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Florida Tennessee rivalry, how big is this game for both teams?

Pat talks about how important this game is for Florida and Tennessee, the history of the rivalry and chats with Jimmy Hyams from Knoxville's WNML The Animal. Breakdown 01:30 Looking forward to the game in Tennessee and the rivalry history 07:15 Biggest concerns for the Gators 09:50 Neither team should be this bad 12:20 Getting to know a lot about who this team is 18:10 Interview with Jimmy Hyams, from WNML Knoxville The Animal 30:30 Games to watch this week and the spreads 37:50...


Gators special teams, defense and what Dan Mullen isn't saying

Pat looks back at Florida's win over Colorado State and interviews SEC Network's Peter Burns. Podcast breakdown: 00:25 Special teams making a difference 07:50 QB play (and what Dan Mullen isn't saying) 11:15 At what point will Florida start getting the young guys ready for next year? 13:00 Freddie Swain a great story 13:35 No pixie dust for great offensive coaches (case in point, Urban Meyer's first year at Flordia) 17:00 Where are the Gators attitude-wise? 18:48 Interview with Peter...


Colorado State a must win for Florida

Dooley talks about the hangover for Gator fans from losing to Kentucky and how the upcoming game against Colorado State is a must win game that could make or break the season, guest interview Kelly Lyell from The Coloradoan. Breakdown: 00:34 Loss to Kentucky has changed the view of Florida 03:30 Want to be football players of want to play football 07:30 About Colorado State 10:00 How Gators may react 17:20 Interview with Kelly Lyell from The Coloradoan 29:00 Games to watch this...


Perspective on Florida's loss to Kentucky, plus an interview with Tony Barnhart

Pat reflects on Florida's poor performance against Kentucky, looks at other games across the country and interviews college football insider Tony Barnhart. Podcast breakdown: 00:14 9-11 remembered. 02:00 UF vs. UK confirmed our worst fears for Florida 07:25 Culture hasn't changed. It's entitlement without talent. 16:00 Looking for answers. And is it really Tom Petty's fault? 20:00 Tony Barnhart 32:17 Big games last weekend 37:20 Three Things


Pat talks about The Streak over Kentucky, will it continue?

Pat Dooley breaks down the Florida Kentucky rivarly, talks about college football games to watch this week and interviews... pitmaster and All-American Gator great Shannon Snell on this Thursday edition of the Dooley Noted podcast. Podcast breakdown: 00:50 A visit with Tim Tebow 02:30 It's Kentucky week, will the streak continue 06:37 A little about this years Kentucky team 14:00 Interview with Shannon Snell, All American Gator offensive lineman 22:50 The Top 10 Gator teams of All...


For Gators, an OK start but a lot to work on

Will Florida hit it's stride after a somewhat disappointing first game? Pat Dooley examines the Florida Gators first game of the season and talks with Lexington Herald-Leader columnist John Clay. 01:00 Talk about Saturdays game 02:45 What Coach Mullen had to say 03:00 Offensive line paly 04:00 Special Teams play 06:30 How will Florida react after a slow first game 09:20 This past week in college football 11:30 Taggart at FSU 12:30 SEC Play last week 13:30 Pats AP Ballot 14:45 Will...


Thoughts on Feleipe Franks, plus an interview with Luke Del Rio

Pat examines Dan Mullen's decision to go with Feleipe Franks as Florida's starting quarterback — and gets former QB Luke Del Rio's perspective on it. Podcast breakdown: 00:54 Franks as starting QB 07:30 Mullen: Gators still learning 09:20 Reviewing the depth chart 15:30 Interview with Luke Del Rio 26:30 Excited for the weekend's games 33:20 Three Things


A chat with Chris Doering ahead of football season

Pat looks at quarterback issues, the Florida offense and more and interviews Gator great and SEC Network analyst Chris Doering. A breakdown of the podcast: 01:00 QB issue 03:00 Offense 05:40 Importance of beating Kentucky 10:30 Expectations not too high, not too low 13:00 "Champions of Life" 19:30 Chris Doering 32:30 Three Things


Questions from the road and an interview with Tate Casey

Pat talks about questions he gets speaking to Gator groups. They include: Who's the starting QB? And will special teams be better? He also talks with former UF tight end (and current sideline reporter) Tate Casey. Breaking down the podcast: Questions from the road - 1:40 Opening day quarterback - 7:15 Special teams - 11:04 Tight ends Other topics - 13:15 Dog days of practice - 16:15 Is the team any good. We'll know by the end of September. - 22:10 Interview with Tate Case - 36:38...


A conversation with Steve Spurrier

Pat looks at how different the atmosphere at the UF football program is with Dan Mullen in charge and their prospects for a turnaround. Also, he catches up with former Gator coach Steve Spurrier and talks about his still-to-be named Orlando Alliance with American Football team. Here's a breakdown of the podcast: 2:00 - A more open attitude at Mullen's Florida 5:00 - A damaged program aiming for a turnaround 10:50 - The OL. They're all back. But are they better? 13:08 - Urban...


Dooley Noted: Going on Break, but here is one more for your fix

Pat Dooley talks to Robbie Andreu from The Gainesville Sun. As Dooley Noted take a short break. Pat will be back with you in a few weeks, ready to talk football and all things Gators. 2:15 - Predictions on first-year head coaches, including one destined to fail 3:30 - Comparing Mississippi St. and Florida as programs right now 4:25 - Is "The U" back? 6:00 - Pat boldly predicts Alabama will make the CFP 7:15 - Will Grier for Heisman 2018? 8:15 - Will the Pac-12 have a representative...


Shannon Snell's insights on Gators' O-line

Pat interviews All-American lineman Shannon Snell about the Gators' offensive line. Breakdown of podcast: 00:45 Impressive Nick Savage and Gators' no-complaints attitude 04:00 An unbelievable all-around weekend for Gators sports teams 13:15 UF football has to catch up to Georgia 16:15 Shannon Snell on Gators' O-line 27:50 Three Things


Dooley asks: Is my sports intake too much?

Pat also discusses the Daily Football Fix; catches you up on UF baseball, softball and lacrosse; interviews Peter Burns of the SEC Network; and delivers Three Things. Breaking down the podcast: 04:04 Daily Football Fix and looking back on Florida's tradition of great offense 10:30 Pat asks: Is my sport intake too much? (The answer: No doubt!) 12:20 Baseball, softball and lacrosse 15:50 Peter Burns of the SEC Network 27:00 Three Things


The Gators' incredible NFL Draft ... 40 years ago

Pat talks about Florida's 10-player draft in 1978, plus this year's draft, the baseball and softball programs, and more. Podcast breakdown: 00:10 Thoughts on Percy Harvin 05:17 Baseball is in the stretch of SEC play. 12:00 UF softball is looking strong in SEC 14:40 An update on UF golf 16:53 Gators in the NFL Draft 20:00 What's the Daily Football Fix? 21:15 Gators in the 1978 NFL Draft. 26:35 Three Things.


For Florida football, summer's all about staying out of trouble

Pat looks at football expectations in the SEC and at baseball, softball, gymnastics and the NFL Draft. Podcast breakdown: 01:45 Insignificance of spring game attendance (and performance0 03:40 Knoxville's new sheriff in town 07:30 Summer rules 11:30 LSU negativity and SEC expectations 17:50 Baseball and softball 21:35 Lacrosse and gymnastics 24:35 Three Things 26:40 NFL Draft


Gator fans are energized

Pat looks back on the spring game, talks baseball, softball and golf, and interviews Gator great Chris Doering. Breakdown of the podcast: 00:50 Gator fans are energized 03:59 Thoughts on the spring game itself 08:20 Mullen inherited a better situation than McElwain 11:35 Spectacular weekend for baseball, softball 16:40 Chris Doering 26:00 Three things


What to look for in Gators' spring game

Pat shares his thoughts on Dan Mullen's first spring game as Florida's head football coach. Here's the podcast breakdown: 00:15 - Spring Game; 03:25 - Mullen's player-based planning; 06:30 - Big plans for podcast and golf tournament; 08:20 - What Pat wants to see in the spring game; 18:00 - What Pat doesn't want to see in the game; 20:00 - Mullen is all in; 22:45 - Beer sales at college stadiums; 25:50 - Shea Patterson transfer as it relates to Van Jefferson; 27:50 - Armon...


No reason to be discouraged by Gators' first scrimmage

Pat covers the state of Florida's QB contest after the first srimmage, UF's outstanding baseball, softball and track programs, and more.


UF is finally there at WR, with plenty of options

Pat takes a close look at the Gators football team during spring practice and gives his take on Florida's facilities plan.


The big unknown: Does UF have an SEC quarterback?

Pat takes a closer look at the Gators during spring practice, their likely wins in the next football season and the NCAA men's basketball tournament.