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130. Mentorship to Leadership | Nikki Nelson | Lamar Consolidated ISD

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Nikki Nelson, Athletic Director at Lamar Consolidated ISD. Coaches dives into the challenges of being an Athletic Director of one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas. She talks about the challenges of changing the mentality of the district from a small-town mentality to a large school mentality. Coach Nelson also goes on to share a little bit of her story from being in administration, teaching, and coaching and what brought her...


129. Rep the Brand | MSLJ Episode From the Archive

In our latest episode, we are bringing you an archived favorite from the Mackey Speaks Leadership Journal. Mackey is bringing us a message he heard from Coach Braxton of Howard Payne University while out on the West Texas Tour a few months ago. Coach said something that made Mackey grab his pencil and start writing. Coach said that whether you excel or whether you fall short and don't reach your goals, other people are going to identify you as a part of a team, and we will represent a team...


128. Pursuing Excellence in Your Program | Todd Rodgers | Argyle ISD

In our latest episode, we're live with Coach Todd Rodgers Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Argyle ISD. He shares more about the Argyle community and how it expects and demands excellence, and he shares how this mentality all throughout the community has helped develop the students as well as put them in the best possible position to succeed. He also goes on to talk about his one percent better mentality and how the program has developed over time by building it from the ground...


127. Inside the Headset | Mackey live with AFCA

Our latest episode is a special one as Mackey joins the AFCA Inside the Headset podcast with Coach Mario Price. The AFCA is an association of over 11,000 American football coaches and staff on all levels. According to its constitution, some of the main goals of the American Football Coaches Association are to "maintain the highest possible standards in football and the profession of coaching football," and to "provide a forum for the discussion and study of all matters pertaining to...


126. Attack, Compete, Finish | Brad Butler | Shadow Creek HS

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach for Shadow Creek HS in Alvin ISD. Shadow Creek HS is a fairly new school, which opened in 2016, and Coach dives into some successes they've had in a few of their programs already. A Few Key Takeaways: Coach dives into how he helped create and build a program from scratch and explains how the process of starting with a blank canvas has positively impacted his athletes hard work and determination. Coach also...


125. Family Name | 2Words Live Curriculum Video

Our latest episode is a special one. Mackey shares a curriculum lesson with us, Family Name. Mackey shares how our lives are touched by several different traditions, which can come from our family, our community, our school, and our team. As athletes, coaches, and parents, we have a responsibility to uphold these traditions, but also to enhance them. Tradition doesn’t determine what we do. What we do determines our tradition. Mackey also shares that the traditions that we inherit don't...


124. Coaching is a Choice | Chris Feris | Birdville ISD

In our latest episode, Colton is spending time with Birdville ISD's Athletic Director Chris Feris. Coach Feris was awarded Texas High School Athletic Directors Association Director of the year and has been with Birdville since 2013. Key Takeaways for this week's podcast: Coach shares about his time playing and coaching at Rice and how that has helped shape him into the Coach and AD he is today. Coach also shares the importance him and his coaches place on continually building up and...


123. TOAD | Mackey Live at NISD

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with coaches from Northside ISD sharing words of encouragement about their upcoming LEAD event. Mackey shares what this event looks like and how it is used to facilitate change in each athlete that attends. Tomorrow's leaders will be built in today's locker rooms. This year alone there will be over 15 million high school students that walk through school doors in America. As coaches, teachers, and parents, you are taking this next generation to the next...


122. Importance of Building Community Engagement | Renee Putter | Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Renee Putter of Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD. Coach Renee Putter is the Athletic Director at Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD and has spent over 25 years with the district. Prior to that, believe it or not, she spent some time as a police officer. In this podcast we get to learn more about CFBISD and the things they value. Coach emphasizes the character traits that CFBISD hopes to instill in each athlete during their time as students, and she...


121. Teaching Long Shelf Life Actions | Mackey Live at Marion County HS

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with Marion County HS Coaches talking about the idea of coaching "long shelf life" traits. As coaches, mentors, and parents, we are responsible for making sure our athletes and students are ready not only for the test next week, but for the tests they'll face in life. We need to make sure we are equipping them with the tools to be successful in life. Some key takeaways from this podcast: -It is important to do the right thing at the right time and not...


120. Character First Coaching | David Peavy | Duncanville HS

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Head Basketball Coach David Peavy from Duncanville HS. Coach David Peavy is the new Head Coach at Duncanville High School. He was previously at Houston Dekaney where he coached them to a 34-4 record losing to Jesuit in the Class 6A Regional II Semifinals. They were also regional semifinalists in 2017 when they lost to Dallas Skyline after a 27-8 season. Coach shares a little bit about his journey from leaving his past role as a coach in Houston to...


119. Your Outlook Affects Your Outcome | Mackey Live at Spring Branch ISD Coaches Clinic

In today's episode, Mackey is live at Spring Branch ISD Coaches training sharing the importance of coaching up and developing your athletes mindset. Key takeaways from this week's episode: Mackey brings the heat in this episode, teaching coaches ways to acknowledge and overpower negative mindsets in their athletes. He shares how coaches can continually shape and mold an athlete's view of himself or herself and ultimately make an impact that goes far beyond the game. Follow us on social...


119. Walking the Walk | Jeff Hulme | Midway HS

In our latest Coach 360 episode, Colton is live with Coach Jeff Hulme, Head Football Coach from Midway High School. Coach Hulme took over at Midway in 2016 after leading Mansfield to the Class 6A state semifinals. This past year, in his second season at Midway, he took the Panthers to the Class 6A State Championship game. This week, Coach Hulme talks to us about his journey to Midway and everything that he has learned along the way. In today's podcast, here are some key points to take...


117. You Make the Call with David Smoak |Mackey Live on ESPN Central Tx

David Smoak has over three decades of experience covering sports in Texas and is a graduate of Tyler Junior College (’79) and Stephen F. Austin State University (’81). He became the program director and talk show host for ESPN-Central Texas (AM1660, 100.9FM, 106.9FM) in June 2010 after spending the spring of 2010 at ESPN Radio in Dallas. Mackey joins "You Make the Call" on ESPN Central Tx 1660 with David Smoak and shares a little bit of his life and what it looked like creating 2Words...


116. Until the Good is Better and the Better is Best | Ross McMurry | Colmesneil HS

"Good, Better, Best Never let it Rest, Until the good is better And the Better is Best." In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Ross McMurry, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Colmesneil HS. This week will look a little different as Coach McMurry dives into his background and the struggles he faced before becoming the mentor, coach, and husband he is today. In today's podcast, here are some key points to take away: Coach talks about the struggles that are all too...


115. Taking a Program to the Next Level | Chris Castillo | Dallas Sunset high school

In our latest Coach 360 episode, Colton is live with Coach Chris Castillo, Head Football Coach and Athletic Coordinator from Dallas Sunset High School. Coach took over at sunset 2 years ago and has since been on a mission to take Sunset to the next level. With an open enrollment district and a tough few seasons coach had 12 guys show up his first day of practice. Coach talks about the importance of positivity in his locker room and the idea that leaders will always be followers in times...


114. Leading vs. Coaching | James Stagnitta | Charlotte Hounds Major League Lacrosse

In our latest episode, Mackey is live with Coach James Stagnitta, Head Coach of the Charlotte Hounds Major League Lacrosse team. Coach dives into his career and shares with us this idea that coaching is different than leading. Coach explains that as he grew and developed as a coach, he grew as a leader as well. It's one thing to put people in set and tell them what to do, and it's another thing to truly develop them and lead them, then it's a lot easier to get them to do things as a group...


113. Your Role | 2words Curriculum Live

We have a special episode for you as we reach the end of the week. We're sharing a clip from one of our curriculum videos, "Your Role". Colton shares with us a little bit about what this idea means to him and how sports were an outlet for him while he faced family struggles. This is an all too familiar story, that we know coaches see every day. Mackey asks us a powerful question. He asks, "do you know your role?" Sometimes that question that a negative connotation. There's been a stigma...


112. The Ingredient For Success | Todd Vesely | Ector County

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Todd Vesely, Executive Director at Ector County. Coach shares his transition from being a coach to working towards an administrative role. He talks about how the common themes he used in coaching was easily translatable to other programs across the board, which is what drew him to a more administrative role. Coach goes on to talk about what winning means to him. He believes winning is maximizing your performance and the performance of...


111. The Right Perspective | Colton and Mackey Live Interview

In our latest episode Colton and Mackey are talking about perspectives and the idea that having different perspectives than one another doesn't make one party right and one wrong. Mackey shares a story about an experience he and his wife had while engaged and how the way they viewed the situation then is completely different than the way they view now looking back. He talks about the importance of experience shaping our perspective and how different situations can be looked upon differently...