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Weed, NBA Playoffs, and Stanley Cup | Samoa This

The fellas solve America’s and the NFL’s issues within the first half of the show while drinking some Samoa This by Southern Tier Brewing. The fellas talk about the state of the Eastern Conference in the NBA and the fact that, despite some forced story lines, we end up with exactly what we thought we’d see in the conference finals. The fellas talk about the Caps finally making it to the conference finals and the likelihood that they lose in the next round. This week in Upper Deck, the...


Getting Down and Derby | Razz Wheat

The one and only Lou the Dog (@LOU_thedog) sits in to...dish...out his punishment to Scott and Mike from the football pick ‘em contest. The fellas get a lesson on the Kentucky Derby, where Lebron will land next year, and we check in on the NBA Playoffs and the Stanley Cup. This week in Upper Deck, the guys talk about Pete Rose’s tax issues, lessons on what not to post on Twitter when you’re mad at your team’s draft choices, proper glassware at Nashville games, VaTech coaches getting blown...


NFL Draft Coverage | Backwoods Bastard

The fellas are joined tonight by our good friend, Alex Villeneuve, founder of The Heydays (http://theheydays.bigcartel.com/) to break down the NFL Draft and talk some NBA Playoffs and Stanley Cup. Alex exposes Scott and Mike for the hockey frauds they are in a new game, all while drinking some Backwoods Bastard by Founders Brewing. In Upper Deck, the fellas discuss the random picks being made late in the draft, Jerry Lawler’s beer, Mike Vick’s big career move, Shaun Smith’s pre-game...


You Damn Right We Can Talk Basketball | Dale’s Pale Ale

Happy 4/20 everyone! To celebrate, the fellas crack open a Dale’s Pale Ale by Oskar Blues Brewery...one of the few cans with a very special feature. With the NBA and NHL Playoffs in full swing, the fellas dig deep into both trying to decide if the Cavs are still the Cavs, and debating whether Golden State or Houston makes it out of the West. On the hockey side, all of the guys’ picks are still alive, and they discuss which series has been the most interesting so far. In Upper Deck, the...


Drunk Line Minisode #26

Mookie lets you know why the Stanley Cup playoffs are the best. Agree? Let us hear it: 440-37-DRUNK


All the Playoffs | Shout at the Devil

It’s playoff time! So the guys crack open some Shout at the Devil by Straight to Ale Brewing in Alabama and talk some Stanley Cup and NBA Playoff action. The guys pay up for their missed picks from the Masters, and Scott goes all in with a hefty bet on Golden State. The fellas talk Eric Reid and Kaep not getting the time of day, and the lack of fanfare around Russell Westbrook’s multi-year triple-double stat. In Upper Deck, the guys talk Big 3’s beef with Qatar, Action Bronson playing...


FC Cincinnati, NHL, Masters, and Conor McGregor | Cinnamon Roll Imperial Ale

The fellas move to an earlier time slot and an earlier day and still bring the heat. Souther Tier's Cinnamon Roll Imperial Ale gets cracked open while the fellas break some news about FC Cincinnati's MLS bid, talk about the NCAA National Championship game, Conor McGregor going ape shit in Brooklyn, and their bets for the Stanley Cup and the Masters. In Upper Deck, the fellas talk about random pre-draft interview questions, a Nashville fan shipping catfish to Canada, Drew Brees getting...


Just Hot Takes | White Noise

The guys crack some White Noise by St. Arnold Brewing and decide that this is the week that they want nothing but hot takes. The guys debate everything from Wrigley Field being terrible, to Skyline vs. Goldstar, to Fiona the Hippo. In Upper Deck, we find out about shit pouring onto Spring Training fields, breweries inside of ballparks, the Yankees getting fancy with their beers, Trevor Bauer giving Gronk a run for his money, the first cracks in the NCAA armor, and weed beer. Mike pays up...


Jaded Fans | Coast to Coast IPA

After a brutal weekend, the fellas crack some Coast to Coast IPA by 50 West Brewing and commiserate about the Cincinnati sports curse. In true broken fan fashion, they talk about what is the best way to lose a game and the future of Xavier’s Chris Mack, get into the news about the Alliance of American Football announcement from this week, and make fun of MLB for their plan to play games in London. And Mike pays up on another punishment and battle raps Lou the Dog. In Upper Deck, we find...


March Madness | Irish Blessing

The show goes crazy, as #16 UMBC upsets #1 UVA while recording. Before that, Mike and Joe crack open some Irish Blessing by Boulder Beer Co. and Scott sits by missing out. Sports Illustrated writer and producer, Eric Single, joins the show to talk about his bracket picks. And the fellas talk about Marvin Jones’s American Idol audition, soccer owners with guns, OJ’s hot take on Kaep, La Salle’s baseball team taking care of business, an unfortunate survey, and another installment of Craft...


Drunk Line Minisode #25

Lou the Dog is pretty pissed at the guys for going after Tiger Woods in the latest episode. Do you think Tiger is back? Let us know at 440-37-DRUNK


It Might NOT Be Cavs and Warriors? | Campfire Stout

High Water Brewing’s Campfire Stout is in the glasses this week, while Scott gives his theory on who the father is of Bob Kraft’s girlfriend’s baby, the fellas debate the pros and cons of letting soccer Hooligans get coked up in the stadium, Scott rails against his own team, and Mike pays up on a punishment. Our producer, and NBA expert, Joe tries to convince two guys who haven’t watched any NBA this season that their predictions of a Cavs/Warriors might not be true, and there’s more golf...


The NCAA Sucks | Consolation Prize

Breaking news hits during show and the fellas lose their mind. With Consolation Prize by Lord Hobo Brewing flowing, the fellas break down the top stories from the Winter Olympics this week, and talk about the German team’s secret in their training. The show focuses in on how ridiculous the NCAA is as an organization, how colleges can pay players, and a lot more.


Redemption Episode | Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Stout

For the first time ever, a beer that earned a double can the first time through gets a second shot. The fellas sip on the 2018 variation of Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Stout from Braxton Brewing while they go deep into the Winter Olympics (and all of the weird South Korean sites, Tinder hook-ups, and boringness it brings along), Xavier basketball, and the $100k 3-on-3 tournament taking place the weekend of the Final Four.


Tabari McCoy Cracking Jokes | Chocolate Cherry Bomb Imperial Stout

Tabari McCoy sits in on this episode to talk about his upcoming album and to make every reference ever. Make reservations to see Tabari record his album live at http://gobananascomedy.com


Greasin' Poles with Papa B | Sumpin’ Easy

It’s a special day on Craft Brewed Sports, as the one and only Papa B hangs out with the fellas and drinks some Sumpin’ Easy Ale by Lagunitas Brewing. The fellas talk about Brett Favre scamming for cash, Philly cops greasing poles, Johnny Football trolling, unicycle thievery running rampant in San Francisco, Pats fans getting scammed, and a special Craft Brewed Sports Theatre of Tim Rohan’s piece on Warren Sapp. Papa B talks about his time coaching youth football, and tells a few...


Bucky Raps | Fruitallica

The fellas hit on a little bit of everything, and don’t really finish a thought about anything. Fruitallica by Stone Brewing fuels the drunkenness this episode, as the guys discuss Mel Kiper retiring, Lindsay Lohan’s cousin getting knocked out, Fletcher Cox’s lies, the Rush Hulk, Tom Brady not respected Gisele, and snowballs on a slalom course. The crew dives deeper into the XFL’s horrible press conference and conspiracy theories in the NFL. They discuss the all-star games, Lebron and...


Pissin’ Hot with Tank Mansfield | Hopslam

CraftBrewedSports.com’s MMA expert, Tank Mansfield, joins the show and brings some of his favorite beer, Hopslam from Bell’s Brewing, with him. The guys talk about Mississippi State fans taunting Auburn, Carlos Henderson going full Super Troopers, the Cavs turning their petty up to 100, Jimmy Butler and Lolo Jones’ cherry, the Marlins home run statue, and injuries from the end of the Minnesota/New Orleans game. Tank breaks down UFC 220 and Bellator and gives his picks for the main events...


Drunk Line Minisode #24

Mother Fucker of the week nominee. Should mid-major courts be a choice? Let us know: 440-37-DRUNK


Drunk Line Minisode #23

This Brian Urlacher story is straight up crazy. What do you think? Let us know: 440-37-DRUNK


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