ESPN's ESPORTS team explores the latest news, results and events from around the world.

ESPN's ESPORTS team explores the latest news, results and events from around the world.


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ESPN's ESPORTS team explores the latest news, results and events from around the world.




Behind the Wheel: OCE Major Recap Special Feat. MVP CavemanBen and Formal

Arda Ocal heads down under for an OCE Special after the Rocket League OCE Major happened last weekend. MVP of the tournament CavemanBen and OCE Caster Formal join to talk about what challenges OCE faces as a region, their thoughts on coaching in the OCE and their top five players to look out for, as well as the top 10 teams in OCE at the moment.


Behind the Wheel: Top Blokes Coach RamS Gives His Top 10 EU Teams for RLCS X

Join Arda Ocal, Rocket League Esports insider Lawler and Top Blokes coach RamS as they dive into the latest news from Rocket League, including the new free-to-play update and what's happening around the RLCS. We also learn about where RamS got his start in coaching Rocket League and his Top 10 EU Teams for RLCS X.


Behind the Wheel: NRG Back on Top, Top 5 NA and EU Power Rankings with Sleegi

Sleegi joins Arda Ocal this week to break down his Top 5 NA and EU teams for the Rocket League Championship Series Season X. They also discuss what's going on with the roster changes with Peeps and Chalked forfeiting the rest of their matches in the Grid EU.


Search & Destroy: Arcitys Interview, Free Agency

On this edition of Search & Destroy, newly signed Atlanta FaZe player Alec "Arcitys" Sanderson joins Arda to discuss his move to the FaZe and the upcoming Call of Duty League season. Then, guest EasyMac joins Emily and Arda to cover the top stories in CDL free agency.


The Rift Rewind: Episode 14

Tyler, Jacob, Emily and Arda preview the LCK Regional Final between T1 and Gen.G for the last Worlds spot in the LCK. With another LEC championship, is Caps the greatest player in Western League of Legends? And, after claiming the LCS title, is TSM now NA's best hope for a run at Worlds 2020? Plus, the crew breaks down hypothetical four worlds group stages to determine which two teams make it out.


The ESPN Esports VALORANT Show - Roster Moves from T1, 1.07 Patch Notes Breakdown

Arda Ocal, Tyler Erzberger and Jacob Wolf discuss all of the latest VALORANT news, including T1's release of Crashies and Food, the latest changes in patch 1.07, Steel's move to VALORANT and more.


Search & Destroy: Ian “C6” Porter Interview

Newly crowned Call of Duty League champion and all-time Call of Duty esports great Ian "C6" Porter joins Arda and Emily to discuss the Dallas Empire's Call of Duty League championship, the league going to 4v4 in 2021 and Clayster leaving the Empire.


The Rift Rewind: Episode 13

On this edition of the Rift Rewind: Emily, Jacob, Tyler and Arda review the recent changes to the worlds format with Vietnam unable to attend worlds 2020. As the most dominate Spring team in LCS history, why will Cloud9 miss worlds for the first time in franchise history. Does the regular season matter in the West? Finally, a look back at a few worlds champion teams that were unable to defend their title.


Search & Destroy: CDL Playoffs

Four teams remain in the Call of Duty League Playoffs. The London Royal Ravens, Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe battle to claim the championship and a share of $1.5 million. Arda Ocal, Emily Rand and guest Easy Mac review the biggest storylines from the preview week of play, including the epic Chicago Huntsmen vs LA Optic match. The crew also breaks down what the most recent patch means for the upcoming Championship Weekend.


The Rift Rewind: Episode 12

Tyler, Jacob, Emily and Arda say happy trails to the LCS and LEC teams out of the Worlds race this week. With G2 and Fnatic in the LEC Winners’ Final, should Rogue have an automatic bid to Worlds? With the possibility of elimination in their upcoming match against TSM, could Cloud9 miss this year’s Worlds tournament? After the most successful run in LOL history, could T1 be replacing Faker with Clozer?


ESPN Esports VALORANT Show: LIVE Interview with Hiko and Nitr0 on the Future of 100T!

Arda Ocal, Tyler Erzberger, Jacob Wolf and Emily Rand discuss all of the latest VALORANT news, including breakdowns of roster moves from Cloud9, 100 Thieves and Dignitas. They also discuss the results from the recent Pittsburgh Knights Invitational in NA and the Allied Esports Odyssey in EU, as well as a summary of the changes in patch 1.06.


The Rift Rewind: Episode 11

The Rift Rewind crew says farewell to the LCS, LCK and LPL teams that dropped out of the worlds 2020 race this week. With a combined 12 teams still playing for a worlds spot in the West, Tyler, Emily and Arda place the LCS and LEC playoff teams in a hypothetical worlds tier list. With 4 LPL teams qualifying for worlds, can China win a third straight worlds championship?


Search & Destroy: Playoffs Preview

With the Call of Duty League Playoffs starting next week, Arda Ocal and Emily Rand preview the first round of the CDL postseason. The crew takes an in-depth look at the first four matches of the playoffs and also presents any possible upsets in the Winners Bracket. Plus, a bug in Modern Warfare is a major concern for streams and could the official reveal for Call of Duty 2020 take place this week?


The Rift Rewind: Episode 10

On this week's show, Emily Rand, Tyler Erzberger, Jacob Wolf and Arda Ocal break down possible LEC and LCS MVP candidates, react to Schalke 04's insane run to reach the LEC Playoffs and also discuss Counter Logic Gaming's fall from the top of the LCS. Plus, a discussion concerning SK Gaming’s Trick being ineligible for Worlds 2020.


The ESPN Esports VALORANT: Interview With TSM Subroza

Arda Ocal, Tyler Erzberger, Jacob Wolf and Emily Rand discuss all of the latest VALORANT news, including the latest updates from Chapter 1 Act 2 including new agent Killjoy and new mode Deathmatch, a look ahead at the FaZe Invitational, and an exclusive interview with TSM Subroza.


Search & Destroy: Regular Season Awards

In this edition of Search & Destroy, Arda Ocal and Emily Rand make their picks for multiple Call of Duty League regular season accolades including Best Match of the Season and Best Player on a Bad Team. With interview clips from all five Regular Season MVP candidates (Shotzzy, Cellium, Skyz, Simp and Envoy) the S&D crew make their selections for the CDL player who had the biggest impact this season.


The Rift Rewind: Episode 9

On this edition of The Rift Rewind, Arda, Emily, Jacob and Tyler predict who's in and who's out in the LEC Playoffs. We say goodbye to the LCS bottom 2 and discuss the most hyped rookies in League of Legends history.


The ESPN VALORANT Show: Official Agent Tier List

VALORANT released details on their new agent Killjoy this week and the ESPN Valorant Show crew break down her abilities and who could possibly counter her in competitive play. The team then goes through their official agent tier list for the first act of VALORANT to finally decide where all agents rank in the game, with chat's help of course.


Search & Destroy: Regular Season Recap

The Toronto Ultra defend their home and win the final event of the Call of Duty League Regular Season. With the playoff brackets set, Arda Ocal and Emily Rand look back at everything that has happened since Launch Weekend. The crew also reveals their personal Power Rankings for the season so far, who is the best team in the CDL at the moment? Plus reaction to the Minnesota Rokkr benching GodRX for the playoffs.