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Are you into doggin LeBron?

Reporter Rob Oller speaks with former Dispatch sports columnist Bob Hunter on how LeBron James has chosen to take his basketball talents from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers. Next we further discuss football bowl games and which is best bowl game to cover. After that we talk the Columbus Blue Jackets and our thoughts on if Artemi Panarin will decide to leave the team as a free agent. Finally, we talk dogs vs. cats and which dog we think is the smartest of all times.


Does the World Cup bug you?

Dispatch sports columnist Rob Oller speaks with reporter Holly Zachariah regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers and whether or not we think superstar player LeBron James will leave the team. Next we discuss the 2018 FIFA World Cup, whether we like the temperature outside hot or cold, and which bugs we are the most scared of.


Is LeBron packing his bags?

Sports columnist Rob Oller speaks with Dispatch Web Producer Patrick Flaherty on the Cleveland Cavaliers and the playoff performance of J. R. Smith and what happened during the end of the first game against the Golden State Warriors. Finally we discuss the dumbest things we’ve done while playing sports, talk about the stress of moving, and debate using a push lawn mower vs. using a riding mowing to cut the grass.


What about Bob?

Sports columnist Rob Oller talks with Dispatch staff photographer Kyle Robertson on the recent news regarding the Ohio State men’s basketball team and how Alonzo Gaffney announced that he has committed to Ohio State. Next we discuss how the Columbus Blue Jackets have made the playoffs and are set to face the Washington Capitals in the first-round. Then we talk about Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky and his past playoff performances. Finally, we talk about athletes who are clutch in...


Talkin’ Crew, flu, and Cavs making us sick

Sports columnist Rob Oller is joined by Crew SC beat writer Andrew Erickson as they talk recent news that came from an Austin memo today, and potential stadium sites that the Crew might be moving to. Later in the episode we discuss how LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers could leave the team and potentially go to the Golden State Warriors or maybe the Los Angeles Lakers. Finally we discuss sickness, being sick, and the upcoming Super Bowl as the Philadelphia Eagles get set to take on...


Is Tom Brady old?

Sports columnist Rob Oller speaks with Dispatch staff photographer Kyle Robertson on NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Blue Jackets player Brandon Dubinsky, and the recent changes to the Ohio State football coaching staff. Finally, we discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers, our favorite coffee beverages, and compare the age of different athletes and celebrities.


Indisputable evidence… Meyer vs. Saban, Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Sports columnist Rob Oller talks with news editor Danny Goodwin on the instant replay in the world of football, the Cleveland Browns parade that was held for their winless 0-16 season, and the recent incident between Isaiah Thomas and forward Andrew Wiggins. Finally we discuss Urban Meyer and Nick Saban and Star Wars vs. Star Trek.


Cleveland Browns circus act continues

Columnist Rob Oller speaks with Dispatch sports reporter Steve Blackledge on the recent firing of Cleveland Browns vice president of football operations Sashi Brown. Next we discuss the Bengals Steelers game and the injury of former Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier, and how football has become more a dangerous game regarding hitting injuries. We also discuss the recent success with the Cleveland Cavaliers and their 13 game winning streak. Finally, we talk about how the Ohio State...


It’s all about the money

Columnist Rob Oller talks with sports entertainment agent Bret Adams regarding how Chris Spielman seeks to expand the lawsuit filed against Ohio State, the Columbus Crew SC, and the potential of the team relocating to Austin, Texas. Finally, we discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers, the upcoming Big Ten Championship, and the holiday season.


The Game within the game of the College Football Playoffs… and Stranger Things

Columnist Rob Oller, music reporter Julia Oller, and web producer Patrick Flaherty discuss the recent death of former Ohio State football player Terry Glenn, the current College Football Playoff standings, and the upcoming Ohio State Michigan rivalry game. Finally we also discuss the Netflix original series Stranger Things.


Talkin’ College Football Playoffs, what in the World Series? - #19

Columnist Rob Oller and assistant sports editor Scott Davis discuss tomorrow nights first ranking of the College Football Playoffs, recap the 39-38 Ohio State victory over Penn State, and make predictions about which four teams the committee might select in the first rankings. Finally, we are joined by retired MLB pitcher Kent Mercker, to talk about baseball and the current World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros.


Talkin’ Tribe, Tom Petty, and Browns Free Fallin’ - #18

Sports columnist Rob Oller and Ken Schnacke the President and Genral Manager of The Columbus Clippers talk about the Indians vs. the Yankees in game 1 of the AL Division Series. Columbus Dispatch Web producer Patrick Flaherty also joins the show to talk about Browns Bengals, the death of Tom Petty, and the recent news with the Cleveland Cavaliers.


FBI on line 2 for you coach - # 17

Sports reporter Todd Jones and Columnist Rob Oller discuss the college basketball federal bribery investigation, the news of how Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has been put on unpaid leave, and talk about how the Cleveland Cavaliers recently have signed Dwyane Wade. The guys also mention the Cleveland Indians got their 100 win today as the Tribe continues to roll into the end of the season. We finally look ahead to the Browns Bengals game and the Ohio State Rutgers match up that...


Wave your flag the Tribe abides - #16

Sports reporter Todd Jones and Columnist Rob Oller talk about the red hot Indians 22 game winning streak, recap the most recent Bengals football game, and discuss how quarterback Baker Mayfield planted the Sooner flag in the Ohio State logo at midfield. We also look ahead to the upcoming Ohio State vs. Army game and try to predict the final outcome.


High tops and low humor as college football begins - #14

Sports reporter Todd Jones and Columnist Rob Oller recap the recent Mayweather McGregor fight, talk about the start of college football, player suspensions in the NFL, and the Cleveland Cavaliers recent trade of Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas.


Football on the brain - #11

Sports reporter Todd Jones, and columnist Rob Oller discuss how football season is starting up again soon, CTE brain injuries among football players, and the beginning of preseason football camps for the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Cleveland Browns, and the Cincinnati Bengals.


May the fourth be with you - #4

Its May 4, national Star Wars day! Todd Jones and Rob Oller talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers and their progress against the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs this far.


Professional coaches, players, and managers sometimes snap - #3

Todd Jones and Rob Oller discuss how sports coaches lose their cool, minds in the heat of the moment.


The thrill of Championship, playoff games - #2

Todd Jones and Rob Oller talk about how Aaron Hernandez was convicted of murder, and then found dead in jail. Also discuss the Blue Jackets performance in the playoffs thus far. Finally what it’s like to cover different types of sports at different times in the year.