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A podcast dedicated to gathering wisdom, knowledge, and stories from captains and other industry leaders.

A podcast dedicated to gathering wisdom, knowledge, and stories from captains and other industry leaders.
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A podcast dedicated to gathering wisdom, knowledge, and stories from captains and other industry leaders.




#020 Cleve Evans: Resilience, Recovery, and Rebuilding from Hurricane Michael

In this episode, we sit down with Captain Cleve Evans of Forgotten Coast on the Fly and talk about his experience with Hurricane Michael which completely destroyed his home and city. During this podcast, we talk about resilience, recovery efforts, the need for rebuilding, and of We also got a chance to discuss how Guide Beer played a critical role in helping Cleve get back on his feet after the storm. Learn more at


#019 Benny Blanco: More Education, Better Water, and Becoming an Advocate

In this episode, we sit down with Captain Benny Blanco, host of the new outdoor show Florida Sportsman Watermen. We discuss a variety of subjects ranging from his history in South Florida, issues with water quality, improving environmental education, tips on working with clients, and his hope for the future of "outdoor entertainment." Benny is an advocate for Captains for Cleanwater which exist to protect our most important resource, and raise awareness about critical issues in florida's...


#018 Gray Drummond: Woods, Water, and the True Wild Florida

In this episode, we sit down with Gray Drummond of Florida Outdoor Experience (FOE) and discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from business success to scent control. We also get into the close relationship between hunting and fishing, as well as some of the key factors in becoming a great outdoorsmen. Make sure to check out our photo gallery on the post at


#017 Greg Dini: Coaching Clients, Chasing Redfish, and Treating Every Cast Like It’s Your Last

In this episode, we sit down with Greg Dini of Flywater Expeditions and discuss how he got into guiding, challenges of spending time on the road, Louisiana Redfish, and how college baseball taught him to better coach clients. For more information about this podcast head to


#016 Jordan Todd: Hurricanes, Side Hustles, and Learning to Love the Water

In this podcast, we sit down with Jordan Todd of Salt Water Obsessions and talk about Port Saint Joe, Hurricane Michael, how side hustles helped build his business, and his family's love for the water. Jordan's mother helped instill in him at a young age a love for the water. After receiving a degree in Marine Biology, Jordan began to build a business in his home waters of Northwest Florida. To follow him online check out or follow @Saltwater_Obsessions on Instagram.


#015 Larry Hastings: Sixty Years of Stories, Bonefish, and Shooting Stuff from Helicopters

In this episode, we sit down with Larry Hastings who spent over sixty years of his life working on the water. During this interview, we got a chance to hear about how he went from being a deckhand in Ocean City Maryland to running the prestigious fishing yacht the Buckpasser. From the early days of bonefishing to shooting turkeys from helicopters, this episode is filled with interesting stories that took a lifetime to gather.


#014 Jonathan "Stump" Hamilton: Looking for Patterns, Building a Reputation, and Giving 110%

In this episode, we sit down with Jonathan "Stump" Hamilton and discuss his views on how to identify patterns in the fishery, how he has worked to build his business, reputation, and the importance of giving 110%. Stump guides out of Homosassa Florida for Redfish, Snook, Trout, Tarpon and maybe one day, Billfish. Stump is also a great photographer. To follow him on Instagram check out @stump_nation.


#013 Chip Leavine: Celebrating Fathers, Investing In Clients, and Always Learning

In this special Father's Day episode, we sit down with Captain Chip Leavine of FC Charters located in Carrabelle Florida. In this podcast, we celebrate the life of Bob Wells, discuss the significance of fathers, how to invest in clients, and what it means to be always learning.


#012 David Mangum: Focused and Unfiltered

In this podcast we sit down with David Mangum of Shallow Water Expeditions and talk about his history as a guide, and what it has looked like for him to go all in on Tarpon. We also discuss the importance of focus, scouting, and the "necessary evil" of social media. Warning there is some explicit language in this episode.


#011 Lionel James: Having a Fighter's Mindset, Marketing, and Fun-First-Fishing

In this episode, we sit down with Lionel James of Lions Tale Adventures, and Cali Hlavac, and discuss marketing, social media, and how mixed martial arts influenced Lionel's approach to guiding. Lionel and Cali are located in Destin Florida. They run their business as a team and in this podcast, they share a lot of insight into how they are continuing to expand their influence. To find out more visit


#010 Jim Farrior: Art, Patience, and Fly Fishing

In this episode, we sit down with Captain Jim Farrior and discuss a variety of topics including fly tying, the importance of patience, working fish with other guides, and dealing with client's who can't least can't cast well. Jim has been fly fishing for tarpon for over 30 years, is an incredible artist, and has a very laid back approach with engaging his clients.


#009 Eugene Shuler: Leading a Guide Staff, Knowing History, and Smokey Mountain Trout

In this episode, we interview Eugene Shuler of Fly Fish the Smokies. Eugene is our first freshwater Captain on the podcast and has been guiding for over 20 years. Eugene was recently inducted into the Southern Trout Hall of Fame, is a third generation guide in the Smokies, owns a fly shop, and leads a large guide staff of over 20 guides. In this episode, we talk about how to scale up a guiding business, hire the right staff, invest in the next generation, and how knowing the history of your...


#008 Nat Ragland: The Early Keys, Innovation,​ and Stories from a Pioneer Angler

In this episode, we sit down with the legendary Nat Ragland. Nat was a guide in the keys for over thirty years and has a lifetime of interesting stories. During this interview, Nat shared with us some stories about innovation, what life was like in the Keys during the 70s, and how Flip Pallot gave him his nickname, the Senator. The Captains Collective is a part of the Waypoint Collective. To find other great podcast, television shows, and articles, head to


#007 Tom Rowland: Building a Business, the Myth of Balance, and What Makes a Great Angler

In this episode, we sit down with Tom Rowland of the Tom Rowland Podcast and the television show Saltwater Experience. Outside of filming fourteen seasons of Saltwater Experience, Tom also guided for over fifteen years in fresh and saltwater. In this podcast, we talk about fitness, the myth of "finding balance," how to build a business, and what makes a great angler.


#006 Jimmy Long: Homosassa Hospitality And How To Make The Most Out Of Mentors

In this podcast, we sit down with Captain Jim Long of Homosassa Outfitters and talk about Homosassa style hospitality, the benefits of a great guide association, and how to get the most out of mentorships. Jimmy has been a captain for over 30 years and is a third generation guide who is native to Homosassa.


#005 Rob Fordyce: Dedication, Details, and Dialing In On Tarpon

In this podcast, we sit down with Rob Fordyce from the tv show The SeaHunter. Rob has been a professional guide, tv host, and athlete for 30 years. Rob is a serious tournament angler and has placed top three in over 130 tournaments. Rob also wrote a great book on Tarpon fishing, Tarpon on Fly. Follow Rob on Instagram @TheVoodooDaddy. This episode is brought to you by Don’s Bait & Tackle Shop. Don’s Bait & Tackle is family owned and operated. Located in Homestead Florida, Don’s has been...


#004 Scott Burgess: Sight Fishing and Starting From Scratch

In this podcast, we sit down with Scott Burgess of Skinny Situation Charters. Scott guides all along Florida’s Forgotten Coast and in this episode, we get to hear how he left managing bars and started his business from scratch. We also discuss sight fishing, setting up clients for success, and how to catch the illusive BBD (Big Black Drum).


#003 Bou Bosso: Guard Your Passion, Tips On Guiding, and Chasing Fish In Your Underwear.

In this episode, we sit down with Bou Bosso of Islamorada Florida. Bou is a world-class flats guide, a passionate angler, and was as a founding member of Silver Kings TV. We discuss Bou’s story, guarding your passion, tarpon, bonefish, and the early days of chasing tarpon in his whitey tighties (not an uncommon sight in the Keys). To learn more about Bou, or to book a trip, head to


#002 John Swanson: From The Marines To Marinas

In this episode, we sit down with former Marine, John Swanson, and talk about his transition into guiding in the Big Bend, working with clients, marine electronics, and a new use for the butt caps on your rods. To learn more about John head to


#001 Harry Spear: Pony Tails, The Florida Keys, And Building Great Skiffs

In this episode, we interview Harry Spear who after 30 years of guiding in the Keys relocated to the Florida Panhandle to start a new adventure of building skiffs. To find out more about Spear Boatworks head to If you enjoy this podcast, please share.