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This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2

This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2
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This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2




DBR Podcast #131

Duke is playing hoops again! It is just exhibitions, but we are excited! 0:00 Sponsors Byrd Campbell are true blue Dukies 0:30 Donald welcomes us to a pod packed with hoops and football 2:00 Duke played 2 exhibition games. Jason starts by warning about drawing conclusions from exhibitions and then tries to draw some conclusions 7:00 Sam talks a bit about the ball movement and if the pace of play we saw in the exhibitions will still be there in the regular season 10:40 Donald talks a bit...


DBR Podcast #130 - Basketball is here! CTC and tons of other news

Countdown to Craziness is here and the guys are in a basketball mood! 0:00 Byrd Campbell means business 0:30 Jason welcomes you to pod #130, it is gonna be full of basketball! 2:25 Countdown to Craziness recap. Sam was in the stands and gives us the view from there. 5:30 Donald talks about why not to read too much into what happened in this game. 8:05 Jason is still quite concerned with our outside shooting and raves a bit about what he saw from Tre Jones. Sam is a little more cautious....


DBR Podcast #129 - Emergency Zion and the Adidas trial reaction

0:00 Thanks to Byrd Campbell and their newest Dukie legal eagle. 0:45 Donald gets us to an emergency pod… about Zion and the Adidas college basketball trial. 3:05 Jason gets his rant on… taking on Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports. 5:35 Jason says the timeline makes no sense for Zion to have been paid by Duke. 8:40 Donald compares this scandal to the movie Blue Chips and says Duke didn’t need to break the rules to get top players. 11:00 Jason is still obsessed with the timeline and also says the...


DBR Podcast #128 - Recruiting, CTC, and a football victory

0:00 Thanks to Byrd Campbell 0:30 Sam welcomes us and Jason talks about turning his children in gambling addicts. 3:10 Jason laments a great interview with Duke legend Bobby Hurley that happened but has been lost. 6:25 Duke has a 2019 basketball recruit. His name is Wendell Moore and we discuss what he brings to the Devils. 17:05 Countdown to Craziness is this week! Here is what we are looking to see, aside from the players dancing. We cover all the important stuff including how many players...


DBR Podcast #127 Grayson Allen interview

0:00 Byrd Campbell, our legal eagles. 0:30 Jason is hosting. He sounds drunk or over-excited or both. 1:45 Jason got an interview with a former Dukie… we welcome Grayson Allen to the podcast. 3:00 We begin by asking Grayson about his decision to come back to Duke year after year and wait on the NBA. 4:30 Grayson talks about what was it like to continually have new one-and-done teammates. 5:50 Grayson gives a surprising answer to the question -- Who was the best player you played with at...


DBR Podcast #126 - Basketball schedule and Baylor beatdown

0:00 Thanks to our sponsors, Byrd Campbell 0:30 Donald welcomes you to #126 and we begin by hoping everyone did ok in Florence. 3:10 Sam talks about our LIVE SHOW! It will be in Durham in early November. Let us know your interest in attending this event by going to http://tinyurl.com/DBRLive 6:35 We have actual basketball news! The conference schedule is out and it is really tough on Duke. Jason really breaks down a really brutal stretch in February. 20:10 If you want to succeed on a...


DBR Podcast #125 Football is 2-0!

0:00 Byrd Campbell, they mean business 0:25 Sam is hosting, Donald is traveling, and Jason is celebrating the Jewish New Year. 1:50 Duke beats NW but suffers some big injury losses. Donald marvels at the Duke 4th quarter D. 4:50 Jason talks turnovers, both the real ones and the ones that come after 4th down. 7:10 Sidebar on Mark Gilbert, one of the best defensive backs in Duke history. 8:40 Sam talks a bit about what NW was trying (and failing) to do on offense. 12:00 Jason enjoyed the way...


DBR Podcast #116 (Capel to Pitt, McD AA Game)

Sam, Donald and Jason discuss some of the news of the day, including Marvin Bagley III leaving for the NBA and Jeff Capel leaving for Pitt. They also recap the McDonald's All American Game and Mama Carter discussing the business that is the NCAA. Finally, they review their season predictions, hand out player of the year awards and end with Parting Shots. Timestamps 0:00 Byrd Campbell! 0:20 Hello everyone! Sam’s in charge 1:23 Jason’s here…he’s drunk lit! 3:14 Marvin Bagley’s gone…we react...


DBR Podcast #115 - We lost!!

0:00 Sponsors rule! 0:25 We lost, we are depressed. 1:55 Sam says rebounds, 3-point shooting were the story. 3:20 Jason congratulates Kansas, and after some other stuff says the bad charge call on Carter changed the game. 6:30 Jason feels so sorry for Grayson Allen and the half an inch he came from being a hero. 8:50 Donald speaks up again and says this was the game of the tournament. 12:20 We all react to Grayson’s shot. 15:00 Silence… and then a conversation about Duval’s shooting. 23:45...


DBR Podcast #114

0:00 Thanks to Byrd Campbell 0:30 Donald takes hosting duties, but Sam is the star of this pod! 3:35 Duke beats Syracuse. Sam gives us his views from being on press row. In short, zone defense is really tough to beat. 8:00 We must talk about Nolan Smith’s jacket. 9:30 Jason gives major props to Syracuse for playing their kind of game and he says they have a bright future ahead of them. 14:50 Duke had a stinker, and still won. We won’t be able to shoot that poorly and win again. 16:20 Duke...


DBR Podcast #113 - Rhode Island victory and UNC/UVA go down in flames

0:00 Byrd Campbell says GTHC! 0:35 We are feeling just a little giddy 3:10 Duke clobbers Rhode Island and Donald talks about Marvin Bagley being inhumanly good 8:20 Jason points out why his obsession with FGAs did not matter in this game and then the conversation morphs into all three of us praising Trevon Duval 13:35 Donald talks about some of the impressive statistical milestones coming up for Duke 15:00 We preview Sweet 16 Syracuse - Sam recaps what happened the last time these two teams...


DBR Podcast #112 - Iona victory and RI preview

0:00 Sam thanks Byrd Campbell 0:25 Recap of the Iona victory. Duke shot well but we are really impressed with the D. 16:45 Looking ahead of Rhode Island, a team that seems just too small to handle Duke's inside players 24:45 Some thoughts on the tournament thus far -- Miami loses and we talk about Penn's upset bid on Kansas 28:55 Player of the game - we have 3 different choices 30:55 Parting shots - Jason talks about what it means when a small school pulls a big upset 35:45 Parting shot -...


DBR Podcast #111 NCAA Tournament preview

0:00 DBR sponsors, Byrd Campbell 0:35 Donald welcomes us to the pod and Sam blames Jason for flooding his emailbox 3:15 Jason describes the cool NCAA tournament draft he is doing with some DBR folks 4:30 We dissect the NCAA bracket, starting with Duke’s region, which Sam says is utterly predictable. 9:10 Jason gives us a preview of Duke’s first opponent, the Iona Gaels 17:10 Donald wants to talk about the Hurley brothers 21:55 Jason talks about teams who got a break in the bracket, and he...


DBR Podcast #110 Down goes Carolina and ACC tourney preview

0:00 Byrd Campbell, they hate the Tarheels as much as you do 0:30 Intros, we are happy and talk about Jason’s connection to the Oscars 2:40 Time to talk about that victory over UNC and Sam’s claim that he never doubted that Duke was going to win (yeah, right!) 7:50 Jason asks Donald about how insane it was to even discuss whether Duke might be better without Marvin Bagley. 9:45 We talk about the hug and Grayson Allen’s big night 13:20 Jason recaps Grayson’s senior speech to the Crazies and...


DBR Podcast #109 (VT loss, FBI scandal, and getting ready for UNC)

0:00 Thanks to our sponsors, Byrd Campbell, for making this all happen. 0:30 Introductions… in which Donald brags about his success with the ladies. 2:10 Duke loses to Va Tech. We try to process what happened and Jason asks the big question – is Duke a better team minus Marvin Bagley? 7:55 Sam and Donald vociferously object when Jason utters two words, “Dan Dakich” 10:35 Jason talks ball movement and turnovers, especially in the final few minutes. 12:30 Sam and Jason go apoplectic about...


DBR Podcast #108 - Emergency FBI Investigation Pod

Sam and Jason hop on an Emergency Pod to give us a rundown of the breaking news from the FBI NCAA investigation. Wendell Carter and Duke are implicated, but not in a way that seems at all serious. Have a listen and we will explain everything!


DBR Podcast #107 2 big wins and a chat with Quinn Cook

0:00 We thank our sponsors 0:30 Donald takes the lead and get diverted talking about New Orleans 3:30 We finally get to the games. We love the D against Clemson and are enjoying how the team has changed in the past week. 6:50 Jason talks about how the zone and the press combine to force teams into bad shots. 9:00 Sam is impressed with Duke’s speed on defense. 11:10 Time to praise Javin DeLaurier 13:30 Donald wants to know what Duke will be like when Bagley returns. 18:00 Looking back on...


DBR Podcast #106 - Jason visits the locker room!

0:00 Thanks Byrd Campbell 0:30 Sam welcomes us and says he does not want to talk about that UNC game 2:55 Duke beat Ga Tech and Jason saw the game from press row 9:25 Jason does post-game interviews with Alex O'Connell, Marquis Bolden, Grayson Allen, and Wendell Carter 14:50 We react to the locker room interviews and talk about the scene in the locker room 20:40 Jason talks a bit about Grayson being more aggressive offensively in this game as well as Duke playing a lot of zone 23:20 Sam was...


DBR Podcast #105 (quick recap of the Carolina loss)

0:00 Thanks again to Byrd Campbell 0:30 Jason and Donald welcome you to the depressing Carolina recap podcast 1:35 Donald talks about how we got outhustled and it led to Carolina getting a ton more field goal attempts than Duke 3:15 Jason talks rebounding and how this game seemed to be eerily similar to the St. John’s game 5:30 We marvel at Carolina only turning the ball over 2 times! 7:30 Jason shifts to the good things he saw… the bench play. 10:10 Donald says our freshmen have hit the...


DBR Podcast #104 - A Conversation with Jon Scheyer (and a loss to St. John)

0:00 Byrd Campbell, the Duke legal eagles 0:30 What did Donald, Jason, and Sam think about the Super Bowl? 3:00 Sam tells a story about the most evil Duke professor of all time. 4:00 We lost to St. John… Sam is frustrated at the turnovers. 6:05 Jason calls out a specific player who is struggling and then turns to our D, which was really bad. 10:40 Donald says the intensity was really lacking and thinks that was the root of all of our problems. 12:04 We talk about Coach K’s scathing post-game...