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152. How To Produce Productive People | Beverley Humphrey | Lancaster

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Beverley Humphrey, Athletic Director and Head Girls track coach at Lancaster. Coach shares what she wants her legacy to be and how that has made an impact in the way she interacts and encourages her athletes. Key takeaways from this podcast: Follow us on social: @2wordstv @fullcurlcolton @mackeyspeaks Get a FREE week of curriculum here: YouTube:


151. Keep Showing Up Everyday | Mackey Live

In our latest episode, Mackey is bringing us a solo cast on a recent conversation he had with Coach Aaron Manous talking about the idea of showing up every single day both in sports and in life. Coach shared with Mackey a slogan on a shirt he gave him, which read, KSUED: Keep Showing Up Every Day Mackey talks about showing up and how no matter what you did on THIS day, you still have to show up tomorrow for THAT day. There will be days where we make bad decisions, but we have to keep...


150. Pushing Through the Hard | Kit Martin | Timberview HS

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Kit Martin Assistant Athletic Coordinator and Women's Head Basketball Coach at Timberview HS. Coach shares some wisdom with beginning coaches. She emphasizes that when you're looking for a coaching job, don't seek out the job that pays the most or where you think you might want to live forever, but go where you can work for someone who is a known great coach. Coach also shares the idea that you only have control over two things in life: your...


149. A Look Back at 2018 | Colton and Mackey Interview

In our latest episode Colton is joined with Mackey taking a look back at 2018 at the celebrations, challenges, and encouragement that it brought. Mackey and Colton share the idea that service and influence lead to success. When you invest into your community, they will invest in you. Mackey shares some details on a recently establish summit 2Words is hosting called LEAD 2019. LEAD is an all day student athlete leadership summit where 2Words brings in Mackey and other phenomenal speakers...


148. Work Ethic Mentality | Ilyan Martinez | Natalia ISD

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Boys Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Ilyan Martinez of Natalia ISD. Coach shares what it was like stepping into a new program, what his vision was for it and what skills he wanted to bring to the program to enhance it. Coach shares the foundation of their program: work ethic. No matter how much stronger or faster the competition is, you can always out work them. Work ethic is always in your control. Takeaways from this...


147. YOU Are in Control | Mashup

In our latest episode, we're bringing you a mashup from some of the most powerful lessons from Mackey's live talks around the state of Texas and beyond. Mackey is live at Georgetown HS, Clark HS, Wimberley HS, and Prosper HS sharing powerful messages about dealing with pride, embracing discipline, and becoming a servant leader. Key takeaways Follow us on social: @2wordstv @mackeyspeaks @fullcurlcolton To bring Mackey to YOUR school: Email...


146. The Division 1 Training Table |Jason Strunk | Port Isabel HS

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Head Football Coach Jason Strunk from Port Isabel HS. Coach shares what it was like stepping into the Head Football position at Port Isabel HS coming from coaching a college program. Coach shares the different things that he wanted to bring in from his past experience and things that he kept and now added to his own playbook. Coach shares some insight into why he values nutrition in his program and gives us practical reasons and ways to encourage...


145. Energy Vampire | MSLJ Episode

In our latest episode, Mackey talks about the idea of energy vampires. There are so many people in our life who we're surrounded with who focus on what is wrong. These people literally suck the energy out of the team because of their negativity and doubt. Mackey answers a question a coach recently asked him. She asked, "What do you do when you're best player is an energy vampire? When the player is awesome, they are unbelievably awesome, but when they're playing bad, they're an absolute...


144. Going Beyond the Athleticism | Greg Gober | Waxahachie HS

In our latest episode, we're live with Head Basketball Coach, Greg Gober from Waxahachie HS. Coach dives into the impact coaches made in his own life growing up and how his coaches continually made an effort to make sure he was on the right path. His coaches helped show him how to have perspective both in life and situationally. Coach shares how his program works diligently to go beyond the athleticism and the talent and get down to the foundational pieces of being a good person and a good...


143. Luck and Leverage | MSLJ Episode

In our latest episode, we're bringing you a special episode from the Mackey Speaks Leadership Journal. Mackey begs an important question in today's episode: "how much of your success would you attribute to luck?" There are certain things in your life that you cannot control, but because of your core beliefs and your outlook on life, you can leverage those things and use them for your good. Key Takeaways from this podcast: Follow us on...


142. Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing | Shane Stephen | Lubbock HS

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Shane Stephen, Head Football Coach and Athletic Coordinator at Lubbock HS. Coach shares what he kept and lifted up stepping into an already developed program and also what he added to and changed. Key takeaways from this podcast: Coach also shares the idea of getting to know your players on a personal level and what it looks like to come along side them and build them up not just as players, but as men and women. Follow us on...


141. What is the Thing? | Alamo Heights Live Talk Part 3

What is the thing that you are living for? What is the thing that is bigger than the scoreboard, that is bigger than the status, bigger than the here and now that you're fighting for? Your future self is dependent on your present self making the right choices, right now. Stay on guard, and make sure that your belief statement, that deeper alignment thing is congruent with your actions. It's so easy to sit back and talk about what you want to do and who you want to be at the end of the...


140. Be Available | Pete Hart | Alvord ISD

In our latest episode, we're live with Coach Pete Hard, Athletic Director and Head Football coach at Alvord ISD. Coach tells us the importance of respect and discipline in his program, and shares with listeners how their community rallies behind and reinforces those values. Coach shares in detail how he makes himself available to each of his athletes regardless of what's going on in his personal life. He expresses the importance of knowing your players well enough to know when they're...


139. More Than Mere Ambition | Alamo Heights Live Talk Part 2

In our latest episode, we are bringing you part two of Mackey's live talk with the athletes from Alamo Heights. In today episode, Mackey challenges athletes to realize that mere ambition will never be enough to satisfy. Mackey dives a little deeper in this talk, reiterating the fact that being successful is about more than mere ambition. He talks about the fact that being successful is taking everything you have been given and use that to grow to become the very best YOU can be. Key...


138. Players Over Performance Mentality | Randy Thornton | Hico ISD

In our latest episode, we're live with Coach Randy Thornton, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Hico ISD. Coach shares the importance of understanding that each program is unique in the way they need to be coached. There can't be a one size fits all mentality when it comes to coaching. Coach shares the importance of focusing on the younger players and giving your older players the best opportunities to be successful as well. Coach shares some of his program's values such as being...


137. Deeper Alignment | Alamo Heights Live Talk

In our latest episode, Mackey is live at Alamo Heights High School. Mackey breaks down some misconception about character and integrity. He explains that the pursuit of character, the pursuit of integrity does not mean that there is a lack of ambition. Key takeaways from this podcast: Our character aligns us with something more than ourselves. When we love our family, we'll do whatever it takes to succeed for their sakes. That deeper alignment between our goals, our family, and our...


136. Relationships FIRST | Debbie Fuchs | Clear Creek ISD

In our latest episode, Colton is live with Coach Debbie Fuchs, Athletic Director at Clear Creek ISD. Coach shares how in her thirty-five years of coaching and being Athletic Director, she has always had mentors. She tells listeners how she has been challenged to grow in many different areas of coaching. Key takeaways from this podcast: Coach shares how her program serves the community and what values they teach through and during that service. Follow us on...


135. How Leaders Coach | A Coach's Mashup

In our latest episode, we pieced together some of our favorite "coaching moments" we've had so far. During this episode, you will hear leaders from the military, professional sports, and high school coaching and how they continually stay focused on one goal: developing and enriching the lives of those they lead. Key takeaways from this podcast: This is a special episode as we dive deep and narrow into the world of coaching, the different types of coaching, and how you too can implement...


134. Leadership at Light Speed | Rupert Jaso | Pasadena ISD

In our latest episode, we're live with Coach Rupert Jaso, Athletic Director at Pasadena ISD. Coach shares his heart behind transitioning from being a Head Baseball coach for many years to entering into the administration world. He also shares how he transferred what he learned as a Head coach and Assistant coach to his now administration position as Athletic Director. Key takeaways from this podcast: Coach also goes on to share what Pasadena ISD does to ensure that their students and...


133. WHY 2Words? | Coach Testimonials

In our latest episode, we interviewed coaches from all around Texas and asked them a simple question, "Why 2Words Character Development?" You will hear stories of impact, encouragement, and positive change. As coaches we have a greater responsibility than just teaching the X's and O's, we have the opportunity to teach kids how to become better men and women and reach their goals. The time, work, and effort you are putting into your athletes, kids, and students NOW is the building block to...