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Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.

Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.
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Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.




052 - Emergency episode! Kawhi-Demar trade! Jabari Parker with the Bulls!

Contested Layups is bringing it to the North and San Antonio as we discuss the Kawhi Leonard trade. Who won the deal, and where will each team finish next season? Also, Jabari Parker signed with the crew's favorite team, the Chicago Bulls! What does his signing do for the team, and for Jabari himself? Find out, right now!


051 - Top 10 players since 1990!

Since the NBA is in a bit of a slow spell, we decided to debate the top 10 players of the past 28 years since 1990! Where does Lebron rank? What about Steph Curry? Who will be number 1? Cmon man, is there any doubt who's number 1?! Find out on this episode!


050 - 50th episode celebration! Zach Lavine re-signs with the Bulls, impressions of Summer League Lottery picks

Contested Layups is here to celebrate our 50th career episode! We cover the Zach Lavine offer sheet signing by Sacramento, and the match by Chicago a couple of hours later! We also go over several other restricted free agents, and delve into some impressive Summer League performances by Wendell Carter, Kevin Knox, and DeAndre Ayton!


049 - Walker joins the show from South Korea, Kawhi/Demarcus breakdown, Thunder pay the luxury tax now and not in 2012?

The newest episode of Contested Layups has crossed the Pacific Ocean from South Korea to bring your best NBA breakdown to you! Why is Kawhi Leonard's rumor mill churning, but he's remaining silent? Did Demarcus Cousins make the right move in signing with Golden State? Why did Sam Presti FINALLY pay deep into the luxury tax for Paul George, and NOT for James Harden?


048 - Lebron James changes the NBA, Free Agency 2018

Contested Layups breaks down the 2018 NBA free agency period! Lebron James goes to the Lakers, Paul George re-signs with the Thunder, and a bunch of other free agent signings! We break it all down for you, our listener, on this newest episode!


047 - Free agents gone wild!!!

Contested Layups is going wild for free agents! We have all of our predictions down to a tea of where each of the top 20 free agents will go this off season to get you ready for Sunday's drama! Where will Lebron go? Will Paul George leave Oklahoma City? What will happen to Demarcus Cousins? Find out now!


046 - NBA Awards! Who's going to win?! Split votes?!

Contested Layups loves making predictions, and we're back with some more for the wrap up of this NBA season! The NBA Awards are June 25th on TNT, and we break down each award that will be broadcast on tv that night. Will James Harden win his first MVP? Will Ben Simmons win the Rookie of the Year, or will there be a split vote?! Will the recently fired Dwayne Casey win the Coach of the Year, or is it Brad Stevens turn? Find out on this episode!


045 - NBA Draft Night! Trades! MPJ Falling! And Dwight Howard!

It's the NBA draft, one of the most exciting nights of the NBA season, and Contested Layups is here to break it down for ya! Deandre Ayton was the first pick to the Phoenix Suns, and after that, the unpredictability began! The trade of Luka Doncic to the Dallas Mavericks, and Trae Young to the Atlanta Hawks, Michael Porter Jr. slipping to the Denver Nuggets, and our beloved Bulls selecting Wendell Carter Jr.! Later in the episode, we break down the ridiculousness of the Dwight Howard...


044 - Mock-YEAH-ing-YEAH-draft-YEAH! Yeah. YEAH!

Mocking draft don't sing! Contested Layups is the podcast you need for your NBA draft previews! On this episode, we break down who the top 14 teams in this year's NBA draft will select, and why. Why is Marvin Bagley increasing his stock, and why is Luka Doncic's stock dropping? Where does Michael Porter Jr. go? What about Trae Young? We got it all fo ya!


043 - Draft Preview!

The Contested Layups group is making an NBA draft breakdown soup! We discuss each of the top twelve draft prospects in depth to give you the best breakdown for the NBA draft. Why is Luka Doncic such a hot commodity? What's Mo Bamba's biggest flaw? What will happen with Trae Young? Find out on this episode!


042 - Warriors win! Maritime puns! Where will Lebron go?!

Contested Layups is proud to end the NBA season with you listening! The Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavs in four games, securing their third championship in four seasons. Can this Warriors dynasty be stopped? What can the rest of the NBA do to compete with them? Also, we delve into Lebron James' impending free agency, and we break down what Lebron needs to do in order to fit with his next team. Where does he go?!


041 - Game 3 means KD. The Cavs are about done, and is it on Lebron's lack of leadership?

It's Game 3 and Kevin Durant was ready! After an all-time performance, the Contested Layups crew breaks it all down for you. Can Cleveland's defensive deficiences be masked enough to win a game in this series? Or is this series over in four? Also, why can't Lebron be the leader that the Cavs so desperately need? Find out on this episode of Contested Layups!


040 - Game 2 of the Finals! Golden State doesn't miss, Cavs play better collectively, and was the Kyrie trade a lose-lose for Cleveland?

Contested Layups is breaking down all of the action of Game 2 of the NBA Finals! Golden State was on FIRE, knocking everything down, and defeating Cleveland 122-103. Does Cleveland stand a chance going home, down 2-0? Also, did the Kyrie Irving trade make it a lose-lose situation for Cleveland, due to the Cavs making the Finals this year?


039 - Finals Game 1 in the books. Did the Cavs blow their best chance? Are the Warriors vulnerable? Did Bryan Colangelo make the 76ers the laughingstock of the Twitterverse?

The Contested Layups crew is back at you with the Finals Game 1! We are hard at work bringing you the best break down of each Finals game, and starting with a classic Game 1! The Cavs had their chances, but did not close the deal! Is this Warriors team beatable though? Or do they just need to wake up? The Bryan Colangelo experiment is going terribly for the 76ers! Did he do himself a disservice in creating fake Twitter accounts? Also, we have a special Final Thoughts segment, about the...


038 - It's time for Game 7! Cavs head to the Finals again. Can the Rockets prevent another rematch?

The amount of Contested Layups that have been happening in these Conference Finals are off the charts! And the Contested Layups podcast is here to break all of it down for you! The Cavs are on their way to the Finals again with a huge road win over Boston! Do the Cavs stand a chance against the Western Conference opponent? Speaking of the WCF, the Rockets and Warriors are headed for a Game 7 after the Warriors dismantled the Rockets in the 2nd half of Game 6. Can the Rockets bounce back,...


037 - The Rockets win a classic, Lebron is looking exhausted, and predictions for two excellent game 6's!

The Contested Layups crew is giving you the best break down of the game 5 action, starting with the Rockets gutty victory over the Warriors on Thursday. Then, we head to Boston and break down the game 5 dismantling of the Cavs. Can Cleveland bounce back? Or did Boston figure it all out? Find out on this episode!


036 - Curry cooks, Cavs make everything, Lebron is NOT overrated.

The Contested Layups crew is with you to bust through the Conference We start with the Warriors crushing the Rockets, and Steph Curry got back on the MVP train (01:43). The Eastern Conference Finals was another blowout with the Cavs smashing the Celtics (16:38) and the Cavs hitting nearly every shot! Also, is Lebron overrated?


035 - Rockets SMASHED, how the Cavs can win game 3, and Draft Lotto travesty!

On today's dual pod, we break down the Rockets smashing back into the Western Conference Finals. Also, how the Cavs can respond from their game 2 debacle and make the Eastern Conference Finals a series again. Lastly, the NBA draft lottery was a travesty for our beloved Bulls! We briefly describe how we would love the Bulls to draft!


034 - Conference Finals!!!!! The Rockets blew it, and the Celtics blowout.

Contested Layups is your best source for all your Conference Finals recaps! We break down the Game 1's of both Conference Finals, and give our expert opinions about what is to come for both series Game 2's!


033 - You just want predictions, you don't want my heart

The CL crew is back with more PREDICTIONS! The guys recap each NBA team remaining in the playoffs road to the Conference Finals, and what will happen in both the ECF and WCF. Can the Celtics finally topple Lebron? Will the Rockets make it to the Finals in their dream year? Or will it be more of the same with the Cavs and Warriors? Find out on this episode!