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The World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan for Physical Activity: Prof Fiona Bull

Thanks to BJSM editorial board member Daniel Friedman (@DDFriedman), who has also served as in intern at the World Health Organization, for hosting this podcast. The BJSM’s guest is Professor Fiona Bull, MBE – Program Manager of WHO Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases Management Team, Geneva, Switzerland. @fiona_bull The conversation gives the listener a 20-minute gem that covers the following points What is the global action plan? How was it developed? Why was this needed? How does it...


“Don’t mislabel nociceptors as pain fibres”. Lorimer Moseley on teaching pain science Ep:339

Thanks to Professor Lorimer Moseley for his 4th BJSM podcast over the last 4 years. Here he chats with final year medical student Daniel Friedman who is at the coalface (@DDFriedman). How are the terms pain, nociception and central sensitisation used? Are they taught accurately or poorly? All of us can learn from Lorimer as he clarifies these concepts. Professor Lorimer Moseley (PT, PhD) is Chair of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia and a professor of Clinical...


Need a big fat surprise? Iconoclast Nina Teicholz via Dr Mark Hyman on healthy fats. #Ep338

BJSM is one of very few channels that comments on food but doesn’t receive any funds from any food-related stakeholder. The BMJ doesn’t receive funds from food companies (as far as I know) and the new BMJ Open journal on nutrition doesn’t either. What about the ‘British Nutrition Foundation’ – sounds pretty helpful right? Well, it may be, but if you know where to click 5 times you can find that about 1/3 of its funding from corporate sponsors. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has...


What’s new in treating hip pain – FAI syndrome? Physio first or arthroscopy? Episode #337

Damian Griffin is the Professor of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Warwick. He trained in Cambridge, Oxford and the United States, and worked as a Consultant in Oxford before taking up the Foundation Chair in Warwick and helping to establish Warwick Medical School. Here’s a link to his personal website: He was the chief investigator for the FASHioN trial, a large, multicenter randomised controlled trial of treatments for people with FAI...


Anthem for football fitness. Football isn’t just fun, it’s broad-spectrum medicine. Ep #336

Dr Marcos Agostinho (@MarcMedMD) asks Professor Peter Krustrup ( about the history of football fitness. What is it? Does it involve games/competition? Who are the main beneficiaries? And what of ‘walking football’ – what does that entail? This short podcast is a celebration of the health benefits of football and it provides powerful practical examples of what can be done. Kudos! The 2nd International Football and Medicine Conference will be held in Odense, Denmark,...


Time to catch the brain bus to learn from pain educators. Lorimer Moseley and Karim Khan.

Have you ever felt frustrated that research doesn’t get into the public domain? It’s stuck in journals, on shelves. But Lorimer is tackling that head on with community based engagement in his characteristic quirky way. Listen to the story of the ‘Pain Revolution’ – a movement that engages local communities by having trained pain educators share contemporary pain science in accessible ways. Ignore the massive bike ride that Lorimer and friends undertake to spread the message and raise the...


Running Biomechanics 101 with Chris Bramah. Episode #334

How do we assess running biomechanics? Does it translate to practice? BJSM editor Tej Pandya chats with Chris Bramah (@chrisbramah), England Athletics physiotherapist and biomechanist based at the Manchester Institute of Health and Performance. Chris is completing a PhD dissertation on the links between running gaits and running injuries. They discuss: - Biomechanics of elite running athletes - Applying biomechanics to produce clinically relevant outcomes - A case of ITB syndrome in...


What limits sporting performance? Is it in the muscles or does the mind matter? Dr Alex Hutchinson

A great conversation between the fascinating Dr Alex Hutchinson and sports physiotherapist Chris Napier. Alex Hutchinson will be known to many because of his sports writing for Runners World (in the past) and Outside Magazine (now). He spent 9 years asking the question that is the title of this podcast – you get the answers in 20 minutes! In addition to the discussion of limits of performance, they share practical tips on how to improve your own running times! Here’s a link to Alex’s...


Sport 1st, disability 2nd. Paralympian Cheri Blauwet discusses SEM in elite disability sport #322

Dr. Cheri Blauwet is a leading and inspiring voice in sport and exercise medicine (SEM). She is a former Paralympic athlete in the sport of wheelchair racing, competing for the United States Team in three Paralypmic Games (Sydney '00, Athens '04, Beijing '08) and bringing home a total of seven Paralympic medals. She is also a two-time winner of the Boston Marathon. After an elite sporting career, she turned her attentions to medicine. Dr. Blauwet completed her residency training in...


Patient’s Voice: It felt like my entire shin had dislocated from the rest of my body. Episode #331

Thanks to Christina Le for providing the first ‘patient voices’ podcast for BJSM. Christina is speaking as a 31-year old patient who is dealing with a common scenario – non-contact ACL rupture while playing soccer. You can follow her patient journey and obtain advice from a top sports physio at @YEGphysio. Christina chatted with BJSM editor-in-chief Karim Khan. Christina addresses these common questions: How did the injury occur? Did you feel any pain later? How did you decide whether to...


Taking the stress out of stress fractures. Deep dive & clinical tips w/ Dr. Kathryn Ackerman

Managing stress fractures in any athlete can be difficult. Liam West discussed the topic with international expert Dr. Kathryn Ackerman, to find out clinical management gems. Dr. Ackerman has specialist training in Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine and Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism. This training has cumulated in positions as Medical Director of the Female Athlete Program at Boston Children's Hospital, Associate Director of the Sports Endocrine Research Lab at Massachusetts General...


Movement is Medicine – Clinical secrets to keep your older patients running from Dr. Blaise Williams

We all know that exercise is medicine’s polypill. On this podcast, Dr. Blaise Williams discusses how to help older patient’s get active again. BJSM’s Liam West provides the questions that see Dr. Williams cover how the aged runner differs both in biomechanics and physiology, how this effects the forces through various areas of their bodies and finally the top clinical pearls you can use in your office today to help these older patients get moving again. If you haven’t listened to the first...


Put out to Pasture - What is our Duty of Care to the Retired Professional Footballer? Episode #327

Retired professional footballers are at a significantly increased risk of several health problems including osteoarthritis, mental health conditions, and difficulties pertaining to suboptimal lifestyle choices. During this podcast, Sean Carmody talks to Dr Vincent Gouttebarge, a retired professional footballer and current Chief Medical Officer of FIFPro (World Players’ Union), about what can be done to reduce the risk of health issues for footballers in retirement. Dr Gouttebarge has led...


Lars Engebretsen’s learning points from the 2018 IOC Paediatric ACL consensus statement. Ep #325

Professor Lars Engebretsen, MD, PhD, Head of Medicine & Science at the IOC’s Scientific and Medical Department discusses the massive problem that is ACL injuries in children under 12 years of age. Kids’ ACL ruptures are becoming more prevalent, the condition seems to affect boys and girls equally, and the management is controversial. There is universal agreement that preserving the meniscus (which can include meniscal suture) is critical. See the full consensus statement here -...


Explain pain to treat it! Dr. Stanton gives the deep dive on managing osteoarthritis pain #324

Dr. Tasha Stanton’s background in physiotherapy and pain science means her research is very clinically relevant. BJSM’s Liam West discusses with Dr. Stanton the pain experienced by patients with osteoarthritis, how fear and emotions can alter this pain and where the future of osteoarthritis pain management might lie. Related Articles: Evidence of central sensitisation, impaired pain inhibition, enhanced pain facilitation in OA: Edwards et al. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2016; 17:284...


Painkillers aren’t the only answer! Simplifying pain science to better manage a patient’s pain #323

Understanding and managing your patient’s pain can be extremely difficult. Liam West spoke to Dr. Tasha Stanton to tap into her vast expertise in the area of pain science. Dr. Stanton is a Senior Research Fellow for the “Body in Mind” group in Australia and has a background in physiotherapy, spinal biomechanics and pain neuroscience. Her work to date has led to several prestigious pain science awards. In this podcast she explains the disconnect between tissue damage and the pain...


Is education more important than exercise in treating patellofemoral pain? Episode #322

Research so often includes ‘education’ in the comparison arm of clinical trials as though it is a universal, standardized, or perhaps even inert component of intervention. But what if education IS a key ingredient in managing patellofemoral pain? Erin Macri met up with Dr. Michael Rathleff after hearing some impressive presentations from him and his team members at the 5th International Patellofemoral Pain Research Retreat in Gold Coast, Australia. Dr. Rathleff works at the Research Unit...


Wisdom Shared 1: Profs Kay Crossley and Peter O’Sullivan assess knees and backs. Episode #320

Join BJSM editor in chief Karim Khan eavesdropping on Professors Kay Crossley (La Trobe University, Melbourne) and Peter O’Sullivan (Curtin University, Perth) as they discuss the assessment and management of typical patients who present with long-standing knee pain and/or back pain. In podcast 1 (episode 320), they discuss: · The context from which to begin the consultation. What is the physio’s goal when taking the history? · What to ask about · How to frame the assessment when discussing...


Is your patient ready to run? Blaise Williams shares his 5 minute clinic assessment to help you #319

Dr. Blaise Williams has a passion for helping people to get active and especially to get running. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and the Director of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) RUN LAB. Blaise teaches students at VCU within the orthopaedic and sports curriculum. Alongside this, he continues to treat athletes of all levels at the VCU Sports Medicine Clinic. His research interests are in the areas of biomechanics and pathomechanics of...


Consider psychological factors in when treating PFP. Prof Bill Vicenzino and Liam McLachlan #318

From the University of Queensland, Australia, physiotherapist and PhD candidate Liam McLachlan and Professor of Sports Physiotherapy Bill Vicenzino share clinical pearls relating to the patient with patellofemoral pain. Dr Erin Macri, physiotherapist and BJSM editorial board member doing her postdoctoral studies at the University of Delaware leads the conversation. • Why is it important to consider psychological factors in patellofemoral pain? • Which instruments should I use in the clinic...