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Every Night is Game Night (formerly Table for One) is a solo tabletop gaming podcast produced by Board Gamers Anonymous. Every week, Anthony and Jason discuss recent solo games hitting his table, big new releases, and topics of interest to solo gamers - from campaign modes to converting non-solo games into solo play. Join us to discuss everything that makes board gaming such an amazing hobby.

Every Night is Game Night (formerly Table for One) is a solo tabletop gaming podcast produced by Board Gamers Anonymous. Every week, Anthony and Jason discuss recent solo games hitting his table, big new releases, and topics of interest to solo gamers - from campaign modes to converting non-solo games into solo play. Join us to discuss everything that makes board gaming such an amazing hobby.
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Every Night is Game Night (formerly Table for One) is a solo tabletop gaming podcast produced by Board Gamers Anonymous. Every week, Anthony and Jason discuss recent solo games hitting his table, big new releases, and topics of interest to solo gamers - from campaign modes to converting non-solo games into solo play. Join us to discuss everything that makes board gaming such an amazing hobby.




ENGN Preview Series 48: Hour of Need with The Sadlers and Dereck Rodriguez

Jason is happy to be joined by the host of Solo BG, Dereck Rodriguez, for a MEGA-length preview pod - our longest one! However, this episode is so much more than a preview. Yes, we chat with Adam and Brady Sadler about the new KS project launching in November, Hour of Need - how it works, some design choices, and the fact that it is indeed different from the previous Modular Deck System games (think of the MDS like, say, the COIN system - very different games, even within the same...


ENGN 159 - Post GenCon 2019 Wrap-Up, part 5: More Kickstarter Goodies

Liz and Jeremy are back once again to talk about some bigger, meatier projects. Many of these were featured at the big show in Indy this past year, so into the wrap-up they go! Liz starts us off with Detective: City of Angels (10:16), the highly thematic case-solving game from Van Ryder Games that will unfortunately not hit retail due to scale and cost. Go ahead and check Kickstarter, as well as some conventions, if you want to get hold of this one. Next, Jeremy gives us some knowledge...


ENGN 158 - Top Ten Games at a Low Player Count, and 1565: St. Elmo's Pay with Tristan Hall

We interrupt our romp through all the hotness from GenCon to bring you a MEGA-sized podcast. You guys know that Jason likes to keep episodes to under an hour in length. However, Tristan Hall from Hall or Nothing Productions is too much fun to talk to, so we decided to keep it all! Tristan stops by for three reasons. First, he is here to preview a project called 1565: St. Elmo's Pay. This is the follow up to 1066: Tears to Many Mothers, a historical war-themed card game for 1-2 players. This...


ENGN 157 - Post GenCon 2019 Wrap-Up, part 4: Kickstarter Goodies

The Kickstarter Squad is back! Liz from Beyond Solitaire and Jeremy from Jambalaya Plays Games have returned to being you the latest and greatest of delivered Kickstarter projects. As serendipity would have it, these games were all featured at GenCon 2019 as well (yeah, I know the big show was over a month ago, but... branding!) First up, Jason shares about Everdell: Pearlbrook (8:30), the first expansion to one of the real surprise hits from last year. Two more expansions for Everdell...


ENGN Preview Series 47 - Dance Card with Michael Melkonian

Jason is happy to welcome Michael Melkonian to the show to talk about Dance Card, a highly thematic card game with a theme of high school students having fun at a dance recital. There's set collection, dice rolling, and maybe most importantly for ENGN fans, solo and coop mode. Check it out as Michael talks about the development of Dance Card, not only it's mechanisms and thematic integration, but also larger issues of representation as well. Michael is a super, super excited guy, and it...


ENGN 156 - Post GenCon 2019 Wrap-Up, Part 3: Many Dice Games

Our (belated yet still hopefully valuable) GenCon coverage rolls on, this time with some short games that use dice to make them go. First up, Jason shares about Unbroken (4:46), a resource management game of survival that is optimized for the one player experience. Jason wanted to review the game independently of some of the controversy surrounding it's Kickstarter fulfillment, so we get into that right at the beginning. If you want to hear further thoughts about the situation, please stay...


ENGN 155 - Post GenCon 2019 Wrap-Up, Part 2: Family Weight Games

Today, Anthony is back from his summer hiatus! And we have even more family weight games for your enjoyment, either with your family or as a solo gamer. We start with two games that take familiar pieces of culture and make fun games out of them - The Fifty Nine Parks Print Series in the game Parks (6:38), and the Periodic Table of Elements in Periodic: A Game of Elements (12:30). We then turn to two more games that happened to do really well on Kickstarter - a nifty card drafting game...


ENGN 154 - Post GenCon 2019 Wrap-Up, Part 1: Cooperative Games

We're starting a bit late this year, but that's ok! We are here for you to provide reviews of a TON of games from GenCon 2019. Get buckled in for a series of episodes to cover it all. Helping Jason for Part One of our Wrapup coverage are Colin and Steve from the One Stop Coop Shop podcast and YouTube channel. Before we get into the games, we announced the creation of a new fan group for Every Night is Game Night over at the One Stop Coop Shop Slack channel. We go over how it works in the...


ENGN 153 - Beyond the Hotness and Second Chance Shelf with Jordan Shoenberger

Jason welcomes Jordan Shoenberger, host of the Second Chance Shelf segment from Board Game Breakfast, to the show for the first time. Before we get swept up in the madness of all the new releases of 2019 (believe me, people, there are MANY episodes of new hotness coming), we slow things down and talk about what we love about finding rare gems and pulling old, beloved games off of the shelf. We then get into some reviews of some older games for lots of different tastes. Jason begins with...


ENGN Episode 152 - Shapers of Land, Air and Sea, and How to Moderate Folks who Disagree

Jason welcomes good friend Gary Pope from the Dice Tower to talk about... uh, talking! Games first, though. Jason shares about World Shapers, a rare drafting game with a solo variant from Board&Dice that attempts to put its own spin and advance upon games like 7 Wonders and Tides of Time. Then, Gary sings the praises of one of his favorite games over the past few years, Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea. For our discussion, Jason and Gary pull from their experiences as a marriage counselor and...


ENGN Episode 151 - SpaceCorp 2025 - 2300 AD and On Ramp to Wargaming

We have two separate segments for you this week. First, Brandt from the Portal Gaming Podcast joins Jason to chat about SpaceCorp 2025-2300 AD, a card driven space exploration game that plays more like a Euro than what we're used to from GMT. Second, Jason and Liz are joined by a listener, Tommy Ray, to chat about how they have recently gotten into wargaming. There's a lot of barriers to overcome - where to start, how to get used to the massive time investment, becoming a part of that...


ENGN 150 - The Debut of Right Brain - Left Brain Game Reviews: Waters of Nereus, Crisis at Steamfall, and Brook City

We made it to Episode 150! To mark the occasion, Jason is going to try a whole new style of reviewing games, which will hopefully stick moving forward. Jason is very interested in the psychological experience of a board game, whether its the thematic, imaginative immersion it generates or the strategic, logical challenge it presents. That distinction folds nicely in with the concept in pop psychology of the "right brain" (creative, "big picture') and "left brain" (analytical,...


ENGN extra - Women in Board Gaming from Board Gamers Anonymous

There's a lot going on in Jason's life nowadays! We're slowing down the content train once again so we could catch up a bit. No new ENGN content this week. In the meantime, please enjoy this conversation that happened last week on Board Gamers Anonymous. Chris and his friend Jen discuss women in gaming - feeling comfortable in gaming spaces, different ways in which women and men interact at the table, little ways to make things better, and a ton more. Jason was a huge fan of the convo and...


ENGN 149 - Designer Roundtable on Storytelling in Games, Then and Now

Jason welcomes Rob Daviau to the pod for the first time to chat storytelling in gaming, joined also by ENGN veterans Peter and Mike from the One-Stop Coop Shop podcast. We get into some of the essential differences between old school and new school game design, and whether the different approaches and philosophies generate different stories (better? worse? basically the same?) at the table. As far as game commentary, we get into the original Dark Tower and some of the modernization...


ENGN Preview Series 46 - Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower with Nicholas Yu and Dan Letzring

We're back! ENGN listeners know that Jason loves his big, honking adventure games. A really clever and unique one from Letzring Games will launch on Kickstarter this Monday, July 29th. We're chatting Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower from three different perspectives - the deck construction and tactical planning on the hero side, the set-piece, cinematic nature of combat in the system, and a whimsical fantasy story. If you've ever wanted to play Final Fantasy Tactics on a big board, this...


ENGN 148 - Tiny Towns, Legends Untold, and A Personal Chat with Jambalaya Plays Games

A few episodes ago, Jason shared about his personal journey with depression in a personal chat segment. The response was very heartening - folks seemed to resonate with it and expressed their appreciation in a few private messages. Thank you! We all have a journey, or a personal story with some pain in it. Jeremy from Jambalaya Plays Games stops by and shares some of his own experiences, struggles, and successes. That will happen in the back half of the episode (38:52). For the first part...


ENGN 147 - Heroes of Aerion, and the Psychology of Cheating in Content Creation

We have more game reviews this week, as well as something of a follow-up on last week's conversation about the psychology of cheating in board games. We welcome Anthony back to the show to discuss Aerion, the latest in the Oniverse series (3:55), then Jason talks about a unique, push-your-luck take on deckbuilding, Heroes of Tenefyr (14:01). Finally, Jason revisits the topic of the psychology of cheating, but in a different way. The board gaming community became wrapped up in some...


Episode 146 - Psych Chat: The Psychology of Cheating in Board Games with Dr. Corey Butler

Shout out to Marcus Brissman over in the Sporadically Board Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/510403706050913/ - who put up an excellent, interesting thread on cheating in board games a few weeks ago. In response, Jason reached out to a blogger on BGG who wrote about cheating in board games a few years ago, Dr. Corey Butler, professor of social psychology at Southwest Minnesota State University. What drives people to cheat? Who cheats? How often does it occur? For those who...


ENGN 145 - Kickstarter Roundup: Sarah's War Fleet of Cartographers

Whenever the Kickstarter Roundup crew gets together, we always have more games to talk about than we can manage in one episode. So, Liz from Beyond Solitaire, Jeremy from Jambalaya Plays Games, and Jason have four more games for your listening pleasure. We begin by leaning in to the roll and write craze that's hitting our hobby. Jeremy shares about Cartographers (2:20), the new one from Thunderworks Games which adds spacial and mapping elements to the formula. Then, the entire crew gushes...


ENGN 144 - Kickstarter Roundup: Fantasy Throwdown

The Kickstarter roundup crew is back! Liz from Beyond Solitaire and Jeremy from Jambalaya Plays Games rejoin Jason as we take a tour through all of the amazing projects we have been playing lately. This week, all of our games share the fact that they have fantasy-based themes. First, Jeremy and Liz insisted that ENGN re-visit our review of Aeon's End: Legacy (2:44). Jason was up and down with his thoughts, so Liz and Jeremy want to set him straight! Next up, Liz shares about Call to...