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DFS Podcast: Week 11 FanDuel 11-16-18

​ With the Chiefs and Rams out of view on the NFL Week 11 main slate, it's Eagles and Saints and then everyone else. But we've got plenty of guys from other games that you should consider for your FanDuel lineups. Jared and Matt have some differing views on the safest bargain RB this week, as well as which top-shelf back should most draw your focus. And Matt might just be underrating the opportunity facing a certain young NFC North wideout. Here's the rundown ... Cash-game QBs ......


DFS Podcast: Week 11 DraftKings 11-16-18

With perhaps the most DFS-friendly matchup of all time (Chiefs-Rams on Monday night) off the main slate, we're focused pretty heavily on Eagles-Saints for options on today's show. But that doesn't mean we're ignoring other intriguing spots. We've got enough mentions from Titans-Colts and Jared's worried about playing too many, and then there's the Bucs-Giants game that's way more intriguing than it really deserves to be.​​ Here's the full rundown: Cash-game QBs ... 2:28 GPP QBs ......


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 11 Preview 11-15-18

We'll all have to wait until Monday night for the biggest game of NFL Week 11, but there will be plenty more intrigue and questions to answer along the way. Are both QBs really upside targets in the nauseating Buccaneers-Giants matchup? Can Mitchell Trubisky outperform a tough spot against the Vikings? Who are the non-obvious plays from Eagles-Saints? And what's gonna happen at QB for the Ravens? Here's the rundown: Our favorite buy ... 00:36 Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons ......


Fantasy Football Podcast: What to Do With This Guy 11-13-18

​ A key WR injury creates some opportunity in the Rams offense but might only significantly impact the fantasy outlook of 1 other player. The long-awaited rise of the Tennessee offense has vaulted several guys into view for the fantasy stretch run. And we have a bunch of big RB performances to sort through. Listen to the end of today's show, and you'll hear about some team defenses that you might want to stash to help you close out a fantasy title run. Here's the rundown: The Cooper Kupp...


DFS Podcast: Week 10 DraftKings 11-9-18

QB options abound on DraftKings this week, at a wide range of prices. We're having an easier time zeroing in at RB and TE, though, with a couple of $6K wideouts presenting floor and upside. Here's the full rundown: Cash-game QBs ... 3:18 GPP QBs ... 6:06 Cash-game RBs ... 7:37 GPP RBs ... 11:54 Cash-game WRs ... 14:41 GPP WRs ... 17:09 Cash-game TEs ... 20:26 GPP TEs ... 21:55 Flex plays ... 25:25 Team defenses ... 24:49 ​Check our weekly rankings for our favorite PPR options and...


DFS Podcast: Week 10 FanDuel 11-9-18

​ Does FanDuel's Week 10 pricing present a MUST play at QB or TE? Or both? Do you have to pay up into the $8K range to get tournament-winning upside at QB? And where should your RB focus be ... other than the expensive workhorses up top, of course? Here's the rundown ... Cash-game QBs ... 2:52 GPP QBs ... 4:12 Cash-game RBs ... 5:20 GPP RBs ... 7:05 Cash-game WRs ... 10:02 GPP WRs ... 10:53 Cash-game TEs ... 12:17 GPP TEs ... 13:32 Flex plays ... 14:54 Team defenses ......


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 10 Preview 11-8-18

​ Let's sort out the bottom of RB2 territory, the streaming-defense landscape and spend a surprising amount of time arguing about Chris Conley. Here's the rundown: ​Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears ... 1:21 New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals ... 7:16 Atlanta Falcons at Cleveland Browns ... 12:11 Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts ... 17:15 Arizona Cardinals at Kansas City Chiefs ... 22:53 Buffalo Bills at New York Jets ... 28:24 Washington at Tampa Bay Buccaneers ......


Fantasy Football Podcast: What to Do With This Guy 11-6-18

​ What goes into selecting the proper defense? Jared and Matt don't always agree, but they're happy to talk through the thought process. Then we have a key injury to a wideout that's knocking his QB out of starting territory, another star wideout in a new place and an offense that looked horrible in the 1st half but just might be ready for a turnaround. Here's the rundown ... ​Picking a team defense ... 1:01 A.J. Green fallout ... 6:50 Amari Cooper's debut ... 13:08 Are the Titans...


DFS Podcast: Week 9 DraftKings 11-2-18

​ Even though David Johnson's on bye this week, he enters the discussion near the top of today's show. But then it's on to plenty of Rams, Saints, Bucs and Panthers -- with more Broncos options than you might expect sprinkled in. Here's the rundown ... Cash-game QBs ... 4:34 ​GPP QBs ... 6:32 Cash-game RBs ... 9:39 ​GPP RBs ... 12:32 Cash-game WRs ... 15:58 ​GPP WRs ... 18:17 TEs ... 21:47 Flex plays ... 24:04 Team defenses ... 25:40 ​Check our weekly rankings for our favorite...


DFS Podcast: Week 9 FanDuel 11-2-18

As Todd Gurley inches closer to eating up 20% of your budget, does he remain the top cash consideration at QB for Week 9? Is he even the top cash consideration in his own game? We've got that high-ceiling matchup to hit, along with a loaded Bucs-Panthers tilt. Plus multiple players from both sides of Chiefs-Browns.​​ Here's the rundown ... Cash-game QBs ... 3:21 GPP QBs ... 4:46 Cash-game RBs ... 9:15 GPP RBs ... 11:52 Cash-game WRs ... 14:30 GPP WRs ... 18:43 Cash-game TEs ......


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 9 Preview 11-1-18

​ Demaryius Thomas switches sides for this Sunday's Broncos-Texans matchup, but he doesn't seem to carry any extra fantasy appeal. What is appealing? Saints-Rams. Patriots-Packers. Ryan Fitzpatrick's return to the helm for Tampa Bay. The recent target counts for Willie Snead and Danny Amendola. Nick Chubb. And ... Jeff Heuerman? Let's run through all the NFL Week 9 (post-Thursday) action: ​Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens ... 0:56 Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills ... 7:09 Tampa Bay...


Fantasy Football Podcast: What to Do With This Guy 10-30-18

​ That was a fun deadline day for the NFL. Demaryius Thomas goes to the Texans. Golden Tate goes to the Eagles. Those moves and their repercussions lead off this episode, but we'll also dig into the QB switch (back) in Tampa and the coaching purge in Cleveland ... plus a group of buy-or-sell RBs. Here's the rundown: ​Demaryius Thomas trade fallout ... 1:02 Golden Tate trade fallout ... 3:43 ​Waiver targets ... 7:30 Top streaming-D picks ... 9:36 Buccaneers go back to Ryan Fitzpatrick...


DFS Podcast: Week 8 FanDuel 10-26-18

​ At about $3,000 more in salary than our cash-game favorites at RB, Todd Gurley might finally be a starter to step over as you're building your DFS lineups this week. We're focusing on 3 other studs, with some cheaper variations for tournament lineups in particular. QB and WR present myriad options, while TE looks pretty focused. Here's the rundown ... Cash-game QBs ... 2:06 GPP QBs ... 3:22 Cash-game RBs ... 5:16 GPP RBs ... 7:17 Cash-game WRs ... 12:35 GPP WRs ... 13:55 Cash-game...


DFS Podcast: Week 8 DraftKings 10-26-18

​ Kareem Hunt, James Conner or both at RB this week? Does anyone else enter the cash conversation at RB? And where else can we look for tournaments? Those are among the key questions for the Week 8 main slate. Here's the rundown ... Cash-game QBs ... 4:08 GPP QBs ... 7:34 Cash-game RBs ... 10:13 GPP RBs ... 14:33 Cash-game WRs ... 16:58 GPP WRs ... 19:11 Cash-game TEs ... 21:03 GPP TEs ... 22:58 Flex plays ... 25:44 Team defenses ... 26:27 Check our weekly rankings for our...


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 8 Preview 10-25-18

​ It looks like a tough week to find streaming options at QB but an easy time to mine for starting defenses. We're watching injury situations with Marlon Mack, Rob Gronkowski and the Packers receivers. And we're looking at potential shootouts in Cincinnati, L.A. and Minnesota. Here's the rundown for all the Week 8 action ... ​Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (London) ... 1:00 ​Baltimore Ravens at Carolina Panthers ... 7:21 ​New York Jets at Chicago Bears ... 13:57 ​Tampa...


Fantasy Football Podcast: What to Do With This Guy 10-23-18

The Carlos Hyde trade set DFS abuzz on Friday, but then the Raiders and Cowboys outdid that with the Amari Cooper deal. Does the move help Cooper's fantasy outlook this season? What about the guys around him? We'll look into that and hit on a whole bunch more noisemakers -- or disturbingly quiet assets -- on this show. Here's the rundown: ​The Amari Cooper trade ... 1:12 The new Jaguars backfield ... 8:15 Mitchell Trubisky ... 11:33 Lamar Miller ... 14:01 James White ... 16:15 Kenyan...


DFS Podcast: Week 7 FanDuel 10-19-18

Which main-slate game has a pair of #1 WRs we can pair up in a tournament lineup? Does Todd Gurley's move north of $10,000 push him out of lineups? And who's the clear top QB play of the week?​​ Oh, and if you hear Carlos Hyde's name, just remember he was still a Brown when we recorded. Here's the rundown ... Cash-game QBs ... 3:06 GPP QBs ... 5:06 Cash-game RBs ... 7:57 GPP RBs ... 11:25 Cash-game WRs ... 12:51 GPP WRs ... 16:13 Cash-game TEs ... 18:34 GPP TEs ... 22:13 Flex plays...


DFS Podcast: Week 7 DraftKings 10-19-18

​ Well, Carlos Hyde played for a different team when we recorded this. So you won't find any talk about Nick Chubb. But he becomes quite intriguing after Friday's trade. You will, however, find plenty of Jacksonville talk. And the Hyde trade doesn't change the positive outlook for T.J. Yeldon. You'll also hear plenty about what looks like 1 of this week's sneakiest upside fantasy games. Here's the rundown ... Cash-game QBs ... 3:10 GPP QBs ... 4:50 Cash-game RBs ... 10:52 GPP RBs ......


Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 7 Preview 10-18-18

We have some exciting QB streaming options for Week 7. We have some big-name QBs in bad spots. We have some usually boring wideouts that look like PPR starters. And we have some usually exciting wideouts that we're looking to bench. But we'll start out with a pick from the 3rd Buy/Sell/Hold Report of the year. Here's the rundown:​​ The Ultimate "Buy" ... 0:45 Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers ... 2:34 New England Patriots at Chicago Bears ... 8:01 Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis...


Fantasy Football Podcast: What to Do With That Guy 10-16-18

​Does an oddball Week 6 in the NFL have you trying to figure out what to do this week with some key players? Us too. Here are the questions we're pondering on today's show ... ​What now after Devonta Freeman hit IR? Are we all underrating the toughness of Bills D matchup? Consider C.J. Beathard a weekly option? Pick up/hold Baker Mayfield? Sell Matt Breida? Sell Peyton Barber? Sell Alex Collins? Hold Frank Gore? Dump Kenyan Drake? Hold Tarik Cohen? Start Marlon Mack? Sell Nyheim...