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Courtside with Greenberg & Dakich


Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich give you an all-access pass inside the world of college basketball.

Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich give you an all-access pass inside the world of college basketball.


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Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich give you an all-access pass inside the world of college basketball.




Things Go Awry and Scott Drew Edition

Greenberg and Dakich tip off the podcast talking about the differences between football and basketball coaches handling the pandemic, and seniors getting an extra year of eligibility. Then Baylor head coach Scott Drew joins the show to discuss the Bears’ tough early season schedule, the team’s excitement getting back in the gym, his experienced roster and Matt Mayer never seeing a shot he didn’t like (14:42).


Corduroys and Ed Cooley Edition

Providence College head coach Ed Cooley joins Greenberg and Dakich to discuss people looking to coaches for answers about the pandemic that they don’t have, the possibility of playing local teams multiple times to get to 13 games, practicing with masks, David Duke as a possible DPOY, and his love for the city of Providence and the school. Later, the guys react to Cooley saying it may be a struggle to get to 13 games to qualify for the NCAA Tournament and share their thoughts on the Lakers...


McDonald’s Fax Machine and Buzz Williams Edition

Greenberg and Dakich tip off the podcast talking about the NBA Finals, why LeBron needs to be guarding Jimmy Butler, the mental strain of living in the bubble since July and conference channels in need of programming. Then, Texas A&M head coach Buzz Williams hops on for a rare interview to discuss watching his players succeed in the NBA Playoffs, the day Tom Crean left Marquette, recruiting Jimmy Butler, Jae Crowder’s instincts, selling Butler to evaluators before the draft and how he’s...


New Bloods and Leonard Hamilton Edition

Greenberg and Dakich tip off the podcast by previewing NBA Finals, and debating which teams are well-coached and have a good culture. Then, Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton joins the show to discuss his upbringing living through segregation, keeping his players active and engaged while relatively isolated and putting together this season’s schedule (10:44).


Where’s Mom and John Calipari Edition

Seth and Dan tip off the podcast by talking about the cost and difficulties of putting together a bubble, Anthony Davis’ game-winning shot, and bubble fatigue for NBA players. Then Kentucky head coach John Calipari joins the pod to discuss his idea of playing college basketball in August, the necessity of playing “buy games” this season, the unlikelihood of fans in Rupp Arena and what recruiting via Zoom has taught him about recruiting during the summer (9:38).


Grandpa Greenberg Edition

Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich tip off the podcast by discussing the official announcement of college basketball’s start on November 25 with Andy Katz. The guys get into how the NCAA arrived at this date, how early season tournaments will be conducted, non-conference games games being turned into regional events, daily testing coming into play and the possibility that the Pac-12 will allow teams to play in 2020. Later, vice president of ESPN events Clint Overby stops by to talk about the work...


Plexiglass in the Bedroom and Tom Izzo Edition

Seth and Dan tip off the podcast by discussing the Nuggets’ win over the Clippers to go to the Western Conference finals and Heat-Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, and why they think the NBA is a poorly coached league. Then, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo joins the show to talk about the Clippers’ lack of chemistry, his players’ mental health, urging students not to go to parties, his hope that smaller schools will be able to afford testing to play to play this season, the...


All Sorts of Contingencies and Dan Gavitt Edition

Seth and Dan tip off the podcast by discussing the ACC’s proposal to include all DI teams in this year’s NCAA Tournament and college programs salivating over Billy Donovan. Then the guys are joined by NCAA SVP of Basketball Dan Gavitt (16:24) to talk about the considerations for starting the college basketball season, if the number of games to be eligible for the tournament will be reduced, all of the contingency plans being evaluated for the tournament and more.


John Thompson Tribute Edition Featuring Jim Boeheim

Seth and Dan tip off the podcast by talking about their relationships with Arizona’s Lute Olsen and Georgetown’s John Thompson, sharing their memories of both coaches. Then, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim joins the pod to discuss John Thompson, why he might be the most important coach in college basketball history, how the Big East in the ‘80s changed the course of the sport, his off-court relationship with Thompson, how Thompson helped other coaches through tough times and why Thompson’s...


Triple P and Dickie V Edition

Seth and Dan tip off the podcast by discussing Dan Gavitt’s options for starting college basketball, the feasibility of his plans and how he’s filling the leadership void in the sport. Then, Dickie V stops by (13:37) to talk about the 2020 Dick Vitale Gala, raising $7 million for charity during the pandemic, his thoughts on starting the season and Gavitt’s potential start dates, the breaking news of Will Wade offering payment to recruits, and his new book “The Lost Season.” Later, the guys...


They Give Me Gas and Rick Barnes Edition

Today on The World’s Great Podcast Seth and Dan discuss the decision-making among colleges to protect themselves, what people don’t understand about the NCAA and when they think college basketball should start. Then, Tennessee head coach Rick Barnes joins the show to talk about the mental health of his players, how college football is tied to basketball, why there will be an NCAA tournament in 2021 and his belief there will be more realignment in the near future (10:18). Later, the guys get...


Cancelation and Mick Cronin Edition

Seth and Dan convene following the postponement of the Big 10 and Pac-12 football seasons to ponder what’s next for sports in these conferences, including college basketball. Then, UCLA head coach Mick Cronin stops by to discuss his first reaction when he got the call from the Pac-12 that there won’t be any sports until January 1, why he’s confident basketball will be played, what his players are going to do this fall, what’s up with recruiting under these circumstances and the push for to...


Generator and Fran McCaffery Edition

Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery joins Seth and Dan to talk about coaching both of his sons this season, Luka Garza’s decision to forego the NBA Draft and return to college, how the pre-draft process was different this year, and the outlook for his team next season (8:15). Plus, the guys discuss winners and losers following the deadline to declare for the NBA Draft.


Air Particles Edition

Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich tip off the podcast by discussing who’s had the best offseason between Michigan State, Baylor and Villanova. They also look at Florida, Auburn and Purdue’s offseason and talk about the transfer culture in college basketball. Later, the guys discuss the possibility of a bubble for college athletes, if they’d draft LaMelo Ball, why Seth isn’t solid on Anthony Edwards and Lou Williams’ adventure outside the NBA bubble.


Race to the G League Edition

Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich tip off the podcast by stating the obvious: They don’t know anything about when, how or if college basketball will be played. Then the guys run through players that are still deciding whether they’ll stay in the NBA Draft or return to college, what Michigan State will look like next year if Xavier Tillman leaves and the impact of Filip Petrusev going pro on Gonzaga. Plus, they discuss how many difference-makers are in the draft, what the G League looks like this...


TBT Finals Recap Edition

Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich reflect on The Basketball Tournament, the Golden Eagles downing Sideline Cancer in the finals, the quality of play, how the Elam Ending enhanced the game, the effectiveness of the bubble and if another TBT can be held if there’s no college basketball.


Supreme Court Justice Edition

Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich convene to ask the tough questions, like, do people call players from Philly junkyard dogs because they’re not any good? The guys discuss that and Overseas Elite being just good enough to win its first game, why names don’t matter in this tournament, Andrew Dakich’s biggest takeaways from TBT and living in the bubble and who they think will win the tournament. Plus, they get into if Zion Williamson’s family actually took $400k while he was at Duke and when they...


TBT Preview and Albert Hall Edition

Seth Greenberg and Dakich get you ready for live competitive basketball with The Basketball Tournament starting on the Fourth of July airing on ESPN. The guys get into Seth’s bucket-getter list, sleeper teams and first round match-ups. Later, NBA Summer League co-founder Albert Hall joins the show from inside the TBT bubble to detail the tournament’s setup (22:08).


Pickle Ball and Jon Mugar Edition

The Basketball Tournament commissioner and founder Jon Mugar joins Seth and Dan (21:06) to discuss pulling together an entire competition during the pandemic, the bubble players and staff will be living in, the origins of TBT, how the field was selected and if D.J. Kennedy is the best player in TBT. Plus, the guys share their thoughts on baseball's return, why campus is the safest place for athletes during the pandemic and Cade Cunningham sticking to his Oklahoma State commitment (00:00).


The Basketball Tournament and Fran Fraschilla Edition

Fran Fraschilla joins Seth Greenberg and Dan Dakich to discuss The Basketball Tournament following the bracket reveal. The guys get into the health and safety protocols being put in place in Columbus, Ohio, why this could be the best version of TBT since its inception, the high level of play, what it means for players looking for jobs, why there isn't a Duke or UNC alumni team, and if The Money Team can check their egos and play together.