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Ducks on the Pod 31 | In Defense of the Derby

We’ve still got some catching up to do. The Ducks on the Pod Fantasy League standings are tight at the top. Host Mitch Gatzke’s other fantasy team is in rebuild mode. Mitch is done with softball for the summer. The Home Run Derby is still cool. The All-Star Game (and the Derby, to a lesser... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 30 | Let’s Catch Up

We’re back. We’ve got some catching up to do. In this episode, we talk about some things that should’ve been discussed over the past two-plus months. Host Mitch Gatzke details his trip to Milwaukee and Miller Park. He spent the night before that in the Wrigley Field bleachers, checking out the upgrades, meeting first-time visitors,... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 29 | No Such Thing as a No-No Jinx

Host Mitch Gatzke starts episode 29 by showing love to some listeners who help make it all worth while. A sincere thank you goes out to all of you who listen and help spread the word. Mitch wraps up the retractable roof stadium pros and cons list he began in episode 28. He’s officially started... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 28 | Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Try as she might, we refuse to let Mother Nature rain on our baseball-loving parade. There have been numerous changes to the schedule, but the show must go on! This week, host Mitch Gatzke has a lot on his mind. First, he details his Friday night with the Yankees. The starting pitching was good, but... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 27 | 2018 Season Preview

Fresh off the 10-day disabled list (flu-like symptoms), host Mitch Gatzke is ready to break it all down. Follow along as he goes division by division, laying out the fun parts, farewells, and new sheriffs in town, as well as the wild cards, winners, and top-to-bottom standings for each. By the end of this show,... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 26 | Opening Day 2018

It’s Opening Day and your favorite baseball podcast is back for 2018! Host Mitch Gatzke is heading down to Comerica Park to watch his Tigers, hoping you too can make it out to the ballpark today. Either way, we’ve got the perfect appetizer for you. Scott Boras thinks we baseball fans are easily manipulated. Much... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 25 | National League Championship Series

It’s an NLCS rematch with the Cubs and Dodgers meeting again at this penultimate stage. Chicago needed everything it had to get past the Washington Nationals. L.A., on the other hand, didn’t struggle at all in brushing aside the Arizona Diamondbacks. Host Mitch Gatzke details all the important stuff from the Division Series and gets... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 24 | American League Championship Series

The Astros and Yankees have made it to the ALCS. They did so in different ways; Houston disposing of Boston quite easily, New York taking out Cleveland in an epic five-game set. Nevertheless, they’re both one step from the World Series. Host Mitch Gatzke walks us through the highlights of both Division Series, with all... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 23 | National League Division Series

The Diamondbacks won an absolutely insane Wild Card Game against the Rockies. Arizona now heads to Los Angeles for a showdown with the Dodgers. How did the D-backs make it past Wednesday night? And what now? Stay tuned for answers to both of those questions. But first, host Mitch Gatzke works through a showdown series... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 22 | American League Division Series

The New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins in a wild Wild Card Game on Tuesday night. They get to play the Cleveland Indians as a reward. Host Mitch Gatzke is joined by his good friend and our Indians Insider, Evan Skilliter, to discuss that series from a Tribe fan’s perspective. Before that, hear full... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 21 | Wild Card Round Preview

At long last, October has arrived and with it, postseason baseball. First up is the Wild Card round. The Minnesota Twins became the first team ever to go from 100 losses to a playoff appearance in just one year. They travel to New York to face the new-look Yankees on Tuesday night. In the National... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 20 | The Modern Day Ted Williams

It’s official. There have been more home runs hit in the 2017 Major League Baseball season than in any other season ever before. Why? How? Host Mitch Gatzke has given up trying to find an explanation. It’s time to simply enjoy what we’re witnessing. CC Sabathia has moved to 18th on the all-time strikeouts leaderboard. ... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 19 | We’re Going Streaking!

Wow. The Cleveland Indians can’t stop winning. The Los Angeles Dodgers finally stopped losing on Tuesday night. The Chicago Cubs are scuffling again, with the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers still lying in wait. There are four crucial series on tap this weekend. The AL MVP race is a rounding into a tossup between... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 18 | September is Here

The sixth and final month of the MLB regular season is upon us. Join host Mitch Gatzke as he catches up from a busy past couple weeks and prepares for an even busier month ahead. Between the historic home runs, the dominant teams, and the player nicknames, there’s a lot going on around baseball right... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 17 | Nothing But Good Things To Say

Mitch had a good day at work. It’s his birthday Wednesday. He’s in a good mood and there’s no negativity in this episode! He starts by giving Giancarlo Stanton props for what’s been an unbelievable stretch. Mitch used to hate on Stanton. What’s changed over the past month to make him reconsider? The Los Angeles... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 16 | Keeping it Light

Trade rumors are flying around everywhere as we inch closer to Monday’s trade deadline. With so much going on both on and off the field, it’s a tough time to be involved with the great game of baseball. So this week, host Mitch Gatzke is keeping it light. First, he lays out the busy month... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 15 | First Trip to Progressive Field

Mitch Gatzke (@GreatGatzke) tells us all about his first trip to Cleveland’s Progressive Field. There was a lot to like and it doesn’t make sense why the team draws such small crowds. Later on, baseball’s buyers and sellers have made themselves known and it’s time to dive into trade season. Mitch goes over each division’s... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 14 | Rookies, Wild Cards, and the Fun Division

Two rookies, Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger, have taken over their respective leagues. Hear Mitch Gatzke explain why what we’re watching from these two is so historic. It’s been five years of two Wild Card teams in each league. How have those teams done? Quite well, actually. Mitch lays out his reasons why this change... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 13 | Weekend at Fenway

Mitch Gatzke, is back from a weekend in Boston that included three games at Fenway Park. His Tigers dropped 2 of the 3 games, but that didn’t spoil the trip. Hear Mitch rundown his thoughts on the historic ballpark, as well as begin to plan the next trip. Topics: Premium 50% Off This Week... Continue reading →


Ducks on the Pod 12 | Don’t Let College Baseball Be Your Kryptonite

Back after a two-week break, Mitch Gatzke (@GreatGatzke) starts with some announcements, including recognition of Albert Pujols’ awesome achievement. Super Regional’s are set for the D1 college baseball tournament. Find out which 16 teams are left, how they got here, and what to watch for this weekend. It’s been five weeks since All-Star Game voting... Continue reading →