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Went Diving today… Spring is coming!

Season 9 Episode 11 Rich talks about Spring and diving for the first time in the quarry this spring. He chats about a conversation he had about the pros and cons of intermediate trimix training. Hat tip another upcoming podcaster and a thank you to a fan in Ireland!!


Ice Diving in Munising Adventure 2019

Season 9 Episode 10 Rich gets caught up on his trip to Munising Michigan where he was joined by 13 other divers and adventurers for a weekend of Ice diving. Divers from Patriot Dive Center in Wilmington, North Carolina joined divers from Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin on Lake Superior diving through 26 inches of Ice!


How Technology is changing the way we shipwreck dive

Season 9, Episode 9 This past weekend, Rich did a talk at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival regarding new technologies and how they are changing the way we shipwreck dive in the 21st Century. It was a well attended gathering and something that you should definitely plan on attending live next year in March.


Prepping for Ice Diving in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Season 9 Episode 8 Rich is on the wing to head for Munising Michigan to go Ice diving! He put together a short podcast about his plans for the weekend and talks about his excitement for the divers travelling to become ice divers and Ice diver Instructors!


Gas Blender, More ice diving, Chamber Dives and More

Season 9 Episode 7 Rich has extended the amount of time between podcasts to the max without missing a week. It has been a busy time for him and he talks about the courses that he has been teaching, dives he has been doing and his summer plans. Rich also talks about the Hyperbaric Chamber Dive that was done this week as well as some of the instructor stuff he has been doing.


The difference a day makes…. More Ice Diving

Season 9 Episode 6 Rich does a podcast from his car and talks about the difference a day makes as far as ice conditions. The dive he did was awesome and he chats about that and what is planned for the next coming week.


Ice diving and other Winter Activities

Season 9 Episode 5 Rich has been cold water diving this week and ICE DIVING! Listen to the stories as Rich talks about a week of super clear water and fantastic conditions while diving in January!


Quarries of North Carolina, Rebreather Training and exploring “Mysteries”

Season 9 Episode 4 Rich is back from Rebreather training in North Carolina with some stories to tell about the diving there. Having never dived a Granite Quarry before this trip he has a lot of insights and a story to tell about the experience. Th Fantasy Lake Scuba Park was a great quarry by the two days of the course turned out to be incredible. Mystery Lake Scuba Park was an amazing surprise with some underwater sites that were epic!


CCR Training at Fantasy Lake Scuba Park, NC

Season 9 Episode 3 Rich is in North Carolina Teaching a Tec40 CCR course. He has been having a great time at the Fantasy Lake Scuba Park outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. In this short podcast, Rich talks from his truck on the way to the dive site to keep you updated on what has been happening in diving.


Clear water, CCR and Being a Beta Tester

Season 9 Episode 2 Rich talks about the diving he has been doing, clarifies a misconception from the last podcast and talks about being a beta tester for the New CCR software available with the Garmin Descent MK1 dive smart watch.


New Years Day Diving, Rebreather cold water diving

Season 9, Episode 1 Rich start the year off talking about diving on New Years Day. It was a mild day with fantastic visibility. Rich also talks about a question that was emailed to him getting to the heart of why you choose an instructor/ dive center. Rich gets into the Aquaman movie as well giving his opinion of the effects and the fact that it is NOT the BBC.


Bonaire, Tec 40 CCR Training, Family fun!

Season 8 Episode 52 Rich does his last episode of 2018 from the Island on Bonaire. He is on holiday teaching his wife, Jill, her PADI Tec40 CCR course and a friend of his is also taking the PADI Tec Sidemount Instructor Course. Rich talks about night diving with a Bioluminescent light show and diving with his kids.


Packing for Vacay, River Diving, teaching rebreather

Season 8 Episode 51 Rich Talks about getting back into river diving for the first time since the summer. He also talks about sidemount and getting back into that to make back mounted diving with stages more streamlined. Rich chats about how his Zeagle Rep meeting and making custom BCDs. Finally Rich is packing for Bonaire and discusses the trials and tribulations of that ordeal.


Amazing vis at White Star! Gear Review Garmin Virb Edit

Season 8 Episode 50 Rich went diving at White Star to some incredible visibility! He talks about the sale at his store and offers some of the closeouts to you. Rich also talks about the Garmin Virb Edit software that came with his Virb Ultra 30. Finally Rich looks towards 2019 and Season 9 of this podcast looking for ideas and suggestions for changes.


Getting your wife into Rebreather diving

Season 8 Episode 49 Rich has been busy working in his shop on a sale this weekend and he talks about that a bit. He also embarked on a new journey with his wife taking Rebreather lessons from him on the Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather. His kids go diving with him in new to them equipment.


More about DEMA and new diving technology

Season 8 Episode 48 Rich chats more about DEMA telling a story about the Prism 2 Seminar he attended and the speeches by the cave rescuers from the Thai Soccer Team incident. He also spends time talking about the new products that he saw at DEMA that were representative of super cool stuff coming in technology. RIch talks about his meetings this week with Garmin and Atomic. He also spent time talking about his awesome weekend of CCR diving.


Back from DEMA, New Products, Trip to the Desert

Season 8 Episode 47 Rich is back from DEMA in part one of what will become a two part story about the trip to Las Vegas. Rich chats about new products, about the PADI CD Update and the directions that the industry is taking. Rich also talks about a trip out to Lake Mead to check out the Echo Bay resort to find it high and dry at the top of a mountain now.


Rich at DEMA, Short Podcast from Las Vegas

Season 8 Episode 46 Rich takes some time out of his amazingly busy schedule at DEMA the largest industry-only scuba event of the season! This is more of a teaser than anything else as Rich hints at some incredible stuff coming in 2019!


Fortune Pond Tec 50, Rebreather training, podcast from my car

Season 8 Episode 45 For the sake of saving time Rich does his podcast about recent dives in Fortune Pond for the Tec 50 class. He also talks about his dives in the quarry with rebreather divers.


Storms of November, Tec 50, Tec 40CCR Halloween

Season 8 Episode 44 Rich talks about spinning up to DEMA. He also talks about the upcoming tec 50 training and the training he has been doing with rebreathers. Rich talks about the show, the storms of November show he attended this evening.