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Sode 123 - Celebrity Guests: Topher Grace and Will Arnett Join Us

Suh Dudes, WE'RE BACK!!!! And this episode marks a big milestone for us. Not only is it our first episode with a real life CELEBRITY GUEST, but we weren't satisfied with just one so we went and got TWO CELEBRITIES! That's right-- more than one. Like, Share, Subscribe on whatever podcast platform you're using. The rundown: - Shart Stories - Would you do that for one million dollars? - How to navigate one word text responses. - The 1 to 10 rating scale is ancient. Meet the three digit...


Sode 122 - Docking

- Closet listeners: Don't be scared to help us by interacting. - Didgeridoo: Ryan brags about an instrument he owns but can't actually play. - Did you know you can get arrested for fishing while also being black in Alabama? - Docking: look it up on Urban Dictionary. - Brain injuries, hitting the Quarterback, and 11 on 11 flag football. We fix the NFL. - Famous ancestors of the Dudesplaining crew. - Does one's strength of pee stream relate to one's size? - Restroom insecurities -...


Sode 121 - Rap Battles, Fantasy Complaints, and IQ Tests

Suh Dudes. Show notes. GO! - Thrasher drops a huge load of mid season fantasy football complaints. - Eminem. Trump. Who wins? - The NFL and the ongoing knee-taking saga. - Is is racist to buy a vase with cotton in it? Bathroom jar with Q-tips: racist or nah? T-shirt you're wearing: racist or nah? Follow and like us on our facebook page DUDESPLAINING.


Sode 120 - Hooters Bros

Look, this one is real simple. If you're trying to decide whether or not you want to listen to this podcast just ask yourself these few questions. - Do I want to hear them rip every type of Hooters bro there is? - Am I a Hooters bro and what kind? - Are they really having a conversation about Metamucil? - Which one of them sits down to pee? FIND OUT!!! Also, facebook page >>> DUDESPLAINING.


Sode 119 - Action Movie Hall of Fame. Trump.

We're taking it back to the way we did podcasts in the past which is only like 1 month ago, but whatever. Unfiltered, random, Dudesplaining. None of that fancy segmented hogwash. Things we discuss: - Call of Duty: Civil War. How shitty of a game would that be? - We debate who's in the Action Movie Hall of Fame. - Colin Jost and Michael Che: SNL - Puerto Rico. Trump. - Does Trump type his own tweets? - Auburn Quarterback Jarret Stidham's mole/birthmark or whatever. - We explore a...


Sode 118 - Best Of

This Friday we're hitting you with a "best of" compilation from all of our shows of the past. So for all of you that may have fell behind or for all our new listeners you can just look at this as a refresher course for you. Pick up here and carry on forward with us. We'd love to have you as a listener. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook at DUDESPLAINING and review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Later Dudes


A Dudesplaining 'Sode Without Words, Only Laughs

Ever wonder what an episode of the Dudesplaining Podcast would sound like if you took all of the words out of it and left only the laughs? Me neither, but here it is anyways presented to you in all of it's belly shaking glory...


Sode 117

Go like/follow us on Facebook at DUDESPLAINING for constant commentary and updates. Here is this week's rundown: - Are earthquakes scary or nah? - Dudesplaining Word Association: Opposite Sex, Football Coaches, The South, and 90s TV - Pam Anderson. Crank session Hall of Fame or nah? - Are all 8th grade Science teachers old Jew ladies with big beaks? - The Dudes explore their deepest, darkest/evil thoughts. - Childhood Cartoons Bucket List - Frankie MacDonald checks in to let us know...


Sode 116

- Is the new iPhone worth it? - Will Donald Trump retweet our podcast? - Hurricane Ryan gets a little racist. - Prank call gets a little testy. - Is Steve a little too much with the baby pics on Facebook? - Should we treat babies like adults? - Would You Rather? - Are you a better fantasy player if you don't even care? - Never waste daylight telling another man your fantasy roster. - Dennis Rodman: Spy or Nah? Find us on Facebook at our page DUDESPLAINING. Please like,...


Dudes In Cinema - Sode 115

Yoooo Dudessss. It's time for another episode of D.I.C. aka Dudes In Cinema. Here's the rundown: - Movie Review: IT. (No Spoilers!) - Creepy clowns stalking you. Warning shot or nah? - Would child predator apps make IT impossible in 2017? - Should Hollywood go ahead and take a rest on the clown thing? - Bladerunner: Harrison Ford or Ryan Gosling? - Is Ryan Gosling bae? - I say Leo DiCaprio, what is the first movie that pops into your head? - Leo DiCaprio Oscar Noms: Was he jobbed...


Sode 114

The Dudes are back for the HURRICANE IRMA addition. We're having a hurricane party, boys and girls! - Ryan identifies as a hurricane. What kind of hurricane would you be? - Can we weaponize hurricanes? - SPECIAL GUEST: Frankie McDonald updates us on hurricane Irma - WOULD YOU RATHER: Game of Thrones addition - Radical Liberals on Tinder - Mail Time - Thrasher's mom gets prank called. Curses profusely. - NCAA FOOTBALL: Da Real Deal Player of the Weekend - Bandwagon fans? Hate...


Sode 113

The gang is back together for our weekly 'sode. This one is jam packed with listener mail and would you rather. - MAIL TIME. - The Dudes explain their experiences with psychedelics. - What would the world look like if Hitler were never born? - Is it ever acceptable to wear socks with flip-flops? - Do you have a Bucket List of shoes? - Jason Bourne, John Wick, Jack Bauer, or Liam Neeson from Taken. Who you taking? - FANTASY FOOTBALL drafting strategies. - WOULD YOU RATHER? -...


Dudes In Cinema - Sode 112

Steve and Thrash bring you their weekly dudescussion on the world of cinematic entertainment.


Sode 111 - Conor McGregor vs Mayweather Preview

Tune in to catch the Dudesplaining crew's last minute not-so-expert analysis and hot-takery coming into the McGregor vs Mayweather fight. Catch our breakdown and predictions. If you've got a fight party together throw us on the bluetooth behind the music. Later Dudes


Mini Sode 110

BREAKING NEWS: Steve and Thrasher are in studio to give you the latest and greatest on the RYEN RUSSILLO ESPN SCANDAL. HOT TAKE ALERT!!!!


Sode 109

Happy Wednesday Dudes. Fresh dudecast for your eargasms in 3, 2, 1 Rundown: - You asked for it. We delivered. Prank call time! - Dad clothes: Are you a closet dad clotheser and do you even realize it? - Mail Time: We dive in to some of our Dudelistener's comments and emails. - College Football Preview: Ryan bringing the hottest of takes. You won't want to miss this. Don't forget to subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts. Follow and review on facebook at DUDESPLAINING


Sode 108

Steve and Thrash #Dudesplain what's going on in the world of cinema. - What are the best films to come out of Boston? - Why does everyone hate on Ben Affleck? - Better Batman: Batfleck, Bale, or Keaton? - Better Joker: Jack, Ledger, or Letto? - Will we see Batman die on screen in the coming future? - DC and Marvel Universe rumor mill. What big changes are coming? Please subscribe and review on Apple Podcasts. Follow and review on facebook at DUDESPLAINING



Suh Dudes, Dudettes, TransDudes. I hope you brought your podcast-listening-hat to work today. Listen. Share. Subscribe. Review. Follow us on Facebook. Enjoy. Rundown: Steve tries to orchestrate a song Thrasher exposes his biggest pet peeve. It’s Steve. An old man claiming the ancient pyramids were difficult to build gets bombarded with Facebook comments labeling him a racist. Did you know Steve is actually a legend in the Age of Empires world? Ashley Judd has a Facebook live meltdown...


Sode 106

We know it's been a long wait, but the day has finally come. Subscribe. Review. Listen. Enjoy. Or don't. But mostly enjoy.


Sode 105

This one went a little longer than usual. Size does matter. Here is the rundown: