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What's wrong with the NABC's proposal for recruiting changes? Everything.

Brian Snow of 247 Sports joined Rob Dauster on Tuesday to talk through everything that's wrong with the NABC's proposed changes for the July Live Recruiting Period and why the idea that AAU is "bad for basketball" is a false narrative that parroted by people that don't know what they're talking about.


Michael Porter Jr.'s health and other NBA draft storylines

Jeff Goodman joined Rob Dauster on Friday to talk about the health of Michael Porter Jr. and whether or not the recent news coming out about him will hurt where he gets picked. They also work through Marvin Bagley III, Trae Young and the rest of the lottery. OPEN: Porter is injured again. How bad is it? 27:30: Deandre Ayton or Marvin Bagley III at No. 1? 35:15: Wendell Carter Jr., Trae Young and the middle of the lottery. 44:15: Is Mo Bamba going to be a bust? Who are the sleepers in...


Burner Twitters and NBA Draft Deadline Day

The deadline for underclassmen testing the waters of the NBA draft to return to school came and went on Wednesday night, and to break down all the winners and losers from decision day Rob Dauster was joined by Sports Illustrated's NBA draft expert Jeremy Woo. They worked through all the theories on Bryan Colangelo's inability to control his family's social media activity as well as what Tyus Battle's return means, how much the Big Ten hierarchy changed in the last 24 hours and why we have...


The Second Annual NBA Mock Draft Podcast, part 1

Rob Dauster of College Basketball Talk was joined by Kurt Helin, the host of Pro Basketball Talk, to put together a mock draft podcast. On Part 1, here on the CBT feed, you can find a breakdown of the first seven picks in the draft, with Rob providing player breakdowns and Kurt bringing the knowledge on team needs and player fit. Part 2 of the podcast, which includes picks 8-30, can be found on the Pro Basketball Talk feed here. The Rundown: OPEN: Do the Celtics have the best chance to...


The Knight Commission, the Commission on College Basketball, Romeo Langford and James Wiseman

Rob Dauster was joined by Gary Parrish of CBS Sports on Monday afternoon to work through the latest happenings in the college basketball world, from the Knight Commission to the Commission on College Basketball to the recruitment of the likes of Romeo Langford and James Wiseman. It is a good conversation, one that spends quite a bit of time discussing Kylia Carter and the things that she had to say today in front of the Knight Commission as well as taking a deep dive into babies on...


NBA Draft Early Entry Deadline: Winners, losers and who has the most on the line?

The NBA Draft Early Entry Deadline came and went on Sunday night, meaning there are now roughly 60 college players that have signed with an agent and another 100 or so that have declared for the draft while retaining their college eligibility. Who were the winners? Who were the losers? Who has the most on the line? Sam Vecenie of the Game Theory podcast joined Rob Dauster to talk through all of it. The rundown: OPEN: What do NBA teams value in players these days? 10:00: Villanova has...


Final Four recap, preseason top 25, Donte DiVincenzo tweets

To put a bow on the 2017-18 college basketball season and the 2018 NCAA tournament Rob Dauster brought Gary Parrish of CBS Sports to talk about, among other things, how he's become a celebrity that doesn't actually go to games, why he didn't wish Rob a happy birthday on his birthday and Donte DiVincenzo tweets. Here's the rundown: OPEN: So what did we think of San Antonio as a Final Four city? 11:30: Villanova won the title. Are they an all-time great team? 26:00: Donte DiVincenzo's...


2018 Final Four breakdown: Michigan, Villanova to meet in the title game

Rob Dauster was joined by The Two Geofferys, Jeff Borzello and Jeff Goodman, to talk through everything you need to know about the Final Four, from Villanova's other-worldly performance on Saturday night to Michigan ending the Sister Jean era to what we can expect out of this year's national title game. It's a fun conversation that goes to some weird places, but there is a lot of information packed into a 37-minute podcast. The Rundown: OPEN: Chris Mack and Jeff Capel have new...


Final Four Fancast! ft. Ryan Arcidiacono, Scot Pollard and Rick Malnati

The annual Final Four fancast is back! This year, Rob Dauster was joined by former Villanova point guard Ryan Arcidiacono, former Kansas big man and survivor contestant Scot Pollard as well as a former Loyola-Chicago assistant and a member of the first family of deep dish in Chicago, Rick Malnati, join the podcast to talk about this year's final four, life in general and whatever other topics we end up on. Come for the pizza talk and stay for Scot's wild story about almost dying on Survivor.


2018 NCAA Tournament: The Final Four is here!

The Final Four is here! Rob Dauster is joined by C.J. Moore to dive into everything about the 2018 Final Four and how we got here, from an incredible game between Duke and Kansas to the miracle run that Loyola-Chicago has made. There are now just three games left in the college basketball season. Let's get ready for them.


2018 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Preview, Picks and Predictions

Sam Vecenie of the Athletic and the Game Theory podcast stopped by to chat with Rob Dauster about the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament. The two went through each of the eight Sweet 16 matchups, detailing how each one of those eight games projects to play out and going over which lines -- spread and over-unders -- they like.


NCAA Tournament First Weekend Recap Part 2

Eamonn Brennan of The Athletic joined Rob Dauster for an epic, two-hour podcast on the first weekend of the tournament. It was so good that we had to split the podcast into two parts. On this show, the two go through everything that happened in the East and Midwest Regions, from Villanova and Duke steamrolling to Michigan State collapsing to Syracuse and Clemson and Texas Tech and Purdue. It's all in there.


NCAA Tournament First Weekend Recap Part 1

Eamonn Brennan of The Athletic joined Rob Dauster for an epic, two-hour podcast on the first weekend of the tournament. It was so good that we had to split the podcast into two parts. On this show, the two go through everything that happened in the South and West Regions, from Sister Jean to UMBC to Nevada's comebacks to Kentucky's chances at a Final Four.


Did Deandre Hunter break your NCAA tournament bracket?

Dalen Cuff joined Rob Dauster for the final bracket breakdown episode, and you can tell the guys were wired because they ended up on tangents talking about the Ivy League, Joel Berry II crying and Harry Kane's (who?) ankle. Anyway, there is plenty of NCAA tournament goodness in this pod. The rundown: OPEN: Dalen doesn't drink coffee, and a deep dive into Virginia, Deandre Hunter and what his injury means. 9:35: Can Penn upset Kansas turns into a fascinating discussion about power...


More 2018 NCAA Tournament Bracket Breakdown, Coaching Carousel analysis

Jeff Borzello of fame joined Rob Dauster on the podcast today to talk through the Coaching Carousel, the bracket reveal and some bracket advice Q-and-A. Spoiler alert: Jeff LOVED the bracket reveal, and he tries to justify that opinion unsuccessfully. OPEN: What did the Selection Committee get wrong with seeding and bubble teams? 10:25: Jeff tries to justify his love for the bracket reveal. 15:15: UConn, Georgia, Pitt and Memphis. Who should they hire? Who will they...


The Why Your Team Sucks Bracket Breakdown: Analyzing the 2018 NCAA tournament field

Brian Snow joined Rob Dauster for another stirring rendition of the Why Your Team Sucks podcast, only this time they breakdown the entire NCAA tournament bracket, giving picks for every single game and even giving you a full bracket to use for your convenience. The rundown: OPEN: The South Region 17:35: The West Region 33:15: The Midwest Region 48:20: The East Region 1:00:50: The Final Four


Michigan wins the Big Ten, Duke's rise continues, Florida and Cincinnati shine

Fresh off of covering the Big Ten tournament Rob Dauster was joined by Brendan Quinn, The Athletic Detroit's beat-writer for both Michigan and Michigan State hoops, to talk about John Beilein's run to a Big Ten title for the second straight season. Dauster was also joined by Sam Vecenie of the Game Theory podcast who walked us through Duke's win over North Carolina, Cincinnati winning the American and Florida knocking off Kentucky. The rundown: OPEN: Michigan hired a defensive coordinator...


Sean Miller and Allonzo Trier return, Louisville's epic collapse, Duke-North Carolina

Rob Dauster was joined by Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports for Friday's podcast, and they delved into everything that there is to know about the scandals that have been erupting all over the college basketball world over the course of the last week, from Sean Miller and Allonzo Trier's return to Arizona to Forde's reporting on the FBI investigation into college basketball corruption. Rob was also joined by Reags from the Fundamentally Sound podcast to work through everything that is happening...


Robbie Hummel on the Big Ten, being scared of Kevin Durant and Matt Painter's waffles

Former Purdue star and current ESPN and Big Ten Network broadcaster Robbie Hummel joined Rob Dauster to talk through the upcoming Big Ten tournament, the adjustment that comes with moving behind the microphone and what makes guarding Kevin Kevin Durant so terrifying. Robbie also has a terrific story about Matt Painter and waffles.


Monday Overreactions, Sean Miller, Deandre Ayton and the weekend that rocked college hoops

CJ Moore, a writer for The Athletic and for Bleacher Report, joined Rob Dauster on Monday morning to work through everything that happened is a weird weekend in college basketball, from the alleged payments that were made to Miles Bridges, Wendell Carter and a handful of other elite basketball players to Sean Miller allegedly being caught discussing a payment to Deandre Ayton on a wiretap to the actual hoops! Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and more. The rundown: OPEN: What do we make of the...