bombs a couple’s wedding photos. Sandler has THE LIFE. Doesn’t care if he makes bad movies, he’s still making bank. Favorite Sandler movie of all time… GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (16:57) – Why do girls get expensive haircuts?... What is in a woman’s purse?. Mom purses VS regular ones… Girls and too much makeup… What is the first thing you notice when you see an...


(6/29/18) – Friday Flicks (Jurassic World "2"); The Return of Girls, Girls, Girls

Brews on the Balcony 6/29/18 - AUDIO OF THE DAY (2:24)– Kid says in an interview his favorite part of game 7 of the Stanley Cup was the woman flashing everybody on TV… Stanley Cup calls in and is hysterically laughing… FRIDAY FLICKS (6:12) – Today’s Movie: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom… Konnor read wrong and was shocked to tell me Jeff Goldblum only made $18,000 for his appearance in the film when actually it’s $18 million… Why would you build another park with meaner dinosaurs?… Konnor...


(6/27/18) - Talking Cardinals on Today’s Bonus Pod

Poolside again, talking Redbirds on today’s bonus pod… Has the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry died down?... What is the best rivalry in baseball?... Main issues this season: Injuries, bullpen, lineup, and injuries again... Seems like they’ve spent money on the wrong guys… Have had success developing guys from the ground up… Something isn’t working, so it’s time for a change if they don’t make the playoffs this year… Should/Will they trade for Machado or another big bat before the trade...