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The best Eagles coverage from the reporters and analysts of NBC Sports Philadelphia.
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The best Eagles coverage from the reporters and analysts of NBC Sports Philadelphia.




Any chance the Eagles keep it close on Sunday?

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks discuss if there's any chance the Eagles stay within 9 points of the Saints on Sunday. Producer Steven Jung offers a reason they will. Even if the Eagles win, would your opinion of them change for the season? Also, the guys offer their thoughts on Le'Veon Bell leaving $14.5 million on the table this season.


Playoff hopes likely over. What happened Sunday night?

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks try to explain what happened to the Eagles in a disastrous Sunday night loss to the Cowboys. Why most of the problems are basic fundamentals. Also, how much blame should Doug Pederson get and how much is on the players?


Why is everyone assuming an easy win over Dallas?

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks preview the Cowboys-Eagles game. Why is everyone assuming the Eagles will get an easy win over a desperate Dallas team? Is Dak really this bad? Or is he a product of being surrounded by not as much talent as he had as a rookie? Also, the guys give you their prediction. Do the Eagles end the Cowboys season on Sunday night?


Can Lane Johnson really play through a sprained MCL?

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks updates the Eagles injuries. Will their patchwork secondary be able to hold up against Dallas's struggling passing game? Should Lane Johnson play through a sprained MCL? The guys preview Sunday night's game against the Cowboys. What do they make of Dez Bryant signing with the Saints?


Barrett finally got into Derrick's house!

On this edition of Eagle Eye, Barrett Brooks accomplished the impossible.... He finally stepped foot inside Derrick Gunn's house. The Redskins lost Sunday at home to the Falcons. Does that make the Eagles the favorites to win the division? Also, where do the Eagles rank in the NFC? Do they make the top 5?


Golden Tate is a Philadelphia Eagle!

On this joint edition of Eagle Eye/Roob Knows, Reuben Frank and Barrett Brooks discuss the Eagles acquiring Golden Tate at the trade deadline. Was the 3rd round pick too steep a price? How will he fit into this offense? Also, how difficult will it be for him to learn a new offense? Also, Roob with some incredible stats on Tate's production throughout his career.


Eagles get a must win over the Jaguars

Dave Zangaro and Barrett Brooks react to the Eagles getting a potentially season-saving win in London against the Jaguars. What did the Eagles do well enough offensively and defensively to get the win? The trade deadline is on Tuesday. Will the Eagles make a move? Also, action from around the league that caught Dave and Barrett's attention.


Is the Jaguars game in London a must win?

Dave Zangaro and Barrett Brooks discuss the uniqueness of playing a football game overseas. Barrett played a college football in Japan. What was that experience like? Doug Pederson thinks this trip is a positive. Is he right? The guys get into the match up against the Jaguars. Is it a must win for the Eagles?


Eagles limping into London

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks start previewing a must win the Eagles are facing in London on Sunday. Derrick (for some reason) isn't looking forward to his trip to London. Derek Barnett is out for the season. Who will need to step up in his absence? What player should the Eagles target most before the trade deadline? And the guys preview the match up against the Jaguars.


Eagles drop to 3-4... RUN THE DAMN BALL!

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks on the collapse to the Panthers on Sunday. Barrett is astonished the Eagles continue to ignore the run game on offense. The guys react to Doug Pederson's comments post-game on Sunday and during his media availability on Monday. Do the Eagles have a worse defense than the Redskins and Cowboys? Patrick Peterson wants a trade... Should Howie Roseman make a deal?


Do the Eagles get to 4-3?

Derrick Gunn and Dave Zangaro have mega-millions/powerball fever!!! How would they spend their lottery winnings? The guys preview Sunday's big game against Carolina. Who do they like and why? The Eagles are once again banged up. How will that affect them? Also, a look at the other marquee NFL games.


How Jason Peters' injury will affect him on Sunday

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks gives the latest on Jason Peters. Barrett lets you in on the difficulties of playing offensive line with a torn bicep. How will the Panthers defensive line target him? What should the Eagles' offensive game plan be against the Panthers defense? The challenge that Cam Newton, and new NFL tackling rules, present. Also, will more college football players leave school to focus on the NFL like Ohio State's Nick Bosa just did?


Ranking the NFC East after 6 weeks

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks look at the NFC East after six weeks of the NFL season. How do the guys rank the NFC East? Why the Eagles aren't on top. Where do the Eagles rank in the NFC as a whole right now?


Eagles get to 3-3 and dominate the Giants

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks recap the Eagles' dominant Thursday night victory over the Giants. Carson Wentz looked like the 2017 Carson Wentz. Regardless at how bad the Giants are, that was a big win for the Eagles and one they needed. Any concern for the health of Lane Johnson and Jason Peters? Also, a mouth-watering Sunday Night Football game between the Chiefs and the Patriots. Who do the guys like?


Previewing the Giants game

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks discuss if the Eagles need to acquire a running back following the Jay Ajayi injury. What has happened to this offensive line that was so dominant last year? What are the keys to a win against the Giants on Thursday night? Also, everyone needs to stop piling on Jalen Mills.


Eagles drop to 2-3 with a loss to the Vikings

Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks react to the Eagles dropping to 2-3 following Sunday's disappointing loss to the Vikings. What was most disheartening about the loss? Can this team turn their season around starting Thursday night? Where do they stand in the NFC East? *Note: This podcast was recorded before Jay Ajayi was placed on IR


Do Eagles get back on track against the Vikings?

Derrick Gunn and Barrett brooks discusses who the Eagles are after four games this season. Should changes be made to their offensive line and secondary? The guys preview the Vikings game. The Eagles are banged up with key injuries. Will they be able to get back on track in the NFC Championship game rematch?


Examining the Eagles 1/4 through the season

Dave Zangaro and Barrett Brooks discuss who the Eagles are after the first four games of the season. Which player has been the team's Most and Least Valuable Player? Biggest surprises (good and bad)? And where do the Eagles stand with the rest of the NFC East and the rest of the NFC as a whole?


Eagles collapse at Tennessee

Dave Zangaro and Barrett Brooks discuss the disappointing Eagles collapse in Tennessee. Of all the things that went wrong, what was the worst part of the loss on Sunday? Should we expect some lineup changes to the defense? Also, why did Doug Pederson abandon the running game?


Will the Eagles get to 3-1?

Dave Zangaro and Barrett Brooks preview Eagles/Titans. The potential return of Alshon Jeffery cannot be understated. Jeffery is battling through a virus that's going around in the locker room. Why it's unbelievable that doesn't happen more often. Slowly but surely, the Eagles are getting healthy. Are the Rams the class of the NFC?