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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




Week 13 Picks: Bills-Pats & "The shepherd's pretty good too"

(2:20) TNF: Cowboys at Saints (5:45) Buccaneers at Falcons (8:30) Cardinals at Bears (11:00) Chargers at Bengals (14:40) Vikings at Lions (17:20) Colts at Texans (19:30) Giants at Dolphins (22:45) Eagles at Jets (26:15) Jaguars at Rams (29:10) Washington at Raiders (32:50) Ravens at Steelers (35:45) 49ers at Seahawks (41:20) SNF: Broncos at Chiefs (44:45) MNF: Patriots at Bills (49:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


WTF Happened: Vrabel vs BB + "You can't be simple AND stupid"

(3:45) Dolphins defense: How did they do a midseason 180? (30:00) Patriots defense: They won, but how did they allow 270 rush yds to the Titans? (43:00) Big Phil: He joins to talk about what's wrong with Matthew Stafford, how much blame to put on Baker Mayfield, and if the Giants should exercise Daniel Jones' 5th-year option. (1:18:10) 49ers offense: How Deebo Samuel has the Shanahan offense back at full speed. (1:38:45) Rams defense: "You can be simple. You can be stupid. But you can't...


Week 12 Recap: Leonard FOURnette + "I will kiss your feet"

(3:05) Packers def. Rams: Chris praises Green Bay's best defender, while LA looks like a box office dud. (16:00) Buccaneers def. Colts: No Leonard FOURnette pun is too obvious for Ahmed. And Chris defends Frank Reich's playcalling. (24:40) 49ers def. Vikings: "Not your average Deebo" is leading the surging Shanahans. (35:05) Patriots def. Titans: Is New England the best team in the AFC? And how did Tennessee run all over them...and lose? (43:30) Bengals def. Steelers: "I will get down...


Week 12 Picks: Thanksgiving + "Why do you hate me?"

(1:40) Thanksgiving: Bears at Lions (4:30) Thanksgiving: Raiders at Cowboys (7:45) Thanksgiving: Bills at Saints (11:00) Steelers at Bengals (14:10) Jets at Texans (16:35) Buccaneers at Colts (19:45) Falcons at Jaguars (22:10) Panthers at Dolphins (26:10) Titans at Patriots (29:45) Eagles at Giants (36:10) Chargers at Broncos (38:35) Rams at Packers (41:30) Vikings at 49ers (44:15) SNF: Browns at Ravens (46:30) MNF: Seahawks at Washington (49:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison...


Week 11 Recap: Damn! Okay Jonathan Taylor + "Taking Cookies"

(3:30) Chargers def. Steelers: Justin Herbert beat a "simple" Steelers defense, and Big Ben doesn't need practice. (14:00) Chiefs def. Cowboys: How has Kansas City turned around its defense? (23:30) Eagles def. Saints: Does Philly have the best run game in the NFL right now? (29:40) Colts def. Bills: Is Jonathan Taylor the best RB in the NFL? And "the Bills offense is a mirage." (41:10) Vikings def. Packers: Is Kirk Cousins having a top tier QB season? And is Justin Jefferson the best WR...


Week 11 Picks: Cam vs Rivera + "It's getting personal"

(4:10) TNF: Patriots at Falcons (6:55) Colts at Bills (10:45) Washington at Panthers (13:50) Ravens at Bears (16:15) Lions at Browns (20:15) 49ers at Jaguars (22:45) Packers at Vikings (25:15) Dolphins at Jets (26:30) Saints at Eagles (28:50) Texans at Titans (30:15) Bengals at Raiders (33:15) Cowboys at Chiefs (35:50) Cardinals at Seahawks (40:10) SNF: Steelers at Chargers (42:35) MNF: Giants at Buccaneers (45:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


WTF Happened: Pats championship D + Deebo's 4th down TD

(3:20) Patriots defense: After dominating the Browns, does New England have a championship defense? Plus, Chris explains what it means for a cornerback to "steal the seams." (39:15) Mac Jones: "It's never going to be the sexiest thing on Earth. Neither was Tom Brady." (50:10) Eagles offense: They have done an about-face and are playing the perfect way for Jalen Hurts. (1:08:10) Bills offense: After Chris was so worried about them last week, they did something completely different against...


Week 10 Recap: Cam is back, Mahomes on track

(3:25) Chiefs def. Raiders: Patrick Mahomes looks like his old self, but Chris still has some concerns. Also, Ahmed wonders if fans can be upset about postgame jersey swaps. (19:50) Cowboys def. Falcons: Stop blitzing Dak Prescott. (26:30) Bills def. Jets: Has Chris stopped worrying about the Buffalo offense? And the Mike White hype is (thankfully) dead. (33:25) Panthers def. Cardinals: PJ Walker "did a good job," but should the Panthers still start Cam Newton? (42:40) Packers def....


Week 10 Picks: Russ returns + "I can't get behind KC"

(3:20) TNF: Ravens at Dolphins (7:25) Falcons at Cowboys (11:00) Jaguars at Colts (13:50) Browns at Patriots (17:30) Bills at Jets (22:00) Lions at Steelers (25:30) Saints at Titans (29:05) Buccaneers at Washington (30:40) Panthers at Cardinals (35:10) Vikings at Chargers (37:35) Eagles at Broncos (40:00) Seahawks at Packers (45:30) SNF: Chiefs at Raiders (48:45) MNF: Rams at 49ers (51:05) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


WTF Happened: Bills/Cowboys flop + Kingsbury on point

(5:00) Bills offense: How did the Jaguars shut them down, and are there long-term concerns for the fighting Josh Allens? (30:40) Cowboys offense: What derailed the Dallas offense on Sunday? (51:30) Kliff Kingsbury's offense: How did the Cardinals keep rolling even without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins? (1:14:00) Patriots run game: How did Josh McDaniels crack the code of the Panthers defense? (1:33:20) Jordan Love: Did he look any better on film review? (1:35:30) Play of the F***ing...


Week 9 Recap: Upset Sunday

(7:00) Titans def. Rams: Is Tennessee the best team in the AFC? (17:25) Cardinals def. 49ers: No Kyler. No Nuk. No problem. (28:00) Broncos def. Cowboys: "I don't care if you're Peyton Manning, if you don't practice 2 weeks you're not going to come back and set the world on fire" (34:40) Jaguars def. Bills: "I don't care what the stats are, they are not a top offense in football right now" (42:25) MVP odds: The favorite is now a QB who didn't even play this week (44:20) Browns def....


Week 9 Picks: Mahomes vs Love?! + Florio splits the baby

(3:40) TNF: Jets at Colts (6:15) Vikings at Ravens (9:50) Patriots at Panthers (12:50) Browns at Bengals (15:35) Broncos at Cowboys (18:50) Bills at Jaguars (21:15) Texans at Dolphins (24:15) Falcons at Saints (26:10) Raiders at Giants (29:20) Chargers at Eagles (32:50) Packers at Chiefs (35:00) Cardinals at 49ers (40:40) SNF: Titans at Rams (46:30) MNF: Bears at Steelers (49:55) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


Aaron Rodgers out + WTF Happened: Tom Brady & Carson Wentz

(2:20) Big Phil: He's back on the pod for the first time this season, on his 66th birthday no less. (4:50) Packers-Chiefs: Is Jordan Love ready for his first start? And Phil talks about a time when he was in a rut like Patrick Mahomes. (22:20) Cowboys: Dallas "has a Super Bowl roster," and Chris and Phil are struggling to find a weakness. (26:05) Bengals: How did they let Mike White carve them up? And Phil didn't like their offensive approach either. (39:00) Carson Wentz: Chris breaks...


Week 8 Recap + Von Miller to Rams, Derrick Henry done?

(4:55) Derrick Henry injured + Titans def. Colts: Tennessee gets a big win, but did they lose the most irreplaceable non-QB in the NFL? (23:00) Steelers def. Browns: "This is Pittsburgh football! This is their best chance to win f***ing games." (28:45) Patriots def. Chargers: Is the NFL catching up to the LA offense? Is Mac Jones the best rookie QB this season? (37:40) Jets def. Bengals: Mike White had a great game, but slow your roll on the Zach Wilson QB controversy. (47:50) Saints...


Week 8 Picks: Disagreements Galore

(3:45) TNF: Packers at Cardinals (7:25) Panthers at Falcons (9:40) Dolphins at Bills (11:35) 49ers at Bears (13:35) Steelers at Browns (17:40) Eagles at Lions (22:05) Rams at Texans (24:15) Titans at Colts (26:45) Bengals at Jets (30:00) Patriots at Chargers (32:50) Jaguars at Seahawks (35:45) Washington at Broncos (38:35) Buccaneers at Saints (42:30) SNF: Cowboys at Vikings (44:45) MNF: Giants at Chiefs (47:55) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


WTF Happened: Bad Mahomes & Big Play Bengals

(6:00) Patrick Mahomes: He's not trusting his blockers or seeing things correctly. (30:15) Big Play Bengals: "There's no corner in football who can cover Ja'Marr Chase 1-on-1." And how did Joe Burrow do what Justin Herbert couldn't? (44:45) Ravens offense: Is their running game overrated? And why couldn't they handle the Bengals blitz? (52:10) Bears offense: Justin Fields is making mistakes, but the Chicago gameplan gave him "no chance." (1:03:00) 49ers offense: Chris debunks a...


Week 7 Recap: Titans thump Chiefs & #NationalTightEndsDay

(3:20) Titans def. Chiefs: Is this a lost season for the Chiefs? And where do the Titans rank among AFC contenders? (15:50) Bengals def. Ravens: The big play Bengals and Ja'Marr Chase are unstoppable. (24:50) Rams def. Lions: Ahmed starts building his Matthew Stafford Hall of Fame case. (34:25) Buccaneers def. Bears: Despite 5 turnovers, Chris is still impressed by Justin Fields. And Ahmed is mad about the fan who had to give Tom Brady's ball back. (45:00) Cardinals def. Texans: Zach...


Week 7 Picks: Stafford-Goff Double Revenge Game

(3:30) TNF: Broncos at Browns (8:15) Bengals at Ravens (12:10) Washington at Packers (14:30) Falcons at Dolphins (17:00) Jets at Patriots (19:50) Panthers at Giants (23:40) Chiefs at Titans (26:45) Lions at Rams (31:25) Eagles at Raiders (35:15) Texans at Cardinals (38:00) Bears at Buccaneers (42:30) SNF: Colts at 49ers (47:45) MNF: Saints at Seahawks (50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


WTF Happened: Herbert confused & Carr hits it deep

(3:45) Ravens defense: How did they confuse Justin Herbert? (21:25) Cardinals defense: They went all-out to stop the Browns run game. (31:55) Browns defense: Another blown coverage leads to a TD. (39:40) Chiefs defense: How forcing the issue helped them turn it around. (52:50) Derek Carr & Teddy Bridgewater: One hit the deep ball, while the other didn't. (1:06:55) Trevon Diggs: Does he take any blame for the Kendrick Bourne TD? (1:12:25) Carson Wentz: Time to notice how well he's...


Week 6 Recap: Cowboys can win it all, Rodgers owns Bears

(2:45) Cowboys def. Patriots: "The whole adage of 'defense wins championships' is done." (14:00) Packers def. Bears: Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears, and he has a top 3 RB tandem to help. (22:20) Cardinals def. Browns: "The AZ front whipped the crap out of the Cleveland O-line, and that was the surprise to me." (30:40) Chiefs def. Washington: What changed with the KC defense? (41:35) Ravens def. Chargers: Chris underestimated the Ravens run game. And what has Lamar improved with his...