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Committed To The G is a University of Georgia football-centric podcast featuring sportswriter Murf Baldwin. Follow his content at

Committed To The G is a University of Georgia football-centric podcast featuring sportswriter Murf Baldwin. Follow his content at
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Committed To The G is a University of Georgia football-centric podcast featuring sportswriter Murf Baldwin. Follow his content at




Evaluating Demetris Robertson's fit & 2018 recruiting

Evaluating Demetris Robertson's fit & 2018 recruiting by A Dawg Sports Radio show


Finding a replacement for 5-star stud Owen Pappoe

Analyst Murf Baldwin maps out content for the month of May -- including the intricacies of zone defense, 2019 recruit analysis, Owen Pappoe "replacement," right tackle musings and much more!! PATRONS, REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD THE PATREON APP ON YOUR IOS OR ANDROID DEVICE!!


Coach Kenyatta Watson to blame for UGA not getting Owen Pappoe?

College football analyst Murf Baldwin provides a public service announcement to give the real to the masses who are EXTREMELY angry about Georgia's lack of success recruiting the Grayson program. Additionally, he also gives the real about his buddy, the infamous Coach Kenyatta Watson, who may be the most hated man in the state as it pertains to the Dawgs.


Owen Pappoe and Grayson Quartet commitment preview!

Football analyst Murf Baldwin recaps the 2018 NFL Draft, as it pertains to the University of Georgia--including thoughts on why stalwarts Trent Thompson and Dominick Sanders went undrafted. He also dives into a preview of the Grayson Quartet's commitment ceremony, which happens today, May 2nd. in Atlanta. Is superstar off-the-ball LB Owen Pappoe a Dawg? Find out here...


UGA establishing icons

Murf Baldwin, aka the Underground King, is back with the latest installment of Committed to the G. He talks about his Justin Fields film study and if Justin can unseat the great Jake Fromm. He also analyzes the play of the off- and on-the-ball LB's and safety Richard LeCounte. Also, find out which running back caught his eye the most. All that plus a review of the first round of the draft as it pertains to Georgia. Support quality content at where you can...


Edge-players galore!! 93K Day is HERE MF!!

Your boy Murf Baldwin is back to preview Georgia's spring offering in a quick housekeeping-like show. Murf talks about D'Andre Walker, Walter Grant, Brenton Cox, Keyon Brown and Robert Beal and what to expect from that super-talented group of individuals. He also wonders where the 2017 Florida trio is and why a couple of interior offensive linemen have been a bit of a buzzkill. 93K Day is almost here!!!! is your spot for exclusive film study and recruiting...


UGA fielding the most talented OL in CFB?

In this episode of Committed to the G, Murf does some spring cleaning by examining the latest on the offensive line, standouts at The Opening Atlanta, as well as an anatomy of that fatal play... is the spot to pledge your reward and receive exclusive benefits and access to Quality Content by Murf Baldwin.


Analyzing UGA's MONSTER coaching staff

Murf Baldwin is back with another episode of Committed to the G, where he breaks down the type of impact coaches like Cortez Hankerton may have. He also delves into why he believes James Coley has next. He ends with his thoughts on the seniors who participated in Georgia's Pro Day by breaking down their respective skill sets and potential landing spots. is the spot to claim your reward of exclusive access to quality content in the form of Murf's film breakdown...


March Content Preview: 2019 class, JR Reed, Steele Chambers, Schematics

Murf Baldwin previews the content that will be provided for March at - including must-haves for the 2019 class, offensive line breakdowns, recruiting interviews and more. He also talked about newly offered RB Steele Chambers, as well as the commitments of in-state products Jalen Alexander and Trente Jones. Make sure you're a member of the Patreon so you can check out Murf's film breakdowns and additional exclusive, quality content. Follow Murf on Twitter:...


UGA vs. Bama - better defensive personnel?

Once again, the Alabama Scheme Team is back with a great debate over who has better defensive personnel, based on star ratings and production, between Georgia and Alabama. Murf Baldwin and the Moulder Boys will be holding down the fort in this undoubtedly spirited debate. Of course, Murf will be painted as a Georgia homer when he is being neutral against actual Alabama homers. Make sure you visit for your chance to join the debate by pledging an upper tier reward....


'18 Georgia vs. Bama offensive personnel debate (simulcast)

A special live edition of Committed to the G as a split cast of Murf Baldwin's Alabama Scheme Team show -- debating, very spiritedly, who has better offensive personnel between UGA and Bama. Murf is joined by his rotating co-hosts the Moulder Boys from Alabama Scheme Team. Get on over to to get your voice heard like the Moulder Bros. by pledging a tier, which also gets you exclusive content from Murf -- such as his film breakdowns and underground recruiting...


Scheming up UGA's budding DYNASTY after NSD 18

College football analyst Murf Baldwin completely marks out over UGA's superfluous roster after what may be the greatest recruiting haul of the modern era. He then schemes it up to figure out how the Dawgs can best utilize their defensive personnel. Get on over to to pledge your support and get rewards like Murf's popular film studies sent straight to your email along with other exclusive content.


Georgia Edge-Player Analysis for 2018 & NSD

Follow along as college football analyst Murf Baldwin (along w/ pal Jo-G) provides in-depth analysis on Georgia's edge-players for the 2018 season including those already in the tow, as well as soon-to-be Dawgs. Where should certain combination players end up playing? All of that and more!


Complete offensive line overview and analysis for 2018!

He's baaaaaaccckk!! Football analyst Murf Baldwin is back doing his Committed to the G thang, along with a little help from his friend Joseph Glover, and he's talking the ins-and-outs of Georgia's DEEEP offensive line; the pair provides in-depth analysis and give their version of a dream OL combination for 2018... CTTG and Murf's film breakdowns have hit where you can pledge your tier and receive benefits like access to Murf Georgia Football film breakdowns...


Talking Trevor Lawrence w/ Dan McDonald

UGASports' own Dan McDonald breaks down his scoop on 2018 all-world QB Trevor Lawrence.


How are targets looking on the camp circuit?

Been gone for a minute, not I'm back, it's the "jump off," as a great linguist by the name of Lil Kim once stated. Just getting the feel of podcasting, again; I'm talking about recruits that I've scouted on the summer camp feel me, folks? Holla!!


Rivals 5-star challenge recap and more!

It's been a minute, but Murf returns, albeit in a strange format, to provide an update on what's been going on the past few weeks. And, of course, he gets into some scheme and personnel by way of Rivals 5-star challenge talk.


Talking Bama LB prospects w/ Jake Reuse

Murf discusses the state of the top linebacker prospects for 2017 in Alabama with co-hort Jake Reuse. Prospects discussed include: K.J. Britt, T.D. Moultry, Will Ignont and more.


UGA Vert game (verbal rehash)/Grayson HSFB

Murf, fresh off the Grayson High School football spring game, goes in-depth on the targets them Dawgs should have high interest in. But first, he recaps his vertical-passing game article from Make sure to check Murf out on Yahoo Sports Radio on Sunday's at 9am ET as the co-host of Rivals Roundtable.


Back 2 business: Eason, Murray, Power O and more!

Your boy, the "Prodigal Son," Murf Baldwin, is back in the building, baby, after a two-week vacation due to some, um, er, business happenings (or lack thereof?). He gets into the VSporto-given topic: How does Jacob Eason compare to a young Aaron Murray...He also reviews his piece on UGA, Chaney and the "Power O." Lets's go!