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D4 is an actual play live stream D&D game with two DM's based in Atlanta GA. It streams Sundays at 7p ET on twitch.tv/rockpunch atl.

D4 is an actual play live stream D&D game with two DM's based in Atlanta GA. It streams Sundays at 7p ET on twitch.tv/rockpunch atl.
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D4 is an actual play live stream D&D game with two DM's based in Atlanta GA. It streams Sundays at 7p ET on twitch.tv/rockpunch atl.




Waterdeep Session 14: Dejecting Deals with a Distrustful Dowager

The party finds themselves at the mercy of the swamp in the most nightmarish landscape yet. However at the end is a forest oasis with a small hut where an elderly woman and her nephew live. They expected a dragon but instead what they found may change their lives forever.


Waterdeep Session 13: Don’t Dawdle, Delays are Deadly

Nearly dying at the hands of mud and a crocodile the BFGs find themselves lost in a decaying lands swallowed by a swamp. Avoiding a fight in their weakened state they parlay with the frog lords and negotiate their way out of swift and deadly justice. They find safe holding for Pixil with their shaman while they venture out towards a warring lizard clan to investigate the corruption. Along the way more questions arise than are answered and their only hope lies with the most unlikely of...


Waterdeep Session 12: Devouring Dirt and a Daring Daughter

The party gathers themselves and supplies to embark on their first journey outside the city walls. What is suppose to be an easy job may have ended up being difficult as the lush forest seems to be corrupted by something turning it into a decaying swamp. Maybe even more difficult is the fact that they had a surprise stowaway child hidden in their cart and don't have time to turn arou


Waterdeep Session 11: Deep Dark and Depressing Discoveries

After taking down a spectator and saving a cat the crew gathers to meet with Threestrings to discuss zhentarim agent suspects. A lot of secrets and past skeletons came out to play with the party when more people revealed who else has double aliases as well as what it means to be a Harper. Construction on the Manor is making headway, and relationships are being healed all before the gang preps to go on a camping trip to retrieve mushrooms from a nearby forest for Falla to create antidotes to...


D4 D&D St. Patrick's day One-Shot Campaign: Loony Lovable Lucky Leprechauns

A group of leprechauns from the feywild have fun at a carnival, get drunk, and wake up to find all of their gold stolen. Now they must work together to try and get it all back.


Waterdeep Session 10: Don't Doubt Dapple Delegates

A secret message to Harold causes a rift between the team again. Especially when the secrets start to compile through out the day while on a quest to gain information from a talking horse. The team does a favor for the Harpers which leads them to fight an aberration in a book store. Saesha's new powers take full form after devoting herself to Oghma and Vee sees a deceased loved one for the first time.


Waterdeep Session 9: Dividing Discussions and Distressing Dividends

In an episode including talking horses, befriending crows, fencing lessons, and secret letters, the BFGs get into their first argument over what is right and wrong to the point of screaming and tears. Venlee figures out the riddle of blackstaff tower while everyone else finds ways to get gold in trade for their spoils from the cult they dismantled. Still not having enough to fix the manor they have to turn to Mirt the Moneylender for a loan that seems questionably complicated


Waterdeep Session 8 Featuring Mark Meer: Descending into the Dungeon of Draconic Disciples

The party finally finds a job to help pay for their spending habits when offered to work for the Order of the Gauntlet through the help of a Grey Hand initiate. Mark Meer joins the party as the very creepy but very hilarious Khizervexx as they venture forth into the Field Ward to investigate the possibility of the sick and helpless being taken by the Cult of the Dragon. What they find in the depts of an underground cave would cause anyone to lose their mind.


Waterdeep Session 7: Deceptive Dates, Dogs and Dirt

Vee goes on a very awkward first date while the rest of the party met a few more of their neighbors. The following day the group goes to fulfill their debt to Mama U'wae in the city of the dead which doesn't go as well as they hoped. New questions arise to be answered at the Font of Knowledge to find more answers. There they meet an interesting man with a mechanical arm who mentioned the Order of the Gauntlet.


Waterdeeep Session 6: Dancing Damned and Devout Dogma

Most of the group decides to celebrate home ownership by joining some of the neighbors at a unique trinket shop, where a demonic drum causes strange things to manifest. Vaas stays behind and takes on becoming friends with a poltergeist and fighting a wererat alone, and it nearly costs him everything. Some hope exists though because the group finds that almost any question, even very surprising ones, can be answered at Oghma's font of Knowledge.


Waterdeep Session 5: Dangerous Divination and Divine Damage

With limited options the crew spends the night with the gnomish family while Vaas checks up on a sneaking suspicion. Vee is attacked by a ghostly entity with a threatening message catalyzing the search for the mysterious Mama U'wae so they can perform a seance before all hell breaks loose.


Waterdeep Session 4: Domestic Death in Decrepit Dwellings

The new owners of Trollskull Manor find out that they are not the only occupants. From gnomish children to seemingly malevolent specters. They now turn to their neighbors for help to find out how to solve this issue of ownership.


Waterdeeep Session 3 Dominated Do-Gooders Dealt Deeds

The group stumbles upon an underground hideout through a hidden door in the sewers. What they find behind it nearly leads to a DEAD end. With their first mission complete they now stand before their paid compensation... Rumor has it, it's haunted.


Waterdeep Session 2 Desperate Detectives Developing Debt

Five unlikely new friends continue their search for Floon Blagmaar, while also discovering new things about each other, as they navigate the City of Splendors.


Waterdeep Session 1 Delicious Drinks and Dangerous Debutantes

It's the first session of D4, the Double DM Dungeons & Dragons Livestream! Meet our players & their characters as they embark on their adventure playing Dungeons & Dragons!