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This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2

This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2
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This is the podcast for the Duke Basketball Report, a SBNation site. Hosts for the show: Jason Evans (JasonEvans), Sam Klein (Dev11), and Donald Wine (Blazindw). Read all about Duke Basketball and other Duke-related matter at www.dukebasketballreport.com! Join the conversation at http://forums.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?2




DBR Podcast #140 ACC Preview and Bowl Beatdown

Welcome to 2019, the podcast guys are here with a look ahead at the ACC season and look back at the absolute thrashing the Blue Devils put on Temple in the Independence Bowl. 0:00 Happy New Year, Byrd Campbell 0:25 Sam welcomes us, he seems to be in a good mood 2:05 ACC preview time… we begin by predicting which teams will finish at the top of the conference 3:40 Jason talks up Va Tech and NC State, and reflects on their schedules 7:45 Donald like the Tarheels and FSU to join Duke and...


DBR Podcast #139 Texas Tech and Christmas Presents

Sorry for posting this late. With the holidays, it took a few days from recording to getting it edited. Enjoy! 0:00 Byrd Campbell, our legal eagles 0:30 Jason is hosting, everyone else is traveling 2:25 Recapping Texas Tech, a game that was a great defensive battle and that featured incredible play by Tre Jones 17:30 A look back at the Princeton game, and the utter beatdown we laid on them in the second half with bonus conversation about Zion banging his head on the backboard! 25:40 A...


DBR Podcast #138 Two wins and a new big man recruit

We talk about the big 2nd halves against Hartford and Yale, keyed by amazing pressure defense. Plus we give you some intel on the newest Blue Devil, stud recruit Vernon Carey, Jr. 0:00 Rockin’ the Duke Blue… Byrd Campbell 0:30 Donald welcomes us, Sam is snowed in, and Jason is celebrating a championship 4:20 Time to recap some games, we mostly focus on the impressive Duke defense 11:10 Sam talks about how quickly Duke goes from D into O, constant attack mode 15:55 Jason says the only...


DBR Podcast #137 - Blow outs, rotations, and a surprise mini-interview

Two blow out wins form the bulk of this podcast and we even got to go in the locker room to talk to one of the stars of the Stetson game... for about 15 seconds. Plus, an extensive conversation about Jack White and his role moving forward. Oh, and you will enjoy us ranting about how awful and stupid the NCAA's new NET measuring stick is. 0:00 Thanks, Byrd Campbell 0:30 Sam wishes Donald a happy birthday and Jason moans about being old 3:00 Basketball recap time, Duke blows the doors off...


DBR Podcast #136 (Maui Recap, Football End of Regular Season)

The gang is back with Episode 136! On this episode, they recap Duke Basketball's performance at the Maui Invitational, including the loss in the final to Gonzaga. They also preview the upcoming game against Indiana in the ACC/B1G Challenge. On the football side, they recap big losses against Clemson and Wake Forest. They wrap up with basketball players of the week and Parting Shots. Timestamps: 0:00 - Byrd Campbell! 0:27 - Jason is running the ship from Philadelphia! Sam is in Durham job...


DBR Podcast #135 Marvin, Harry, and an epic UNC rant

Jason interviews Marvin Bagley and Harry Giles on this packed podcast that also includes a recap of the dunk show that was the Eastern Michigan game. Lots to enjoy here!! 0:00 Byrd Campbell, you are da man! 0:30 Donald and Jason are here, but Sam had homework 2:15 Time to talk about the Dunk Show… Duke whups Eastern Michigan 3:20 Jason talks about the defense, which may be better than folks expected 5:45 Donald really likes the play of Tre Jones thus far 9:00 Time to talk about the Zion...


DBR Podcast #133 - Beat Army, beat UNC, and welcome to Boogie town!

A closer than expected win over the military boys combined with a football beatdown of the hated Tarheels. It was a good weekend that started with the newest addition to the #Brotherhood, Boogie Ellis 0:00 Byrd Campbell loves the pod! 0:35 Jason welcomes us to pod #133 or #134, we aren’t sure 3:45 We recap the victory over Army, a game that wasn’t quite the blowout that folks expected 5:35 Zion is so great, he made Donald do a Stephen A. Smith impression 8:25 Sam says it felt like Duke was...


DBR Podcast #134 Kentucky BEATDOWN!!!

There will be no timecodes. The only timecode is: 0:00 - Duke whups Kentucky every which way they can. Sam, Jason, and Donald spend a half hour laughing about it. What more needs to be said?


DBR Podcast #132 - Predictions and Kentucky Preview

The season is upon us! Listen to the guys make predictions about what will happen and hear their thoughts on the upcoming game against Kentucky. 0:00 Time for some predictions… brought to you by Byrd Campbell 0:30 We are time travelers, recording in the past to make predictions about the future 2:50 It is the prediction episode, Sam’s favorite time of the year 3:55 We begin with our guess at who will score the most points this season 5:10 Most rebounds… we are all in on Zion 5:40 Most...


DBR Podcast #131 - Exhibition Season, Duke Football Woes

Duke is playing hoops again! It is just exhibitions, but we are excited! 0:00 - Sponsors Byrd Campbell are true blue Dukies 0:30 - Donald welcomes us to a pod packed with hoops and football 2:00 - Duke played 2 exhibition games. Jason starts by warning about drawing conclusions from exhibitions and then tries to draw some conclusions 7:00 - Sam talks a bit about the ball movement and if the pace of play we saw in the exhibitions will still be there in the regular season 10:40 - Donald talks...


DBR Podcast #130 - Basketball is here! CTC and tons of other news

Countdown to Craziness is here and the guys are in a basketball mood! 0:00 Byrd Campbell means business 0:30 Jason welcomes you to pod #130, it is gonna be full of basketball! 2:25 Countdown to Craziness recap. Sam was in the stands and gives us the view from there. 5:30 Donald talks about why not to read too much into what happened in this game. 8:05 Jason is still quite concerned with our outside shooting and raves a bit about what he saw from Tre Jones. Sam is a little more cautious....


DBR Podcast #129 - Emergency Zion and the Adidas trial reaction

0:00 Thanks to Byrd Campbell and their newest Dukie legal eagle. 0:45 Donald gets us to an emergency pod… about Zion and the Adidas college basketball trial. 3:05 Jason gets his rant on… taking on Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports. 5:35 Jason says the timeline makes no sense for Zion to have been paid by Duke. 8:40 Donald compares this scandal to the movie Blue Chips and says Duke didn’t need to break the rules to get top players. 11:00 Jason is still obsessed with the timeline and also says the...


DBR Podcast #128 - Recruiting, CTC, and a football victory

0:00 Thanks to Byrd Campbell 0:30 Sam welcomes us and Jason talks about turning his children in gambling addicts. 3:10 Jason laments a great interview with Duke legend Bobby Hurley that happened but has been lost. 6:25 Duke has a 2019 basketball recruit. His name is Wendell Moore and we discuss what he brings to the Devils. 17:05 Countdown to Craziness is this week! Here is what we are looking to see, aside from the players dancing. We cover all the important stuff including how many players...


DBR Podcast #127 Grayson Allen interview

0:00 Byrd Campbell, our legal eagles. 0:30 Jason is hosting. He sounds drunk or over-excited or both. 1:45 Jason got an interview with a former Dukie… we welcome Grayson Allen to the podcast. 3:00 We begin by asking Grayson about his decision to come back to Duke year after year and wait on the NBA. 4:30 Grayson talks about what was it like to continually have new one-and-done teammates. 5:50 Grayson gives a surprising answer to the question -- Who was the best player you played with at...


DBR Podcast #126 - Basketball schedule and Baylor beatdown

0:00 Thanks to our sponsors, Byrd Campbell 0:30 Donald welcomes you to #126 and we begin by hoping everyone did ok in Florence. 3:10 Sam talks about our LIVE SHOW! It will be in Durham in early November. Let us know your interest in attending this event by going to http://tinyurl.com/DBRLive 6:35 We have actual basketball news! The conference schedule is out and it is really tough on Duke. Jason really breaks down a really brutal stretch in February. 20:10 If you want to succeed on a...


DBR Podcast #125 Football is 2-0!

0:00 Byrd Campbell, they mean business 0:25 Sam is hosting, Donald is traveling, and Jason is celebrating the Jewish New Year. 1:50 Duke beats NW but suffers some big injury losses. Donald marvels at the Duke 4th quarter D. 4:50 Jason talks turnovers, both the real ones and the ones that come after 4th down. 7:10 Sidebar on Mark Gilbert, one of the best defensive backs in Duke history. 8:40 Sam talks a bit about what NW was trying (and failing) to do on offense. 12:00 Jason enjoyed the way...


DBR Podcast #124 Football Is Here

0:00 Thanks BC! 0:30 Jason is the host and he has no idea what he is doing. Luckily, Sam is there to save him. 2:05 We are all about football right now. Our recap of the Duke-Army game begins with Jason asking Sam about the running game of Brittain Brown. 4:00 Time to talk about the turnovers and how they change the complexion of a game. 6:50 Donald tells us about the impressive Duke D. 8:25 Jason talks about Daniel Jones’ super efficient game. 12:10 Jason with a quick shout-out to the new...


DBR Podcast #123 Oh Canada!

0:00 Thanks to Byrd Campbell 0:30 Donald welcomes us to the Zion Williamson show 2:40 Sam was surprised at Zion’s body control and skill. We knew he could dunk, we didn’t know about everything else he brought to the table. 6:30 Donald points out that watching Zion is so much fun. Even Duke haters can’t hate this guy. 8:00 Donald want to move on, but Jason freaks out because he wants to talk more about Zion, especially his ridiculous rebounding. 12:00 Jason talks about RJ Barrett, who he says...


DBR Podcast #122 W Trajan Langdon

0:00 Byrd Campbell love the podcast! 0:35 Jason hosting this week. Sam is officially a Duke student again. Donald is no longer in Utah. 2:10 Jason intros our very special guest, the Alaskan Assassin, Trajan Langdon. Jason’s intro is long and full of gushing. 5:00 Jason’s intro is finally over, we hear from Trajan about the how great that 1999 team was. 9:15 Trajan talks about the final game and the controversial travelling call that cost Duke a title. 10:30 Trajan talks about his close...


DBR Podcast #121 With Steve Pagliuca

0:00 Thanks Byrd Campbell for supporting the pod 0:25 Sam welcomes us to the podcast. Donald is in Utah and that isn’t even the craziest place we are broadcasting from this week. 1:40 Sam is in Durham, NC… his new home! 4:40 We have a special guest, Steve Pagliuca – owner of the Boston Celtics, a former Duke player, and the dad of two former Duke players! 6:55 Jason says hi to Steve and congratulates him on getting a NBA team full of Dukies. 8:00 Donald asks about Steve’s relationship with...