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Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.

Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.
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Eddie, Garnik, John and Raul are lifelong friends who love basketball and all have various experiences with the sport. They discuss multiple topics about the NBA and how basketball impacts their daily lives.




072 - Sixers/T-Wolves trade! Warriors drama! Melo retiring?

Contested Layups is back and with a lot of action going on in the NBA! The Philadelphia 76ers and Minnesota Timberwolves made a massive trade this week, and since both teams have played two games already, we are able to make an appropriate assessment of how the trade looks thus far! Who won the trade? The Golden State Warriors are drama filled now, apparently! The Draymond Green and Kevin Durant beef was all over the media this week, and we address if this situation will spill over and...


071 - Overachievers and Underachievers for this young NBA season! Is Zach Lavine a franchise player?

Contested Layups is bringing you the best NBA breakdown on your podcast app! Tonight we look at teams that are overachieving in the league currently, such as the Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies, and Portland Trail Blazers! Then, we take a look at some underachievers, such as the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers! Lastly, the crew discusses if Zach Lavine is a franchise player for the Bulls! Can he really take them to the next level, or is he just a good player on a bad team? You...


070 - Week 3 of the NBA!

The NBA never stops! Derrick Rose was the talk of the week with his 50 point game against the Utah Jazz! The guys on Contested Layups were happy for him, but are upset that it happened while not on the Bulls! The Boston Celtics are 6-3, and they have the number 1 defensive rating in the entire NBA. Yet, they have the 27th ranked offense, and multiple of their top 8 players are shooting under 45%! Can this team fix their offensive woes? Do they need to make a trade to help the team gel? The...


069 - Week 2 recap! Ty Lue fired! Wizards turmoil! 6-0 Bucks vs 6-0 Raptors this Monday!

Contested Layups is here to recap the second week of NBA action! Tyronn Lue was fired after an 0-6 start for the Cleveland Cavs! Was he wrongfully fired? Are the Cavs respected still, or will this have lasting implications for how they're viewed throughout the league? The Washington Wizards are already involved in internal turmoil, with John Wall and Brad Beal calling out players on their teamwho are not getting enough shots! Will the Wizards be able to play through this, or will Otto Porter...


068 - Week one of the NBA season is in the books!

Contested Layups is excited to bring you the recap of the first week of the NBA season! The Rockets and Lakers got in a huge fight! Did the Raptors exorcise their demons from seasons past with the addition of Kawhi Leonard? The Pelicans have been running up 140 points a game! Can the Lakers make a 3 pointer? How does the rookie class look? Find out on this awesome episode!


067 - Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets team previews!

We're down to the Final Four! The number 2 seed in our Eastern Conference rankings is the Philadelphia 76ers. The question isn't whether this team is talented enough to be the number 2 seed, but if they can stay healthy and play together. The 76ers were 4th in defensive rating last season. Can they improve on that ranking with the re-addition of Markelle Fultz? Joel Embiid was an All-Star starter and 2nd in the DPOY voting. Will he take the next step towards superstardom? Ben Simmons was the...


066 - Utah Jazz and Toronto Raptors team previews!

Tonight's episode continues our ascension into the top 3, as the Utah Jazz are our 3 seed in the Western Conference for this year! Donovan Mitchell was the real deal last season. Can he continue to improve? Will the continuity of the Jazz roster permit this team to reach heights not seen since Karl Malone and John Stockton? Will Ricky Rubio adjust to playing off of the ball? The Toronto Raptors made a major trade this offseason, acquiring Kawhi Leonard. We have them as the three seed, but...


065 - Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder team previews!

We enter the Final Four of each conference, as the Pacers and the Thunder are our 4 seeds! The Pacers were the surprise team of last season, as they exceeded all expectations, winning 48 games and claiming the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference. Can Victor Oladipo continue his development as one of the most explosive Shooting Guards in the NBA? Will Myles Turner have a bounce back year after posting his before and after pictures on Instagram? Did the Tyreke Evans signing make the Pacers the...


064 - New Orleans Pelicans and Milwaukee Bucks Team Previews!

We enter the top five in each conference on this episode of Contested Layups! The New Orleans Pelicans were one of the most exciting and competitive teams in the NBA last season, after blowing out the Trail Blazers in the first round, they played a riveting series against Golden State in the second round. Will Anthony Davis take the next jump towards his claim of being the "best player in the world"? Can Jrue Holiday make strides off of his breakout year and 1st team all-defensive award? Is...


063 - Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers Team Previews!

The episode EVERYONE has been waiting for... the Contested Layups crew brings you the team previews for the Heat and Lakers! What is up with the Heat this season? Will Hassan Whiteside respond? Or did Joel Embiid expose him in last years playoffs? Can this team make a deal for Jimmy Butler? Or will it be stuck in mediocrity? The Lakers are the most talked about team in the NBA right now, and rightfully so! We had to take a deep dive to discuss the Lakers upcoming season and all of the...


062 - Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards Team Previews!

The Contested Layups crew is continuing our ascent up the Conference standings, with the 7th seeds being featured tonight! The Denver Nuggets have narrowly missed the playoffs the past two seasons, but this year they figure to be apart of the mix. Will Nikola Jokic take the next step? Will this team continue to gel and become a force to be reckon with? Or will they turn into our 7th seed for the Eastern Conference, the Washington Wizards? The Wizards seem to have never taken the next step in...


061 - Jimmy Butler requests a trade! Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs team previews!

Contested Layups is back again for another episode! We start by previewing the Detroit Pistons with their new Coach of the Year Head Coach, Dwayne Casey! Can Casey get Blake Griffin playing to his potential? Will Reggie Jackson come back healthy? Will the Pistons make the playoffs with their salary-strapped roster? Next we preview the San Antonio Spurs and their new look roster! Can Demar Derozan gel with his new teammates? Will Lamarcus Aldridge feed him the ball? Or will the Spurs falter...


060 - Special Guest Edward Shuler of Bulls Gold, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves team Previews!

On this very special episode of Contested Layups, we host Edward Shuler of the Bulls Gold podcast, as he comes on to discuss our 9 seeds for the upcoming year, the Chicago Bulls and the Minnesota Timberwolves. After finishing the 2018 season with 27 wins, the Bulls are poised to make a leap up the Eastern Conference in terms of competitiveness and total amount of wins. Will this team play any defense? Will they try to push the pace or slow it down in the half court? How will Kris Dunn and...


059 - Portland Trail Blazers and Cleveland Cavaliers team previews!

The NBA season is right around the corner, and Contested Layups is here to prep you for it! We have the Portland Trail Blazers as the 10 seed in the Western Conference this season. Did Portland get any worse, or did the rest of the West get that much better? Will Damian Lillard and CJ Mccollum take another step in their development, or did they already hit their potential? Next, we dive into the Cleveland Cavaliers as the 10 seed in the Eastern Conference. The Cavs lost Lebron James to the...


058 - Memphis Grizzlies and Brooklyn Nets team previews!

Contested Layups is different, and we pull up to the scene with our roofs gone! Tonight we give you the Memphis Grizzlies team preview! Will the Grizzlies rebound from an injury-plagued 2018 season? Can Marc Gasol team with Jaren Jackson to form the best defensive backcourt in the NBA? The Brooklyn Nets were a very competitive team last year. Can they take their strong finish from the 2018 season into this upcoming year? Will Deangelo Russell finally become a franchise-changing player? We...


057 - LA Clippers and Charlotte Hornets team previews!

Contested Layups is BACK! We took a brief hiatus, but we are back to bring you the finest team previews in the world! Tonight we take a look at the LA Clippers and Charlotte Hornets, as we project that they will both finish at the same rank in their respective conferences.


056 - Dallas Mavericks and Orlando Magic team previews!

Contested Layups is here to inform you on what you need to know for the upcoming NBA season! The Dallas Mavericks and the Orlando Magic will be the third worst teams in their respective conferences this season. Find out why on our latest episode!


055 - New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns team previews!

Contested Layups is in the house with your best breakdown of your favorite teams rosters! The New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns are two very young teams who have a lot of improving to do this year. There are many positives for both teams though, and we cover both teams rosters for the 2018-19 season!


054 - Team Previews: Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings

Contested Layups is back! We are previewing two teams that may be at the bottom of the NBA this season in Atlanta and Sacramento! Will Trae Young be the answer for Atlanta? Will the young but talented Kings finally realize their potential? Find out on this episode!


053 - Carmelo Anthony trade, Lebron and the Lakers "Death Lineup", Kevin Love's extension!

Contested Layups is comin right at cha! Carmelo Anthony is gone from the Oklahoma City Thunder after one season. Addition by subtraction, much? Lebron James is going to play the 5 for the Los Angeles Lakers. Will this be the Lakers version of the Warriors "Death Lineup"? Kevin Love received an extension from the Cleveland Cavaliers, 4 years, $120 million. Did the Cavs make a mistake in building around Love, or did they learn from their mistakes after the first time Lebron left their team?...