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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




Interview with Joe Burrow: "Why are you not sweating and I am?"

Chris Simms traveled to Cincinnati to play catch with Joe Burrow. The Bengals superstar QB explains why he now throws with more power, why he once was preparing to become an investment banker, what's his approach to leading a locker room, and more.


Top 40 QB #AskMeAnything: "Here, Take My Incest Chickens"

(7:20) Is Josh Allen worthy of #1 even though his best moment came against a bad defense? (9:45) Who is a better running threat – Allen or Cam Newton from the mid 2010s? (12:00) Is Patrick Mahomes being graded overly harsh? (18:40) Who had the better first 2 seasons of their career – Andrew Luck or Justin Herbert? (22:40) Why Herbert over Joe Burrow? (27:00) Does anyone carry their team more than Aaron Rodgers? (32:20) A look at the MVP Odds powered by PointsBet (35:45) Did Chris have...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #4-1 + Ahmed’s Super Brawl #10-1

(10:58) #4: Joe Burrow: “He went to the SB with the worst O-Line in the history of the sport” (25:27) #3: Justin Herbert: “Probably the best pure thrower of the football in the NFL” (38:22) #2: Patrick Mahomes: After back-to-back years as #1, why did Mahomes fall to #2? (54:36) #1: Josh Allen: “No one is asked to carry their team more on a weekly basis” (1:08:15) AFC Champion Odds: AFC is stacked, which team is the best value bet? (1:11:49) Simms Perfect 10: Find out the 3...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #8-5 + Big Phil on Lamar Jackson

(8:30) #8 Tom Brady: "He is the GOAT. I've changed my stance." (22:45) #7 Russell Wilson: Will Nathaniel Hackett change his game? (33:15) #6 Matthew Stafford: "The guy who's always been a Super Bowl QB, and finally got a team to match." (46:00) #5 Aaron Rodgers: After a 2nd straight MVP, how did he fall out of the Top 3? (1:00:25) NFC Champion odds: Would you take the Bucs/Packers/Rams, or the field? (1:03:40) Phil Simms: The Big Effer joins us to talk about Tom Brady's arm, Lamar...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown #12-9 + Ahmed Super Brawl #11-20

(8:00) #12 Kyler Murray: “He runs like a slot receiver and can make all the throws. But in the pocket is still a question mark." (21:45) #11 Derek Carr: "He's become the ultimate sheriff. Tell me, what is the negative about Derek Carr?" (36:00) #10 Lamar Jackson: Chris is a fan, even when Lamar is angrily tweeting at him. (52:00) MVP redux odds: What former winner could do it again in 2022? (54:30) #9 Dak Prescott: "His toughness in the pocket is where he separates himself." (1:05:30)...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #16-13

(6:30) #16 Kirk Cousins: “The ultimate System QB … it’s the sexiness that lacks” (14:50) #15 Ryan Tannehill: “He plays within a system, but he can bring something to the system, too” (25:15) #14 Matt Ryan: “You don’t realize how good he is until you turn on the f***ing film” (33:15) PointsBet AFC South Odds: Simms isn’t quite the sure the current AFC South favorite deserves to be (37:00) #13 Deshaun Watson: “I don’t know what to make of him” (45:00) Mailbag: Does Daniel Jones have any...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #20-17 + Ahmed's Super Brawl

(3:45) Simms Perfect 10: We had a shockingly high number of people who tried to get into Chris' head. (8:00) #20 Jimmy Garoppolo: If he's a better QB than Trey Lance right now, why shouldn't the 49ers stick with him? (22:00) #19 Carson Wentz: He has Top 10 talent...But it's his last chance." (33:50) #18 Mac Jones: "Maybe the best rookie decision-maker I've ever seen." (48:20) #17 Baker Mayfield: "It's a game-changing arm." So why can't he find a team? (59:30) Homies mailbag: Where is...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #25-21

(8:50) #25 Jalen Hurts: "I was wrong last year" (26:40) #24 Trevor Lawrence: "He made me say 'wow' the least out of the rookies" (36:15) #23 Justin Fields: "He basically said 'Chris Simms shut up, look at this.'" (44:40) #22 Zach Wilson: "He was managed the least out of these QBs" (58:50) #21 Daniel Jones: "When his team wasn't totally overwhelmed, he played pretty well" (1:14:40) Homies react to Top 40: Why didn't Jordan Love even get an honorable mention? And has Trey Lance's throwing...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #30-26

(9:10) #30 Jared Goff: Should the Lions have gotten some competition for him? (19:45) #29 Tua Tagovailoa: Welcome to the countdown, TuAnon. (32:20) #28 Marcus Mariota: What does he have that Tua doesn't? (42:50) #27 Mitchell Trubisky: How did he move back into the rankings after not playing last year? (59:45) #26 Jameis Winston: "He showed us he's coachable and can play a different style." (1:08:20) Homies react to Top 40: Niners nation is not happy about Trey Lance being #31. And why...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #35-31

(5:20) BREAKING NEWS: Eagles sign CB James Bradberry, and Chris is loving Howie Roseman's offseason. (10:00) #35 Davis Mills: "The Texans may have a diamond in the rough, and he deserves that shot this year to prove it." (18:10) #34 Tyler Huntley: "He's heading upwards and I could see him as a starter one day." (26:10) Honorable Mentions: Who was just outside the Top 40 bubble? (27:00) #33 Geno Smith: Why is he 7 spots higher than Drew Lock? (36:00) #32 Sam Darnold: Can we forget the...


Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #40-36

(5:20) Simms Perfect 10 Last Man Standing: Rob, a teacher from Illinois, joins us to talk about how he nailed 7 of the Top 10 picks in the NFL draft, plus who he's betting on this coming season. (14:50) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: Chris explains the 4 categories that he focuses on for his rankings. (20:50) #40 Drew Lock: "He has the talent to be in the Top 15. But he's not in the trust tree." (27:20) #39 Kenny Pickett: "I have no doubt he is ready for the NFL." But is he a lock to beat out...


Top 40 QB Preview: "Screw off to the Stafford haters"

(10:00) 2021 Top 40 QB Review: Chris self-scouts himself and takes some victory laps on last year's rankings. (24:40) Rookies: How many will make the Top 40 this year? (32:00) Big Phil: The Big Effer is back to weigh in on Sam Darnold vs Matt Corral. (41:00) Joe Burrow, Matthew Stafford, & Justin Herbert: Who would Phil rank highest? (45:30) Ryan Tannehill: "Let's don't get carried away with this mentor thing." (52:45) Tom Brady: "Best of all time? I don't know how you can deny it...


#AskMeAnything: "I'm a cane guy now"

(7:15) 49ers: Is there any market left for Jimmy Garoppolo? And is Kyle Shanahan worried about Trey Lance? (15:00) Baker Mayfield: The Browns screwed him over. (19:30) Lions: "Yes, they will win a Super Bowl in the next few decades. Ok, maybe not win, definitely make it though." (23:00) Chiefs: Is an offense better with 2 elite targets or a room full of options? (30:50) Patriots: Is it concerning that they don't have an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator? (34:30) NFC East: Does Jerry...


2022 Rookie Predictions + #AskMeAnything

(4:30) 2022 Rookie Predictions, Offense: Who will be this year's Ja'Marr Chase? Mac Jones? Javonte Williams? (26:00) 2022 Rookie Predictions, Defense: Who will be this year's Micah Parsons? Nick Bolton? Patrick Surtain? (40:50) Rookie of the Year Odds: Who is Chris' favorite bet on offense & defense? (47:20) #AskMeAnything: The guys crank through the mailbag. What teams has Chris' least favorite drafts? How did the Giants do? Will Matt Corral beat out Sam Darnold? What WR was the best fit...


2022 Draft Recap: "Magnum opus, that's a wine right?"

(4:00) Big draft themes: A historic Round 1, WRs going early, and a sad weekend for Chris' alma mater. (14:20) QBs fall: "The league didn't even know where these QBs were going to go." (24:20) Lions: Does Detroit believe in Jared Goff? And is Chris actually Brad Holmes? (33:00) Ravens: "Caw! All the biggest baddest mother f**kers come here! Caw!" (40:50) Chiefs: This may have been Brett Veach's "magnum opus," which is actually not a wine. (47:10) Jets: What does Breece Hall bring to the...


2022 NFL Draft 1st Round Recap

(2:00) Florio is surprised that Simms made it in time for the show after last night's festivities (4:30) One of the most eventful 1st rounds ever was highlighted by the Titans trading A.J. Brown to the Eagles (28:30) The Ravens traded away Hollywood Brown and Lamar Jackson seems miffed (37:30) The Falcons started a run on WR by drafting Drake London, followed by the Jets taking Garrett Wilson, the Saints picking Chris Olave, and the Lions trading up for Jameson Williams, who seemed upset...


Draft Sleepers, Props Bets, and Mock Reactions

(2:30) Big Picture Draft Thoughts: Is this a "weak" draft? (6:50) Simms Mock Draft Recap: Who are the 8 players who Chris thinks are Top 10 locks? (15:45) Wild Cards: Kayvon Thibodeaux, Derek Stingley Jr, Garrett Wilson, and others who could go Top 10 or fall Thursday. (26:50) Matt Corral: If Chris' #1 QB doesn't go Round 1, where is his best fit? And who are the other guys who should go Round 1, but won't? (34:50) WR Rankings update: Chris admits to being too high on Alec Pierce to...


Simms 2022 Mock Draft

(7:20) #1 Jaguars: EDGE Aidan Hutchinson (11:00) #2 Lions: EDGE Travon Walker (13:15) #3 Texans: T Ickey Ekwonu (16:10) #4 Jets: CB Sauce Gardner (18:50) #5 Giants: T Evan Neal (20:50) #6 Panthers: T Charles Cross (24:10) #7 Giants: EDGE Jermaine Johnson II (27:10) #8 Falcons: DT Jordan Davis (30:00) #9 Seahawks: DT Devonte Wyatt (33:40) #10 Jets: WR Jameson Williams (35:45) Perfect 10: Chris got PointsBet to run a Top 10 picks contest where you could win $100k (39:00) #11...


Simms 2022 Draft DT & LB Rankings

(3:15) #5 DT DeMarvin Leal (Texas A&M): "He's a D-tackle with a splash of D-end." (7:00) #4 DT Eyioma Uwazurike (Iowa State): "He gave Linderbaum all he could handle." (12:10) #3 DT Travis Jones (Connecticut): "Whoa! He's 325 and moves like THAT?!" (17:10) #2 DT Devonte Wyatt (Georgia): "The film is better than Quinnen Williams." (22:30) #1 DT Jordan Davis (Georgia): "He's Vita Vea with more athleticism. He's a can't-miss." (31:30) LB Scouting: How has the position changed over the...


Simms 2022 Draft OL Rankings

(6:15) QB rankings update: After further review, Simms flips Malik Willis ahead of Kenny Pickett. (9:00) OL scouting: How difficult is it to evaluate O-line film? (16:20) #6 G Kenyon Green (Texas A&M): "He's for sure a big-time guard, and has legit potential to be a tackle." (22:25) #5 G Zion Johnson (Boston College): "He's a starting guard, right away, Day 1." (28:20) #4 T Charles Cross (Miss St): "He has all the physical tools to be big time." (35:30) #3 C Tyler Linderbaum (Iowa):...