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The award-winning podcast from DraftSharks.com: The world's most accurate fantasy football site.

The award-winning podcast from DraftSharks.com: The world's most accurate fantasy football site.


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The award-winning podcast from DraftSharks.com: The world's most accurate fantasy football site.








DFS Divisional Round Preview 1-15-21

​ You're not going to surprise anyone with lineups featuring Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and/or Tyreek Hill this week. Even Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry might prove chalky on the other side of this week's highest over/under. But we might still be able to unearth some more-hidden gems from that matchup. There's another game we're all mostly fading this week ... plus a couple more that might be difficult to read (or agree on). Let's get to the picks: QB ... 6:02 RB ... 10:17 WR ... 18:41...


Divisional Round Preview 1-12-21

​ Derrick Henry let a lot of FFPC Playoff Challenge teams down last weekend. But did he kill your chances of winning? Nick Chubb and Cam Akers each outperformed expectations and gave teams at least 1 game beyond what most anticipated. How do they fit into plans for setting Round 2 lineups? And what should we expect from tight matchups in the Bills-Ravens and Saints-Buccaneers contests? Matt, Mike and Adam gather to look back and then look ahead. ​ Check out our full Divisional Round fantasy...


Wild Card DFS Preview 1-8-21

Derrick Henry and Alvin Kamara hit Wild Card weekend as the only true stud RBs on the schedule ... but does that make "must" plays out of both -- or neither? Expensive QBs look attractive on both DraftKings and FanDuel, but we also have some lower-prices favorites. The top value at RB just might be a player who has spent several weeks on the injury report. And WR looks loaded despite just a 6-game pool. Let's get to the picks: QB ... 9:21 RB ... 15:13 WR ... 23:09 TE ... 29:28 Flex ... 34:11...


Playoff Challenge Strategy 1-6-21

This is 1 of the longest podcasts we've ever done ... and we're not apologizing. Just like you, we're chasing after that $500,000 top price in the FFPC Playoff Challenge, so we're carefully weighing every decision​​ and talking about the various potential strategies. Do you need to nail a Super Bowl QB to have the winning lineup? What are the best ways to hedge in games you think could go either way -- and which games fit that category this year? And who are the low-owned gems that could...


Chat with the Champ: FFPC Playoff Challenge 1-5-21

​ Austin Martin ( https://twitter.com/AustinRMartin84 ) might sound like a luxury car, but he's something even better. He's the guy who won last year's FFPC Playoff Challenge, raking in $500,000. So our Mike Schopp ( https://twitter.com/Schopptalk ) and Adam Krautwurst ( https://twitter.com/Adam_Krautwurst ) brought him on to find out how he did it, in search of some tips for winning this year's contest. You'll hear about the strategy that led to the title, beginning thoughts on this year's...


Week 17 FanDuel 1-1-21

​ Derrick Henry and Alvin Kamara run toward Sunday with huge upside ... and huge salaries. Can we find a way to fit both into our lineups, though? It'll take mining for values at other positions, but we have some options at WR and TE -- as well as RB for that flex spot. Plus, you'll find multiple defenses at nice prices going up against backup QBs. This should be a fun slate to close out the regular season. Here's the rundown: QB ... 3:30 RB ... 7:26 WR ... 12:24 TE ... 16:16 Flex ... 20:00...


Week 17 DraftKings 1-1-21

Derrick Henry rules the Week 17 talk for a rematch with the Texans defense that afforded him 212 yards and a pair of TDs in their 1st meeting. But how should we build around his big salary? And just how many options should we consider from that Titans-Texans matchup that carries the week's highest over/under? Outside that matchup: Jared loves the Vikings-Lions game, while Matt thinks there's sneaky upside to Cowboys-Giants (but he might be the only one). Who gets Tyler's Week 17 focus? Let's...


Week 17 Preview 12-31-20

​It's Week 17. You should be done with your fantasy football season, and we'll talk about why. (Lookin' at you, Chiefs and Steelers.) But if you're still playing -- even if just DFS -- then we'll look into some QB decisions as well as some upside targets and downside risks at every position. Here's the rundown: Resting teams ... 1:54 Injuries to watch ... 8:37 QBs ... 12:58 RBs ... 22:32 WRs ... 31:03 TEs ... 40:10 Defenses ... 46:04 Check our full Week 17 rankings (...


Week 16 Preview 12-24-20

Week 16 isn't the time to overthink your lineup, but it's also not time to stop thinking about it. We'll run through every game on the schedule to hit all the key decision players. Who should you play Jalen Hurts over? Who should you play over Jared Goff or Russell Wilson? Which RBs have stumbled into strong championship-week spots? And which WRs are trending toward usefulness? Here's the rundown: Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints ... 1:48 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions ... 5:03...


Week 15 FanDuel 12-18-20

Pay up for Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson, or pay down for Jalen Hurts? That's the 1st question we're tackling this week. RB just might present a small pool of chalky options for Week 15. WR and TE look busier, though. Here's the rundown: QB ... 2:46 RB ... 7:16 WR ... 11:19 TE ... 15:16 Flex ... 17:56 Defense ... 19:04 Check out Kevin's favorite picks for cash games ( https://www.draftsharks.com/article/week-15-fanduel-cash-game-picks-2020 ) and Tyler's top plays for GPPs (...


Week 15 DraftKings 12-18-20

The Chiefs-Saints matchup looks like the centerpiece of this slate, but Michael Thomas' ankle injury complicates things a bit. We're still playing plenty of guys from that game ... but there's at least 1 player we don't agree on anymore. Colts-Texans presents options as well. And we're looking for savings to fit multiple expensive RBs. Here's the rundown: QB ... 3:18 RB ... 8:05 WR ... 14:58 TE ... 22:35 Flex ... 27:27 Defense ... 29:09 Check out all of Jared's cash-game picks (...


Week 15 Preview 12-17-20

​ Can Justin Herbert rebound vs. an ailing Raiders defense? Should you trust Kirk Cousins, Jared Goff or Philip Rivers this week? What is COVID doing to the Ravens' WR corps? Willie Snead and Jeff Wilson Jr. might be set to factor in more heavily than we could have imagined. And we surprisingly have to figure out which Steelers actually belong in our lineups for the high-ceiling matchup with Cincinnati. Here's the rundown: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders ... 00:56 Buffalo Bills at...


Week 14 FanDuel 12-11-20

​ How can an underpriced QB appear near the top of the salary board? Patrick Mahomes just might fit that category this week. But he's far from the only option. The $7K range presents a wealth of targets. And that doesn't even include the return of Justin Herbert. At RB and WR, Derrick Henry and Davante Adams look difficult to avoid -- but there are other high-dollar options to strongly consider. Here's the rundown: QB ... 3:09 RB ... 6:57 WR ... 10:54 TE ... 14:58 Flex ... 18:37 Defense ......


Week 14 DraftKings 12-11-20

Justin Herbert and the Chargers followed a down week at Buffalo by letting the Patriots shut them out. So why are we talking about them so much for Week 14? Should the Dolphins' tough pass defense push us away from the Chiefs' high-powered passing game ... and into the K.C. backfield? And where can we save salary this week to get our top-shelf options in? Here's the rundown: QB ... 2:39 RB ... 8:35 WR ... 15:41 TE ... 22:07 Flex ... 25:44 Defense ... 27:49 Check out all of Jared's cash-game...


Week 14 Preview 12-10-20

Are you trying to advance in the playoffs? Fighting to get in? Looking to improve your seed? Whatever your situation, it's crunch time in the fantasy season. So we're running through every single game to pick out who you should -- and shouldn't -- play in Week 14. Here's the rundown: New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams ... 00:41 Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins ... 6:02 Houston Texans at Chicago Bears ... 10:16 Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants ... 16:39 Minnesota Vikings at...


Week 13 FanDuel 12-4-20

Titans RB ​​Derrick Henry jumps to $10,000 in FanDuel salary this week, joining Vikings RB Dalvin Cook ($10,500). We're avoiding Cook pretty easily, given the foot injury he's playing through. But do we ​need ​ to play Henry? Fortunately, WR offers options at every salary level, while TE and QB present some flexibility. Let's get to the picks: QB ... 2:26 RB ... 8:12 WR ... 13:54 TE ... 19:44 Flex ... 23:31 Defense ... 25:17 Check out Kevin's favorite picks for cash games (...


Week 13 DraftKings 12-4-20

Should you pay down at QB this week or go for the high-floor, high-ceiling option in a terrific matchup at home? Is it a good week to skip over both Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry, a week after Henry racked up 3 TDs? No matter where you choose to pay up, you'll want to find some low-cost options -- and we've got names at WR and TE. Here are the picks: QB ... 3:31 RB ... 10:08 WR ... 17:59 TE ... 27:10 Flex ... 31:03 Defense ... 33:22 Check out all of Jared's cash-game picks (...


Week 13 Preview 12-3-20

Is it too late in the year to play a streaming-level QB? Or are there waiver-wire types to consider over some of this year's biggest studs? There are a number of upside wideouts in consideration, but some have lower floors than others -- or positive recent trends. There are RB decisions to sort through, as well as matchups to exploit at every position. Let's dig in ... Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins ... 1:25 Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings ... 7:22 New Orleans Saints at...


Week 12 FanDuel 11-27-20

Taysom Hill's just QB now. Does that take him out of lineup contention? We'll be playing plenty of guys from the Chiefs-Buccaneers and Chargers-Bills matchups, but there are attractive plays across positions and salary levels from other games as well. Let's get to the picks: QB ... 2:41 RB ... 7:18 WR ... 12:46 TE ... 19:26 Flex ... 22:19 Defense ... 23:29 Check out Kevin's favorite picks for cash games ( https://www.draftsharks.com/article/week-12-fanduel-cash-game-picks-2020 ) and Tyler's...


Week 12 DraftKings 11-27-20

​ Should you pay down for Derek Carr or Daniel Jones at QB to fit more at RB and WR? Or is there a backup-turned starter at RB to save the week? We've got options at varying salary levels at receiver, which should help if you want to go the Tyler route and play as much Travis Kelce as possible. Let's get to the picks: QB ... 2:57 RB ... 9:32 WR ... 17:06 TE ... 27:14 Flex ... 30:05 Defense ... 31:06 Check out all of Jared's cash-game picks (...