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NFL Week 3 Takes, A Visit to NBA Media Day, Double Classic Hip-Hop Ep 24 w/Fitzy

Programming note: This episode was recorded on Monday the 24th, but nothing discussed is out of date as of yet. Holla. This week we are rounding up the craziness of a wild week 3 in the NFL featuring many upsets, interesting finishes and not one half time retirement. We also cover the substantial, the goofy, and the mildly interesting developments from NBA media day as well as the Jimmy Butler situation in Minnesota. We have a double edition of classic hip hop album of the week for that...


NFL Week 2, Canelo vs GGG and the State of Boxing, Baseball, Politics Ep 23 w/Fitzy

This week on the show we are going sports heavy. T and Fitz recap the NFL week 2 games and a few other NFL storylines. We also touch on the Canelo Alvarez vs. GGG fight and the state of boxing in 2018. We also have political corner before jumping into a hip-hop discussion as well as our recurring segments. Follow Us On Twitter! @tommybusiness @TheMistahFitz @stevieskicks


Dope Topics Season 2 is Upon Us Ep 22

Season two is upon us. The fantastic podcast duo are back!! This week on the show we are discussing the start to the NFL season, politics as usual, lighting round and more. This episode is not to be missed!!!


LeBron to LA, Hip-Hop Album of the Summer, All Star Break and Mad More Fire Ep 21 w/Fitzy

The triumphant return of the Dopest podcast in the game is here after a quick 2 week vacay. The Pod boys are back and slinging that shit you DO like. We go fire round on topics we missed from the past two weeks. Discussions include LeBron to LA, Boogie to GSW. We dissect the 3 major hip hop releases of the summer, namely, Nasir, Everything is Love and Scorpion and give our thoughts. Quick MLB All star discussion is also featured. This week's Classic hip-hop album of the week is not to be...


Has Escobar Season Returned or Not? Kawhi on the Move?, World Cup for the Uninterested! Ep 20 w/Fitzy

The Podadelics return for EPISODE TWENTY of the legendary Dope Topics podcast! This week we are discussingg the bizarre release of NASIR, Nas' 11th studio album. Reviews are positive for the record, but whats up with the release? Bombshell news about Kawhi Leonard not wanting to return to the Spurs has us returning to special NBA talks. The World Cup for uninterested Americans! Legendary Classic hip-hop album of the week. #Thatsdope #Thataintdope Follow us on twitter! @tommybusiness...


Pusha T is NOT cancelled, NBA Season Wrap Up, Ye and more Ep 19 w/Fitzy

This week on the show T and Fitzy are breaking down the NBA season wrap up, giving thoughts on LeBron's next move and more. They jump back into the Pusha T vs Drake discussion now that we have a diss response from Push, where will Drake clap back? This discussion is not to be missed. Before heading into our recurring segments the discussion turns to a debate about Kanye West's new album, Ye. Is it garbage is it hot? Find out on this week's Dope Topics!! Follow us on twitter! @tommybusiness...


Is Pusha T Cancelled?, NFL Kneeling Rules, and more Ep 18 w/Fitzy and Stevie

This week on the show we have the whole dope topics team in full effect delivering that raw uncut Podcast powder from Bolivia. We tackle the Pusha T album DAYTONA and subsequent diss record by Drake. We transition into a discussion about the NFL's kneeling rules and impact on player protests. As always we close the show with a fresh edition of Classic Hip Hop album of the week and #thatsdope and #thataintdope. Follow us on twitter! @tommybusiness @TheMistahFitz @stevieskicks


Conference Finals, What ya Reading, Extreme Displays of Bitch Assnes Ep 17 w/Fitzy and Ashley

This week on the show Fitz and T are back and bringing that certified unstoppable, undeniable podcast fire. We have Conference finals discussion, a special What ya Reading segment featuring the Start Up economy and food purity. We shift into our newly minted, extra fire segment "Extreme Displays of Bitchassness" followed by Classic Hip-Hop Album of the week and #thatsdope and #thataintdope featuring special guest Ashley P. This is the best Pod in the game and this episode is not to be...


NBA Playoffs Round 2, More Kanye Bitchassness Ep 16 w/Stevie

This week on the show we go around each off the Round 2 series and bring you that fresh certified plastic wrapped podcast fire. We then jump into the even more egregious Kanye West comments that happened after last weeks show. Of course we also have #thatsdope and #thataintdope and classic hip hop album of the week. This episode is certified flames. Follow us on twitter: @tommybusiness @stevieskicks @TheMistahFitz


Kanye is a Fool, Conservative Hypocrisy, Top Podcasts Ep 15

This wee on the show TBiz is spitting nothing but that fire flame Podcast heat for the people. We go in on Kanye's twitter foolishness keeping it a buck no change to be exchanged. Follow that up with some thoughts on conservative media types being up in arms over Michelle Wolf hitting Sarah Huckabee Sanders with a few light jabs at the WHCD. After that we hit you with a super sized addition on #thatsdope featuring Podcast recommendations and a quick #whatyoureading We wrap the show a...


Boston Sports is Killing It, Round 1 Run Down w/Fitzy Ep 14

This week on the show Tom is joined by Fitzy to break down the Boston Sports teams all flourishing plus an in depth look at every Round 1 series in the NBA playoffs. We have certified fresh editions of Classic hip hop album of the week as well as #thatsdope and #thataintdope. This episode is a banger and should not be missed! Follow us on twitter! @tommybusiness @TheMistahFitz @stevieskicks


Best of Dope Topics – Ep 13

We have been rocking this Dope Topics movement a little over three months. It has been a blast to put this show out and connect with so many listeners. We thought it would be fun this week to take a look back at some of our highlights (and maybe lowlights) over the duration of the show. We will be back next week with a fresh fire episode. Hop you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Follow us on twitter: @tommybusiness @TheMistahFitz @stevieskicks


NFL Draft, Parkland Kids, Stevie Shoots Shots! – Ep 12 w/Stevie & Fitzy

This week on Dope Topics we debut our new "Whatcha Readin" format in which we go through a number of topics we've been reading about over the past week. Topics include: NFL Draft, response to the Parkland Kids activism, Stevie shoots shots at the Donald and much more. As always we are bringing you that heat during Classic Hip-Hop album of the week as well as #thatsdope and #thataintdope. This episode brings the heat and the laughs in bunches! Follow us on twitter: @tommybusiness...


Dope Guest: Akrobatik – Ep 11

This week on the pod we are privileged to be joined by legendary Boston MC Akrobatik. We discuss the excellent recent release "Resolution" by the Preceptionists (Ak's group with fellow Boston MC Mr. Lif). We then take a journey through Ak's amazing career in hip touching on his early singles, his album's "Balance", Absolute Value", "Built to Last", "Black Dialogue" (Perceptionists) "Resoltuion" (Perceptionists). We then jump into the Boston hip-hop scene and how it effected Ak's career,...


Top 5 TV Shows of the Past 25 Years w/Fitzy Ep 10

This week on Dope Topics Tom and Aaron are breaking down the Top 5 TV shows of the past 25 years. We also cover top 5 TV characters. We then shift into a FIRE classic hip hop album of the week. As always we round out the show with #thatsdope and #thatsnotdope This episode is a certified banger and is not to be missed. Follow us on twitter @tommybusiness @TheMistahFitz @stevieskicks


Politics Corner, NFL Free Agency, NBA Western Conference Outlook w/Stevie Ep 9

On this week's SUPERFLY edition of Dope Topics Tom and Steve are bringing you all sorts of fresh flavors to vibe to. We start the show with Political Corner (1:10) in which we break down President Trump's comments about implementing the death penalty for drug offenses, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's timely firing, and we also breakdown President Trump's apparent misunderstanding of trade principles. This is a dope discussion that is not to be missed. We then jump into our sports talk...


NFL Trade reactions and NBA Eastern Conference Outlook w/Fitzy & Stevie Ep 8

This week on Dope Topics the crew reacts to the sudden flurry of NFL trades and offseason notable events. We discuss the Browns overhaul, Richard Sherman leaving Seattle, Michael Bennet being traded and the Rams shoring up the defensive backfield. We then switch gears and have a lively discussion about the NBA's eastern conference and the outlook for the remainder of the season and playoffs out east. We skip politics this week and jump right into #thatsdope & #thataintdope where we ask and...


Top 5 Emcees, Politics Corner, Top 5 Movies w/Fitzy & Stevie Ep 7

On this week's action packed episode of Dope Topics Tom snd Steve get in a heated debate on how to round out the top 5 emcees of all time. The guys explore the dynamics of the Georgia State Legislature's move to penalize Delta airlines in response to Delta cutting ties with he NRA. We also have an informative discussion surrounding the specifics of White House advisor, Jared Kushner, having his security clearance reduced. Tom welcomes Fitzy back to the Pod to for #thatsdope and...


NCAA Scandal, NBA Playoff format, Dallas Mavericks Scandal, Olympics w/Fitzy & Stevie Ep 6

This week on Dope Topics we have an action packed extended edition where we are bringing that HEAT. Tom and Stevie jump into the NCAA mens basketball scandal and discuss Adam Silver's comments about changing the NBA Playoff format and adjusting the "One and done" rule for college prospects. Fitzy join's Tom to talk about the Dallas Mavericks scandal and explore where they make these creepy sexual abusers that we have heard so much about in the news lately. Plus we have classic hip hop...


Drug Addict Music and The Gun Control Debate w/Fitzy & Stevie Ep 5

This week on Dope Topics we are covering some heavyweight material. We start the show interviewing @themistahfitz about his article on drug addict music and the glorification of drug abuse in hip hop. Tom and Steve then touch on the tragedy in Parkland, FL and inevitable gun control debate these mass shootings tend to spark. The guys attempt to provide the appropriate context for those discussions and offer some important insights. We lighten things up during #thatsdope and #thataintdope...