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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




Conference Championship Picks: "The evil eye"

(5:45) AFC Championship: Bengals at Chiefs (29:30) NFC Championship: 49ers at Rams (45:40) Championship Sunday Props (49:05) Best Bet & Folsom Prison Blues Pick


WTF Happened: Divisional Recap & Conf. Champ Preview

(7:30) Chiefs offense: Patrick Mahomes is the "f*cking zen master now," and defenses can't play him the same way anymore. (28:00) Chiefs defense: Chris was surprised when he looked at how they guarded Stefon Diggs. (34:50) Bengals defense: How Mike Hilton turned a close call to a game-changing INT. (48:50) Bengals offense: It's "buyer beware" playing man-to-man vs Ja'Marr Chase. (54:10) Rams offense: The Buccaneers should have given more respect to Matthew Stafford. (1:01:55) Rams...


Divisional Recap: "An unbelievable f**ing weekend!"

(3:00) Chiefs def. Bills: "The greatest quarterback duel I've ever seen." Plus has Chris finally changed his mind on the NFL's OT rules? (29:10) Rams def. Buccaneers: "You have to whup a team's @ss to turn the ball over 4 times and still win." And have we seen the last of Tom Brady? (43:40) 49ers def. Packers: "One team that's good with a Super Bowl QB, and the other team that's great with just a good QB." And have we seen the last of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay? (1:02:45) Bengals def....


Divisional Picks: "My Homie vs Giddy Up!"

(3:50) Bengals at Titans (15:50) 49ers at Packers (29:30) Rams at Buccaneers (40:35) Bills at Chiefs (50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


WTF Happened: Divisional Preview + Big Phil's robes

(4:10) 49ers vs Packers: What has changed since their Week 3 nailbiter? Can the Packers still hang with the Shanahan run game? How can Aaron Rodgers expose the SF defense the way Dallas didn't? (32:45) Rams vs Buccaneers: The Rams run is setting up big plays to OBJ. And can the LA front four get to Brady? (49:40) Bills vs Chiefs: This is not the same KC defense that lost in Week 5. But can either D stop Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes right now? (59:30) Big Phil joins to explain his Daniel...


Wild Card Recap: Cowboys excuses & Sleeping naked

(4:10) 49ers def. Cowboys: Jimmy G's throws "are astounding to me." And Chris can't believe Dak Prescott's excuses. (28:50) Buccaneers def. Eagles: "This is what worries me about the 7 seed in the playoffs." And what does the future hold for Jalen Hurts? (43:40) Chiefs def. Steelers: "I've never seen a team like this in my life" (50:15) Bills def. Patriots: "Josh Allen is arguably the best player in football." And can Mac Jones beat the better QBs of the NFL? (1:10:45) Bengals def....


Wild Card Picks: "It's pasta & meatballs time!"

(5:25) #5 Raiders at #4 Bengals (19:45) #6 Patriots at #3 Bills (29:00) #7 Eagles at #2 Buccaneers (36:00) #6 49ers at #3 Cowboys (44:50) #7 Steelers at #2 Chiefs (50:25) #5 Rams at #4 Cardinals (52:20) Best Bets


WTF Will Happen: Super Wild Card Previews

(2:30) Raiders vs Bengals: These "two f*ckers" could ruin the Big Play Bengals. (17:45) Darren Waller is the key for the Raiders offense. (26:00) Patriots vs Bills: Chris sees a way for the Patriots to limit Josh Allen. (43:25) The Pats can't be as "arrogant" with their run game. (52:00) Eagles vs Buccaneers: The Philly defense hasn't seen a QB like Tom Brady in a while. (1:04:00) The Eagles run on everyone...but maybe not the Bucs? (1:12:15) 49ers vs Cowboys: Can the Dallas O-line...


Week 18 Recap: Steelers alive + Chris kisses Ahmed's feet

(3:50) Raiders def. Chargers: Las Vegas had plenty of reason to play for the win. And Justin Herbert deserved better. (19:25) Steelers def. Ravens: Contrary to rumors, Ahmed did not bet on Pittsburgh. (26:15) Jaguars def. Colts: "It was a straight up buttwhupping...and then Carson Wentz dumb sh!t started happening." (30:40) 49ers def. Rams: Damn! Okay...Kyle Shanahan, who makes everything happen. (39:50) Saints def. Falcons: Kudos to Alvin Kamara and Sean Payton. (42:20) Seahawks def....


Week 18 Picks: "There are no great teams"

(2:45) Saturday: Chiefs at Broncos (6:30) Saturday: Cowboys at Eagles (10:35) Steelers at Ravens (12:55) Bengals at Browns (15:00) Packers at Lions (18:00) Titans at Texans (19:50) Colts at Jaguars (22:55) Bears at Vikings (25:00) Washington at Giants (26:15) Seahawks at Cardinals (30:15) Saints at Falcons (33:00) 49ers at Rams (35:30) Panthers at Buccaneers (40:20) Jets at Bills (42:25) Patriots at Dolphins (45:20) SNF: Chargers at Raiders (49:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison...


WTF Happened: Burrow hits the tablet + Ahmed won't curse

(4:05) Chiefs offense: "Run it again! Run it again!" (15:25) Bengals offense: How Ja'Marr Chase scared Steve Spagunolo, and Simms has a confession about the Bengals uniforms. (45:30) Cowboys offense: An overrated O-line, basic offense, and Dak's mechanics has Chris concerned. (1:01:15) Cardinals offense: Chase Edmonds is a difference-maker, but should they be tempted by Antonio Brown? (1:08:40) NFC West odds: Chris seems some value on the Cardinals. (1:13:40) Colts offense: Can Indy...


Week 17 Recap: Burrow to Chase & "We're going streaking!"

(3:00) Bengals def. Chiefs: Ja'Marr Chase torches KC. And Joe Burrow should be the favorite for an award. (15:45) Titans def. Dolphins: Tennessee's run game is real. Plus, "I'm a believer in the future of the Dolphins." (22:45) Packers def. Vikings: Chris takes the "L" on Davante Adams. And should Mike Zimmer be done in Minnesota? (35:40) Cardinals def. Cowboys: "This was a big one for Arizona." (41:50) Rams def. Ravens: Damn! Okay...OBJ! But can you rely on Matthew Stafford in the...


Week 17 Picks: "That's Bermudagrass u idiot"

(2:10) Rams at Ravens (6:35) Falcons at Bills (9:00) Giants at Bears (10:30) Chiefs at Bengals (14:35) Raiders at Colts (17:10) Jaguars at Patriots (18:50) Buccaneers at Jets (21:10) Dolphins at Titans (23:40) Eagles at Washington (27:10) Broncos at Chargers (30:40) Texans at 49ers (33:25) Cardinals at Cowboys (36:35) Panthers at Saints (39:25) Lions at Seahawks (42:55) SNF: Vikings at Packers (46:00) MNF: Browns at Steelers (50:35) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


WTF Happened: Rams weak link + "Encapsulizes"

(3:05) Josh Allen: "Belichick called every defense under the sun. It didn't matter." (19:30) Bills linebackers: They were the key to frustrating the Patriots rushing and creating Mac Jones mistakes. (36:00) Baker Mayfield: How much blame does he deserve for his 4 INT? (41:55) Davante Adams: "The Browns treated him like he was Paul Burmeister at wide receiver" (54:20) Matthew Stafford: "The Rams have hit their groove. He's their only question for me." (1:02:15) Jimmy Garoppolo: "It's the...


Week 16 Recap: Allen & Burrow shine + "That's a no-no"

(5:05) Bills def. Patriots: "Josh Allen is the greatest one-man-show in the NFL" (15:05) Bengals def. Ravens: Joe Burrow has a career day…but was throwing late when up big a "bush league" move? (23:20) Chiefs def. Steelers: “KC is not all the way back, but they’re close.” And Chris' lips are looking safe. (29:30) Packers def. Browns: Is Matt LaFleur the coach of the year? And why didn’t Cleveland give Nick Chubb the ball more? (39:50) Cowboys def. Washington: Chris sees the Cowboys as...


Week 16 Picks: "I've never met a fan like you"

(4:20) TNF: 49ers at Titans (9:00) Christmas: Browns at Packers (13:10) Christmas: Colts at Cardinals (16:30) Lions at Falcons (19:00) Buccaneers at Panthers (21:25) Ravens at Bengals (24:50) Chargers at Texans (25:45) Rams at Vikings (27:45) Bills at Patriots (29:45) Jaguars at Jets (31:30) Giants at Eagles (33:45) Bears at Seahawks (36:10) Steelers at Chiefs (38:50) Broncos at Raiders (44:10) SNF: Washington at Cowboys (46:00) MNF: Dolphins at Saints (50:00) Best Bets &...


WTF Happened: Brady shut out + Under Armour toothbrush

(4:00) Saints shut out Tom Brady: How New Orleans' secondary used "bastard" looks to stymy the Bucs. (34:30) Lions manhandle Cardinals: Detroit cracked the Kliff Kingsbury code. Plus "the Lions are building something for the future here." (51:40) Colts run on Pats: Chris breaks down Jonathan Taylor's vision. (1:05:55) Mac Jones mistakes: As the Colts run D "shot their gun," the rookie QB gaffed in big spots. (1:18:30) Play of the F^*king Day: The Ravens doubled Davante Adams...and still...


Week 15 Recap: Rodgers for MVP, Bosa for CPOY, & Teeth hygiene

(4:15) Saints def. Buccaneers: Can other teams replicate what the Saints defense did? And should Tom Brady still be the MVP frontrunner? (22:30) Lions def. Cardinals: "They won that football game. It was no fluke." (32:30) Packers def. Ravens: Did Chris like the 2-pt conversion decision? And how did Tyler Huntley light up the Packers D? (46:20) Steelers def. Titans: "This was the shocker of the day for me." And we're one step closer to Chris kissing Ahmed's shoes. (55:40) Bengals def....


Week 15 Picks: Saturday Football + Conspiracy Chris

(3:15) TNF: Chiefs at Chargers (7:30) Saturday: Raiders at Browns (12:15) Saturday: Patriots at Colts (15:45) Panthers at Bills (17:45) Cardinals at Lions (19:15) Texans at Jaguars (21:05) Jets at Dolphins (22:25) Cowboys at Giants (24:30) Washington at Eagles (26:40) Titans at Steelers (30:00) Bengals at Broncos (32:50) Falcons at 49ers (34:55) Packers at Ravens (38:05) Seahawks at Rams (43:40) SNF: Saints at Buccaneers (45:45) MNF: Vikings at Bears (48:40) Best Bets &...


WTF Happened: Burrow & Allen magic + "Twelve threes?!"

(4:30) George Kittle: Zac Taylor says the Bengals tried to take the star TE away. The film says different. (12:30) Joe Burrow & Ja'Marr Chase: They used their chemistry to beat the Niners Cover-2. (24:30) Buccaneers offense: They were unstoppable in the 1st half. So what (or who) slowed the down in the 2nd? (43:15) Josh Allen: Did the Bucs back off him in the 2nd half? (52:30) Patrick Mahomes: "The Raiders are too basic." (57:30) Chiefs Defense: "He's as dominant as any guy in football...