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Reasons for Florida's recruiting success — and other football insights

Pat brings Gainesville Sun sports writer Robbie Andreu in for a look back at the Florida season and a look ahead to next year. Pat also talks about Gator basketball. Podcast breakdown: 00:52 — UF basketball 02:30 — What Florida basketball is lacking 06:55 — NCAA NET Rankings and other thoughts on the basketball season 08:27 — It's stupid to do the other team's chant or signature fan gesture. 13:10 — Robbie joins the discussion on UF football 16:10 — Favorite plays from the past...


Gators status report after one year of Dan Mullen

Pat considers Florida football's No. 7 ranking, previews next season position by position, reviews the College Football Playoff championship and more. Podcast breakdown: 03:21 — Optimistic about Florida roster 05:00 — Next year's schedule 13:00 — Grading the Gators by position 21:27 — Clemson vs. Alabama 25:16 — How Tua's greatness cost 'Bama the title (by forcing Clemson to ramp up its offense) 27:19 — The secret to bowl game success is taking it up a notch 32:00 — UF basketball's...


Florida's going to see confetti again

Pat looks back on the Peach Bowl and Florida's surprising successful football season, reviews recent bowl performances, talks about Miami and ends with Three Things. Podcast breakdown: 01:45 — Florida fans terrific at Peach Bowl 03:10 — Another overwhelming performance by the Gators 05:20 — Credit due to Nick Savage 09:20 — About the game 14:00 — The Gators are going to see confetti again 17:15 — It will go down as one of my favorite Florida seasons 21:00 — Gators emotional after the...


Scouting Michigan ahead of the Peach Bowl

Pat interviews Detroit News sports writer Angelique S. Chengelis about Michigan, Florida's opponent in Saturday's Peach Bowl; reviews UF recruiting; and talks eight-team playoffs. Podcast breakdown: 03:10 - Recruiting 09:50 - Possibility of 8-team playoffs 19:10 - Moving days for players and coaches 22:30 - Interview (Pardon the audio issues) 33:00 - Bowl season and SEC dominance 38:25 - Three Things


Post season musings: UF's tops players, bowl game perks and more

Pat looks forward to the Gators' public practices ahead of the Peach Bowl, looks back the season's top performers, reviews the coaching carousel and talks up this weekend's bowl games.


There is a lot Going on in College Football Right Now......

Pat Dooley flies solo this week in another episode of the Dooley Noted podcast. Pat talks about Urban Meyer, team in what Bowl Games, Seasons of College Football, spreads and of course Three Things. Trying lo listen on the mobile APP? Click here for link Breakdown: 1:00 There's a lot going on in college football 1:36 Urban Meyer announces retirement 6:30 Whats Meyers legacy 10:00 Gators get to the Peach Bowl 12:30 Kirby Smart lost a lot in the game 18:15 Whats the bowl games going...


Gators Beat FSU, Now What Bowl Game Do They Get

Pat Dooley re-caps the Florida win over FSU, talks about the great college football games this past weekend, previews the championship games and hits on the coaching carousel. Interview with guest Peter Burns of the SEC Network, and of course Three Things. If you are listening on the APP Click Here to Listen Breakdown: 1:35 Florida FSU Re-cap 4:15 The difference in these two teams was coaching 9:10 Florida took advantage of FSU mistakes 10:40 Florida struggled in the red zone 12:40...


Gators Ready for FSU in the Biggest Game of the Season

Pat talks with the Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier about the up coming game against the team for out west, FSU, and Spurrier's new team the Orlando Apollos. Hear all Pat's ideas for what the Gators need to do to end the losing streak against FSU, get some spreads and or course Three Things. Want to use the APP to listen to the show, Click Here For the Link Breakdown: 0:30 Wrap-up of the Florida Idaho game 1:50 Before the season I though Florida was an 8-4 team, now ? 4:30 Coaching the...


Reasons to go to the Florida-Idaho game

Pat previews the Gators' home game again Idaho and interviews Laura Rutledge of ESPN and the SEC Network. 01:07 About the Idaho Vandals 08:10 Why you should go to the Florida-Idaho game 12:10 A schedule with two byes makes so much sense 17:25 Bowl opportunities and the Gators 21:56 Interview with Laura Rutledge 35:16 The coming weekend and the Vegas spreads 40:45 Three Things


What bowl game could the Gators end up playing in?

Pat looks back on the Florida-South Carolina game — "one of the most incredible games you'll ever see" — and interviews Matt Baker, college sports writer for the Tampa Bay Times.


To Beat South Carolina The Gators have to Play with an Edge

Pat Dooley with another episode of the Dooley Noted podcast. This episode talks about what the Florida Gators need to do to beat South Carolina, Games of the Week and an interview with The State newspaper sports writer Josh Kendall who covers South Carolina sports. If you are trying to listen on the APP. Click Here For the Link Breakdown: 01:10 The big news about Kyle Trask being injured 03:00 Bad throws from Franks have to change 04:30 Not sure Florida can score with South...


Gators are who we thought they were

Pat evaluates the Florida team by position following Saturday's loss to Missouri and interviews ESPN college football analyst Tom Luginbill. Podcast breakdown: 01:30 A bad day for Gators 03:30 QB situation 09:30 Perspectives on the Florida team, before the season and now, looking at each position group 20:15 Mizzou running back Larry Rountree III's Gator Chomp 25:20 Tom Luginbill 37:20 Other games from the weekend 45:20 Three Things


Florida Missouri a Game of Attitude

Pat talks about the Florida Gators upcoming game against the Missouri Tigers and what the Gators need to do to win this game. An interview with ESPN college football writer and analyst Edward Aschoff. Pat give some game of the week spreads and of course Three Things If you are trying to listen to the show on the App. Click here for link Breakdown: 0:45 Missouri Florida a game of attitude 03:15 Got to cover the tight end 07:30 What does Florida need to do to beat Missouri 12:50 What...


Florida Georgia Recap and Dennis Dodd

CBS Sports Senior College Football Writer Dennis Dodd talks with Pat on this Tuesday episode, as Dooley recaps the Florida Georgia game. Trying to listen to Dooley Noted on the App? Click here for link Breakdown: 01:40 Did Franks take a step back? 04:00 Florida in a bowl game.... but which one. 10:04 Recap of Florida Georgia game 14:40 Florida getting killed in the secondary 20:10 Missteps and what went wrong in the Florida Georgia game 27:30 Interview with Dennis Dodd CBS Sports...


Florida Georgia Game a Top 10 Match-Up

This episode Pat talks with Reese Davis, co-host of College Gameday, about the Florida Georgia game and looks at the best games in the rivalry as well as breaking down the match-up. Games of the Week, spreads and of course Three Things. Trying to listen to the show on the mobile App. Click here for Link Breakdown: 3:00 Florida Georgia is a different kind of game 4:00 Quarterback situation 6:30 Gators have to play their best game of the year this week 11:30 This is the game where the...


Florida-Georgia games stay with you forever

Pat interviews Chip Towers, who covers Georgia for and He also looks back over the history of Florida-Georgia games when both teams are ranked in the top 10.


The Gators are ready for a break .... But played hard against Vandy

Kerwin Bell, the former Florida quarterback and Valdosta State football coach, joins Pat Dooley this week, along with a recap of the Gators win over Vanderbilt and picks for the upcoming weekend. Breakdown: 01:30 The scene at the Vanderbilt game 04:45 Two things that turned the game around at Vanderbilt 08:45 In the second half the Gators got it going 11:15 Florida played well enough to win 12:00 The Gators and Pat are ready for a break 13:30 Who from this Gators team could make the...


Every Game Is It's Own Game..... Florida and Vandy, No Different

Dooley talks about the Florida game against Vanderbilt and the challenges of getting ready to play in a odd environment at an early time. Plus an interview with Volunteers beat writer Adam Sparks from The Tennessean. Breakdown: 01:55 This game is really about Florida 05:00 The game in Vandy is always a little different 06:10 Vandy is......... 10:42 A look at Vandy's statistically 14:30 Dooley picks Florida to win 16:45 Faith in Mullen to understand what it takes to win in the...


After LSU game, Gators are good ... but they're not back yet

Pat looks back at the LSU game, the great atmosphere at The Swamp and other SEC matchups. Podcast breakdown: 01:25 There's a different feeling when LSU comes to town 03:00 Florida has become a good football team, but it's not back yet 09:00 Unbelievable environment. The Swamp deserves a lot of credit. 12:12 A season-changing game 22:06 Other SEC games from the weekend 30:20 Three Things


Florida and LSU, It's a Rivalry Game

Pat talks about the Florida LSU game, the rivalry, the big game atmosphere and how the Gators might just be able to beat the Tigers, and an interview with Scott Rabalais of the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate. Breakdown: 01:00 Florida LSU always feels like such a big game 04:35 When I look at the match-up I see? 04:50 Narratvie on LSU offensively 06:30 Stats on LSU 07:45 Expect a close tough game 10:50 This game might look a lot like the Mississippi State game 12:40 Tim Tebow being...