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Virginia is your 2019 college basketball national champion

Rob Dauster was joined by Scott Phillips in a hotel room at 4:30 a.m. to break down what was an all-time classic national title game.


Final Four Fancast!: Pat Knight, Taylor Hicks, Denzel Valentine and boycotting Virginia

Rob Dauster was joined by former Texas Tech coach Pat Knight, noted Auburn fan and 2006 American Idol legend Taylor Hicks and former NBC Sports National Player of the Year Denzel Valentine to talk through the Final Four. They all have great stories. There are no great stories from Virginia. Listen to the pod to understand why. We tried, guys. We tried.


Best Bets: Final Four Betting Preview, Michigan State-Texas Tech and Virginia-Auburn

Rob Dauster was joined by Sam Vecenie of the Athletic to talk through this weekend's games, giving you a full breakdown of who you need to bet, why you need to bet them and what the best way is to make money this weekend.


The Final Four is here! Recapping a wild and insane Elite Eight weekend

Rob Dauster was joined on Monday morning by Aaron Torres of FOX Sports Radio to help breakdown everything that happened in a wild Elite Eight, from Michigan State, Texas Tech and Auburn upsetting Duke, Gonzaga and Kentucky, respectively, to Virginia and Purdue playing the wildest game you will ever see. They break it all down for you here.


Best Bets: Previewing the Sweet 16 games

Rob Dauster was joined by Sam Vecenie and Reags from Barstool Sports to break down every single game and every single line in the Sweet 16. The rundown: OPEN: Florida State-Gonzaga 13:45: Purdue-Tennessee 24:00: Michigan-Texas Tech 30:45: Virginia-Oregon 38:15: LSU-Michigan State 44:05: Auburn-North Carolina 52:45: Duke-Virginia Tech 56:05: HOLY NATE OATS 58:30: Kentucky-Houston


NCAA Tournament first weekend recap: Duke's gift, Tennessee survives, Sweet 16 lookahead

Rob Dauster was joined by Dalen Cuff on Monday morning to walk through everything that happened in the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, from Duke's miracle win over UCF to Tennessee choking and then surviving to the dominance that the top teams showed through the first two rounds.


Best Bets, March Madness edition: The Degenerates Guide to betting the NCAA tournament

The Best Bets podcast is back!!! Rob Dauster was joined on Tuesday by The Athletic's Sam Vecenie and Bobby Reagan for a deep dive into the betting lines and spreads for every game during the first round of the NCAA tournament. They also took a look at the teams and players you want to pick if you are in any Calcuttas or tournament pools that rely on fantasy stats. This is the best way to ensure that you will make money in March.


March Madness Bracket Breakdown with the guys from Hoop Vision

Rob Dauster was joined on Monday by Jordan Sperber and Rafi Goldman, a pair of former Division I coaches that have launched a newsletter covering college basketball. Included with that newsletter is the Hoop Vision NCAA Tournament Bible, a 136-page breakdown of tournament trends, scouting analysis and full video breakdowns of every single team in the event from people that did it at the highest level that can be purchased here. They joined Rob to discuss contrarian spots in the bracket they...


March Madness: The 2019 'Why Your Team Sucks' NCAA Tournament Bracket Breakdown

The boys are back in town! Rob Dauster was joined by the one and only Brian Snow for the third annual Why Your Team Sucks bracket breakdown, which is kicked off by an epic rant from the Snow-man about how the Selection Committee officially ruined the sport of college basketball with the way they seeded the tournament this year. The rundown: OPEN: Snow's rant, and why Temple should be sent home. 11:30: East Region. 27:00: West Region. 45:30: South Region. 57:15: Midwest...


Wofford head coach Mike Young

Rob Dauster was joined on Friday by Wofford head coach Mike Young to talk through his rise from a humble start in the Division III ranks to coaching what he has built into one of the best mid-major programs in college hoops, what it's like coaching someone with as much of a greenlight as Fletcher Magee and how he navigates Championship Week.


March Madness is here! Diving into the conference tournament action.

Rob Dauster was joined on Tuesday afternoon by Reags from Barstool Sports to dive into everything you need to know to get ready for the 2019 conference tournament season. They talk about each of the Big Seven conference tournaments as well as dive into an extended conversation about the bubble and whether or not high major teams deserve to be in over mid-major programs. OPEN: So let's talk about the bubble. 19:30: The Big Thieves to be aware of. 24:00: The ACC tournament. 33:05: The Big...


Best Bets: Previewing Duke-UNC, Michigan-Michigan State, conference tournaments

Rob Dauster was joined by Reags from Barstool Sports once again to breakdown the weekend's betting slate. We discuss our favorite conference tournament futures before diving into North Carolina-Duke, Michigan-Michigan State and the battle at the top of the Big 12. We also give you the best bet of the weekend, which features Texas Tech once again.


The Kansas streak is OVER, Duke's problems without Zion, 'run up to get done up'

Rob Dauster was joined on Wednesday by The Athletic's C.J. Moore, a Kansas native and Kansas beat writer, to help break down everything that you need to know after the Jayhawks had their 14 year Big 12 title streak come to an end. The two also discussed Duke's issues without Zion Williamson, the merits of Texas Tech and Kansas State and the best way to handle court-storms. They end with some of their favorite memories from Championship Week, the madness before The Madness. Here is the...


Monday Overreactions: Coach of the Year favorites, Kentucky-Tennessee, stop vaping?

Rob Dauster was joined by Jeff Goodman on Monday morning to dive into everything that happened in college basketball over the weekend, from Tennessee's win over Kentucky to the inconsistency of everyone in the Big East to what happened after Nevada's loss at Utah State.


Best Bets: Previewing: Tennessee-Kentucky, the Big 12 title race and Nevada-Utah State

As always, Rob Dauster was joined by Reags from Barstool Sports to break down Saturday's slate of games. After a run of three straight weekends giving out nothing but winners, the two found three bets that they love this weekend. Here is the rundown: OPEN: Tennessee-Kentucky 18:45: Michigan-Maryland 22:00: Michigan State-Indiana 26:30: North Carolina-Clemson 30:25: Texas Tech-TCU 33:45: Baylor-Kansas State 38:30: Nevada-Utah State 44:30: What else do we like?


Dalen Cuff on Virginia Tech's win, the Ivy League tourney and why he's 'cash money'

Rob Dauster was joined by ESPN's Dalen Cuff on Wednesday for a wide-ranging podcast that started with some discussion about changes coming to the Ivy League tournament, ended with some talk about Tyler Herro and touched on everything from Virginia Tech's win to monitor reviews to Fran McCaffery's outbursts in between. In the process, Dalen let everyone know that he is, in fact, "cash money".


Monday Overreactions: Michigan can't win, Tennessee can't win, but Texas Tech can?

Rob Dauster was joined by Sam Vecenie from The Athletic and the Game Theory podcast to overreact to everything that happened in college basketball this weekend. They discussed how North Carolina is now one of the five teams in college basketball that can be called a favorite, they broke down the (un)likelihood of Michigan or Tennessee stringing together six wins in March and they dove head first into the discussion of whether or not Texas Tech can win a national title. Oh, and Sam has...


Best Bets: Previewing Kansas-Texas Tech, Michigan-Michigan State, and ACC/SEC title races

Rob Dauster was once against joined by Reags from Barstool Sports to talk through the weekend in college basketball. We go through all of the big games. IMPORTANT: This episode was recorded minutes before news broke that Zion Williamson will not be playing on Saturday against Syracuse. Here is the rundown: OPEN: Kansas-Texas Tech 7:10: Michigan State-Michigan 12:15: Virginia-Louisville 16:30: Florida State-North Carolina 18:30: Duke-Syracuse 25:30: Auburn-Kentucky 30:30:...


Jay Bilas on Zion Williamson, a blown out sneaker and the 'should he play' debate

Jay Bilas, the star of ESPN's college basketball broadcasting arm and the man that was calling the Duke-North Carolina game when Zion Williamson blew out his shoe and injured his knee, joined Rob Dauster on Thursday morning to talk through the fallout from one of the wildest and weirdest college basketball games in memory. They discussed the injury itself, what the game means for both Duke and North Carolina, and take a deep dive into how this effects the debate over amateurism and whether...


Monday Overreactions: Hoop Vision's Jordan Sperber on Duke, Kentucky-Tennessee, Josh Perkins

Rob Dauster was joined on Monday by Jordan Sperber from Hoop Vision and the Solving Basketball podcast. Jordan is a former staffer from Nevada and New Mexico State who talked us through the process teams go into scouting opponents, his breakdown of Tennessee's loss at Kentucky and provides us with the hottest of hot takes: Dedric Lawson's not an All-American, Josh Perkins is the best player on Gonzaga and Tre Jones is the most overrated player in the country. OPEN: What life is like as a...