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All your Sports, brought to you by 680 CJOB.

All your Sports, brought to you by 680 CJOB.
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All your Sports, brought to you by 680 CJOB.




From Manitoba's Best to "O Canada's" Worst: Grandpa Arvid Cycles His Way to Order of Manitoba, Local Table Tennis Star Gets Scholarship & The Worst Anthem of All Time!

On this episode, the amazing Arvid Loewen of Grandpas Can joins us to chat about his latest cross-country cycling adventure, which he took a brief break from to GET THE ORDER OF MANITOBA! You go, Grandpa! Also, table tennis player, Matthew Lehmann stops by to tell us about his trip to Italy for The University Games and his new Pan Am Scholarship. And finally, what happened in Vegas 25 years ago probably should've stayed there. Sorry "Greg Bartholomew". Check out The Sports Show every week...


Bob Irving Reminisces About New Bomber Hall of Fame Inductees & Tennis Talk: From Wimbledon to Winnipeg

On this episode, our beloved Bob Irving sticks around to chat about the newest additions to the Blue Bombers Hall of Fame. And...STOP! It's tennis time! Well, it was for Mr. No-Djokovic who won Wimbledon in epic fashion. Also, find out what happened when Winnipeg hosted the ATP Challenger Event! Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


Argos Or Arg-NOs? Bob Irving Previews Bombers VS Argos Game, Author on 1991 Toronto Argonauts & Meet The New Coach of The Winnipeg Blues

On this episode, Bob Irving tells us what to expect for the Bombers next game against the Argos. Also, author and eternal optimist, Paul Woods is working on a book about the 1991 Toronto Argonauts. And say hello to the new coach of the Winnipeg Blues, Gord Burnett! Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!


Teaching Self-Defense to The Blind, Thomas Miles on Bombers VS Argos & Kickin' It with Bomber Justin Medlock

On this episode, Veronika Kanya and her coach, Kevin Kummerfield (plus her adorable guide dog!) stop by to tell us about their new program to teach Jiu-Jitsu to the visually impaired community. Also, Thomas Miles looks into his crystal football to preview the upcoming match up between the Bombers and Argos. And the one-and-only, Bob "Knuckles" Irving catches up with Blue Bombers kicker, Justin Medlock. Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


Replay Booth with Braun: Field of Dreams Edition & Nightmare for Daniel Sturridge and his Stolen Pooch

On this episode, our little tater tot, Jeff Braun (AKA. one half of the Couch Potatoes) joins Christian for the latest edition of The Replay Booth to unpack the unexplained wonders of Field of Dreams. Also, English striker Daniel Sturridge, who played for Liverpool last season says that whoever broke into his Los Angeles home also stole his...wait for the unbelievably horrible truth...dog :( Who does that?! Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!


The Hall of Fame Podcast: Honouring Manitoba's Best

Christian's back from vacation, so that means the return of the CJOB Sports Show podcast. The Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame has announced its 2019 class, so you'll hear from most of the inductees on this Hall of Fame edition of the show!


Bison Leaving Herd for Europe, Leah Hextall Previews Free Agency & Remembering A Legend: Janet Arnott

On this episode, we catch up with U of M Bison grad, Brett Stovin ahead of his big move to the UK after being signed to Dundee Stars of the Elite Ice Hockey League. Also, our resident hockey expert (hexpert!), Leah Hextall looks into her crystal ball to preview free agency in the NHL. And finally, Kelly Moore sat down with Past Chair of Curling Canada, Resby Coutts about the lasting legacy of Manitoba's Janet Arnott.


Will Lighting Strike Twice? Bob Irving Pumped for Bomber Home Opener & MHSAA Honours Athletes of the Year

On this episode, we catch up with Bob Irving ahead of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber's home opener against the Eskimos. And the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association handed out their annual awards to our province's best and brightest - congrats everyone! Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


Winnipeg's World Ball Hockey Champ, And a Review of Wimbledon (The Movie)

On this edition of the CJOB Sports Show podcast, hear from 18-year-old Winnipegger Julianna Thomson, who just won gold with Canada's women's ball hockey team in Slovakia! Allowed just one goal in four wins. Amazing. Also, Jeff Braun joins the show to help review Wimbledon, the 2004 rom-com, since Christian is about to visit the real thing.


A 96-Year-Old Runner, A Tight Salary Cap, and A Really Quick CFL Recap

Where will you be when you're 96 years old? Don't answer that...but just know that Winnipeg's Lou Billinkoff is out there sprinting his way into the record books! Hear why he loves to run on the podcast. Plus, Leah Hextall stops by to share her thoughts on the trades in the NHL this weekend and why the salary cap crunch just got more real for the Winnipeg Jets. Finally, Christian briskly recaps Week 2 in the CFL.


LOC-ALL-STAR ATHLETES: Paul Kastes Heading Overseas for Ball Hockey Championships & Zach Greenberg on His Time as Blue Bomber Long Snapper

On this episode, Christian opens the door to his studio (and heart) to chat with two amazing local athletes! We caught up with Paul Kastes before he packed his bags for the World Junior Ball Hockey Championships in Prague. Also had the chance to sit down with Zach Greenberg, who returned home as a long snapper for the Blue Bomber's pre-season. Tune in to The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


Exp-OH NOOOO! Kirk Penton on CFL-CFLPA Craziness, Murat Ates on NHL Draft & Will They-Won't They: The Tampa Bay-Montreal

On this extremely Athletic edition of the podcast, Kirk Penton of The Athletic weighs in on the recent CFL-CFLPA fiasco and how it will affect player safety moving forward. Also, Murat Ates from the...wait for it...ATHLETIC...dives into the Jets and NHL draft. And finally, Christian catches up with Jamie Bettens, Manitoba Junior Baseball League President about the latest out of Tampa Bay and Montreal. Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


Can't We All Just Get Along? Base-BRAWL Goes Viral, Thoughts on A-Rod & WHY, MONOPOLY, WHHHHYY?

On this episode, it's another case of parents behaving badly because of an ump's call...but this ump was only 13 years old! Oh boy. Also, Christian catches up with our very own, Richard Cloutier about his exclusive with A-Rod at the Rady JCC Sports Dinner. And what on earth has happened to Monopoly? Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


ICE CREAM, YOU SCREAM: Winnipeg ICE Update on School & Signing, Rob Vanstone on Riders QB Turmoil & Bomber Player Profile: Anthony Gaitor

On this episode, Winnipeg ICE General Manager, Matt Cockell tells us about the new Shaftesbury agreement and Savoie signing. Also, the ice-cream-craving, Rob Vanstone of the Regina Leader-Post sheds a light on the Riders quarterback woes. And finally, Kelly Moore profiles another Blue Bomber - meet Anthony Gaitor!


Is It Drafty In Here? Hextall on Trouba Trade (And More!) & Week 1 CFL Recap

On this episode, Leah Hextall helps us break down the latest draft shake-ups, including Erik Karlsson and Jacob Trouba. And Christian bolts through another rapid-fire recap of CFL week 1! Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


Bob Irving in BC For Season Opener, Big Man Panel Celebrates the Raptors & Award Winning Boss Lady Cheryl Adlard on Women in Sport

On this episode, we catch up with the BC-bound Bob Irving ahead of the Blue Bomber's season opener against the Lions. Also, the Big Man Panel (Manel!) assembles to celebrate the day they never saw coming...Raptors victory! And Cheryl Adlard, Executive Director of Racquetball Canada tells us why her recent award was especially meaningful, as well as the importance of women in sports.


ICE ICE BABY: First Overall Pick Matthew Savoie Signs With Team, Winnipegger Inducted Into Speed Skating Hall of Fame & 55+ Games Wrap Up in Swan River

On this episode, we catch up with young Matthew Savoie - the number one overall pick to join the Winnipeg ICE! Also, newly- inducted Hall of Famer, Pat Leech tells us about her speed skating adventures. And committee chair, Murray Mullin says this year's 55+ Games in Swan River were a GREAT SUCCESS!


Kevin Glenn Hanging up His Cleats & Jamie Nye The Riders Guy!!

On this episode, we catch up with the Birthday Boy himself, Kevin Glenn as he celebrates another milestone: retirement! We also continue our cross country CFL quest with a quick stop in Regina to check in with host of The Green Zone, Jamie Nye of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


Big Man Panel...ASSEMBLE...! Bison Swimmer Leaves Herd for California & Former Olympian Turns GM

On this episode, the Big Man Panel (Man-el) assembles to not only reach things off the top shelf, but also discuss the unforgettable Game 5 in the NBA Finals. Also, Manitoba swimmer, Kelsey Wog chats with our very own Kelly Moore about heading south to join the Cali Condors. We also catch up with the General Manager of the Condors, Jason Lesak, a former Olympian making a splash in the States! Check out The Sports Show every week night at 7 on CJOB!!


Stanley Cup 7th Heaven and Curling Relaxes Residency Rules

On a bite-bized CJOB Sports Show podcast, Christian chats with Leah Hextall about the Stanley Cup Final heading to a deciding 7th game, and why she still thinks the Blues are going to win. Plus, a brief look at Curling Canada changing its residency rules.