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An Update on Injury Prevention Programmes, and #SportSuisse2018, with Mario Bizzini. #352

We catch up with BJSM Deputy Editor, Physiotherapist and hugely influential researcher Mario Bizzini. We discuss everything from the evidence behind injury prevention programmes, maximising their implementation, and the upcoming #SportSuisse2018 Links below: JOSPT Clinical Guideline Knakentroll (Swedish Group) - FIFA11+...


Lifestyle management of type 2 diabetes #351

Type 2 diabetes is a complex systems disease, caused by interactions between lifestyle and genes. It is an illusion to believe that it can be cured by medication. Lifestyle change should always be at the heart of treatment. Hanno Pijl is an internist-endocrinologist and professor of Diabetology at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) In Leiden, The Netherlands. He co-authored over 250 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals, primarily related to obesity and type 2 diabetes. He has...


Preventing overdiagnosis in 2018 with Dr Ray Moynihan Episode # 350

Do I really need this test, treatment or procedure? What are the downsides? What happens if I do nothing? And are there simpler, safer alternatives? Dr. Ray Moynihan (@raymoynihan) joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman (@ddfriedman) to discuss the growing problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment, and what is being done to wind back the harms of too much medicine. Ray is an Australian academic, author and award-winning health journalist who completed his PhD on overdiagnosis in 2015 at the Centre...


Talking physical activity and Golf and health, with Dr Andrew Murray. Episode #349

We were thrilled to catch up again with Dr Andrew Murray, the recently appointed Chief Medical Officer to the PGA European Tour, European Tour Performance Institute, and Ryder Cup Europe. He is universally known for his work promoting physical activity for health, his ultra-endurance challenges, and for leading the ‘Golf and Health project’. In this podcast he covers everything from the health benefits of golf, how to produce a consensus statement, the WHO’s GAPPA, to how to overcome various...


Low carb vs low fat diet for type 2 diabetes. Episode #348

Contrary to the long held contention that low fat diets are best for people with type 2 diabetes (DM2), the totality of current evidence suggests that low carb diets are at least as effective in ameliorating metabolic health in DM2. In fact, low carb seems to be somewhat better, particularly in the short to medium term, although the evidence is of moderate certainty. On this week’s episode Prof Hanno Pijl (@HannoPijl) and dr Esther van Zuuren (@Ezzoef) join Dr Aseem Malhotra...


Time to get real about childhood obesity with Dr Sandro Demaio. Episode #347

Did you know that the worldwide prevalence of obesity nearly tripled between 1975 and 2016? In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults and more than 340 million children were classified as overweight or obese. At the individual level and in our modern, obesogenic world, weight gain has become the norm—the biological and social path of least resistance. On this week’s podcast, Dr Sandro Demaio (@SandroDemaio) joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman (@ddfriedman) to discuss childhood obesity and public health...


The demonisation of dietary fats and saturated fat: villain or hero? Episode #346

Is saturated fat good or bad? But doesn’t it cause cardiovascular disease? And what about the guidelines? On this week’s episode, Dr. Zoë Harcombe (@zoeharcombe) joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman (@ddfriedman) to discuss the takeaways from The BMJ’s Food For Thought conference 2018 ( and the demonisation of dietary fats. Zoë has a PhD in public health nutrition. The full title of her thesis is: “An examination of the randomised controlled trial and...


The truth behind sports drinks. Episode #345

Did you know that a regular bottle of Gatorade contains 34g of sugar? That’s over 8 teaspoons of sugar! The WHO recommends that <10% of our daily energy should come from free sugars. For an adult consuming 2000 calories daily, this equates to a recommended limit of roughly 50 grams, or 12 teaspoons. On this week’s episode, Dr. Deborah Cohen (@deb_cohen) joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman(@ddfriedman) to reveal the shocking truth behind sports drinks and the industry’s ties to sporting...


Combat sports: ringside medicine with the fight doctor. Episode #344

This heavyweight podcast is sure to be a knockout! On this week’s episode, sports medicine physician Dr. John Neidecker (@DrJohnNeidecker) joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman (@ddfriedman) in the ring to discuss the hot topics in combat sports today. Dr. Neidecker is a physician for USA Boxing and USA Taekwondo, and is the vice president for the Association of Ringside Physicians (ARP) (, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to the health and protection of...


Dr Alison Grimaldi on managing gluteal tendinopathy. Episode #343

Fresh off ‘BJSM Podcast World Cup’ victory, superstar physiotherapist Dr. Alison Grimaldi returns for what is sure to be another chart-topping podcast. On this week’s episode, Dr. Alison Grimaldi (@alisongrimaldi) joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman (@ddfriedman) to discuss the results from her latest clinical trial – the LEAP trial - that was recently published in the BMJ. With 25 years of clinical experience and particular expertise in the management of hip, groin and lumbo-pelvic pain and...


The gut microbiome for athlete health and performance. Episode #342

After listening to this one, you may want to think twice before reaching for that next bottle of kombucha! On this week’s podcast, microbiome expert Dr Patrick Hanaway joins BJSM’s Daniel Friedman (@ddfriedman) to discuss the implications of the gut microbiome for athlete health and performance. Dr Hanaway is a family physician who has served as the Director of Medical Education for the Institute for Functional Medicine, as well as the Medical Director at the Cleveland Clinic Center for...


Research imbalance: Sport and Exercise in Women versus Men. Episode #341

In this podcast Katie Marino speaks to Jack Forsyth. Jacky Forsyth (@JackyForsyth) is a senior lecturer at Staffordshire University. She is a lead organiser of the Women in Sport and Exercise Conference. In this podcast Katie Marino (@krmarino1) speaks to Jacky about the difference in the amount of research done on exercise in women compared to exercise in men, and why we need to correct this imbalance. The research community needs to strengthen and promote research on women in sport and...


The World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan for Physical Activity: Prof Fiona Bull

Thanks to BJSM editorial board member Daniel Friedman (@DDFriedman), who has also served as in intern at the World Health Organization, for hosting this podcast. The BJSM’s guest is Professor Fiona Bull, MBE – Program Manager of WHO Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases Management Team, Geneva, Switzerland. @fiona_bull The conversation gives the listener a 20-minute gem that covers the following points What is the global action plan? How was it developed? Why was this needed? How does it...


“Don’t mislabel nociceptors as pain fibres”. Lorimer Moseley on teaching pain science Ep:339

Thanks to Professor Lorimer Moseley for his 4th BJSM podcast over the last 4 years. Here he chats with final year medical student Daniel Friedman who is at the coalface (@DDFriedman). How are the terms pain, nociception and central sensitisation used? Are they taught accurately or poorly? All of us can learn from Lorimer as he clarifies these concepts. Professor Lorimer Moseley (PT, PhD) is Chair of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia and a professor of Clinical Neurosciences....


Need a big fat surprise? Iconoclast Nina Teicholz via Dr Mark Hyman on healthy fats. #Ep338

BJSM is one of very few channels that comments on food but doesn’t receive any funds from any food-related stakeholder. The BMJ doesn’t receive funds from food companies (as far as I know) and the new BMJ Open journal on nutrition doesn’t either. What about the ‘British Nutrition Foundation’ – sounds pretty helpful right? Well, it may be, but if you know where to click 5 times you can find that about 1/3 of its funding from corporate sponsors. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has food...


Treating hip pain including FAI syndrome. Arthroscopy or focused physio? Prof Damian Griffin Ep#337

Damian Griffin is the Professor of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Warwick. He trained in Cambridge, Oxford and the United States, and worked as a Consultant in Oxford before taking up the Foundation Chair in Warwick and helping to establish Warwick Medical School. Here’s a link to his personal website: He was the chief investigator for the FASHioN trial, a large, multicenter randomised controlled trial of treatments for people with...


Anthem for football fitness. Football isn’t just fun, it’s broad-spectrum medicine. Ep #336

Dr Marcos Agostinho (@MarcMedMD) asks Professor Peter Krustrup ( about the history of football fitness. What is it? Does it involve games/competition? Who are the main beneficiaries? And what of ‘walking football’ – what does that entail? This short podcast is a celebration of the health benefits of football and it provides powerful practical examples of what can be done. Kudos! The 2nd International Football and Medicine Conference will be held in Odense, Denmark,...


Time to catch the brain bus to learn from pain educators. Lorimer Moseley and Karim Khan.

Have you ever felt frustrated that research doesn’t get into the public domain? It’s stuck in journals, on shelves. But Lorimer is tackling that head on with community based engagement in his characteristic quirky way. Listen to the story of the ‘Pain Revolution’ – a movement that engages local communities by having trained pain educators share contemporary pain science in accessible ways. Ignore the massive bike ride that Lorimer and friends undertake to spread the message and raise the...


Running Biomechanics 101 with Chris Bramah. Episode #334

How do we assess running biomechanics? Does it translate to practice? BJSM editor Tej Pandya chats with Chris Bramah (@chrisbramah), England Athletics physiotherapist and biomechanist based at the Manchester Institute of Health and Performance. Chris is completing a PhD dissertation on the links between running gaits and running injuries. They discuss: - Biomechanics of elite running athletes - Applying biomechanics to produce clinically relevant outcomes - A case of ITB syndrome in runners:...


What limits sporting performance? Is it in the muscles or does the mind matter? Dr Alex Hutchinson

A great conversation between the fascinating Dr Alex Hutchinson and sports physiotherapist Chris Napier. Alex Hutchinson will be known to many because of his sports writing for Runners World (in the past) and Outside Magazine (now). He spent 9 years asking the question that is the title of this podcast – you get the answers in 20 minutes! In addition to the discussion of limits of performance, they share practical tips on how to improve your own running times! Here’s a link to Alex’s website...