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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




NFL Week 13 Picks: "Are you The Grinch?"

(7:00) TNF: Seahawks at Cowboys (13:05) SUNDAY EARLY: Broncos at Texans (17:20) Chargers at Patriots (20:15) Lions at Saints (25:25) Falcons at Jets (32:00) Cardinals at Steelers (34:45) Colts at Titans (37:40) Dolphins at Commanders (40:35) SUNDAY LATE: Panthers at Buccaneers (43:25) Browns at Rams (47:25) 49ers at Eagles (53:20) SNF: Chiefs at Packers (56:20) MNF: Bengals at Jaguars (57:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


Best QB Duel of the Season + Signs of Life & Death

(5:30) Film Review - Eagles def. Bills: Lay off Josh Allen. And what sparked Philly's 2nd half surge? (40:30) Jaguars def. Texans: Chris self-scouts thyself on the Jacksonville pass rush against C.J. Stroud. (1:00:30) AFC Wild Card Contenders: Despite the odds, what 3 teams does Chris want to see make it? (1:05:35) Chiefs offense: They might have found their formula, but someone is out of the trust tree. (1:13:00) Signs of Life, Signs of Death: The Packers, Vikings, Lions, and Broncos have cause for hope and concern. (1:25:05) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: The 49ers, Packers, Bills, and Cowboys all took home an elephant trophy.


NFL Week 12 Recap: Eagles-Bills instant classic

(2:55) Eagles def. Bills (17:00) Jaguars def. Texans (25:25) Falcons def. Saints (31:25) Chiefs def. Raiders (37:10) Steelers def. Bengals (42:00) Colts def. Buccaneers (47:45) Broncos def. Browns (53:30) Rams def. Cardinals (57:45) SNF: Ravens def. Chargers (1:01:40) Giants def. Patriots (1:09:20) Titans def. Panthers (1:14:30) Thanksgiving: Packers def. Lions (1:19:45) Cowboys def. Commanders (1:21:15) 49ers def. Seahawks (1:23:40) Black Friday: Dolphins def. Jets (1:26:45) MNF Preview: Bears at Vikings


NFL Week 12 Picks: "My magic flute"

(5:30) BLACK FRIDAY: Dolphins at Jets (10:20) SUNDAY EARLY: Saints at Falcons (14:00) Steelers at Bengals (17:50) Jaguars at Texans (23:00) Buccaneers at Colts (26:40) Patriots at Giants (29:55) Panthers at Titans (33:30) SUNDAY LATE: Rams at Cardinals (37:00) Browns at Broncos (40:05) Chiefs at Raiders (42:35) Bills at Eagles (46:20) SNF: Ravens at Chargers (48:50) MNF: Bears at Vikings (50:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


NFL Thanksgiving Picks: "Football! Family! No gifts!"

(5:55) Packers at Lions (11:20) Commanders at Cowboys (17:35) 49ers at Seahawks (25:40) Thanksgiving Best Bet


NFL Week 11 Recap: Lions come back + Browns win with DTR

(2:40) Lions def. Bears (11:15) Rams def. Seahawks (18:50) Packers def. Chargers (25:00) Browns def. Steelers (31:50) Texans def. Cardinals (41:25) Dolphins def. Raiders (46:40) Giants def. Commanders (52:10) SNF: Broncos def. Vikings (56:00) Bills def. Jets (1:03:15) 49ers def. Buccaneers (1:08:55) Jaguars def. Titans (1:13:50) Cowboys def. Panthers (1:18:20) TNF: Ravens def. Bengals (1:21:10) MNF Preview: Eagles at Chiefs


NFL Week 11 Picks: "Wait, you hate the Eagles"

(6:10) TNF: Bengals at Ravens (10:35) SUNDAY EARLY: Cowboys at Panthers (13:30) Steelers at Browns (17:25) Bears at Lions (20:00) Chargers at Packers (24:15) Cardinals at Texans (27:20) Titans at Jaguars (32:20) Raiders at Dolphins (34:30) Giants at Commanders (36:00) SUNDAY LATE: Bucs at 49ers (39:10) Jets at Bills (43:20) Seahawks at Rams (46:05) SNF: Vikings at Broncos (50:25) MNF: Eagles at Chiefs (57:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


Browns lose Deshaun, Bills fire OC + Top NFL Coordinators

(:50) Deshaun Watson out for season: Where do Browns go from here? (14:40) Bills fire Ken Dorsey: But didn't his offense have good stats? (37:00) NFL's Top Coordinators: The homies nominate Ben Johnson, Bobby Slowik, Lou Anarumo, and more. Plus which OC and DC would Chris hire as a Head Coach? (1:01:00) Film Review: 49ers D vs Jaguars O: Did Sideline Steve Wilks change his scheme? (1:17:45) Browns D vs Ravens O: How did they shut down Lamar Jackson in the 4th quarter? (1:29:25) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: A repeat Steelers winner and new Texans winner. (1:34:15) Joshua Dobbs: Is this the NFL's version of Linsanity?


NFL Week 10 Recap: Buzzer Beaters + 49ers are Back

(2:30) Texans def. Bengals (15:00) Browns def. Ravens (22:00) Lions def. Chargers (28:10) Seahawks def. Commanders (33:00) Cardinals def. Falcons (39:40) 49ers def. Jaguars (48:25) Cowboys def. Giants (55:00) SNF: Raiders def. Jets (58:00) Vikings def. Saints (1:05:00) Steelers def. Packers (1:09:50) Colts def. Patriots in Germany (1:15:50) Buccaneers def. Titans (1:19:00) TNF: Bears def. Panthers (1:22:00) MNF Preview: Broncos at Bills


NFL Week 10 Picks: "Get us a band!"

(4:55) TNF: Panthers at Bears (8:20) GERMANY: Colts vs Patriots (12:25) SUNDAY EARLY: Browns at Ravens (15:10) Texans at Bengals (18:30) 49ers at Jaguars (22:45) Saints at Vikings (26:20) Packers at Steelers (29:05) Titans at Buccaneers (33:30) SUNDAY LATE: Falcons at Cardinals (36:20) Lions at Chargers (40:00) Giants at Cowboys (43:20) Commanders at Seahawks (47:00) SNF: Jets at Raiders (53:10) MNF: Broncos at Bills (54:45) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


NFL Midseason Awards + True Contenders

(3:15) MVP: Could we see our first non-QB MVP in years? (12:05) Defensive Player of the Year: Should Maxx Crosby join the big 3 favorites? (17:15) Victory Lap: Best Prediction (22:40) Self-Scout Thyself: Prediction You Regret The Most (26:50) Damn! Okay: Most Head-Turning Player (38:00) "Cheeks to Freaks" Award: Most Improved Player (43:20) REAL Awards: Which teams can go to the Super Bowl? (51:30) Leaderhouse Award: Safe Bets to Win Their Division (53:50) Coach of the Year: Is Dan Campbell a slam dunk? (57:45) 2024 Draft Power Rankings Award: Team That Needs #1 Pick The Most (1:05:40) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: DeForest Buckner, Alex Highsmith, and the best rookie D-linemen. (1:09:30) Film Review - Chiefs D vs Dolphins O: Steve Spagnuolo put on a master class. (1:21:45) Cowboys D vs Eagles O: Despite some success, Chris still has concerns about the Cowboys D. (1:30:30) Bengals D vs Bills O: Buffalo's offense again doesn't have answers. (1:38:0) C.J. Stroud: Did the film match the stats?


NFL Week 9 Recap: Contenders clash, but Stroud & Dobbs steal the show

(3:25) Chiefs def. Dolphins in Germany (15:20) Ravens def. Seahawks (21:05) Eagles def. Cowboys (29:50) Vikings def. Falcons (37:25) Texans def. Buccaneers (44:15) SNF: Bengals def. Bills (49:00) Browns def. Cardinals (53:20) Saints def. Bears (56:45) Raiders def. Giants (1:01:30) Colts def. Panthers (1:06:40) Commanders def. Patriots (1:11:10) Packers def. Rams (1:14:20) TNF: Steelers def. Titans (1:16:35) MNF Preview: Chargers at Jets


NFL Week 9 Picks: "I can't enjoy the games!!!"

(6:05) TNF: Titans at Steelers (9:55) Germany: Dolphins vs Chiefs (16:15) Sunday Early: Vikings at Falcons (20:00) Seahawks at Ravens (23:20) Cardinals at Browns (25:35) Rams at Packers (28:25) Buccaneers at Texans (31:50) Commanders at Patriots (34:10) Bears at Saints (36:40) Sunday Late: Colts at Panthers (40:10) Giants at Raiders (42:25) Cowboys at Eagles (46:20) SNF: Bills at Bengals (49:50) MNF: Chargers at Jets (54:10) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


Raiders fire Josh McDaniels + Patrick Mahomes' bad game

(3:15) Raiders fire Josh McDaniels: Where is Las Vegas heading? Jim Harbaugh, perhaps? (12:10) Chase Young to 49ers: Will he "light it up" in San Francisco? (20:30) Montez Sweat to Bears: Why was Chicago a buyer? (29:30) Leonard Williams to Seahawks: Why didn't they target Young or Sweat? (35:40) BREAKING NEWS: Raiders bench Jimmy Garoppolo for Aidan O'Connell. (37:55) Donovan Peoples-Jones to Lions: What does this say about Jameson Williams? (41:20) Rasul Douglas to Bills: Was WR a bigger need? (43:05) Jets & Giants: Should they have made more moves? (52:10) Film Review: Bengals O vs 49ers D: Cincinnati "knew the rules" (1:08:15) Chiefs O vs Broncos D: "Worst game I have seen from Patrick Mahomes in a long time" (1:22:50) Cowboys O vs Rams D: Dallas is getting vertical (1:28:00) Ahmed's Big Butt Awards: Dexter Lawrence & Maxx Crosby win, even when they lose. (1:31:30) BREAKING NEWS: Falcons bench Desmond Ridder for Taylor Heinicke.


NFL Week 8 Recap: "Please suspend Chris Simms"

(3:20) SNF: Chargers def. Bears (5:40) Broncos def. Chiefs (12:05) Bengals def. 49ers (22:30) Seahawks def. Browns (29:35) Jaguars def. Steelers (34:30) Dolphins def. Patriots (41:15) Ravens def. Cardinals (46:15) Eagles def. Commanders (51:10) Cowboys def. Rams (55:20) Jets def. Giants (1:02:45) Vikings def. Packers (1:07:50) Titans def. Falcons (1:14:55) Saints def. Colts (1:19:40) Panthers def. Texans (1:22:20) TNF: Bills def. Buccaneers (1:24:45) MNF Preview: Raiders at Lions


NFL Week 8 Picks: "I am preemptively saving us"

(2:50) TNF: Buccaneers at Bills (6:45) SUNDAY EARLY: Texans at Panthers (10:05) Rams at Cowboys (13:30) Vikings at Packers (17:10) Saints at Colts (19:20) Patriots at Dolphins (22:00) Jets at Giants (26:10) Jaguars at Steelers (29:50) Falcons at Titans (32:25) Eagles at Commanders (34:55) SUNDAY LATE: Browns at Seahawks (38:25) Ravens at Cardinals (40:45) Chiefs at Broncos (42:45) Bengals at 49ers (47:50) SNF: Bears at Chargers (52:00) MNF: Raiders at Lions (54:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


NFL Week 7 Film Review + #AskMeAnything

(3:05) Eagles beat up Dolphins: How Philly's their size beat Miami's speed? (33:40) Ravens crush Lions: Jared Goff struggles under pressure & the Detroit D gets too aggressive. (58:20) Big Butt Awards: "Sexy Dexy Lawrence and Myles Garrett get on the big butt board. (1:03:15) Browns Defense: How did Gardner Minshew carve them up? (1:11:55) AFC North odds: Is it the Ravens' division to lose? (1:14:05) #AskMeAnything: Why does the NFL still use metal chains to measure first downs? (1:15:55) Bills & Patriots: Why don't they use some of their most dynamic receivers? (1:18:40) 49ers: Steve Wilks makes "the worst call in football this year." (1:26:25) Justin Herbert: Is his confidence shot? (1:28:05) Travis Kelce: Why can't defenses just double team him? "Easier said than done."


NFL Week 7 Recap: Ravens & Eagles Fly

(3:20) Ravens def. Lions (14:45) Patriots def. Bills (24:30) Browns def. Colts (33:50) Steelers def. Rams (39:10) Falcons def. Buccaneers (44:35) Broncos def. Packers (50:30) SNF: Eagles def. Dolphins (58:35) Chiefs def. Chargers (1:04:50) Seahawks def. Cardinals (1:09:10) Bears def. Raiders (1:17:35) Giants def. Commanders (1:26:45) TNF: Jaguars def. Saints (1:30:30) MNF Preview: 49ers at Vikings


NFL Week 7 Picks: "Is that a shamrock-ectomy?"

(4:20) TNF: Jaguars at Saints (10:00) SUNDAY EARLY: Lions at Ravens (16:15) Raiders at Bears (18:30) Browns at Colts (22:40) Bills at Patriots (27:00) Commanders at Giants (30:30) Falcons at Buccaneers (34:10) SUNDAY LATE: Steelers at Rams (38:40) Cardinals at Seahawks (41:25) Packers at Broncos (44:30) Chargers at Chiefs (50:20) SNF: Dolphins at Eagles (54:20) MNF: 49ers at Vikings (56:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues


NFL Week 6 Film Review: "#OnePride Man!"

(3:55) Jets Defense: "I was shocked that the Eagles went pass-first." (30:40) Dolphins & Eagles: Who has the best chance of being a #1 seed? (33:30) Browns Defense: How did they stop a 49ers offense that torched the Cowboys? (53:00) Lions Defense: How have they improved so much from last year? (1:04:00) Big Butt Awards: Love for a Ravens veteran and Cowboys riser. (1:10:00) Bills Offense: How did the Giants defense contain Josh Allen? (1:23:30) Seahawks Offense: How did the Bengals stonewall them in the red zone?