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11: Who needs to go bye-bye during Cowboys' bye week?

Another road game, another disaster loss for the Dallas Cowboys. This one came with a twist, though, as Dallas owner Jerry Jones went out and grabbed himself a No. 1 receiver soon after the game was over. KD and Patrik go to work in breaking down how Amari Cooper can help Dallas' offense now that he's been brought in from Oakland. Of course, we fine-tooth the transaction, as well as the reasons why the Cowboys continue to struggle, handing out well-deserved fades to many. Sit back, tune in...


10: Scorched Earth: Everyone gets it, no one is spared

K.D. Drummond and Patrik Walker offer zero diplomatic immunity in dissecting all of the parts of the Dallas organization which have failed in their quest to present Cowboys Nation with a watchable product. So in this episode, everybody gets it. There might not be enough shears in the barbershop for all these folks to Catch This Fade!


9: No sprinkles for Sean Lee, Vanilla Ice Cream offens

The Cowboys emerged from Week 2 with a win, but some people (read Patrik Walker) aren't impressed by the offensive output. Conservative on purpose? Then K.D. Drummond goes in on Sean Lee and his latest injury. You know someone has to Catch This Fade!


8: Biggest DAL-NY matchups to watch + which coaches Catch The Fade?

The Cowboys took a right hook to the chin last week, but they'll need to bounce back in a hurry. In Week 2, the New York Giants come to town and 0-2 could be a death sentence for either squad. Which matchups will decide the game? Who deserves to Catch a Fade for Week 1? Get it all in right here at the Cowboys Barbershop. Be prepared to Catch This Fade!


7: 2018 Cowboys Season Preview: Roster cutdowns set stage for wild, crazy ride

The Cowboys are preparing to start their regular season, but the moves to get down to the first roster were so wild, unorganized and unprecedented, KD Drummond and Patrik Walker are still reeling from the madness. How will it impact the season? Step into the barber's chair and Catch This Fade!


6: Rico-Gathers Stans gotta 'Catch This Fade' + Great DL news

You know who they are... always on the stage, always in the videos... dancing... COME TO DEATH ROW! Oh, sorry... We're going Suge Knight on all the Rico Gathers Stans in the latest episode of Catch This Fade.. both those that won't let go of his potential and the other side of the coin. But first K.D. and Patrik are excited about the newest revelations about the Cowboys defensive line and what kind of potential it presents for the 2018 season. Welcome to the Cowboys' barbershop. Take a...


5: Bubble Mower: Cowboys' preseason will trim fat from roster

The route runner who's catching everything, the down-line tackle willing to fight Travis Frederick, the free agent JAG fighting to stay relevant... Who should fans be watching during the preseason? There are battles everywhere for playing time and in some cases there's a real fight for the final roster spots. The preseason will show which of these standouts is able to translate camp practice performance into the real thing at game time. If not... they better be prepared to Catch This Fade!


4: WR Life After Dez Bryant... What positions to go short on... LB musical chairs?

With training camp just a week away, the Catch This Fade hosts take to Twitter to find out what the fans are concerned about on the precipice of the new season. K.D. and Patrik solicited questions that took them on a wide-ranging path around the Dallas Cowboys question marks. First and foremost, how does the wide receiver position stack up in a world no longer populated with Dez Bryant? Who gets first crack at filling his shoes? They also dive into which positions the Cowboys would be...


3: Dueling Top 5 Cowboys stars compared to Hip Hop Legends

They may look nothing alike, but these Cowboys stars can certainly see a sharp reflection of themselves in these legends of rap and hip hop. In the latest episode of Catch This Fade, KD and Patrik span almost 30 years of the culture to find the perfect comparison for current and recent Cowboys players. Who has earned the right to be compared to Eminem, Snoop, Jay Z, NWA, 2Pac, Nas and other legends of the game? Who do Terrance Williams, Jourdan Lewis, Tyron Smith and Sean Lee remind us of?...


2: If Cowboys sack Garrett, who should replace him?

It feels like Dallas has to make the playoffs for this team to stay together. KD and Patrik get an early jump on creating a watchlist of candidates to replace Jason Garrett as coach of the Cowboys if things go south. As usual the two can't agree on much, even the names they actually do agree on. Check out the mix of college coaches, retreads and up and coming assistants who should be on Dallas' radar.


1: The best 5 Marvel Avengers-Dallas Cowboys comparisons

KD and Patrik return to the debate table to have dueling Top 5 comps between Marvel (MCU) Avengers and members of the Dallas Cowboys. The two hosts share a love for both and look at the strengths and weaknesses of the comic book characters and assign them to those who don the star. Of course, KD and Patrik don't agree on much except for the fact that each of them is always right. It's another heated exchange of hot take volleys centered around America's Team.


Elite 8: Choosing best Dallas Cowboys draft options for No. 19

With the NFL draft now less than a week away, there's no time for the dilly-dally. Catch This Fade! Podcast returns to the airwaves as K.D. Drummond and Patrik Walker breakdown the pros and cons of the consensus(?) eight likely targets for the Dallas Cowboys for the No. 19 pick in the draft's first round. From positional importance to which player would have the biggest cascading impact on the rest of the team, from drinking games with biblical figures to Kendrick Lamar performances, CTF...


Part 2: How to Fix This, Rich for 2018

In Part 1, K.D. and Pat debated on whether or not the Cowboys should say goodbye to Rod Marinelli and whether they should force Dez to take a paycut. In part 2 they examine how the team is using Ezekiel Elliott, what to do about the linebacker position and what was the one thing that ruined everything about the 2017 season. Buckle up, ladies and gents... a whole lot of people are about to Catch This Fade!


2017 Review focuses on Marinelli, Dez Bryant

When a season that started with Super Bowl aspirations ends before Week 17, someone is going to have to catch this fade. K.D. and Patrik start their offseason evaluation of what needs to change with the Dallas Cowboys. In this first of two parts, the dynamic duo operate under the belief owner Jerry Jones means it when he says Jason Garrett will return. If so, there does need to be a shakeup. The two hosts discuss whether that means jettisoning the defensive coordinator and whether the...


Your Favorite Dallas Cowboys in the Realm of Stranger Things

2017 has been nothing short of a collection of stranger things for the Dallas Cowboys, so it's only right Catch This Fade hosts K.D. Drummond and Patrik Walker commemorate the return of the hit series Stranger Things with a dueling top 5! We break down which players have the most in common with the biggest characters from the show while showing total disrespect for the opposing hosts ability. Does K.D. have a Kellen Moore ego? Does Pat really invoke his man crush of Darren McFadden? Who...


Cowboys Nation's Knee-Jerk Overreaction to Defeat Needs to Stop

One loss. That's all it was, but a lot of Cowboys Nation is acting like the Wall is being melted by the Night King's dragon on all that is sacred. The loss to the Broncos was bad and embarrassing, but the reactions of a certain part of the community have been reprehensible. KD Drummond and Patrik Walker break it down. For the best way to bet on Cowboys matchups, visit Join now and MyBookie will match your deposit with a bonus of up to 100% Just use the promo code CSR to...


Did Dallas Make a Mistake Drafting Taco Charlton Over T.J. Watt?

Two premier pass rushers out of the Big Ten selected within two picks of each other, but after one week of the regular season, it looks like Dallas drew the short end of the straw taking Taco Charlton over T.J. Watt, now of the Pittsburgh Steelers. KD Drummond and Patrik Walker debate whether or not the Cowboys made an error in taking the former Michigan Wolverine. SeatGeek is the smartest, easiest way to get tickets to live events. To get $20 off your first SeatGeek purchase, just...


What Has Pissed Off Cowboys Nation This Week?

Last year's quarterback saga in Dallas revolved around injuries paving the way for Dak Prescott to take the reins of the franchise. This season, it's about who will back up the Cowboys superstar, with a veteran and a rookie both fighting hard for the job. KD Drummond and Patrik Walker take a look at the position battle, and give a special tribute to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. SeatGeek is the smartest, easiest way to get tickets to live events. To get $20 off your first SeatGeek...


Has the NFL Flubbed a Disciplinary Issue Again With its Handling of Ezekiel Elliott?

First it was the Saints and Bountygate, then Tom Brady and Deflategate, now Ezekiel Elliott's suspension casts dispersion on how the NFL handles discipline. What is Roger Goodell doing? With each side firing public shots, things have once again turned hostile. K.D. Drummond and Patrik Walker dive into why they believe the league has gotten everything wrong. SeatGeek is the smartest, easiest way to get tickets to live events. To get $20 off your first SeatGeek purchase, just download the...


Why is Jerry Jones So Disrespected Around The NFL?

For a man inducted in the Hall of Fame, Jerry Jones gets very little respect in some quarters. Catch This Fade refuses to let it stand and goes over all of the reasons why Jones has been deserving of this honor for a while now. Is he the NFL's secret commissioner? How vicious was the flip? K.D. Drummond and Patrik Walker hand out fades to all who disagree with the science and mathematics of it all. You will love how good it feels, and tastes, to create incredible home cooked meals with...