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Ep. 010 - Chris Ling on how failure can breed champions

Ep.010 What do you do when your greatest weakness is put in front of you every single day? You see it as an advantage. Then you work your ass off to be mentally and physically better than your opponents. In a sport like volleyball where height tends to be a mandatory requirement for success 5’9” attacker Chris Ling needed to bring something else to a game where most other players 6’6” and up. Chris was final ingredient needed to take the Humber College volleyball team to 2 provincial...


Do it Like an Athlete - 009 - Sam Effah on facing adversity with the determination to win

Ep. 009 2 time national champion sprinter Sam Effah knows a thing or 2 about determination. After having major hip surgery (on both hips) he is poised to be back on top of sprinting in Canada. He joins me for a great chat about facing adversity with the determination to win. Show highlights: - There is no direct route from point a to point b and there will be many bumps in the journey. Accept it and be able to bounce back from any doubt. - Setting long and short term goals – using...


Do it Like an Athlete - 008 - Chad E. Cooper on the secret to why you aren’t getting what you want in life

Ep. 008 As a former multi-major sponsored triathlete, Chad Cooper competed on the Ironman race circuit and consistently ranked in the top 10% of his bracket nationally. Offered a tryout for the U.S. Ski Team, Chad has an accomplished background in what it takes to perform on the highest levels of athletics and now coaches professional and aspiring athletes from venues such as the NHL, MLB, USAT, and Cyclo-cross fields. Show highlights: - Detaching yourself from the pain/excuses you’re...


Ep. 007 - CFL receiver Mace Freeman on how and why to put the ‘I’ in team

Ep. 007 Being part of 2 championship winning teams (the Las Vegas Bowl with the University of Toledo Rockets and the Grey Cup with the Hamilton Tiger Cats) former CFL receiver Mace Freeman knows the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. He joins me this week to talk about the behind the scenes dynamics that fans never hear about and the importance of an individual’s contribution on a team. Show highlights: - The importance of honoring people’s differences and how it...


Ep. 006 - Coach Dean Martin on how to handle your mental state while performing at your best

Ep. 006 Volleyball coach Dean Martin clearly knows a thing or two about what it takes to train at an elite level. In his first year as Programme Director & Head Coach for the Volleyball Association of Singapore Dean is the first coach to have a volleyball team from Singapore represented at the Commonwealth Games. He brings a unique perspective to coaching that is evident in what he has achieved. We sit down to talk about his unique approach that seems to fly in the face of traditional...


Ep. 005 - Olympic track athlete Nikkita Holder on how to play the long game in life

Ep. 005 2-time Olympic hurdler Nikkita Holder and mother knows a thing or 2 about achieving goals and overcoming obstacles. In this episode we talk about the importance of constant improvement and focusing on the ‘long game’ especially in the face of adversity. Here are just a few highlights: - Making goals every day, every week, every month to keep things in a closer view and having a vision board for the year and 5 year goal - Keeping focus though life trauma and new...


Ep. 004 - MMA fighter Jesse Richardson on the power of mental toughness

Ep. 004 World champion and professor of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Jesse Richardson is a bad ass. Not because of his tattoos or his ability to fight but because of his ability to leverage different aspects of his mindset to get where he wants to go in competition and the rest of life. This episode we sit down to talk about what it takes mentally to not only achieve world champion status but how to be a champion in your day to day life. Here are just a few highlights: - Being a 10 year...


Ep. 003 - Ayo Sopeju on how to prepare for the unknown

Ep. 003 Ayo Sopeju is a member of the Canadian National Climbing Team and has competed for Canada on the world stage for many years. He has travelled the world competing in bouldering competitions against the best of the best. Ayo stopped in for a chat about his competition mindset and how you can integrate it into everyday life. Here are just a few highlights: - Focusing on the end of the game can distract from the steps leading up to it - The importance of leaving your baggage at the...


Ep. 002 - Gregg King on how to leverage a competition mindset in everyday life

For Gregg King fighting is his life. He lives, eats and breathes Jiu-Jitsu. He has turned it into a career and a business so that he can share his passion with the world. We sat down to have a great conversation about the competition mindset of a martial artist and how that translates to his businesses. Here’s a peek: - Fighting for the goal that you set - staying focused during your training so you are prepared for the competition - You either win or learn not win or lose – not...


EP. 001 - NHL to entrepreneur - Stephen Clarke on Leveraging the pro athlete mindset

Making it to the pros is one thing but it’s another thing to stay there. Stephen Clarke’s NHL career was cut short by a knee injury five years into his pro career. By leveraging his mindset that got him to the NHL Stephen created a multimillion dollar company and is currently working on a project that has the potential to feed nearly every person in need in North America in the next few years. We sit down to talk about how he did it all. Here are just a few highlights: - Changing your...