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The latest analysis on Ohio State football, basketball and recruiting from cleveland.com's Doug Lesmerises, Nathan Baird and Stephen Means. Usually, quite a good time.

The latest analysis on Ohio State football, basketball and recruiting from cleveland.com's Doug Lesmerises, Nathan Baird and Stephen Means. Usually, quite a good time.


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The latest analysis on Ohio State football, basketball and recruiting from cleveland.com's Doug Lesmerises, Nathan Baird and Stephen Means. Usually, quite a good time.






Your top 10 questions about Ohio State football ahead of spring practice

With a change in the weather and a change in the calendar to March, it was time for Buckeye Talk to dive in headfirst to spring football discussions. Our text subscribers sent us their No. 1 question for the spring and we compiled them into a top 10 list. Obviously a lot of people wanted to discuss the quarterback competition and structural changes in the secondary. But we also delved into defensive back development, what happens at Sam linebacker, where the next defensive line breakthrough...


Buckeye Talk Headlines: March 01, 2021

Ohio State lands another receiver recruit, Kyion Graves. Ohio State now with 11 recruits in the class of 2022. Ohio State on track to host Oregon in the 2nd game of season. Ohio State planning to practice, spring game potentially April 17. Vegas odds on teams to potentially challenge Ohio State this season. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Which teams besides Alabama and Clemson should Ohio State fans worry about in 2021?

The top three programs in college football are not in dispute as the offseason ramps up into spring practices. However, could there be another team lurking in the weeds as LSU did in 2019, ready to spoil the party and make a run at "Super Team" status? Doug, Nathan and Stephen give their criteria on what attributes such teams need to have, and which programs seem poised for a peak in 2021. Also, they discuss the changes to Ohio State's season tickets and giving policy and what that could...


How is Ohio State laying the foundation for the 2023 recruiting class? Buckeye Future Friday

Ohio State football sent out a flurry of Class of 2023 offers over the past few days. Nathan and Stephen open this episode of BFFs discussing what foundation OSU is laying for that class and how the extended dead period and last season's lack of visits might impact early commitments. They also run through questions from text subscribers about Philadelphia-area recruiting, Kerry Coombs and continuing the streak of signing the nation's No. 1 receiver prospect. See acast.com/privacy for...


Does Ohio State's coaching staff need to trust its young players more in 2021?

Branching off of our Big Wednesday draft, we wanted to continue the conversation on the young vs. old position battles facing Ohio State football in 2021. is there really evidence that this Buckeyes coaching staff has a blind spot when it comes to leaning to veterans, to the detriment of team performance? Which positions will the young vs. old question apply to the most for the 2021 season? Also, we break down the upcoming week for OSU men's basketball and how the Buckeyes can still improve...


Building our Ohio State parking lot football teams based on recruiting rankings

We came up with another big draft for the Big Wednesday episode of Buckeye Talk. Doug, Nathan and Stephen each built eight-man teams for a fictional parking lot football game of Ohio State players. They were spending on a budget, based on the recruiting ranking tiers the Buckeyes fell into when they came out of high school. Along the way they discussed the stars who need to step up on defense, the depth in the running back room, the questions still lingering in the secondary and more. See...


Ohio State-Michigan basketball recap and Buckeye NFL Draft speculation

In a rare sporting event that lived up to the hype, Ohio State and Michigan played one of the season's best college basketball games on Sunday. Nathan and Stephen open this episode by discussing where the Buckeyes came up short in a 92-87 loss and what this game told us about their deep NCAA Tournament hopes. Also, they took questions from Buckeye Talk text subscribers on OSU's first-round prospects and other NFL Draft-related topics. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out...


From Ohio State football through Northwestern basketball, ranking the Big Ten 1-28

One of Doug's favorite features on Buckeye Talk is when he and Stephen critique one of Nathan's projects. For this weekend episode of Buckeye Talk, Nathan combined all of the Big Ten football and men's basketball programs together and ranked them 1-28. The No. 1 team is fairly obvious, and there wasn't much argument about the bottom few, either. How do Sweet 16s and bowl victories compare? Which schools put both programs in our consensus top 10? See acast.com/privacy for privacy and...


How Ohio State leads in finding late-rising prospects: Buckeye Futures Friday

Nathan and Stephen are back for another edition of Buckeye Future Fridays focusing on Ohio State recruiting. Today they open with a discussion on the NCAA extending the dead period through May 31 and the consequences for both athletes and the Buckeyes. Then they delve into OSU's success at finding prospects before they climb the recruiting rankings and who might fit that description for 2022. Lastly, they go rapid fire with questions from our Buckeye Talk text subscribers. See...


Ohio State and Michigan meeting for A Game, and where is Buckeyes men's basketball headed as a program?

Ohio State and Michigan play this weekend, with the winner potentially taking the driver's seat for the Big Ten championship and rising even higher than its current lofty national stature. That is how we should be talking about The Game every November, but alas, the Wolverines are not living up their end. Of course last football season, we did not even get to have The Game. But Sunday's men's basketball matchup at Value City Arena between No. 4 OSU and No. 3 Michigan gives us a small taste...


Drafting the Ohio State quarterbacks, running backs and receivers of the 2000s.

Many months ago, a text subscriber posted the question: What one quarterback, one running back and three receivers would you pick from the year 2000-on for Ohio State football? We decided that challenge was not tough enough. Doug, Nathan and Stephen picked TWO quarterbacks, TWO running backs and FOUR receivers from that era. Even better, the did so via a draft, so they could take the players each other hoped to get and critique the picks their podmates ended up making. Also, what one...


Buckeye Talk Headlines: February 16, 2021

Al Washington stays put in Ohio. Ohio State adds analysts to staff. C.J. Barnett hired as director of player development. Minor adjustments to 20-21 college football season. Ohio State vs. Michigan face off in basketball this coming Sunday. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Can Ohio State put together an Alabama-like dynasty under Ryan Day?

We're kicking off the week with a rapid-fire edition of Buckeye Talk. Among the Tuesday topics: What role does diversity play in hiring assistant coaches, is an Alabama-like dynasty attainable for the Buckeyes, would you take Ryan Day over other national coaches to lead a program over the next decade and who would win an arm wrestling match between Nathan and Stephen? (Notice no one asked how Doug would fare in that competition.) See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Did keeping Al Washington save Ohio State's 2021 season, and what will the new analysts add?

After a week of speculation, Al Washington is staying at Ohio State as linebackers coach -- and, we assume, some other change in title and duties. The Tennessee defensive coordinator job will not be the only one dangled in front of the Buckeyes' rising young defensive assistant in the coming years. But for 2021, would losing Washington have potentially punched a hole in Buckeyes' season that would have been difficult to repair? Doug, Nathan and Stephen also discuss the addition of analysts...


What state could be the next one Ohio State targets in recruiting?

For the second installment of Buckeye Future Fridays -- BFFs if you're short for time -- Nathan and Stephen take a look at the national recruiting map. Ohio State has enjoyed great success in both California and Texas, but major programs in those states are in the process of turning things around. OSU has also exploited other areas when home-state programs take a dip, such as New Jersey. So where could the Buckeyes next make similar inroads and pick up some big recruiting wins over multiple...


Buckeyes as fifth-year seniors, and as Ninja Warrior walk-ons

On this Thursday Buckeye Talk from cleveland.com, the episode is split into two parts. Up first, Doug, Nathan and Stephen discuss fifth-year seniors in the OSU program, how they help the Buckeyes, which members of the 2017 recruiting class now in Year 5 could help in 2021, and how fifth-year seniors could help playoff pushes in 2022 and 2023. Is the transfer portal lessening the chances of finding Buckeyes who pop in Year 5? And are Ohio recruits more likely to be those Year 5 guys? Then,...


Projecting Ohio State football's 2023 starting lineups

For this week's Big Wednesday episode we are taking a big leap into the future. We already projected the 2021 depth chart, but that was child's play. What will Ohio State's starting offensive and defensive lineups be in 2023? Obviously, accuracy is not the goal here. A similar exercise in 2017 only predicted 11 of 22 spots for 2020. However, it opened some interesting discussions of what we expected from the good young players on the current Buckeyes roster and how quickly we think incoming...


Who are the top 10 Ohio State players in the NFL right now?

The NFL season is over, and the 2021 draft in Cleveland is two months away. Buckeye Talk wanted to wrap up one and look ahead to the other by taking stock of the best Buckeyes in the pros as of the end of the 2021 season. Doug, Nathan and Stephen each ranked their top 10, as did our Buckeye Talk text subscribers. Would you still rank Michael Thomas No. 1 despite his odd and injury shortened 2021 season? Which pass rusher would you rank the highest? How high should Ezekiel Elliott rank...


Buckeye Talk Headlines: February 08, 2021

Ohio State shifts attention to 2022 recruiting season. Ohio State coaching staff changes. Ohio State spring football practice right around the corner. NFL award for former Ohio State defender Chase Young. Ohio State assistant coach Al Washington targeted by Tennessee as potential defensive coordinator. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


How does Ohio State's 2021 quarterback situation compare to J.T. Barrett in 2014?

Wrapping up the week on Buckeye Talk we delve back into the 2021 quarterback battle. The Buckeyes know they will have an unproven quarterback from Day 1, which is something no playoff team from the previous seven seasons can say. However, some of those teams had great success or won national championship games with true or redshirt freshmen quarterbacks. One example was Ohio State in 2014, which made its playoff push with redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett. What does that season tell us about...