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Your home for a fun, yet informative, show on hunting and land management with an emphasis on Midwestern whitetails.

Your home for a fun, yet informative, show on hunting and land management with an emphasis on Midwestern whitetails.
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Your home for a fun, yet informative, show on hunting and land management with an emphasis on Midwestern whitetails.






Ep. 8: Warsaw Caviar

On this episode, we're joined by Joe Clarke, representing a recently formed company, Warsaw Caviar. Joe takes us along on a little history lesson of sturgeon caviar, also known as hackleback caviar. We learn about where it comes from locally, where all the product ends up around the country, serving suggestions and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, Joe didn't bring any of this fine product with him, but rest assured, we will have him back and try it for ourselves! Luckily, Joe did bring a...


Ep. 7: The final chapter in the quest for Muley!

The story of the Mule Deer Buck, aka Muley, has come to an end. Hear how the hunt went down, some of the oddities with the history of this deer, how to age deer using the jawbone and teeth, and a lot more late season talk.


Ep. 6: Trail Cameras, 2nd Shotgun Season and the end of Sweet November!

This episode is loaded with everything trail cameras. We discuss our history with them, what it was like in the old days, how they have come along over the years. We also get in to a little bit of our strategy with them throughout the year. Trail cameras are a topic that we just can't fully cover in one episode, but this is a good start. We also talk about the impending 2nd shotgun season and our expectations. This was our longest podcast yet, so hopefully we can keep you entertained until...


Ep. 5: Shotgun Season....And our love/hate relationship with it.

In this episode the guys talk all about shotgun season and the trials and tribulations that it can bring and how our weekend hunts went. We also talk about getting kids in the field, managing a deer herd, working with your neighbors and a little bit of everything in between. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and our website,


Ep. 4: Ryan Kirby from Ryan Kirby Art is in studio! Louie is also on the board with a giant 8!

In this episode we are joined by renowned wildlife artist Ryan Kirby. We are lucky to have Ryan be not only a friend of the show, but also friends with each of us. We discuss a little art, a lot of hunting, tell a few stories and talk about what are plans are for the last few days before gun season. Also, Louie had the chance to arrow a beautiful, big framed 8 since our last episode. I hope you enjoy the episode, and please like, comment, subscribe and share us with anyone else you think...


Ep. 3: Mike's 160"(ish) 7 year old buck, Walter Sellens talks about the changes in deer hunting the last 50 years and our latest 2018 rut report!

On this episode we're in Northeast Missouri at the Sellens cabin on opening day of the Missouri rifle season. We get the full story of Mike's 160"(ish) 7 year old buck, his largest, and oldest, deer to date. We're also joined by Walter Sellens, Tyler's dad. Walter is an extremely accomplished man in all facets of his life, an accomplished outdoorsman being one of them. We discuss the changes Walter has seen in deer hunting over the years, some of his childhood memories of hunting with his...


Ep. 2: Sweet November!

The guys are all together at the brand new DeerLand HQ to talk about that magical time that all deer hunters dream about. November! We discuss the last couple of weeks of October and what we each observed and then we talk about what to expect in the first part of November as the rut is in full swing. Mike had some success with a doe harvest and the crazy things an arrow can do once it hits its mark are discussed. We also go over some of the gear we are using this year. I hope you enjoy this...


Ep. 1: Hello, world.

Welcome to DeerLand! In this, our first episode, you will get to know a little bit about the guys behind the podcast, what our hopes are for the future of the show and even a couple of hunting stories. There's even a little time devoted to the flying squirrel. We look forward to bringing you some great stories, tactics we use in the field, land mangement practices we have already implemented, some we are planning to implement, food plotting, equipment reviews and so much more. We hope you...