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This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2

This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2
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This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2




DBR Podcast #127 Grayson Allen interview

0:00 Byrd Campbell, our legal eagles. 0:30 Jason is hosting. He sounds drunk or over-excited or both. 1:45 Jason got an interview with a former Dukie… we welcome Grayson Allen to the podcast. 3:00 We begin by asking Grayson about his decision to come back to Duke year after year and wait on the NBA. 4:30 Grayson talks about what was it like to continually have new one-and-done teammates. 5:50 Grayson gives a surprising answer to the question -- Who was the best player you played with at...


DBR Podcast #126 - Basketball schedule and Baylor beatdown

0:00 Thanks to our sponsors, Byrd Campbell 0:30 Donald welcomes you to #126 and we begin by hoping everyone did ok in Florence. 3:10 Sam talks about our LIVE SHOW! It will be in Durham in early November. Let us know your interest in attending this event by going to http://tinyurl.com/DBRLive 6:35 We have actual basketball news! The conference schedule is out and it is really tough on Duke. Jason really breaks down a really brutal stretch in February. 20:10 If you want to succeed on a...


DBR Podcast #125 Football is 2-0!

0:00 Byrd Campbell, they mean business 0:25 Sam is hosting, Donald is traveling, and Jason is celebrating the Jewish New Year. 1:50 Duke beats NW but suffers some big injury losses. Donald marvels at the Duke 4th quarter D. 4:50 Jason talks turnovers, both the real ones and the ones that come after 4th down. 7:10 Sidebar on Mark Gilbert, one of the best defensive backs in Duke history. 8:40 Sam talks a bit about what NW was trying (and failing) to do on offense. 12:00 Jason enjoyed the way...


DBR Podcast #124 Football Is Here

0:00 Thanks BC! 0:30 Jason is the host and he has no idea what he is doing. Luckily, Sam is there to save him. 2:05 We are all about football right now. Our recap of the Duke-Army game begins with Jason asking Sam about the running game of Brittain Brown. 4:00 Time to talk about the turnovers and how they change the complexion of a game. 6:50 Donald tells us about the impressive Duke D. 8:25 Jason talks about Daniel Jones’ super efficient game. 12:10 Jason with a quick shout-out to the new...


DBR Podcast #123 Oh Canada!

0:00 Thanks to Byrd Campbell 0:30 Donald welcomes us to the Zion Williamson show 2:40 Sam was surprised at Zion’s body control and skill. We knew he could dunk, we didn’t know about everything else he brought to the table. 6:30 Donald points out that watching Zion is so much fun. Even Duke haters can’t hate this guy. 8:00 Donald want to move on, but Jason freaks out because he wants to talk more about Zion, especially his ridiculous rebounding. 12:00 Jason talks about RJ Barrett, who he says...


DBR Podcast #112 - Iona victory and RI preview

0:00 Sam thanks Byrd Campbell 0:25 Recap of the Iona victory. Duke shot well but we are really impressed with the D. 16:45 Looking ahead of Rhode Island, a team that seems just too small to handle Duke's inside players 24:45 Some thoughts on the tournament thus far -- Miami loses and we talk about Penn's upset bid on Kansas 28:55 Player of the game - we have 3 different choices 30:55 Parting shots - Jason talks about what it means when a small school pulls a big upset 35:45 Parting shot -...


DBR Podcast #111 NCAA Tournament preview

0:00 DBR sponsors, Byrd Campbell 0:35 Donald welcomes us to the pod and Sam blames Jason for flooding his emailbox 3:15 Jason describes the cool NCAA tournament draft he is doing with some DBR folks 4:30 We dissect the NCAA bracket, starting with Duke’s region, which Sam says is utterly predictable. 9:10 Jason gives us a preview of Duke’s first opponent, the Iona Gaels 17:10 Donald wants to talk about the Hurley brothers 21:55 Jason talks about teams who got a break in the bracket, and he...


DBR Podcast #110 Down goes Carolina and ACC tourney preview

0:00 Byrd Campbell, they hate the Tarheels as much as you do 0:30 Intros, we are happy and talk about Jason’s connection to the Oscars 2:40 Time to talk about that victory over UNC and Sam’s claim that he never doubted that Duke was going to win (yeah, right!) 7:50 Jason asks Donald about how insane it was to even discuss whether Duke might be better without Marvin Bagley. 9:45 We talk about the hug and Grayson Allen’s big night 13:20 Jason recaps Grayson’s senior speech to the Crazies and...


DBR Podcast #109 (VT loss, FBI scandal, and getting ready for UNC)

0:00 Thanks to our sponsors, Byrd Campbell, for making this all happen. 0:30 Introductions… in which Donald brags about his success with the ladies. 2:10 Duke loses to Va Tech. We try to process what happened and Jason asks the big question – is Duke a better team minus Marvin Bagley? 7:55 Sam and Donald vociferously object when Jason utters two words, “Dan Dakich” 10:35 Jason talks ball movement and turnovers, especially in the final few minutes. 12:30 Sam and Jason go apoplectic about...


DBR Podcast #108 - Emergency FBI Investigation Pod

Sam and Jason hop on an Emergency Pod to give us a rundown of the breaking news from the FBI NCAA investigation. Wendell Carter and Duke are implicated, but not in a way that seems at all serious. Have a listen and we will explain everything!


DBR Podcast #107 2 big wins and a chat with Quinn Cook

0:00 We thank our sponsors 0:30 Donald takes the lead and get diverted talking about New Orleans 3:30 We finally get to the games. We love the D against Clemson and are enjoying how the team has changed in the past week. 6:50 Jason talks about how the zone and the press combine to force teams into bad shots. 9:00 Sam is impressed with Duke’s speed on defense. 11:10 Time to praise Javin DeLaurier 13:30 Donald wants to know what Duke will be like when Bagley returns. 18:00 Looking back on...


DBR Podcast #106 - Jason visits the locker room!

0:00 Thanks Byrd Campbell 0:30 Sam welcomes us and says he does not want to talk about that UNC game 2:55 Duke beat Ga Tech and Jason saw the game from press row 9:25 Jason does post-game interviews with Alex O'Connell, Marquis Bolden, Grayson Allen, and Wendell Carter 14:50 We react to the locker room interviews and talk about the scene in the locker room 20:40 Jason talks a bit about Grayson being more aggressive offensively in this game as well as Duke playing a lot of zone 23:20 Sam was...


DBR Podcast #105 (quick recap of the Carolina loss)

0:00 Thanks again to Byrd Campbell 0:30 Jason and Donald welcome you to the depressing Carolina recap podcast 1:35 Donald talks about how we got outhustled and it led to Carolina getting a ton more field goal attempts than Duke 3:15 Jason talks rebounding and how this game seemed to be eerily similar to the St. John’s game 5:30 We marvel at Carolina only turning the ball over 2 times! 7:30 Jason shifts to the good things he saw… the bench play. 10:10 Donald says our freshmen have hit the...


DBR Podcast #104 - A Conversation with Jon Scheyer (and a loss to St. John)

0:00 Byrd Campbell, the Duke legal eagles 0:30 What did Donald, Jason, and Sam think about the Super Bowl? 3:00 Sam tells a story about the most evil Duke professor of all time. 4:00 We lost to St. John… Sam is frustrated at the turnovers. 6:05 Jason calls out a specific player who is struggling and then turns to our D, which was really bad. 10:40 Donald says the intensity was really lacking and thinks that was the root of all of our problems. 12:04 We talk about Coach K’s scathing post-game...


DBR Podcast #103 - FT woes cost us a game against Virginia

0:00 As usual, thanks for Byrd Campbell 0:28 Sam and Jason lament Duke’s loss to Virginia, but Donald is AWOL. 1:28 Jason tries not to blame the refs for letting Virginia get away with what Virginia wanted to do. 5:20 Sam wants to start with the first half of the Virginia game. Why did the Cavs get such a big lead? Jason’s answer… experience. 8:10 Sam talks about the turnovers and why Duke’s inability to hold onto the ball is surprising. 10:30 Jason explains that even though Duke...


DBR Podcast #102 - Zion stuns the world

0:00 Byrd Campbell, the best Duke lawyers around 0:30 Jason welcomes us to the pod… and where in the world is Donald Wine? 1:50 Zion Williamson shocks the world. Donald gives us a breakdown of his game. 5:45 Jason says Zion is Charles Barkley 2.0 and that this is the real start of positionless basketball at Duke. 8:35 The Star Wars Empire theme gets us to Sam talking about what it is like to get all the recruits, all the time. 15:30 Will it be hard for so many studs to play together with...


Podcast #101 (three wins and a lot of laughs!)

0:00 Welcome to the prodcast… wait, what?!?! Oh, and by the way, we still love Byrd Campbell. 0:55 We can’t stop laughing… it was a good week for Duke. 2:15 Donald talks about MLK and Jason finds everything funny. 4:20 Jason talks about gambling and his son playing 21 on his 21st birthday. 7:55 Sam wants to talk about the Pitt game, but Donald wants to gloat about beating Miami. 9:40 Jason has some interesting stats about the Pitt game and begins a theme of Duke’s impressive bench play this...


Podcast #100 with Kenny Dennard!!

0:00 Byrd Campbell, our favorite law firm 0:30 Podcast #100! We are excited! 1:30 Jason intros our special guest, former Duke player Kenny Dennard. 3:00 Time to dissect the NC State game… Kenny says don’t worry about early season games, “nothing really matters until March.” 6:20 Sam asks Kenny when the team will get it together on D. Kenny has a brilliant reply, “Coach K’s won 5 national championships, but he’s lost 32.” 9:30 Sam asks if we are concerned about the short bench. Jason’s...


DBR Podcast #99 (FSU recap and Tucker transfers)

0:00 Byrd Campbell, the lawyers who love Duke. 0:30 We are recording early in the day and you can blame the college football playoffs. 4:00 We finally get to the Duke basketball game against FSU, and it begins with Jason talking about what Trevon Duvall does well and what he does not. 13:10 Donald chimes in about how many shots we took and how we got them… OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS! 17:15 Sam talks about Duke’s foul trouble philosophy and how we managed to win despite 4 starters with 4 fouls. 23:30...


DBR Podcast #98 (Evansville destruction & Last Jedi review!)

0:00 Thanks to Durham Dave Olverson for being a podcast sponsor! 0:35 Donald welcomes us from Texas, Sam is going blind, and Jason attempts to joke about calling in and falls flat on his face. 2:15 Evansville recap. Jason starts by focusing on the D and Duke’s aggressive deny-man efforts. 7:35 Sam talks about the offense and says we probably won’t be this good all the time. 10:50 Time to talk about Justin Robinson, who is earning real minutes! 12:15 Donald brings up some important stats...